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Author Chat! > Using Real Places in Fiction by Linda Hourihan

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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 189 comments When our new books come out I always send copies to the libraries of any city mentioned in the book. Have had some nice feedback from librarians.

message 2: by M.F. (new)

M.F. Hopkins | 30 comments That's great!
I sometimes use real places in some of my stories, so doing the research is important...and it's fun too!

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Lightfoot (goodreadscomandrea17) | 24 comments I've got real places mentioned in my little book too :-)

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harju (pamelaharju) | 5 comments I avoid using real places - unless it's necessary to the story. I usually stick with generic places that could be anywhere - at least anywhere within a country.
However, I recently went on my first research trip as my WIP is set in London, and I had so much fun! Maybe I should do this more often! I love the idea of sending books to the libraries of the cities mentioned. I'll bear that in mind, for sure.

message 5: by Ellis (new)

Ellis Knox (sknox) | 27 comments My novels are all set in a particular time and place, because they are historical fantasy. But they are far away from where I live. One is off the coast of Brittany, one is in the eastern Roman Empire, one is in southern France. Anyone know any librarians in those places? ;-)

message 6: by H. (new)

H. Glogau-Morgan (ddraigswife) | 13 comments I use real places and do extensive research on them before referencing them in the novels. I write adventure/espionage, so using particular locations and times work best for the story. I've also implied the existence of small villages without specifically naming, just going off of images I've found. Currently researching Bahrain in 1994 for the start of the third book in the series.

message 7: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Shender | 12 comments All the locales in my my historical novel about old Hawaii are real, or were at one time, and I've been to most of them.

message 8: by S.T. (new)

S.T. Holmes (suetropez) | 4 comments I try to use real places wherever possible, too. The locale for my current series is the Louisiana swamp. I grew up in New Orleans so I am using my imagination combined with old wives' tales I heard as a child to create this series.

message 9: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 189 comments Here is an interesting article by Danielle Burgos on the real-life ecosystem in the new movie Annihilation.

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