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Your 3 Women of the Year and 3 male villains of the year

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Jasmine | 49 comments Mod
Feel free to throw around some ideas of women who you have admired in 2017. As well as men we could really do without!

My personal three female champions of the year: Turana Burke, Susan Fowler, Emily Lindin.

My three male scum of the year: Trump, Weintstein, James Damore.

message 2: by Jules (last edited Jan 01, 2018 12:55PM) (new)

Jules | 6 comments My three male scum would probably be the same as the ones you have chosen. All are ready to hold women 'in their place' and command them. They sum up male arrogance and abuse powers given to their 'roles'. Thank heavens that times are a changing and, in a post-Weinstein culture, woman are continuing to talk more openly about what they will and will not accept both on a personal and on a wider level.

My three female champions of the year are all personal and professional female friends who have suffered / are suffering profusely under male leadership in their professional careers. They are all outstanding educators and educational leaders. I'll quote an example as said to my female friend who I will call 'Jacqui'. She is an outstanding physicist, scientist and is the most engaging and compassionate human being you could wish to meet. She is a force of nature and life-changing. I, and others, are lucky to know her and be able to call her a friend. In a recent line-management meeting with her male boss, she discussed her wish to develop her career further and do more for the pupils she cares about in a socially-deprived area in the UK. Her line manager responded to this with the phrase "I think you have possibly reached your own glass ceiling, perhaps it's time for you to be less ambitious now". Tears of frustration followed but then a will to outlast him and out-BLAST him.
After supportive female dialogue, she will rock on and outsmart him I am sure. She has recently applied to be a Principal of a school with great needs in the UK and my fingers are crossed for her.
This year the support and understanding I have received from female friends and colleagues has been greater then ever. It has definitely been the 'Year of the Woman' in this part of the UK!

message 3: by Pam (new)

Pam Good luck to your friend. As in all manners, if one door is closed to you, it's time to find other avenues.

Three female inspirations
- Turana Burke, Founder of Just Be Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps victims of sexual harassment and assault. Burke has been engaging with individuals and their stories and helping them to understand they are no alone for years before the push of the #MeToo movement. Burke wants to drive the movement forward by asking what next. We are no longer alone, what will we do now?

- Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization and directly in charge of the Polio Eradication efforts. Where once a global disease, there were only 17 cases this year. Next year we may see the end of this disease.

- Danica Roem, the first transgendered elected official in the US, who upon winning was asked to comment on her opponent's personal attack on her and in a moment of grace she replied "I don't attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.” Class Act

Female Embarrassments
- Nikkie Haley- US Ambassador to the UN. Less of a public figure and more of a hack, Haley brandishes her own Trumpian indifference while on display before the world.

-Park Geun-hye, former President of Korea who was removed from office in March for corruption and influence-peddling scandal. Park was suspended from office in December 2016 after weeks of enormous protests, with hundreds of thousands of people packing the streets of Seoul every Saturday, calling on her to resign or be impeached.

- Women rapists and domestic abusers. According to a 2010 LGBQT study found that nearly half of bisexual and one in three lesbian women have suffered physical violence by a partner.

Male Inspirations
- Tameem Antoniades, chief creative director at Ninja Theory, who created Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice won the “Games for Impact” award at The Game Awards. Hellblade shows the haunting psychosis of the Celtic warrior Senua as she struggles with inner demons locked in a battle over her mind.
- Andrew Enos- 19 yr old Red Cross Volunteer who helped individuals after Hurricane Harvey and Irma and who helped victims of the wild fires. He was paid travel cards and nothing else. Helping to support people when they had nothing
-Elon Musk. Space X, Tesla cars and solar panel roof shingles.

Male Fails
- Trump
- Weinstein and other men who have used positions to sexually assault others - women or men.
- Paddox, Abedi and other shooters

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