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A Business Engagement
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Harlequin-- inter-office romance--in love with the boss. [s]

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message 1: by Vasiliki (new)

Vasiliki Vantzou | 7 comments I think it was written in the late 80's -90's and i think it was told in dual POV

The heroine's parents have sold their company to the Hero with the stipulation that their daughter has a seat in the board of directors.

The h doesn't want to go to the meetings every month but her mother forces her to go,- there was an incident at the first meeting where the h spilled coffee on the table and her clothes and the H called a secretary to help her clean herself up.

The H at first doen't like the h because he was forced to give her a position in the company's board and because he thinks she is spoiled (but he quickly changes his mind).

There is also an executive in the company who is a womanizer and hits on the h (making the H jealous).

The h is also multilingual which helps in a meeting with a Sweedish/Danish/Norwegian client because of that the H assigns the communications with foreign costumers to the h (and they start coming closer fueling their attraction)- an italian client hits on the h when they speak on the phone and the H overhears it and feels jealous

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Kris | 35156 comments Mod
Vasiliki, what kind of business do they run? Is the location a large U.S. city like New York?

Was the hero a business rival of her parents (e.g., No Way to Begin by Michelle Reid)?

What are the heroine's skills & interests (in addition to being multilingual)?

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Vasiliki Vantzou | 7 comments I can't remember most of the things you ask
But I think her father had made some not so smart decisions regarding his company and he had to sell it to the H but he demanded that his daughter be a member of the board of directors as part of the deal.
The h had to attend monthly meetings.At first she only attended once a month(reluctantly because her parents -especially her mother made her) but once the H started to change his mind about her (after she helped with the Swedish/Norwegian client) he gave her an office so she could work in the company dealing with all foreign clients.
As for her interests unfortunately I can't remember any I only remember she had a perchant for languages and spoke about 6 of them.

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Vasiliki Vantzou | 7 comments I am almost sure that the author has other heroines in her books who speak multiple languages.

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Vasiliki Vantzou | 7 comments The father of the h also demanded that the company doesn't change name so even though it was sold it still maintained the family's name

I'm pretty sure the book starts with the h and her mother arguing because the h doen't want to attend the first monthly meeting of the board and her mother pressuring her strongly to make her attend and also guilttripping the h by saying something like "your father fought very hard to secure a seat in the board for you so you will attend."

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Vasiliki Vantzou | 7 comments Ayshe wrote: "A Business Engagement by Jessica Steele maybe?"

that's it you have no idea how many years i 've been lookking for this

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