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"She woke up sick, vomiting. It seemed she was in pain whenever she walked or stood up, I had to help her get dressed." Michael told the nurse as he tried to remember as much from this morning. "As far as I remember, last night when we fell asleep she was fine. She woke up like this." Michael's face showed that he was worried for her and wasn't really keen on leaving her alone.

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Michael had been waiting impatiently as they checked Ruby. When the doctor came to see him, he practically lunged at him for answers. Once the doctor gave his commentary on her situation, Michael backed away for a moment as he took in the diagnosis.

"It's just Michael." He said as he looked at the doctor. "And are you saying my girl is pregnant? Can I see her?"

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Michael muttered some unsavory words about the doctor before walking in and walking up to Ruby. "Hey, baby." He said as he got closer to her. "How are you feeling?" His face was still showing concern but not as much as before. At least now he knew what was up with her. He was kinda at fault.

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Michael smiled at her. "I'm glad to here that." He said. "Anyway, I was talking to the doctor and he told me what had happened.....I mean, he told me what made you so sick this morning...the thing is....well, it's partly my fault.....the thing is....you're pregnant." Michael gave her a half-smile and a kiss as he said that. He wasn't sure how she was going to react to the news. He wasn't even sure how to he should react to the news.

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Michael runs up to her and embraces her. "Hey, hey, hey..." He said as he holds her in place fearing that she would push him away. "Calm down, let's go home and talk about this in a safe environment." He looks at her straight in the eye and sighs. "It's not optimal. I have just gotten a job and you have been working for not so long. We should really talk about it."

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