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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance/Suspense book. Undercover agent ends up passed out in the water because of an ambushed in his secret private island. A woman finds him and she takes him to her house and tries to save him. She takes care of him for many weeks.

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Nathalie | 2 comments I don't remember names or anything useful. I have kind of a hunch that the author's name is something similar to christine? But I'm not sure at all, I could be wrong.
Starts with an undercover agent who is resting like in some secret private island but then he gets ambushed by some guys in a yacht. He ends up in the water trying to get to land. Then later there's a woman (I think she was a widower) who has a dog and she lives alone in this little town near the beach. She goes for a walk? at night with her dog and goes to the beach. Then she notices a body in the water (is the undercover agent passed out). She takes him to her house with her dog's help and she takes care of him the following days. I think she asks help to a veterinarian friend??

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Tricia (tricialen) | 110 comments This sounds like Diamond Bay (Rescues, #2) by Linda Howard by Linda Howard

Rachel Jones wasn't looking for trouble, much less a man, but in Kell Sabin she found both. On a hot summer's night Kell is washed up - barely alive - on a Florida beach and into Rachel's life. Her instincts tell her to help him, and their love blossoms as he recovers from his injuries. But by falling in love with Kell, Rachel has put her own life in danger from the forces that want him dead. Once fate has brought them together, can they learn to live apart?

She has a dog, she saves his life...they fall in love but danger follows him and she is threatened.... HEA... check it out


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Kris | 33372 comments Mod
Following up on TriciaLen's suggestion, here is Google's preview of Diamond Bay by Linda Howard:

https://books.google.com/books?id=m_n... (This book has different cover images.)

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Lobstergirl | 37760 comments Mod
Nathalie, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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