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Moderators only.

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I apologize if I did not make this clear before, but you are not allowed to make classless characters outside of the few designated positions that can be claimed. The RP takes place in the Regime facilities, where almost everyone has the affinity, since the Regime is an international system made specifically to regulate the use of elemental manipulation.

Also please note that 99% of classless staff at the Regime come from families where there are prominent people of one of the classes or another, and if they do not come from one of these classes, there must be a good and believable reason why they would be hired out of nowhere.

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Two things:

1) If you're claiming a face claim who has a stage name, please specify both their actual name and their stage name. Exceptions may be made for cases such as Cha Eunwoo, who is known only by his full stage name and not by his legal name (Lee Dongmin). I have also edited the post on the face claim thread as a reminder.

2) New positions have been added for instructors of normal curriculum.

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Claims have been modified slightly and a few positions have been added, so be sure to check it out if you'd like to claim any more Regime officials :)

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Collaborations have been modified slightly to (hopefully!) be more efficient in planning.

Feel free to make your own threads within the folder to further plan your collabs :)

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For clarification and reference purposes, the last Trials were Councilman Park's, fifteen years ago. The people who would have been eligible at the time would now be 33-41 years in age. The youngest who would have been training at the time would now be 30.

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Hello, friends. I have some serious stuff going on in my life right now, and because of this, I won't be on here much. Depending on things go, I might even disappear.

For the time being, assume that all characters are approved (given that they fall in the correct age range for their respective position) and all claims are approved (unless they exceed the allotted amount of a limited position).

I'll try to be as active as possible and answer any questions if needed. Thanks :)

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Additionally, you may make your own RP locations within reason (I don't want to log on and see that you made a Sea World inside the Regime facilities or anything).

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