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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments why do you do this to me

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kaya (ananats) | 27 comments regrets joining bc i won’t be very active in the next few days due to being at my uncle’s house in the middle of nowhere and the signal dropping out a lot

but this looks v cool

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ooo hello hello

tbh the hardest part of this was finding names for council members when i know nothing about names

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kaya (ananats) | 27 comments names are the hardest part of all things with names
which is why i despise worldbuilding bc i can’t come up w/ good place names

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you know you're bad at names when you have a full sheet paper filled with name generating websites

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jenny (sungkew) | 17 comments hello guys :)

i've never made a goodreads group specifically because i succ at world building, so i feel your pain

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hello :)

and I’ve never had much trouble naming characters, the thing is that I wanted to make the council diverse as possible, and I’m not knowledgeable with Indian names or with Spanish or Chinese given names

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awkward potato | 24 comments here i am, about to start another semester at uni with my job and other responsibilities, joining another group :)

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juno. (junosummers) | 4 comments i see what u did here.....strokes chin

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
hi guys i've been adjusting to 18 credits/semester but i'm here so i can actually get off my ass and write off my stress


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Hello everyone!! Glad you all joined :)
I’d chat but I just got home from Hamilton and I’m too tired from crying to think anymore lmao so good night ;;

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alessia (classick) | 18 comments

message 14: by danbii (last edited Dec 27, 2017 05:34PM) (new)

danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments hi can someone tell me how to change the gr font (i.e. this one/Georgia) to the other smoother looking one (i.e. like Calibri)? i feel like this might be an inside thing but doesn't hurt to ask

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kaya (ananats) | 27 comments <.p> without the dot

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments thanks kaya! when you leave gr rp universe for half a year

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Welcome back then

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments *shrieks bc enna and juno*

message 19: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) | 18 comments ennaaaaaaa
it’s me
i changed my username a little

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kyra  | 36 comments hello i'm trying to procrastinate so here i am :)

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
i'm gonna be really pretentious and say thank you! even though i'm not 100% certain if you were talking to me, kaya, or alessia my apologies if i'm completely wrong

HI! thanks so much for welcoming me back! i've really missed you. now i know a little of how it feels to be like one of y'all college students juggling rp
tbh i'm not even going to bother with character profile formatting anymore, i just want to write with the little time i have when the semester starts
i have no idea how you guys do it
besides that you love it enough to do it

how are you, lovely? also i am so so sorry jesus i can't read these new characters that you and aubree have >.< i'm so sorry, for my ignorance
i only read hangul and i'm not even bilingual in korean hahaha

so "a little" is an understatement
but I love it! *blows a kiss*

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alessia (classick) | 18 comments i’m doing great i’m back in my hometown and i’m living the life still struggling w schoolwork and all but who isn’t :))) how are you? is college doing you right
ah no no no it’s ok don’t be sorry mine just says “yu” and it just means bright, shining, brilliant etc like me LMAO jk and aubree’s is “cha shao bao” which means steamed pork bun
it’s alright lmao my chinese sucks even tho i live in a chinese speaking bilingual but still country
i’m glad you do hahaha <3

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
煜 wrote: "i’m doing great i’m back in my hometown and i’m living the life still struggling w schoolwork and all but who isn’t :))) how are you? is college doing you right
ah no no no it’s ok don’t be sorry m..."

ah ha thank you for the clarification
yuu is the name of a character i hardcore ship in owari no seraph COUGH

ahhhh you are?? that must be nostalgic
jesus college is so much fun
especially when i first got there
i couldn't get enough of everything
and i'm surprised i didn't burn out quickly
considering i was in my dorm almost literally only to sleep
never try to do work study in your first semester if you're taking 18 credits instead of 16 like a normal person
obviously college isn't perfect though
but it's so much better than hs
i'm so glad i pushed through all that sludge
really i would never like to go back ever xD

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ENNA it's been so long how's college ??

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
叉烧包 wrote: "ENNA it's been so long how's college ??"

how i've missed you so

it's so great!! i go to school in a big city so i was expecting not much to like considering i don't like strangers but jeez apparently i like strangers
it's really busy. but so so much better than my life in the suburbs where you're just stuck with the people around and it made me very sad, to put it in short
also wow i get to actually learn french
they teach here
my hs french department particularly sucked, idk if i've told you this

i wanted to ask you how much you loved hamilton and which song live was your favorite :)
also i hope those were tears of joy when you came back home yesterday

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enna wrote: "叉烧包 wrote: "ENNA it's been so long how's college ??"

how i've missed you so

it's so great!! i go to school in a big city so i was expecting not much to like considering i don't like strang..."

waaaaah it's been so long since we last talked, i don't even know

oh wow that's so fun! part of me has regretted not choosing a school in a more metropolitan area, so i hope you're enjoying it!! i know that feeling, my university is only 15 min drive from my high school but being around new people is so refreshing... every semester i meet more new people...
and that's great about french!! i think you mentioned that in the past, so i'm glad that the department is good now :D

well, truthfully, it was my second time seeing it (the first was nyc in july, this was local in la) and it was even better than i remembered! there are so many songs that were incredible... my favorite from the soundtrack from the very first time i heard it was Wait For It (god bless leslie, thank u for visiting my school, a god among men), but live, my favorite from the first act has to be Non-Stop for the staging, though Dear Theodosia is very poignant also with its simplicity... and then from the second act, gosh... i think it has to be Burn, now, because the eliza in the touring cast is incredible, and since it's the only song in the musical sung by only one person, it's just so powerful to hear live, how you can feel the emptiness compared to the other numbers yet at the same time it fills the entire theater
and lmao, i cried the second it started, so it was half awe and half heatbreak from the second half but who doesn't cry

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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments

i know right
it feels so long too
it's only been like half a year though right? a year at most?
dude idek this year's been so fast
and it's already ending
*cue existential crisis*

i gravitate towards new people. it's a good thing and bad thing, i guess. i always need new people to meet, i never get tired of it. and idk people in my hometown, i never really mixed well with any of them really ah well that's the past

um. so you've already seen it. twice. and you've seen one of the actors and possibly talked to him in your school.
i realize this is a big deal
& i'd love to see it
and i have yet to listen to the soundtrack

btw aubree have you been in a musical production before? or maybe you're interested in theater or cinema or something? I have no idea what your major is but you talked about staging and that reminded me of when i helped out with lighting in my senior year of high school for the production

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@enna: i think that sounds about right! i think the last time was The Heirs, and that was as my spring semester was ending lmao

ahhh, that makes sense. i relate in some ways because i always want to be moving on to new people, and that was always kind of a problem for me because i'd never met people i really clicked with for a long time until this past semester.
are you involved with any clubs at your school? i know for me, when i joined the nikkei student union and asian student association, that's what really changed everything for me socially in a really great way.

...yes ;u;
the show in july was an xmas present last year, and yesterday's was a present this year. my parents were very skeptical of the whole "hip hop musical" concept but fell in love with it and desperately wanted to see it again, lol. and leslie odom jr came to my school fall '16 semester because we had a week of special events to celebrate the inauguration of our new university president, and so that was one of them.
if you live anywhere that the show is then you can always enter the lottery! it's free and chances are small of course but people do win (my sister's classmates won the san francisco one)
and you should definitely listen omg
i'm p sure that's the only thing i listened to my entire senior year of high school lmao

no i have not! technically i was in a few christmas pageants when i was a small child bc i went to a lutheran school and i was such a bad singer that they told me to lipsync lmfao. i just really love musicals since i grew up watching them, and because i took so many english analysis classes in high school, i love looking into all the methods through which certain feelings in a story are conveyed
also, my major was previously health sciences, but because i value my sanity, i'm changing to business and begin classes for my new major on jan 2nd :D

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alessia (classick) | 18 comments
@enna aye i kNOW
it isss the food is so good here i'm going to get fat
woah woah that sounds so cool
and of course college is better than high school
high school sux
but i'm so glad you're doing well! i can't wait for my turn lol

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juno. (junosummers) | 4 comments *waves*

message 31: by danbii (new)

danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
this is gonna sound really sad but i've never had friends that clicked for a long time bc i tend to have that luck where things fall out pretty fast. usually bc they moved somewhere far away
it's actually pretty funny how that happened so frequently
also how frequently my teachers were on maternity leave

Yes! I was an assistant poetry editor for a literary magazine my first semester! I was so happy and honored bc honestly I've tried out for these things before, applied to a bunch, wasn't expecting too too much but it still felt like I won something. I love it. I like starting small.
I also joined a traditional Korean drumming club at my school; they're really diverse too, not just all Asians. But they have really long practice hours, and it was exciting at first. But I had to prioritize my health and my schoolwork so I had to quit that :/ Maybe next semester.
I was thinking about joining like a Korean Student Assoc. or Asian Student Assoc. or sth but... Idk. I feel like that might make me feel like making only Asian or Korean friends and I don't really like that. I get swept up by the flow really easily. Although now most of my friends are Chinese and that makes me miss Korean stuff a lot, but eh I speak bits of Korean way more now, just to remember myself

oh your uni not your high school! okay sorry it took a while to process, i thought you meant back in hs leslie came over and i was like whaaa
dude that's pretty amazing
oh gosh i'd love to do lottery and stuff but if it ends up on one of my classtimes i wouldn't want to miss class
tuition. so. expensive. in. the city.

i relate so much to loving english analysis. it's my life rn it is anyway, i want to be a comp lit major i think i'm not sure actually

wow! business school is really hard too but it sounds like a pretty solid plan

hahaha i would still enjoy the food though yo
take it in a little at a time
don't wolf down your entire hometown's cuisine in one day
even if you wish you could
thanks! it's actually a huge burden off my shoulders now that i'm out of there
you can do it!! but still enjoy while you're in hs, especially when you're a senior
i did my best to enjoy that too despite all the problems at my school. i went on a museum trip with my french class the day before my ap lit test, got a 5
i'm so happy that turned out the way i did i hoped it would turn out that way
bc i'm the kid who studies all day the day before like she's not supposed to and gets a 3

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@enna: ah, i see... it's a good thing that there's so many people at college that you're bound to find plenty of friends :)

oh that's great! are you going to do that next semester as well?
and the drumming club sounds really cool! it's super neat that your school has things like that. i go to a pretty small university that honestly isn't super diverse, so we don't have things like that.
and yeah, that definitely makes sense. growing up i never had much of an asian community since i grew up and went to school in a super white area, so that was something specifically sought out in college. i didn't in my freshman year, and tbh most of the few friendships i made fell through. i still have friends from my classes, but personally, the friends i've made in my cultural clubs are more like a second family, and the others are just friends. also i'm not sure about your school, but i know that our cultural clubs overlap a lot - people join nsu even if they're not japanese, people join ksa even if they're not korean... it's all within the asian community, but it's a pretty casual thing, you know, just getting to know more people and having fun :)

oh yeah lmao my high school probably couldn't afford him... hearing him speak was great though, even his speaking voice is beautiful *-*
oh, yeah, that's a good point... most of the showtimes are either 2pm or 7pm though... i'm not sure if you have night classes though

it's not something i enjoyed too much in high school, but it's definitely changed the way i see things, which has been kind of fun, actually. it's funny - my ap lang teacher used to make us analyze advertisements and commercials daily, and i hated it back then, but it's actually one of the things that helped me choose my marketing emphasis in my new major, lmao. and comp lit is really cool!! not sure if you've talked to dyanne or not but that's what she's applying as rn

alsoooo do you have a line or something that would make it easier to talk? if you do you can hmu @ricekawa

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Mina° hey :)

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)


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danbii (geulcais) | 23 comments
叉烧包 wrote: "@enna: ah, i see... it's a good thing that there's so many people at college that you're bound to find plenty of friends :)

oh that's great! are you going to do that next semester as well?
and the..."

aww i use kakaotalk, not line :d
yo we definitely do we sending each other essays rn
want to take it to pm for now?

yeah, i'm probably gonna keep going with literary magazines while i'm in school :) it's pretty great, good experience too
hmm... maybe i'll join one then? at least the asian american one if not the ksa one apparently they drink an insane amount, i don't have the time for that
and yeah i want to do drumming again but tbh i'm also thinking about continuing work study so i'm really not sure i can't juggle as many clubs as i did in hs...

i'm hoping to discover serendipity like that while i'm in college bc i could really use some help for picking what kind of job i want
WHAT i had no idea! comp lit is such a tiny community, i'll make sure to ask her about it, omgg

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments hi hi

message 37: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments
enna :
yeah, b I missed you <3
how's life?????

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments hello everyone!

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

hello! welcome to the group~

message 40: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments thanks! I'm really excited!

message 41: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 30 comments hey Tara!

message 42: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments Hey girl!

message 43: by awkward potato (new)

awkward potato | 24 comments hey tara!

message 44: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments hello love!

trying to get all my brainstorming done so I can actually collab with people fml

message 45: by awkward potato (new)

awkward potato | 24 comments i was honestly surprised i got most of mine done lol

message 46: by tara (last edited Dec 28, 2017 05:39PM) (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments you got some amazing characters undergoing!

message 47: by awkward potato (new)

awkward potato | 24 comments aw, thanks tara :)

message 48: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments 叉烧包 wrote: "hello! welcome to the group~"

how may I address you? lowkey embarrassed but got to ask!

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

^ that would be aubree

message 50: by tara (new)

tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 55 comments thanks :)
and nice to meet you too!

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