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Audiobooks vs Print Books
Emily Emily Dec 25, 2017 02:11PM
This discussion is not about the Sedaris book, I had to include a book title to be able to post this discussion.

My family and I are having a "discussion". We started talking about how many books we've read this year and I included audiobooks on my list of total books read and my siblings all disagreed with me. I have an hour daily commute and instead of listening to pointless radio with repeated songs I listen to audiobooks. I count those on my read list because, though I didn't actually read them, I did "read" them. I enjoyed them, I can discuss them, I reviewed them - I think that counts. Am I right in counting those or are my siblings right in not counting them?

I listen audio cds books that I have read first. It is like rereading the book again. I can not listen to books that I have not read first, I get lost and confuse. Listen to David Sedaris is one of my favorite writers to listen to.

We have had this same discussion. My sister does the same thing and has cleared entire shelves in the library. I am currently halfway through listening to War and Peace. I knew I would never sit down and read it but if I listen to it while I do housework, it's quite enjoyable. I agree that you are hearing the plot, the ideas, is the paper important. But, then again, why not just watch the movie? I'm torn, By the way, I have listened to some Sedair books. He's funny.

Hmmm...if you're right, illiteracy is impossible? ;)

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