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Victoria (ABookishSecret) | 59 comments Mod
This is where we will discuss the first 5 Chapters of Falling Kingdoms!

Victoria (ABookishSecret) | 59 comments Mod
So i'm quite surprised at how much i'm already enjoying this. Fantasy novels usually take me a while to get into but this one had me hooked by the end of the prologue.

I'm enjoying all the characters so far (Magnus and Aron are a little sketchy to me at the moment though)

I'm already sensing some intense forshadowing particularly about Lucia even though we only see her through Magnus' eyes.

And I can't wait to see what happens between Cleo and Theon (if anything)

How is everyone else enjoying the book so far? Have you been able to start it yet?

message 3: by Amalia (new)

Amalia C (amaliacreads) | 1 comments I’m finally able to sit down and reread this series and I’m so excited! Since I already know the plot I’m in less of a rush to find out what happens and I’m really enjoying just focusing on the characters and their relationships (and their future character development).

What I also hope to get out of this reread is to hate Magnus less (or at least understand him more) and pay more attention to Lucia and the Sanctuary since I was kind of bored during those parts on my first read. Hope everyone is this read along whether it’s your first time reading the series, or not.

Victoria (ABookishSecret) | 59 comments Mod
I'm glad your enjoying the readalong! I completely agree that rereads are awesome because you already know whats going to happen, but somehow you always pick up on things that you missed before!

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