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Yay role play! Everybody loves role playing. So, thanks to a member of our group, whom suggested some websites for making a character, you can create a look for your character!

***I have to change it, because when I pasted them , the whole link didn't come. Sorry!

Now, I'm going to put the Format from the Suggest-a-Suggestion topic to here later. Possibly really soon and before anybody will read this for the rest of today, Haha. Make your character, possibly look up a different version of a character(Dark Tails, a purple sonic o.O, a Pink and orange shadow.. ???) then use the Character Format to describe them in another topic I will be making.

*** 1.

Hurrah! for Role Play!

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Thistleclaw ((Can I start rping?))

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Jack glatz | 1 comments hey deftdog whatz up?

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daniel (tigereyes56) | 1 comments hello

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Logan M | 4 comments Do we rp here?

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