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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rombough (cadmonkey) | 102 comments Title: From Walk-Up to High-Rise: Ottawa's Historic Apartment Buildings
Author name: Richard Belliveau; Amy Macdonald; Mary MacGregor; Jane McGill; Carolyn Quinn; Shannon Ricketts; Susan Ross; Robert Smythe
ISBN-13: 978-0-9682295-3-8
Publisher: Heritage Ottawa
Publication date: 2017
Format: Paperback, 82 pages
Description: Covering the timeframe from 1900 to 1975, this book tells the fascinating story of how apartment living emerged in 20th century Ottawa. Focusing on Centretown, Sandy Hill and Lowertown East, it looks at the demographic and economic pressures that helped shape these new housing forms, the entrepreneurs and designers who created them, and the people who lived in them.

You’ll meet Ottawa builders like Wolf Shenkman, Sam Berger and Bill Teron and the architects they hired to design their buildings—including Cecil Burgess and Werner Noffke in the early 1900s, and Morris Woolfson and Peter Dickinson in the mid-twentieth century—who all left an indelible mark on the city.

You’ll learn how three-storey “walk-ups” evolved into “Grandes Dames” inspired by the Queen Anne Revival Style such as The Shefford and The Strathcona, which in turn led to modernist high-rises epitomized by The Juliana and Park Square.
Link to cover (from the publisher's site):

message 2: by Empress (new)

Empress (the_empress) Edition added:

unfortunately the heritage website does not quote the ISBN therefore we cannot use the cover as it may be for a different edition. As a rule we are not allowed to use covers from other editions as there may be small differences:

message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rombough (cadmonkey) | 102 comments What?

This is a small press book, this is the first and only edition.

message 4: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rombough (cadmonkey) | 102 comments One last try. Here is a scan of my copy:

It's the same copy that I got the information in my first post from, so it's the same ISBN, same edition, same printing.

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