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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Post the plot, please⤵⤵

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments 5. Medieval romance: a village girl delivers food to the palace every day. What happens when she walks in on the king forcing the prince to chose a bride. The king and prince are both known to be stubborn and cruel and dangerous so when she gets caught in the cross fire she is chosen for the prince. Can they fall in love? Can the prince soften for her?

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Do you want to jump in or make characters •

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Characters!!

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Name: Arabella Montgomery

Age: 17

Appearance: https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/...

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Elijah Quaintance | 19 | 6'2 •


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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((I can start!!))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella sighed and used some crappy powder to cover the bruise on her jaw. Trouble with her boss again. Her parents died so she was sold off as a slave. She worked for a bakery and farm and delivered food to the palace. It was a long horse ride and she had to look decently presentable in order to even enter the palace. She combed her long wavy brown hair and slid into a dark green village girl dress. She grabbed the basket of food then mounted her horse and rode through the woods. She had to leave at night in order to get there by morning. She rode all night and finally reached the tall iron gates. She slid off her horse and handed the letter to the head guard, giving her permission to enter. Her horse was taken and she slid off the hood of her cloak. She gazed up at the large palace. It was beautiful and so large, so extravagant. She used to spend her time watching kings and queens enter, back when she was an orphan and could do as she pleased. Then she was found out and sold off. Now she spent her time under the thumb of a cruel owner and locked up in a shack until she was needed.

She entered the palace and placed the basket in the kitchen. She heard yelling between two men from the throne room and as usual her curiosity got the better of her. Rather than taking payment and leaving she leaned her ear against the door. It was the prince and king. Both men known to be extremely dangerous and cold. She bit her lip and just as she was backing away the door was pulled open and she fell in. Her strikingly dark eyes met the prince’s and she blushed a dark red.

The king raised his head and smirked. His son and him had been fighting over the fact he wouldn’t choose a princess. He claimed none were pretty and exciting enough. Looks like he found just what his son wanted, “don’t hurt her. Bring her over here would you?” He called to the guard and smirked at his son, “looks like I am choosing for you.” He said simply.

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah hated the idea of getting married period but let alone a boring, ugly princess. That wasn't going to work, he know that. So he didn't feel the need to lie and acted like he was okay with any of his fathers choices. They all was rhe same. "No i dont her either!" Yelled at his old man. Elijah was like his father, stubborn and coral. At least thats some people opinion and they were mostly right. Elijah's father was in a rush to get his own child married. He was turning twenty in a month. He didn't have time to be all picky. "I said no, and that means no. I rather be alone then to deal with a girl thats not worth my damn breath." Elijah said, his father sighed getting tired of arguing with the boy, he sat down and Elijah turned around to head out. His father called for him, he wasnt donw talking to Elijah. Giving him his normal speech. About the people not respecting a alonely King, that he had needs only a woman could help with. Elijah already knew how to handle that, all the lady servants they had around the castle. He knew they wouldn't mind helping him out with his needs.

Elijah didn't listened and continued to walk off, he opened the door and a woman fall to his feet. He glanced at her, his head went slightly to the left when they meet eyes. He rolled his eyes at his fathers comment. He glanced at his father and then at the woman that was being handle by a guard. "This rag.. Really?" Elijah said as he looked at her up and down. His father nodded. "Its either her or Princess Rachel." He spoke, Elijah sighed before he spoke. "I guess i will stick with the stupid rag." He stormed out of the room not saying anything else.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella was forced up and she frowned as she was brought to the king. She swallowed thickly. She was chosen for what? He placed his finger under her petite chin, “clean her up, get her into some clothes. Her and my son have an evening together. We will make him see some beauty,” he said simply, “you will do as you are told girl. You are to marry my son, become queen. You are stuck here. You will have a room in the tower and be locked in each night. You will go nowhere without my son escorting you... so I would gain either his lust or liking,” he said simply and nodded to a maid and guard, “fix her. Make her look like a princess. Tell her employer he will need to find another slave unfortunately. He has been hiding a gem,” he cooed. Arabella is beautiful. Far prettier than any other princesses, far too beautiful to be a slave, “I also want to be assured she is a virgin. If she is to be Elijah’s she needs to have purity,” he said simply.

Arabella nearly choked. She was dragged to the tower and given a bath. They stared at the bruises and lashes on her body. She was given a beautiful dress that gripped her small frame and the color made her eyes that much more striking. She trembled and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hands shook. She was to be a queen? Married to Elijah? His reputation was... horrible. She leaned over a bucket and threw up. He hardly got a glance at her before agreeing and binding her here. The doctor was in to assure her purity. When he did he went to the king. The moment that was announced the king went to his son, “she is in the west tower. Here is the key to her room. Go get to know your wife. We shall announce the arrangement tomorrow evening,” he said simply.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah was in his study, hoping to not get founded. He wanted to be lefted alone but of course his father founded him. Elijah closed the book that was in front of him when his father stepped in. "I am not deal with some street rat." He said, but his father just walked off after he gave his son the key and said what he had to say. This was completely stupid and worthless to him. But he still decided to go ahead to just amuse himself. He walked passed some guards and maids, they bowed when they saw him.

Once he was at the west tower, Elijah didn't knock or anything. He just unlocked the door and pushed it open. It made a loud thud when it hit the back wall. He closed it behind him, with his foot. He glanced at the girl that stood in front of him. The servants really made her actually look like a princess. He started to clap with a smirk. "You actually look like your worth something." He said, he was blunt and he didn't care what anyone. Thought or said about it. He was the way he was, Elijah walked up to the girl. He put his hand onto her chin, turning it seeing her face in all angles. "But ypir still worthless." He said throwing her head out of his hand.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella flinched when the door slammed open then shut. She looked up at the prince and cringed in pain when he grasped her chin. She already had bruising, it was hidden by powder and the dress covered the lashes on her back. She just stared at him when he called her worthless. She heard it every day, it rolled right off her. She had been called street rat ever since she was young. Those words did not hurt her, not like one would expect. She looked vulnerable and fragile. Her big dark eyes held some mystery though. She was enticing to many men. She was a mystery. No one knew of her past, only that she was sold as a slave. She raised her chin slightly, “your highness,” she greeted and curtseyed. Her voice was quiet and warm. She swallowed and watched him, watched his eyes. She was terrified. Married to a king? One wrong move and she could lose her head. If she displeased him he could make her life a living hell. Especially since she was a slave. She was only here because she was nice to look at and touch.

Arabella was angry at herself for listening to any conversation. Had she just taken her pay and left no one would have seen her and she would not be forced to marry such a cold and egotistical man such as this. Married to a man with plenty other women waiting around to come to bed with him. She swallowed, “I am here so I suppose I am not as worthless as you keep saying,” she said simply, some fire to her voice, a challenge. Arabella was quiet and did as she was told but she was a spit fire, for a lady anyway. She still stood only inches apart from him, her beautiful eyes meeting his again.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah chuckled a the girls words. "Don't make my father's choice cloud your head." He said as he pushed her onto the bed. That was in the middle of the room. "Your nothing to me." He said, Elijah smirked at the sight of her and shook his head. "Your just a item to nothing more." He added before he walked out the door. Locking it once he was out, and went back down to the castle. He had better things to do than to talk to a woman. He couldn't lie though, she was beautiful but that was all she had. At least that's what he thought, he walked back to his study. Even though he was still just a prince, his father thought that it was a great idea for his son to take over the kingdom. Meaning Elijah had things to do every day, and he spent the most of his days and nights in his study.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((Want to skip? Maybe they could have a celebration for the engagement?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((Just because its hard to be detailed when she isnt interacting with anyone))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella frowned and folded her arms. She looked to the side before relaxing slightly and blowing out a deep breath. She went to the door and laughed lightly. She learned how to pick a lock after being locked up in an outside shed her entire life. She picked at it with pins sitting on her vanity and it opened. No guards were to be found. Probably assumed she would never escape. She wasn’t going to leave the palace. That would get her killed but she would leave the room to grab a few books to entertain her. A slave girl was not supposed to know how to read but there was far more to her than what met the eye. She bit her lip. Now to only find the library. She slid up the staircases and peaked in doors until she found the main library. She smiled at all the books. This was more than she ever had access to in town. Different languages. She spoke italian. Another odd feature for someone who seemed to be a filthy street rat. She had her secrets though, everyone did. She grabbed some foreign books and some written in english before walking out and running right into the prince. Her eyes widened and she hid the books behind her back, “y-your highness,” she said slowly. Guards were behind him. Someone must have noticed her missing. She bit her lip nervously, “I just... I was exploring,” she said slowly.

((This is my reply for now maybe we can skip after a few:) ))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah was going through paper work, when a guard came running in. Elijah frowned as his stood up. "What is this?" He asked, another guard came running in right after the other. "The woman she is gone." One said out of breath. Elijah sighed in annoyance. His fistes balled up and walked the study. "Y'all stupid people cant even watch over a little weak thing. I swear." He said storming around the castle, looking for the girl.

He looked everywhere, he only had one more place to look. The library as he got closer, he heard someone inside. When she came out, she bumped into him. He glanced down at her, his hands balled up at the sight of her, he raised his eyebrow. "What do you got?" He asked, the guards stood behind him. Knowing how he got when he was anger, before she could even answer him. He yanked her arms the books fall to the floor, Elijah frowned at the books. He knew some servants and slaves that could read so it wasn't a big deal. "So your lying." He said, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her along. A guard picked up the books and followed the two, Elijah continued pulling her along. He throw her into his room, the guard handed him the books and left. Elijah slammed the door. "I hate liers." He said as he walked passed her on the floor, and placed the books on his bed.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella cringed in pain as he dragged her. She glared up at him as he spat about lying, “I did not lie. I was exploring,” she said calmly. She arched a brow and looked up at him, “it was terribly boring sitting in a room... what did you expect? Me to sit there and stare at myself for hours and hours in a day?” She asked him and stood up. She smoothed her hair and the stupid dress. She folded her arms, “quite honestly I do not like men with a bad temper. I am used to it but there is no reason for you to be angry right now. Picking a lock isn’t hard, especially when I am as motivated as I was. She looked away and swallowed. She was upset. She did nothing wrong. He assumed there was nothing to her like every other princess, but he was wrong. She was smart, she had a brain in her head and knew how to use it. She knew how to speak her mind and she did it every so often. She looked around his room a bit, admiring the paintings and the lavishness of it all. Soon they would be sharing a room... a bed. With him. She wanted to groan at the thought.

“I am sorry I broke a rule your highness but I had a chance to leave and I didn’t. I just wanted to do some reading to pass the time between when your father forces you to speak to me and when you do as you wish and completely disregard my existence,” she arched a brow and grabbed two of the books. Just the italian ones. They would take up enough time for the week, “like you said, I am worthless. I am the dirt under your shoe so what does it matter what I do?” She asked him, raising a fine brow. No one had ever spoken to the prince like that, with such a lack of fear.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments The way she spoke to him, made him more anger. "You i give a damn, what type of man you like." He said as he glanced at her, she honestly spoke as if he couldn't just end her life. But he had to admit no one but his father ever spoke to him in that way. He watched her grabb the books. "If you want something you ask for it, got it?" He said taking them back out of her hands, he raised his eyebrow when he finally noticed then books were in Italian. Well some the others on the bed weren't. He knew Italian and all different other languages. He had to since he had to speak to all the different people. His Kingdom was full with different people. Chinese and Japanese, were the hardest for him when he was younger but now they were his favorite languages out of all of them. He put the books with the others. "If your gonna live here, your going to learn how ask for what the hell you want." He said as he waited. He felt like she was a puppy he had to train.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella frowned and looked up at him. She rubbed her arm and stared at the books, “can I have the books?” She asked him and swallowed. She then took them back when they were given. She took a deep breath and looked down, “you don’t even know my name,” she said simply, “I understand what a lack of care you have for me and how you see me but my name is Arabella,” she murmured. Her voice was hushed but enough to where he would be able to hear, “I am sorry you have to marry someone like me. That was not my choice though because honestly you are not great company either your highness,” her eyes met his then she curtseyed and a guard pulled her back up to her room. This time two guards stood at her door. Arabella swallowed and sat on her bed. Nightfall was close which meant dinner was soon. It would either be delivered, she would have to eat with them, or she would get nothing at all. She bit her lip and closed her eyes before slumping her shoulders and beginning to read. She was not supposed to be this way. Ara’s parents were a duke and duchess. They were killed but she was left alive. No other noble would take her though so she ended up a slave. She would take that secret to the grave though. It was humiliating.

The king entered Elijah’s room just as Arabella was leaving, “son your wife must stay pure until the wedding night,” he reminded then leaned against the door, “the engagement ball is tomorrow. At least act like you enjoy her company or it means trouble for you.” He said and paced, “she has very good manners for a slave... very... poised,” he mused and looked at a guard, “I want someone looking into her past. I feel as though we have not gotten the entire story,” he commanded then looked back to his son, “you two will dance, talk and enjoy one another. Then the following day wedding preparations will begin. You two are about to spend a lot of time together so I would start liking her,” he called as he left the room, shutting the door.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments He smiled when she asked from them. "That's a good girl." He said as he handed her the books. He sighed softly to himself when she told her name. It went in one ear and out the other. He didn't care to know her name. "Its not my choice either." He said, he motioned for the guard to come get her got out of his face. She was a item, that he didn't want. He didn't want to have to deal with her but it he knew he would find away to marry her, so his father would shut up but still not have things the way he wanted it.

Elijah let his father talk not really in the mood to even agrue with the man. He wasn't going to obey his father's wishes anyway, he never did. He did want he wanted when he wanted, he didn't think about even touching the girl in that way, so her staying pure until the wedding was fine with him. She could stay pure for the rest of her life. He didn't care, Elijah had not been a virgin since he was fifteen. It was one of the servants daughters, she was now working as his mean servant. When he needed anything she was the one he called, he never felt the need to hide whatever he used his servants for. His father and him had different servants, so whatever they used them for wasnt the others business.

Elijah flopped down on his bed when his father walked out like he had actually said something. Elijah knew the rules but he was old enough to not follow them. He didnt fare his father, people think that got the worse from the old man but Elijah. Use to get abuse by his own father, he had the whipe marks to prove it. The abuse started after his mother was killed, on her way back from visting the near by kingdom. Elijah was six at the time, he remembers his mother and the way she was. She was different from his father. He could see his father was mean to everyone but him and his mother. But once she dead, the man was mean to everyone including his own son. He took Elijah down to the cellar, more than five times a day. The guards and servants, all knew what he was doing to the boy but didn't say anything. How could they, the man was the king after all. The word about what the prince went through was known even now around the castle, even the new servants and guards knew about it. It just never lefted the castle.

Elijah never looked for pit not from anyone. Even the few servants that saw the marks, they couldnt ask him anything about them. Or look sad when they saw them, it would only make him upset. Elijah leaned back in the bed and put his arms under his head. From today on he knew it wasn't going to be a normal around here.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((Skip to the ball? Maybe something kind of sparks between them??))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Sure •

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((Do you wanna start?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments ((I can actually I have time))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella was dressed in a beautiful dress. Her hair was curled and pinned off her face. She had make up on and a small crown, she was the picture of perfection. She raised her chin slightly as she was escorted down to the bottom of the staircase where prince Elijah was forced to wait for her. She made eye contact with him. Hers danced with mystery and... light almost. He looked handsome, his jacket pulling at his broad shoulders. She curtseyed once she reached him. The arriving guests stared at the beautiful couple. The king was twisting the story, saying that Arabella was the daughter of a noble from another country. Now that he knew she could speak italian he could lie and make her less pathetic. She looked up at Elijah, “good evening your highness.” She said and then leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I assure you I will remain out of your way.” She then walked away from him to go socialize on her own. She knew how to handle big parties. She was taught years ago. She was sick of being around Elijah. He insulted her and hurt her. She just did not want to be around a man she was supposed to be in love with... not until they were married and she had to.
She walked around and heard a familiar voice. She turned and walked over to a group of Italians. The royals from Italy. She went to them and spoke to them flawlessly in the language. She was from there after all, her parents both Italian. Her first language.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah could not lie she was gorgeous, he bowed when she approached him. He nodded when she spoke to him, he walked in a different direction from her. She wanted to acted like knew so much. He hated to be around his own dad for the same reason. He went and got something to drink, when a princess from the north kingdom approached him. She was one of the princesses that he said no to. She gave a smile but it was easily seen that it was something behind that smile. "I am glad you find someone that you approve of." She said, her smile quickly faded. She had the looks, a little but she was just boring. She actually did nothing beside comb her and six dogs hair. Elijah finished taking a sip of his drink before he looked at Rachel and then over the annoying red head. "Yes, it was hard finding someone who matched me." He said, when he spoke those words, he realized that they were actually true. No female actually stood uo for their selves like she did.

Once the king noticed Princess Rachel talking to his son, he glanced around the ball room. Looking for the street rat, he found her talking the Italians. He walked over nicely. "Excuse us." He said as he did a slight bow before he grabbed onto her arm, like his son had been. He waited until they were away from pretty much everyone. "Go be his wife..now." He whispered in her ear before walking off.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella frowned as the king pulled her away. She looked up and saw Elijah with the other princesses. She rolled her eyes inwardly. If he wanted to sleep with them she would not stop him. Why should she? She was simply here because she was the better alternative. She waited until the king walked away before turning and running right into the prince of Scottland. Arabella curtseyed, “excuse me your highness,” she said and went to move past him but he smiled, “the soon to be queen,” he mused, “Arabella correct? The fault is all mine, but I have some luck in a fault now don’t I?” He asked and quirked a brow. Him and Elijah had been in constant competition since they were children. He looked up and noticed Elijah with the princesses when his beautiful bride to be was all by herself. Not a smart move, “since your fiance has a lack of attention span, would you care to dance miss?” He kissed her knuckles and smiled up at her.

Arabella frowned as the prince flirted. He was genuinely interested. When he asked her to dance she looked over at Elijah and the princesses. He was making an ass of himself. What was new? Why should she not enjoy a kind gentleman when all she received from him was coldness and hate. She looked to the prince nervously and he smiled smoothly, “it is custom for the bride to be to have a dance and clearly prince Elijah has little care to invite you,” he said. Just as he pushed hair out of her face he made eye contact with Elijah, a challenge sparkling in his eyes. Arabella was the new trophy. Not some jousting trophy, or archery but a more beautiful and warm trophy.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah was bored but trapped, he got question on top of tip of questions. One more stupider than the other. But he glanced over and saw Stephen, he was the prince of Scotland. They were always having challenges, ever since they were kids. No matter what the prize the two never backed down, it was annoying to watch the two go but never grow out of it. Elijah noticed the look he gave him, a challenge aye? Elijah placed his cup down, he bowed as he said. "Excuse me." He walked out of the crowd, their eyes followed him but at the moment he didn't care.

He walked up behind Arabella, he grabbed her by the waist. Soft and warm to the touch, something he had never done before. He pulled her closer to him as he gave a smile. "Hi, Arabella... I see you met, Stephen." He said. Which was probably the first words he used that wasn't harsh.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella frowned at his touch. She was shocked that he even remembered her name. She arched a brow then realized what was going on. Challenge. Men were like animals. She stepped out of Elijah’s soft touch and looked between the two. She rubbed her arm, “if you would excuse me Elijah, prince Stephen offered me a dance, I was just about to accept before you came over,” she said. Her eyes flashed with her own challenge. Mist girls would swoon the moment the prince showed them kindness but not her. She was different. The prince of Scotland smirked at Elijah, “I like her,” he said and chuckled, “bit of a spit fire,” he walked her out to the dance floor and began dancing with the girl. She was smart, cunning, and beautiful... dare he say stunning. She was enticing and captured attention. When the dance was over he kissed her knuckles and let her go. He looked over to Elijah and held up one finger to signify his winning this one.

Arabella walked to her husband to be and looked up at him, “you wanted me out of your way. Street rats do not belong on the arm of a prince such as your self... correct? I am nothing but a boring brainless pretty thing,” she said in his ear before walking away to join the italians again.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah didn't put up a fight. He back off and let Arabella have her dance, he nodded to Stephen when he handle up one finger. He sighed at Arabella's words she said. She was sorta like him, even though would hate to admit it. He watched her walk off, one thing he wasn't going to do was run after her. He chuckled at the thought of her actually choosing Stephen over him. She would be the first.

As the ball continued Elijah, stayed getting asked questions. Either they were about how he was going to run the kingdom, when he his full king or the questions were about his mystery soon to be wife. Elijah just answered them the best he could not bothering Arabella letting her have her own time.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments The king saw Arabella and glared. He stormed over and yanked her to a secluded area and put his hand around her throat. She struggled and wheezed for air as he spat at her to start making an effort or he would have his own way with her. She choked and nodded when he finally released. Her eyes watered and there was a nasty bruise forming around her neck. She walked back into the ballroom and spotted Elijah. She closed her eyes then walked over to him and bit her lip, trying to keep from shaking after the king’s threat. She looked up to him, having no idea what to say. It was not proper for her to ask him to dance. She did not know what else she could possibly do. This prince did not like her nor would he ever see her as anything else but worthless.

She looked at his arm and gently placed her hand on his arm, “m-may I speak to you... in private?” She asked him and smiled at the people he was talking to, “wedding details,” she explained and curtseyed to them. She hoped for once he would just... be kind to her. She did not want to lose her head just because he was not willing to give them a shot.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah was in a middle of a convection, when he felt someone touch his arm. He glanced down and saw Arabella, he could tell something was wrong as she spoke, he saw the bruise on her neck. He frowned sightly, but it quickly disappeared. A fake smile took it's place. He bowed to the people, before he walked off following Arabella once they were away from everyone he grabbed her arm. But it wasn't like before, he turned her around and he handle her chin. In his hand, and lifted up her head. To see the bruise better. "Who did this?" He asked, anger was in his voice but it wasn't toward her. He never liked someone touching something that was his, even watching Stephen with her made him sick. He just let it slade, since they was in front of so many people but a bruise that he didn't make was pushing. "Who?" He asked again, letting her arm and chin go.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella swallowed as he pulled her away and looked at her neck. She closed her eyes as he demanded who did it to her, “I-“ she looked around nervously. She was scared to tell him of his father’s threat but she also did not want to anger him more than it already seemed he was, “the king,” she whispered quietly and held back tears threatening to spill over, “I understand how much you hate me but please I beg of you your highness can we act like we are a happy soon to be married pair? Please,” she practically begged. His father’s threat stayed in her mind. He would do as he pleased with her. She shivered slightly at the thought, “he said if I could not get this under control he would do as he pleased with me,” she said, her eyes held panic. She has been threatened before but it was far worse when it came from a king that could do her real harm and have no consequences to it. The bruise on her neck was darkening as was the one on her arm from when he dragged her out of the ballroom. She barely felt that one though.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments He sighed when she told him it was his father, that lefted the bruise. He didn't say anything he just listened to her. He crossed his arms, he nodded once she was done. "Fine... And has for my father, i will handle him. That stupid threat he made to worey about it." He said, he was serious. Even if she meant nothing to him, she was still his property. And his father just crossed the line. "I will play along for today." He said. He handle out his arm for her before he walked back into the ballroom. He sighed softly when he spotted his father, he would normally go over and tell him off. But they were around others. He had acted to keep up with at the moment.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella nodded slowly and walked with him back inside, her hand on his arm. She stayed beside him the entire night, talking and smiling. It was odd though because none of it felt... forced for her. With him being kind she actually... felt something for the prince if that was even possible. She bit her lip, could it be she actually enjoyed his company when he was not being a selfish ass? She looked up at him as the final dance of the night was called. She rested her petite hand on his shoulder and danced with him. Her eyes locked with his and it was all very... different. The mood shifted and suddenly things did not feel pretend. She could be reading him wrong but his beautiful eyes read just like hers it seemed. Could he be... enjoying her as well? Everything else seemed to disappear as they danced for her, there was nothing but him, a breath apart from her.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments The whole time he was putting up this acted, it slowly started not to be a acted in more. It felt normal and natural. As they talked to the guests, the guests could even see that the two kinda had the same personality. They were even finishing each other sentences at times. It was weird for Elijah have felt normal with anyone.

As he danced with her, he lefted different once again. His eyes locked with hers. It was weird but at the same time it felt right, they danced until the ball was over. The guests that crossed seas to come, had decided to stay the night and live in the morning. The ones that lived closet lefted leaving gifts for the newly couple. Elijah told Arabella to head to his room, once the guests were in their own rooms. He headed to speak to his father.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella frowned as she was escorted by guard to his room. They shut the door and stood outside it. So many guests in the palace could mean trouble... especially since one of the guests was Stephen. They knew the prince would be most displeased if he found his way to Arabella privately. It was a rule that she was not to be alone with any man but the one she was to marry. She sat perched on his bed. She took the pins out of her hair and let it fall back to normal. She sighed and waited for Elijah to come up and speak to her.

The king sat in his own study, he looked up when his son came in, “she nearly made a fool out of you Elijah. Dancing with the prince of scotland, floating around and speaking without you. I did what I needed to do to make sure that she behaved,” he said simply, “the bruise can be hidden and your next public event is a week from now which is your wedding. She will be perfectly normal by the time she is seen by the public again. This week will be filled with celebration, everyone is staying with us until the wedding... I had to be assured she would behave so I allowed a little threat to escape me, that is not a crime when you are king.”

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah closed the door when he stepped in. He frowned at the sight of his father. He listened to the man explain his actions. Elijah smirked and shook his head. His father always thought since he was king, he could get away with so much and that was true when it came to normal villagers but not to him. "See this as a warning. If you touch my property again, she wont be the only one with a threat over her head. I can control her, she is not yours to touch." He said, he was the prince. But because of what he did to him as a child, the guards and servants around the castle loyalty lays with Elijah. "Stay away from her. Got it?" He spoke not waiting for his father answer he walked out. He headed up to his room.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments The king glared after his son. Stay away from her? He was the one who forced her into the ownership of Elijah. He would do whatever the hell he wanted with her. He did not fear his son, his son should be terrified of him though. He turned to a guard who was loyal to him, his right hand man, “I think my son should be taught a lesson. Hitting him no longer works but I saw something in his eye when he spoke for that little rat,” he said, “when she is alone walking back to her room you are to grab her and bring her to me. I would like to show my son that a bruise this evening was a generous punishment,” he said simply and stood, “bring her down to the prison once you retrieve her then when I am through you will carry her to my son, show him what I can really do. I am in control here and he will no longer threaten my position of power,” he said and left.

Ara waited, now pacing slightly. She felt weird about being in his room so late. She felt weird tonight period. She was concerned for him and... well she wanted to be close to him and wanted to feel his arms and hands on her again as she had this evening. She feared him going back to being cruel to her because after this evening dare she say she has feelings for the prince, whether the act was fake or not she saw what things could be like. She swallowed when the doors opened and he stepped inside, “are you alright?” She asked immediately and took his large hand in hers, she swallowed though and dropped it, “I... sorry,” she whispered.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah walked into his room, he glanced at Arabella, he nodded. "I will be fine." He said, he felt her grab his hand but he didn't pull away. He raised his eyebrow. "Don't apologize for something so stupid." He said, it may have sounded rude but he didn't mean for it to be. "Since we have guests you going to stay in here with me." He said, he walked off to his bathroom, he closed the door behind himself.

He came in his pj pants and no shirt, he never slept with a shirt on. So he didn't think nothing of it. He had taken a shower, so his hair was wet. He was drying it when he came out. "Phoebe put some night clothes in there for you earlier to today." he said, Phoebe was the servant he slept with and still did from time to time. He sat on the bed still trying to get all the water out of his hair.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Ara frowned, “I can sleep in my own room,” she said and arched a brow, “doors are always locked and you have the key... I’ll be fine in my own room,” she said and grabbed the silk white nightgown. She looked at him, “I do not exactly feel right about sleeping in here,” she said. She did not want to sleep next to someone who only wanted her there because she was property... not because he was in love with her. The night of the wedding she had to... she had no choice in what must happen that night but she had a choice now. Plus, she knew about the servant he slept with. She did not want to be just another girl in his bed, another warm body. Maids came in and undressed her behind a changing sheet. She stepped out in the nightgown and her hair was braided. She looked at Elijah, “I will be just fine in my own room,” she said. No one had ever turned down an invite from the prince so everyone just stood tense and still as Ara walked out.

She walked down the long hallway, only to have a hand cover her mouth and have her dragged down the steps to the prison. Her mouth was stuffed and the king looked at her coldly, “my son has a lesson to learn,” he said calmly then began beating on the girl. He was relentless, until she was bloody and broken enough he stopped. She was unconscious, “take her to my son. See to it he... gets the message,” he said and shook out his hands. The guard picked up the girl, her nightgown stained red. He looked at the guards at Elijah’s door and stepped inside his chambers, “A message from your father your highness,” he laid the girl down on the floor.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah nodded not really in the mood to fight with her. He had nothing to say, he watched her walk out and Phoebe walked in the other maids walked out leaving the two.

Phoebe was on top of Elijah when a guard walked in. Elijah glanced up and saw thar he had Arabella in his arms. When he put her on the floor, Elijah's body just started to move. He throw Phoebe off of him when, and he quickly was on his knees with her. "Get out!" He yelled to the guard. "Phoebe." He said, the girl nodded and humped off the bed. As ran into thr bathroom and got everything she used to clean Elijah up when his father beat him up.

Elijah carried Arabella to his bed, he placed her on the bed. Phoebe came from out of the bathroom, she started cleaning her wounds. While Elijah went out got Noah and Toni, his trusty guards told them to go get some ice from the kitchen. They did as they were told, like they always did. They came to his room with the ice, they sighed at the sight of the girl. Elijah sighed and placed the ice on her sides and thighs. Phoebe was ordered to stay in the room with Arabella, to keep her company and to also to her nurse. Noah and Toni was order to stay outside the room not to let anyone else inside if it wasnt him.

He stayed in study for one, he had things to do and second he knew Arabella didnt want to be in the same bed with him. And after tonight he wasnt about to make her sleep in her room. She was going to sleep in his room from now on, but his father started a war. What he did only made ths memory of what he use to do to him all come back. He was tired, his mind was full with everything that happened. Arabella, the kingdom problems, the wedding, and now his father. Elijah needed up falling asleep on his deck.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Ara was sitting up in Elijah’s bed. She was eating breakfast and had made Pheobe leave. She knew Elijah was not hers and she had no right to feel jealous but she was jealous, incredibly jealous. She had a busted lip and bruised ribs and fresh lashes on her back. She looked up when the door opened to reveal Elijah. She swallowed and looked down, ashamed of how she looked right now, “I understand you have your women but just... keep them away from me alright?” She asked quietly. She was clearly jealous which meant she felt something for him. She took a pained breath and then relaxed into the bed. She was in a brand new night gown and three guards stood outside the door, “what- how did I get here exactly?” She asked. She thought his father was going to leave her for dead.

Stephen entered the room immediately, “I heard through the maids, your little sluts what happened,” he looked at Elijah, not even apologizing for bursting in on his soon to be wife. It was not normally allowed for anyone to lay eyes on her when she wasn’t dressed properly, “like you even care Elijah,” he snapped, “you are just mad because he damaged your perfect piece of property,” he glared and tried to look at Ara but the curtains around the bed were closed so he couldn’t see her. She was Elijah’s it was his problem to deal with and his right to touch and look at her, no one else’s.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Once Phoebe left the room. She went to see how Elijah was doing. She found him sleep on his desk, she shook him softly awake and kissed his cheek. He rubbed his eyes and then frowned he got up pushing Phoebe off him. "Why the hell aren't you watching over Arabella?" He asked, that's when she told h what happened. He sighed and rolled his eyes, Arabella was just so stubborn. He told her go and do her work and that he would handle it. He headed to his room, he was glanced that the guards were still there Toni let Elijah in and closed the door. "I didn't have time to be thinking about what you wanted. She knows how to deal with them type of wounds." He said, he had been beaten enough for her to be a pro. "But fine.. I will get new servants just for you." He said.

He turned and saw Stephen he rolled his eyes, at the sight of him. Elijah didn't say nothing but his anger was hitting its highest. The more Stephen talked the more, Elijah was getting tried. He frowned and pushed Stephen in the face. "You never know how to shut the hell up, don't come near her or i won't stop until you dead." He said, he told the guards to get him out of his room.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Ara nodded when Elijah told her about his new staff... their new staff. She looked up when the doors opened but she was immediately closed off to whoever stepped inside. Stephen. She frowned and laid down, hearing the two boys bicker and Stephen leave. She looked at Elijah when the curtains opened again to reveal her to him. The doctor that was called looked at her back, lashes everywhere, worse than Elijah which was something. Her ribs were bruised and she had various marks all over her body. The doctor looked at the girl, “did he... have intercourse with you?” He asked seriously. Ara frowned and shook her head, her stomach feeling sick just at the thought, “no... nothing like that,” she whispered and closed her eyes as he left.

“I do not want to take your room from you,” she said softly to Elijah, “I... you should... stay in here too,” she said slowly, showing some trust for him to be in the same bed as her. She rubbed her arm and took a deep breath. She was worried the king would show up... that Elijah’s anger would get pushed again and she did not want him worrying so much. She felt bad for him, she knew enough not to show it but she did feel bad. His father was a monster. She pushed her hair behind her ears and slowly sat up to be closer to the prince. She rested her wrapped hand on his arm, “are you alright?” She asked him seriously, this time not shuddering away from touching him or speaking to him.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Dont worry about that, ill will be fine. My study is comfortable." He said not wanting her to feel bad for him. He would be perfectly fine. He sleep in worse places. "I am fine.. Just you get better." He said, he kissed the hand she touched him with. "I will be back to check on you anf our new servants should be here soon. He said, he didnt like the whole new servant thinking but apart of him knew the day was going to have to come when he would have to stop dealing with them. He closed the curtains before he lefted the room. He told all of his servants to go back home and that they was let go, he then got more servants. Their only women like always, he knew he might not be able to touch them anymore but that didn't mean he couldn't look, he sent two to his room to nurse Arabella and the other three he sent them to do different jobs around the castle for him.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments Arabella laid in bed all day, healing. She rested and ate and allowed the servants to work on her wounds. It was odd being so cared for. She looked up when the door opened. She was expecting to see Elijah but is was the king. Her eyes widened and she scrambled to get out of bed but he put a hand down on her, forcing her to stay down, “you are doing wonderfully my dear,” he said and sat beside her, “you delivered the message loud and clear, I have not heard a word from my son,” he said and ate part of her lunch, “he has not been in here but I am sure that isn’t because of you love,” he stroked a hand down her cheek and she flinched, “you are quite lovely and very resilient,” he complimented then looked up when the doors slammed open, “Elijah... nice of you to drop into check on your bride,” he said and stood from her bedside, “I was just doing the same... making sure she was alive. I heard there was quite the awkward encounter when she was dropped in here then I heard you spent your night in your study and just wanted to confirm these things,” he said calmly.

Arabella was terrified. She didn’t want Elijah to be hurt and she didn’t want to upset the king and she did not want Elijah to get angry. She slowly got out of bed, maids ran to get a cloak on her to cover her better. She went to Elijah and had to lean against him, “he was in earlier... we-we chose a date to get married,” she said, not wanting the king to get angered and maybe he would leave them both alone if they pleased him a bit, “n-next Friday,” she whispered as she looked up at Elijah then the king.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Elijah said nothing, he just stared at his father. He didn't mind Arabella leaning on him. He glanced down at Arabella and nodded. "Yeah, we did." He said knowing why she was lying. He stepped aside giving the man room to walk passed him. "I think we need to talk." He said, Elijah walked Arabella back into the bed. "Don't let anyone in but me or i will have all of your heads!!" He shouted looking at all the servants in the room. He was being soft on them since Arabella got hurt but no more. He sighed and walked out the room. He met up this is father, who was in his own study once again. But this time he didn't want to talk. He walked to his father,pulling him out of his chair and against the wall. Holding him by this neck. "I told you to stay away from her. And never touch her again." He said

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1379 comments The king snarled and pushed him off, “get off of me you are not invincible. I do not even have to give up my throne if I do not want to,” he snapped. He did though. He was not married which left him vulnerable to his son, especially the night of the consummation if the girl got pregnant, and her being young as she was most likely would, his entire position would be over ruled by the cardinal. He glared at his son, “I did what I had to do to prove what happens when important people in your life get let out of sight. What happens when you get distracted by some servant,” he snapped and looked at him, “I was faithful to your mother which is why she died from sickness not from an attack. One wrong move and you’ll be stuck in my position with a cocky son and an empty throne beside you,” he snapped and shook his head, “so watch your next move son or so help me god I will end you and your reign before it even begins. All I would need to do is kill her or ruin her purity and you would be done for, or wait around until she has your child and kill it in the crib. Do. Not. Test. Me. Not ever again,” he growled and sat down in his chair.

Arabella sat on the edge of the bed, nervous. She did not feel safe in the palace. Not even the slightest. She closed her eyes and looked at the servants in her room, “you are dismissed,” she said quietly and watched them go. She then changed into another night gown... a warmer one and leaned against the wall. She made it to the balcony and opened the door. She hasn’t been outside in a week. She sat on a bench and closed her eyes, taking in the night air. Guards stood nervously, unsure if the prince would be happy about this or not. Ara just watched the sky. Elijah was being... kind... protective of her. Treating her like a person. Was it all an act?

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