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message 1: by Qurban (last edited Dec 25, 2017 01:04AM) (new)

Qurban Khattak (qurbankhattak) | 1 comments Hi everyone !

As you guys know that in Pakistan, we do not have a reading culture, as much as we should have. I believe this is because we do not have the purchasing power to buy genuine books regularly. Which leaves us to buy pirated books.

The problem with pirated books is that; it does not compensate the writer for the hard work he/she has put in together for writing the book. Therefore writer do not write often. I believe this is one of the reason why our Urdu and regional language literature is suffering. The talented people are not motivated to write.

The purpose of starting this discussion is to get input on How to develop reading culture in Pakistan? keeping in mind the purchasing power of the mass and also the damage done by piracy.

Please share your input !

message 2: by Hassan (last edited Dec 25, 2017 03:43AM) (new)

Hassan Rizvi | 29 comments The most obvious step will be to develop highly maintained (free access) libraries..where:
A) a young girl feels secure to spend hours reading. This is imp because we dont have safe and adequate learning environment for women in general. How many libraries allow safe access to read till midnight?
B) access to recent/fresh publications and activities like reading groups etc.

message 3: by Elsa (new)

Elsa Qazi | 741 comments Okay first off midnight reading will lead to the problem that our roads aren't safe and that routes aren't safe. So creating safe environment for women in a library will not help because then they won't come anyhow because the streets will not be safe.

Anyway, libraries in general, for all people should be set up. These should be quality libraries and should have reading material from around the world. Then this should be made easily accessible to children.
Now 98% schools in Sindh do not have libraries. Ninety freaking eight percent. I know what impact books had in my childhood when my school had a functional library and my Mom used to read me every night. Not giving 98%of the population that chance is just straight on unfair. We should also work on setting up more quality publishers in Pakistan. This way these publishers will get international book deals and the books published will be of less price and real and benefactor to the author as well. These will also create competition for big distributors like Liberty and Penguin leading to cheaper books. All in all this is just a game of foreign investment leading to varying degrees of inflation which then directly affect the price of books.

message 4: by Jogi (last edited Dec 25, 2017 05:26AM) (new)

Jogi Badmaash (recantrecantrecant) | 484 comments Start punishing people for not reading extensively by introducing extremely difficult standardized tests after every 3 grades. Debar anyone from the next class unless he clears the test. Everyone will fall in line.

message 5: by Elsa (new)

Elsa Qazi | 741 comments Genio wrote: "Start punishing people for not reading extensively by introducing extremely difficult standardized tests after every 3 grades. Debar anyone from the next class unless he clears the test. Everyone w..."

That is the fascist way of thinking for a solution but yeah that would work wonders.

message 6: by Elsa (new)

Elsa Qazi | 741 comments Why not just introduce good books to our children at an age when they are susceptible to developing certain habits. That worked for me. And most of the kids from my class. We were not only introduced to books in school but also at homes.
When 98% of schools do not have libraries how do you intend to make intensive reading programs possible?

message 7: by Hassan (new)

Hassan Rizvi | 29 comments Libraries and reading motivation awareness & workshops is the solution.
If you want to promote footall u need good football stadiums, so is the case for reading...libraries..lets took initiaive and create old book sharing group etc..

message 8: by Jogi (new)

Jogi Badmaash (recantrecantrecant) | 484 comments Previous comment was meant to be a joke. Why do I take this topic lightly? Because I know that no matter what you do, you can't get people to start reading in swathes. You can, maybe, influence one or two people. But introducing libraries, better reading material in schools, workshops and all, will only help those who are already in the habit of reading. Look to other countries where all this is available. Even there, I don't see too much trend of reading, or at the very least, reading something which isn't the pop culture. The fact, at the end of the day, is that only those people will be inclined to read who feel like they'll be losing something if they don't read. Perhaps not reading is a loss of a childhood habit, or the loss of a memory of a loved one, or maybe you're in a sort of intellectual rivalry with someone. In any case, convincing people to read is as hard, if not harder, than convincing people to start exercising or anything which requires more effort than a few clicks on the smartphone.

message 9: by Vyla (new)

Vyla (vonder) | 121 comments Schools should have library to encourage students to read. There should be appropriate genres for all ages and books of all ages. Reading is a good habit and can do it's wonders but every initiative has to begin with baby steps. This is how I started: First kids story with colorful tales and then story books with a plot that can persuade and invoke curiousness. Novels atlast.

As boring as it sounds there should be a habit to read magzines through subscriptions. It i also true that a parent's influence can play a major part on a kid's intellectual thinking. My father asked me to read an article everyday and then write a review on it, sometimes summary or character description. I got attached to this habit or reading and I developed my love for writing.

Social security for young readers especially females is not considered and as we know Pakistan is an insecure place for readers who want to visit the public library at night. The same point Elsa mentioned above.

Another thing can be the line between imaginations and reality. Again, as boring as it sounds, newspaper reading should be encouraged to know what's considered trivial but should not be ignored.

I read books as an escape... as believing that I'll lack something important if I stop reading... as believing that reading makes me different and can make a difference.

It's a pity that we're barely near 50% in the literacy section. That's why Pakistan doesn't have a reading culture. Here it is considered trivial.

message 10: by Fahad (new)

Fahad Khan | 10 comments If you can afford non pirated books then i would suggest that. But otherwise go for pirated books ( Or say book shared by someone who have bought it ) lol .

I think people are not taught of the importance of reading book and most of them have easily concluded that what's the point of reading a book when they could find same content in audio video format.

I'd say tell them of all the good reason of why they should be reading and how great people like Elon Musk , Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos read and recommend reading.

message 11: by W (new)

W Well,yes,pirated books do take a bit of joy out of reading,and new books are too expensive.

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