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MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) PBT monthly tag

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MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) PBT Decathlon #1 Official challenge

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MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) Listopia #2 official challenge

Best Woman-Authored Books

MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) PBT challenge (unofficial)
Banned books

MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) PBT NFL (non-fiction linking) Goal is 10)

Pick a non-fiction book to start off this challenge, and then your next book needs to be linked to the first. Then, your third book needs to be linked to your second, etc. The links between the books do not all have to be the same and we encourage you to get creative!

A linkage would be any other person or topic referenced in the first book. Or it could be a book by the same author or with the same word in the title or written in the same year or winner of the same prize or narrated by the same person - - you get the idea. A member can be as creative as they want with identifying the links, but they need to specify how each book connects to the next.

MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) Long Book Challenge
Read one book 500-600 pages, one book 600-750 pages, one book 750-1,000 pages, and one door stopper that you have been avoiding over 1,000 pages! All told, this equals a minimum of 3,000 pages in 4 books.

MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) Pick-A-Decade Challenge

Pick your favorite decade to read from (decades run, for example, from 1970 through 1979) and then read one book published in each year of that decade.

We will also allow members to select 2008 to 2017 as their "decade" to align with each year that PBT has been in existence! This will be the only modification to the traditional decade that is allowed.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6276 comments I see you've really embraced our challenge ideas! Love it!!

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