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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Hey there.

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Hey! Do you want to do a simple character sheet? Something like

Age: 20-25
Act & How they joined the Circus:

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments That works.

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Name: Jade Daniels
Age: 20
(view spoiler)
Personality: Jade is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Her hazel eyes tell everyone around her that's she seen some things, but she's never disclosed what she's been through. Instead she strives to live her happiest life always. She genuinely tries to make everyone around her feel welcomed and loved.
Act & How they joined the Circus: Singing and Trapeze. Her haunting singing voice is what draws people into her. After graduating high school she took a gap year. She ended up working at a plant nursery and would always sing while working. One day an agent was looking for flowers with his wife and heard Jade's voice. He told her about the opportunity to join the circus and she thought the idea of traveling around the country and singing sounded amazing. She agreed to join and they began to teach her trapeze.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Name: Archer Johnson
Age: 22
(view spoiler)
Personality: Archer is a kind guy, a bit snobby at times, but he's a good guy overall. His grey eyes are closed off at times, but they let everyone know that he has seen some bad shit. He isn't exactly welcoming or very friendly at first. But when you get to know him he is a very loyal friend.
Act & How they joined the Circus: Singing, Trapeze, and Animal Training. He was found by the circus when he was found training a pack of wild wolves. As he joined, he trained the animals, elephants, tigers, and lions. But it was later found that he could sing and he was then trained to do the trapeze.

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((Would you like to start or should I?))

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((Can you?))

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((Sure, here we go! I didn't name the circus yet because I didn't know if you wanted to come up with the name?))


"Alright ladies. That should do it for tonight. Thank you for nailing rehearsal like normal. Jade if you could stick around we need you to practice your vocals for the opening number." Jeffery, the Starlight Cirque Ringmaster, said as Jade and her fellow female trapeze artists lowered themselves to the ground. One of the light operators raised the ring lights and their glowing lyra hoops went dim. She nodded letting Jeffery know that she would be heading to the practice trailer shortly, and handed her lyra hoop to one of the set operators. Jade's dramatic show makeup and newly designed costume were revealed as the regular ring lighting came back on (view spoiler) Jeffery smiled. "Jade dear did you help Eliza come up with the concept for you new costume? If so it's gorgeous. I like what it does for your hair." He said playing with one of Jade's black and white Senegalese twists. Jade smiled and nodded her head "Yes. That was the goal. I wanted something monochromatic for once. All the colors clash with the lyra hoop lights when we perform." Jade said as she followed Jeffery to the practice trailer. She waved goodbye to Heather and Samantha, the two other female trapeze artists she worked with daily, who happened to be gorgeous twins (view spoiler). She loved them like the were her blood sisters and hated leaving them to go practice songs. She wished they would let Jeffery know about their singing capabilities, but Sam and Heather refused. They always said that trapeze was the only act they wanted to perform in small group settings. They sang but only with all of the Starlight cast.

Jeffery went over the rehearsal schedule with Jade as she quickly changed in her dressing room. She put on a pair of leggings and a Starlight Cirque cast member shirt. She opened the door and laced her Nikes up as Jeffery continued to go over every number Jade and the other singers were going to practice today. "Also, Herman thinks we need to add a new trapeze number. One that includes a duet, and I think you and Archer would be perfect for it." Jade swallowed hard and stood back up straight. "I-I don't know if that's a good idea Jeffery. You're Ringmaster why can't you call the shots. Don't you think the show is perfect just how it is?" Jade said as they continued their walk to the trailer. Jade had a secret. She'd been crushing on Archer since he arrived with the new cast members a couple of months ago. The last thing she wanted to do was to have to sing a romantic duet with him flying eighteen feet in the air, while not focusing on the fact that she was secretly in love with him. "I think I agree with Herman on this one darling. Don't worry you two will be lovely. Here are the lyrics. He'll direct you in rehearsal later so don't worry about cramming them in your head right now. Just practice the full cast songs and then give your all when you all perform the duet later today in wrap up rehearsal." Jade frowned as Jeffery left her in front of the practice trailer. There was no way she was doing this duet. She had to find a way to get out of it.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer was dumbfounded. "A duet? You want me to sing and get on the trapeze?" he asked Herman. He wasn't exactly sure what Herman did for the circus since it seemed that he had many jobs and then not a single job at all. "Yes, a duet with Jade. You have been trained to do the trapeze, Archer. And we all know what a good singer you are, this could be a great act for the circus. I truly believe this could be one of our main attractions. You and Jade look so good together and I have a good feeling about this pairing." Herman laid a hand on the lion that Archer was brushing and Kefira let out a roar, causing Herman to jump back. He shook his head as he narrowed his eyes at Herman. "Don't touch Kefira. You know she doesn't like anyone to touch her." He said as he set a hand on Kefira's head. (view spoiler) "Shh, it's alright, girl." He petted her and then got back to brushing out her fur. He sighed and looked over at Herman, his only friend in the circus right now. "When?" Herman grinned and clapped his hands. "We want to do a run through of the performances tonight at tonight's wrap up rehearsal, including the duet. Here are the lyrics, I'll be directing you later on tonight so you don't have to worry about memorizing the lyrics just yet." He said as he handed a piece of paper to Archer. Archer took the paper and looked at it. He shook his head again. "I cannot believe I'm agreeing to this. I must be damn insane." Herman chuckled. "I thought that was confirmed when you joined the circus." Archer smirked at him. "Perhaps. Now get out here. I got to get Bontu ready for the wrap up rehearsal or else Jeffery will have my head and I don't think you will want to be here for that." Herman's eyes got wide and he scurried away leaving Archer smirking and chuckling to himself. "Well, that's one way to get him going. Isn't it Kefira?" The lioness chuffed at him and pushed against his hand. "Come on girl. Let's get you back, you're looking perfect." He kissed her head and then headed to where the lions were kept. He didn't have a leash on her or anything, he knew that she would follow him, he was Alpha after all.

Archer arrived with Kefir and Bontu at the wrap up rehearsal a bit late. Bontu had decided he wanted to play instead of get bathed and handsome. (view spoiler) It had taken Archer longer than he had expected it to, to clean Bontu. He had Bontu on a leash to help the other members of the circus feel safe but he didn't bother to put Kefira on a leash. He entered the practice trailer with his head held high. He knew he was late and there was nothing he could do about it now. All he could do was move on. He came to a stop when he was next to Herman and had both lions sit down next to him. He noticed that Herman kept his distance from the lions and him. The lions were protective of him since he was the Alpha of the pack. "Sorry, Jeffery. Continue." He said with a smile and a wave of his hand. He knew that not many of the other circus members liked him due to his cockiness, like he had just shown.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((You can just name the circus I don't mind.))

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((I'm blanking right now so we can just keep calling it ____ until we come up with a name lol.))

Jade jumped slightly when she saw Archer enter the trailer with the lions. Despite being in apart of the circus for well over a year, she'd never gotten used to being around exotic animals. But honestly she spent so much time singing in group numbers and flying through the sky she was never really inside the ring when the animals were. She acted like they weren't making her nervous and continued listening to Herman and Jeffery. "Alright everyone we have a lot to do tonight. Our final rehearsals are tomorrow and opening day is less than 24 hours away." Jeffery nodded in agreement as his business partner directed the singing cast members. "So we need to run through everything and perfect our new number. Jade and Archer's trapeze duet." Jade swallowed at the thought of having to learn a new lyra and trapeze routine with Archer and trying to memorize lyrics. "But don't fret, we'll be able to pull this off. We've always been able to!" Herman said, the excitement in his voice impossible to ignore.

Jade opened her music binder and flipped to the opening number. She sighed waiting for Herman to motion her to start singing. "So let's stat from the top. Jade darling please start us off." Herman motioned to the orchestra letting them know that they should start playing. Emotional orchestra notes started filling the practice trailer. Jade kept count in her head to know when to come in. She finally started singing, focusing on the lyrics and avoiding eye contact with anyone. Especially Archer. Her voice was haunting like always and she hit all the notes she needed to before everyone else joined in. "Welcome to the show full of your wildest dreams..." She sang the last verse before all of the singing members of the circus joined in.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((Here are a few ideas what we can call it; The Enigma Cirque, Bazaar Magnifico, Utopia Cirque, The Starlight Cirque, or Cirque Spectacle.))

Archer kept quiet as he listened to Jeffery and Herman. He sighed softly as Herman mentioned his and Jade's new duet. He had barely looked at the lyrics and he was a little bit nervous to get up on the trapeze. Sure, he had been trained but it would be the first time he would be seen by other people besides Herman and his trainer. He took a deep breath and then as he heard Jade begin to sing he focused on his act. He really didn't know why he needed to be here for the full rehearsal since his act with the lions would be in the middle of the act, and then of course now he had that duet act with Jade. He sighed and laid a hand on Kefira's head. He sat down beside her and Bontu and watched the performance. He had always been amazed by Jada's voice. And to be honest, he was somewhat intrigued as to how their voices would meld together. It could go either terribly wrong and sound awful, or they could sound perfect, like they were made for each other. Since coming to the circus he had watched Jade, she seemed to be kind to everyone and even though she knew she was talented she wasn't a bitch about it. That alone enticed him, but then add into the factor her beauty and he had developed somewhat of a crush. But he had to push that deep inside him, he did not want to mess up this job. He had no desire to leave the circus, especially since he did not want to be homeless yet again. He was here in this circus to stay, and he would not let an infatuation with a beautiful trapeze, singer get in his way.

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((I really like The Starlight Cirque!))

Jade and the other singers finished singing. She sat back down and listened to Herman's critiques. She made notes on her music about what he wanted them to work on. "Definitely..." She said plainly when Herman asked her to practice the opening number by herself before she went to bed tonight. She sat back in her chair and smiled when she saw Samantha and Heather enter the trailer late. They both sang in later numbers in the show and weren't required to be there really on in practice. They sat down on either side of Jade and started whispering about something that happened in the mess hall tent. They giggled to themselves but stopped when Jeffery gave them a dirty look. Jade looked around the room and saw Archer sitting with the lions. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she thought about practicing the song with him.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((Perfect! That's our circus's name then. Honestly, that was my favorite out off all of them, I'm glad you choose that one. XD))

Archer felt someone staring at him and he glanced over and saw that Jade, who was sitting by two of the other trapeze females, he believed their names were Sandra and Hannah or something like that. He wasn't exactly sure on what their names were. They were twins though, and he did admit that they were both gorgeous, though Jade still shone more brightly than both of them combined. He frowned. Did you really just think that? He rolled his eyes at himself and turned back to face the stage. He had to focus on getting the act that he had been given correct. He had a feeling that Jeffery really didn't like him, and that the only reason he was still here was because of his amazing work with the lions and Herman, who for some unknown reason actually liked Archer.
Archer pulled out the lyrics for the duet and read them over. It was a love song, typical. He looked at Herman and narrowed his eyes. Herman left out that he would have to act like he was in love with Jade. Herman caught Archer's eye and shrugged and then gave him a sheepish grin. Archer shook his head and read over the lyrics again. He wasn't particularly a good actor, in fact, he sucked at acting. How the hell was he going to act in love? Maybe you could bring your crush on Jade to the fore front. A voice said in the back of his mind. He was shocked at his thoughts, but perhaps that could work. Just as long as he pushed the crush as far down as he could after they finished.

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Samantha and Heather finally stopped making Jade laugh. They sang their group numbers beautifully, but Jade had to tune them out in order to focus on memorizing the lyrics for her new act with Archer. She read the lyrics and frowned. The duet was called, Star-Crossed Lovers a play on the Starlight Cirque name. How were they supposed to act like they were madly in love with each other when they barely spoke before today? Jade definitely had a crush but she wasn't in love with him. She practiced the harmonies in her head and she walked over to a empty corner of the practice trailer. She sang quietly to herself. "I never thought my love would be so unreachable, so unreasonable..." She sang and frowned. The lyrics were dramatic like the rest of the show but it felt so weird trying to picture singing this with Archer. She looked over at him and wondered if he would want to go outside and try singing before they got up in front of the rest of the cast and Herman. She made eye contact with him and tried to send the message.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer tuned out the group numbers to read over the lyrics and get a feel for the melody. He would sing it under his breath. "But this is feasible, you and me together, come what may we can face anything and everything, together..." He shook his head at the lyrics. "This is ridiculous." He muttered. "It may be, but it'll be a great number, and the song will no doubt be a hit with the ladies in the audience." Herman said behind him. Archer glanced up at him and scowled. "I hate you. You realize this right? I'm doing a duet on the trapeze while trying to act like I love the woman." He sighed and then caught the eye of Jade. He frowned and then looked up at Herman, was she staring at him? Or Herman? "Uh..." Herman rolled his eyes at Archer. "She's sending you a silent request to go out side and practice the song before you guys have to go on the stage." Herman translated. Archer frowned and looked back at Jade. "How the hell did you get all that from just a look?" He asked as he stood up and nodded at her. He walked outside with Bontu and Kefira to meet Jade. "Hello, Jade." He looked at the lions beside him and pointed to the edge of the trailer. "Sit. Stay." He said and they obeyed him. He winked at them. "Good job you two." He turned back to Jade and raised an eyebrow. "So... you wanted to practice the song?" He asked.

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Jade knew she'd asked Archer to come outside but she was surprised that he actually came. Her body language was awkward because she was afraid of the lions and being alone, well sort of alone with Archer. "Yeah. I think we should try before we get to that part in the show." Jade saw Samantha and Heather peak out of the blinds in the trailer and rolled her eyes. She fumbled with her sheet music and sat at one of the picnic tables outside of the trailer. The tall street like lights shining pale light down on Archer and her. Breaking the darkness of the night sky. "The lyrics are pretty silly don't you think?" She said waiting for him to join her at the table. Acting natural around his seemed impossible.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer noticed that Jade seemed to be a bit nervous. He chalked it up to the lions. Every other member seemed to be skittish around both him and the lions. And even more so when he walked around the place with Kefira off leash. "That's fine." He said and pulled out his sheet music swiftly and sat beside her at the picnic table. He began to read the lyrics once again and then looked up with a raised eyebrow as she spoke. "Some, but Herman said that the song will most likely be a hit with the women in the audience." He shrugged. What did he know about what would be a hit with the ladies? He had never had a mother or sister before, let alone a girlfriend. He had no knowledge of what to do when it came to women. For the most part he treated them the same way he treated men. Which meant mostly he just ignored them. He sighed and then looked back at the lyrics. "So, you start." He said looking back at her expectantly.

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"O-okay..." Jade said. She wasn't expecting him to sit directly next to her. But if they were supposed to be faking that they had chemistry in less than 24 hours, maybe this would help. She cleared her throat and played with her nails nervously before singing. "I never thought my love would be so unreachable, so unreasonable..." her voice rang out into the warm summer night. She waited for Archer to join her. Worried and excited about how their voices were going to blend together. They had to get this close to perfect before performing in front of everyone or they were going to cut the act. Well Herman or Jeffery would cut the act. Which was never good. It always meant that in future shows their biggest acts would be cut or shortened. Jade refused to give up her lyra hoop routine with Sam and Heather. She had been slaving over it for months, and she knew the girls would be just as hurt if they lost it.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer chuckled softly to himself as she stuttered. He then waited for her to start and then he joined in on the second verse. "But this is feasible, you and me together, come what may we can face anything and everything, together..." He sang. And then came the harmony. This would either make or break the act. Separately, both Jade and Archer had great voices, but together? Well... "Together, forever, under the stars so bright, each one shining just for us as we fall even more in love..." To Archer's ears he knew that Herman was right. Damn him. Though he really shouldn't have questioned Herman, Herman always knew what was best. At least when it came to music and the show. He looked over at Jade and nodded for her to go on. As they finished the rest of the song he could feel people staring at him and he glanced behind him. The entire cast, including Herman and Jeffery, were watching them and some of them even had their mouths open. He rolled his eyes, they looked as though they had never seen something like this. He glanced over at the lions to make sure they stayed where they were. Luckily, Bontu was asleep and Kefira just looked at him with a smile. She would obey his command to stay, but Bontu? Maybe. Bontu wanted to be the Alpha, not that, that was ever going to happen.

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Jade felt awkward with everyone watching them. She hadn't even noticed that they had exited the trailer. "Well, I guess there is no need to have you all rehearse this again. I knew you'd kill it!" Herman clapped his hands together and hit Jeffery on the shoulder in celebration. "We did it again my partner! But Jade, Archer, we'll see you all first thing in the morning to practice the trapeze routine. Goodnight everyone!" Herman said. Cast members started heading to their personal tents and trailers. Jade stayed in a trailer with the twins. They smiled at her and headed towards their moveable home. Jade stood up from the picnic table and collected her sheet music. "I guess they really like it. That makes me feel better." She said plainly looking up at Archer. "See you in the morning?" Jade asked. She was feeling butterflies but she had to cover up her excitement about really working with Archer. She was scared before but their practice made her feel a lot better.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer nodded and rolled his eyes at Herman. What could he say? Herman was a fricking genius when it came to the circus shows. And Archer had a feeling that this act would be a big hit. He sighed softly and watched the rest of the cast members disperse. He moved to get up and heard Jade speak. He nodded and shrugged. "Yep. Guess so. Yeah. See you in the morning." He walked over to Bontu and Kefira. He reached for Bontu's leash and then snapped his fingers at Kefira. They both raised up and walked over to him. He glanced over at Jade and he gave her a small wave before heading back to where the lions cages were. He placed both of them in a cage and then sat down at the edge. He groaned. "Trapeze tomorrow." He said and shook his head. He got up and headed to the practice trailer, he wanted to practice the trapeze tonight. He was nervous about tomorrow. This would be the first time he peformed on the trapeze in front of an audience. He climbed up the ladder and grabbed the first trapeze and flew through the air. He liked that feeling, just letting everything fly by him as he flew through the air. And then he reached for the next one and he was suspended in the air by nothing. He grinned as he caught the next one. As he swung there he grabbed onto the ring and pulled himself up so he could sit on the rung and swing. He looked around the arena and wondered if he would even smile tomrorow during the practice. He couldn't remember the last time he smiled in front of the whole cast. Sure he smiled in front of Herman but he was probably the only one who saw his smile.

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Samantha and Heather attacked Jade as soon as she opened the door to their trailer. "Girl! That was absolutely amazing. You guys are definitely going to end up with more duets together. The crowds are going to love you two!" Samantha said pulling Jade down to sit on their couch. Heather stood across from them leaning on their kitchen counter. "Sam is right Jade. I cried listening to you all and I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the house. And oh my gosh, once you two nail the trapeze, it'll be a wrap. So many standing ovations to come!" Heather said smiling. She turned on the faucet and filled a glass of water for Jade, she handed it to her with a smile. "But we all need to go to bed. Rehearsals are going to be nonstop tomorrow! Don't be nervous, just drink that and rest your voice." Heather said as she watched Jade drink. Jade smiled and thanked them for all of their sweet comments after she finished the glass of water. "Thanks sisters! I'm nervous I'm not going to lie. So just keep me in your thoughts." The twins smiled and headed towards their bedroom saying, "No problem!" They always said things at the same time and Jade still hadn't completely gotten used to it. She giggled and headed in the opposite direction towards her own bedroom. She quickly got undressed and showered, before long she was lying down ready to go to sleep. Not wanting to spend the whole night up worrying about the trapeze portion. She knew it was going to go just as smoothly as the singing portion, if Archer was just as motivated to succeed as he was during practice.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer let himself jump off the trapeze a short while after, he fell into the net and bounced for a little bit before he laid here looking up at the ceiling. He sighed softly and closed his eyes. He didn't like to sleep due to the dreams he had about his past life. He flinched as the images came to mind; a man, his father pulling his hand back and punching him when he was young. And his mother looking at them from the other room with a hand to her mouth. He shook his head and jumped down from the net. He shook out his fist that had formed by his side. He had a bad childhood, that he ran from at a young age. But any time he was caught he had been brought back to the hell hole that his family lived at. When he turned 18 he left home and never looked back. He never wrote his family or called. He didn't need them. He had no roots, he worked the jobs that no one wanted. One of them was taking care of a pack of wild wolves for this small village. Obviously when he had taken the job he was expected to kill or maim the wolves so they stayed away from the village but instead he trained them. They became his pack as well. That was the closest the had come to having roots somewhere. From there he had been picked up by the circus, Herman and Jeffery saw him walking through the village with a couple of the wolves by his side and they stopped him and asked him questions. As he thought about the past he walked to where all the animals were held as well as where he slept. He had his own room but he liked being near the animals. He walked to the wolves and grinned. One the things that he asked for when he joined the circus was to bring his pack. They followed him and were almost his family. He put his hand in the bar and the Alpha female; Xanya came over to him. "Hey girl." He said as he rubbed her head. He sighed and decided that he would sleep here with her tonight. He grabbed the blanket he kept here and opened up the cage. He laid down and Xanya laid down beside him, licking his face. "Good night." He slept.

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The next morning Jade awoke to the sounds of Samantha and Heather singing and cooking breakfast in their trailer. She hopped out of bed once she turned and looked at the clock. She saw that it was 6:00 a.m., exactly when she had planned to wake up to get ready for rehearsal. She walked out and gave Sam and Heather hugs. They smiled and handed her a plate of egg whites and sausage. "Morning sunshine, are you ready to fly?" Heather asked. They had their own lingo when it came to lyra and trapeze. Calling their work flying made it sound even more cool. "You know it!" Jade said and she sat down on the couch. She started eating and listened to the twins talk about their rehearsal schedule. "We have to nail our lyra routine today, because Herman is already expecting a lot out of everyone because of you and Archer last night. You guys seriously were amazing." Samantha said. Heather nodded and sipped on her orange juice. "We're going to do great like always. No need to sweat sis."

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments At the sound of his phone going off, Archer awoke and he groaned. He nuzzled his face into the warm pillow he had. He frowned as he smelled where he was, how the hell did he get a pillow in the manger? He lifted his head and opened his eyes to see Xanya laying there with her belly. He grinned and shook his head. "Hey girl. Sorry." He sat up and sighed. He glanced at his watch and groaned softly. "I gotta get to my trailer to shower and change." He glanced over and shook his head again. "I'm talking to you as if you can understand me. But I know you can, huh girl?" Xanya gave him a small yip and Archer chuckled. "I know." He said and stood up. He rubbed her head and then got out of the cage and headed to his own trailer. Before he even got to his trailer he pulled off his shirt since it stank from sleeping in the manger. He glanced over and saw Jade's and the twins trailer. He could smell something wafting from their trailer. He inhaled deeply, whatever they were cooking smelled amazing. He walked into his trailer and took a shower before changing to some jeans and a dark gray t-shirt.

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After eating the girls showered and got dressed. They all had on leggings, sports bras, and sneakers. Knowing that the day would be full of standing around, dancing, flying through the air and singing. They all wanted to be comfortable. Heather was french braiding Samantha's hair in the living room when Jade came out of her room dressed. She filled up her water bottle and did the same for the twins. The water from the mess hall tent had a weird copper taste, so they always made sure to fill up their bottles in their trailer throughout the day. "Jade do you want me to braid your twists?" Heather asked. "I know we have to do a dress run through later in the day, but it'll keep them from flying around when you and Archer practice your trapeze routine?" She asked. Heather nodded in agreement. The twins refused to have their hair styled down for practice or shows. Which often ruined the vision of the hair dressers for the Starlight Cirque, as they worked with wardrobe to figure out individual hair styles for each costume. "Sure. Just make it quick. Archer is probably looking for me." Jade said. She watched Samantha quickly finish her sister's hair and plopped down in chair Heather was once sitting in when her hair was finished. Samantha quickly braided Jade's thick twists and patted her on the shoulder when she was done. "Jade please don't be stressed out. We know this whole new routine with Archer is a lot, but we saw how amazing it's going to be last night. You'll be fine." Samantha said. They all left the trailer together and Jade locked it before they headed in their individual ways. Samantha was scheduled to run a ring dancing routine with Jeffery for the first hours of rehearsal, and Heather would be practicing her individual lyra routine. Which meant that Jade was off to practice the trapeze routine with Archer.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer walked out of his trailer and he waved as he saw one of the twins. Honestly, he really couldn't tell which twin was which, and he wasn't exactly sure of their names; Sandra and Hannah? Or was it Santana and Helena? He wasn't sure. He shook his head and ran to catch up with Jade. "Hey." He said as he caught up to her and walked beside her. "So... we start the trapeze today huh?" He looked over at her and shrugged. "You ready?" he asked her. He wondered if she was as worried as he was yesterday about practicing the trapeze. As they walked into the practice trailer he saw Herman and walked over to him. "I still hate you for doing this to me." He said crossing his arms over his chest. Herman smirked and shrugged. "You love me and you know it. Besides this act will be amazing. Hearing you and Jade last night was amazing, you both will do amazing. I think we'll have you two start us off. That way I can see what needs to be worked on." He looked at Archer's clothes and frowned. "Uh... you will need to change." Archer looked down to his clothes and frowned. "Why?" Herman just gave him and look and Archer nodded. "Fine. Give me what you want me to wear." He didn't care at this point and pulled off his shirt. He was proud of his body and he didn't care if the other circus members saw his body.

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Jade giggled when Herman made a comment about what Archer was wearing. She was confused about how he expected to fly in jeans, but she wasn't going to question him. She was surprised when Archer took of his shirt in front of her and she turned around. Not wanting to make it obvious that she was attracted to him. She decided to climb up on the trapeze and wait for him. She pulled on a rope and was sitting in her lyra hoop waiting for him to get in place. She looked down at the ring and saw Jeffery watching her. He winked, letting her know she should calm down before practicing with Archer. "It'll be okay." He said as they waited for Archer to climb up. Jade started singing their duet to herself just making sure she actually had all the lyrics memorized, which she did. She was just trying to waist time while he changed and avoid looking at him.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer reached for his pants but Herman grabbed his arm and shook his head. "Don't change out here, Archer. Go put this on in the bathroom." He said handing him some leggings. Archer grabbed the leggings and raised an eyebrow. "Really? Leggings?" Herman nodded and Archer shook his head and grabbed it, he then headed to the bathroom. He shook his head and changed. He came out and narrowed his eyes at Herman. "Hate you so much." He said as he passed him by and started to climb up the trapeze on the other side. He looked over to Jade and shrugged. "Ready?" He mouthed to her. He grabbed the ring and then looked to Herman and Jeffery. "Now what?" he yelled down. He heard some music begin to start and he knew that soon they would have to sing but wouldn't it be better to start with the music off so they could hear Herman's directions? He shook his head and looked to them for direction.

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Jade giggled when she saw him in tights. The men in the Starlight Cirque always had on crazy costumes but seeing him in leggings made her giggle. He just seemed too muncho for them. Herman and Jeffery didn’t expect them to sing right away but just to get a feel for the music. Jade and Archer’s routine was full of a lot of hugging, flying away from each other and back. She felt bad every time she bumped into Archer. “Sorry she’d whisper.” When she would miss the timing and crash into his body. It felt weird being held like this. She’d never done trapeze with and but the twins, and their routines didn’t require them to touch much at all. But the routine with Archer had to make the crowd believe that they were in love. At one point in the routine Jade had to sit inside the hoop elegantly while Archer hung from the bottom. He would eventually pull her down to join him by the waist. Afterward they had to finish the duet and swing holding one another from the hoop. She wondered if she was too heavy for Archer to hold. Jade was a gorgeous curvaceous girl who sometimes felt self conscious about her weight. Especially now when Archer was constantly touching or holding her.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Doing the routine with Jade took a lot of work, it was a lot of arm work. He had to hang from rope while holding Jade up. He didn't mind all the hard work or even holding her up. He shook his head whenever she told him sorry. At her last sorry he groaned and let them both fall into the net. He rolled over towards her and looked down at her. "Stop saying you're sorry, Jade." He said earnestly. "It's sort of getting annoying hearing you say sorry every time you bump into me. We're practicing, we're gonna have fails. Just stop saying sorry." He said and then he got out of the net. He sighed and looked at Herman. "So... now what?" He asked as he looked at his watch. They had been practicing the routine for about an hour or so. "Do we put it all together with the singing or just practice the singing part again?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

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Jade played with the end of one of her braids feeing awkward. She hadn’t meant to upset Archer. She just felt bad for hitting him. This was her first duet trapeze routine, so she had no idea what to expect. She listened to Herman who spoke loudly over the music. He refused to let the soundmen stop playing the track. Saying he wanted them to know the song inside out before they put both parts together. “Nope, we need to run through the routine again. You all are doing great but I don’t believe the chemistry yet.” Herman turned to look at Jeffery who nodded. They were having a silent conversation, something that was common around here. “Jeffery thinks you all should kiss towards the end. Maybe that will get your hearts sparking for one another.” Herman said. He clapped his hands and sat back down on one of the stands. Everyone knew the rules about romance between Starlight Cirque members. It was strongly discouraged. So people would take their pint up frustrations and do better in their routines. Now Herman and Jeffery were suggesting they kiss?! “Wait you guys are kidding right?” Jade said hopping out of the net. “We can’t actually kiss. You know it’s literally in our contracts that we shouldn’t pursue relationships or any intimate contact with other cast members?” She said. Butterflies filled her stomach and she paced around the ring. “So you want us to forget all of that just so we can make the crowd feel like we’re in love? Isn’t the constantly holding enough?” Jade asked. The nervousness was all over her face. She couldn’t hide it. She felt tears welling up in her hazels eyes. “I don’t know if I can do this.” She said heading towards the dressing rooms. “I need a break.” She ran out and into her dressing room. Tears fell from her eyes. She just felt so overwhelmed. They couldn’t be serious about them kissing. What if her feelings for Archer were actually exposed? They’d end up losing their jobs.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments After hearing that they needed to run through the routine once again he closed his eyes and sighed. "Alright fine." He frowned and the shook his head. He was a crap actor and he had told Herman this before. He noticed that Herman and Jeffery were talking to each other silently once again. He sighed and rolled his eyes, now what? As he listened to Herman, Archer's eyebrows shot straight up. Kissing? Kiss Jade at the end of the routine? What the actual hell? He remembered that when he was asked to join the circus that he had to promise and even sign a contract that stated he wouldn't have a intimate relationship with another member of the circus. And now they wanted him and Jade to kiss? What the heck? He looked over at Jade, wondering what she thought about this. And then she spoke up just as he was about to speak up. He nodded along with her and he then thought about it. Did she not want to kiss him? He wasn't bad looking was he? He knew that he wasn't bad looking, he had women from his last village coming onto him. But he never really paid attention to any woman. He watched Jade with a frown and then he saw some tears in her eyes well up. He looked over to Herman and Jeffery and he shrugged. "Should I?" He pointed to where she left and Herman nodded. Archer headed towards her and knocked on her dressing room door. "What the heck do I say?" he mumbled. He had no idea what to do with girls. "Jade?" He asked.

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Frustrated Jade stood up from her makeup chair. She knew she couldn’t hold up rehearsal for too long. She heard Archer outside of the door and pulled herself together. She grabbed some Kleenex off her vanity and wiped away her tears before answering the door. “I’m sorry this is all just a lot.” She said looking down at her sneakers. “I wasn’t expecting them to make us do anything like that.” Jade said. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to kiss Archer, it was just that she was scared. Scared that she wouldn’t be able to control her feelings for him if they kissed during the routine. She would just fall more in love with him and have a harder time trying to hide it.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer leaned against the side of the trailer once she opened the door. He shrugged. "It is a lot. But we'll get through it, Jade." He said with another shrug. He really had no clue what to do or even say to her. "I'm guessing, kissing me is something that you're dreading huh? I get it." He said nodding and running a hand through his hair. "Though, I promise, I brushed my teeth and showered this morning." He said. He tried to offer her a smile but it just came out as a grimace. "Sorry, not that great at comforting crying women."

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Jade laughed and wiped away the last of her tears. She watched as he leaned against her dressing room door. “It’s just we literally just started talking. And now they’re forcing us to act like we’ve been dating forever. Well I mean find that same chemistry out of no where.” She said. She threw away the tissues and joined him outside of the trailer. “We should head back. I’m making us hold up the rehearsal schedule.” Jade said she started walking assuming Archer would follow.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer shrugged and nodded. "I don't talk much to anybody, except Herman that is." He sighed softly and then bit his lip. He walked out behind her when she walked back to the practice trailer. He walked in and he found Herman in deep conversation with Jeffery. He shrugged when Herman looked over at him with raised eyebrow. He had no clue what had just happened. He had barely said two sentences before she was coming back to the rehearsal. Was that normal? He shrugged again and then closed his eyes. Why were women difficult to understand? He looked over to Jade and again tried to smile, didn't work. He really needed to stop trying to smile. Which that seemed to beg the question why was he even trying to smile? For Jade?

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Jade knew that Archer was probably confused about her attitude, but she couldn't explain. She couldn't look him in the eye and admit to having a crush on him. Especially when apart of their job was now kissing and acting like they were in love. That would make her seem like some kind of a creep. "Alright, now that you two are back let's do that last run through before we add the singing portion back." Herman helped Jade back into the net where she climbed up the rope and waited for Archer to join her. She placed herself in position, making her body as light as possible. Her goal was to nail it this time and remember not to say sorry to Archer since it bothered him. And when the end of the routine would come she was just going to suck it up and kiss him. Her job was on the line. She couldn't keep freaking out about it. "Ready?" She whispered in Archer was in the net getting into position?

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments As Herman called out he nodded and got into his place at the top of the trapeze. He looked to Jade and nodded when she asked him if he was ready. "Yep, let's do this." He said and nodded to her once more as he begun to fly once more. He did the routine with her, and he noticed that she didn't tell him that she was sorry once for bumping into him. As they were nearing the end he knew that the big kiss was coming and he was most nervous about that. Sure, he had kissed women even had sex with them, but those didn't matter. He didn't even know or care about those women, but this was a woman he had actually come to now her since he came to be at the circus. Sure he never really talked to her till yesterday, but he had come to know here due to the chatterings of the other members and Herman. As soon as the routine had ended he heard Herman; "And now for the kiss!" Archer looked at Jade and he peered into her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her, softly at first and then he deepened the kiss. He heard a gasp go around the trailer and he actually smirked or was it a grin, into the kiss.

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Jade was one of the gasps that were raining out around the trailer. Even the soundmen were up and clapping towards the end of the routine. She pulled away slowly and just stared in Archers eyes as they slowly lowered themselves into the net. It was more magical than she imagined, but she couldn’t react how she wanted. Jade cleared her throat when they hit the net and she played with the end of her braid. A new nervous habit from being around Archer. “That was amazing you two!” Jeffery said. He jumped around the practice ring and Herman was clapping by the stands. “Honestly this is why we gave you all this routine. You perform so well on your own so we knew you’d be a hit together.” Jeffery said when he finally stopped hopping around. Herman nodded in agreement. Jade blushed and bounced around in the net waiting for them to tell them to go back up. “Yeah it was good.” She said glancing over st Archer.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer pulled all the way back and stood at the edge of trailer. He rubbed the back of his neck. You asshole, you felt something with that kiss and you know it. He shook his head and rolled his eyes at himself not realizing Jade was watching him. "Not gonna happen." He mumbled to himself. She wouldn't even want me. I'm all kinds of screwed up, for heavens sake I sleep with the animals on the floor and not in a bed by myself. He sighed and watched Herman and Jeffery congratulate themselves on the wonderful act they had come up with. He frowned and looked down at what he was wearing. "God, this outfit is awful. What are we gonna have to wear during the act?" he asked loudly so that Herman and Jeffery could hear him.

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Herman smiled and clapped his hands. "Worry about costumes later. We have to run through this a couple of more times." He sat back down and Jeffery came over and joined him. "You all will find them in your dressing rooms when we finish our rehearsal. You can wear them throughout the full cast rehearsal tonight." Jeffery said. "Now climb back up and start the routine with the singing this time. We've found something so magical." Jeffery said. He and Herman whispered as Jade and Archer got back in position. Rehearsal was so repetitive but it was the only way they were going to do great for the opening show tomorrow.

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((Want to skip a bit ahead?))

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((Sure that's fine!))

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments ((Where should I skip to?))

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((Uhh whatever you feel is best. Maybe opening day morning? :) ))

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer didn't get any sleep that evening. It was opening day today, and it would be the first time he and Jade performed their act in front of a live audience. He was nervous and as he walked into the manger with all the animals he could feel their excitement, especially Kefira's. Kefira's had grown up in the circus and she was a little attention hog. She loved the attention she got from the crowd. He chuckled and walked over to her. "I'm guessing you are pumped for tonight?" He asked her and she chuffed at him. He smiled and patted her head through the bars. He sighed. "I'm not. I've gotta kiss Jade in front of a whole ton of strangers and make them believe I'm in love with her." He said with a shrug. He gave the animals their food and water and then headed back to his trailer to get ready for the show. He looked at his outfit on the bed and shook his head. "You've got to be shitting me." He said picking it up and looking at it. (view spoiler) He threw the outfit back onto the bed and walked out looking for Herman. "Herman..." He said when he found him. "A prince costume? What the hell? It's gonna be tight on me, you put me in mother fu**ing leggings again." He growled. Herman smirked and shrugged. "It's what me and Jeffery agreed on. It will match the act and it's a love story that every one will love. So yes, a prince outfit. I have a feeling that you will look very handsome in it. Now go get ready, the show starts in a few hours. It might be a good idea for you and Jade to rehearse in your costumes once before you guys go on in front of an audience." Archer groaned and then stalked away. "Hate you!" He called back and went to find Jade.

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Samantha helped Jade into her duet costumes. She had a couple of costume changes throughout the night but there would be plenty of time to change in between acts. Herman had come by her dressing room earlier asking if she could meet up with Archer after getting dressed. She was reluctant to say yes but she knew she had too. "Squeeze Jade. This material is so tight!" Samantha said as she struggled to help get Jade dressed into her duet routine costume. "I'm so annoyed. I just came up with the costume for our performance and now I have to add another costume to my changes tonight." She said frowning into the mirror. "Herman and Jeffery are really pushing this love thing. I mean come on, a tiara?" Jade said wanting to cry. Samantha zipped her up and helped her undo her braids. Her black and white twists fell down her back, freshly wavy from her undone french braids. Samantha placed the tiara on her head and the shimmer of the diamonds sparkled along with Jade's "princess jumpsuit." Jade refused to wear a short dress for the routine so the designers reworked the fabric into a sparkly jumpsuit.

"Well you look absolutely gorgeous sister." Samantha said. She helped Jade pin up a couple of twists in the front to give her hair a more dramatic look. "And you'll be able to get through the costume changes easily. You're not a Starlight Cirque newbie my darling." Samantha joked. She kissed Jade's cheek and hugged her from behind. "Think of it as practice for later." She giggled and headed towards the dressing room door. "Ugh, that stupid kiss." Samantha winked her eye at Jade. "Heather and I will be cheering you on from behind the curtain. Don't be nervous. Speaking of Heather, I have to do one last run through of our twin routine. Break a leg sister!" Samantha yelled as she ran out of Jade's dressing room towards the one she shared with her twin sister. Jade looked at herself in the mirror one last time before going out to search for Archer. The costume was beautiful, it was just a bit silly. Also she was worried about adding another costume change throughout the night. But all her worries were based on one thing. Having to act like she loved Archer.

Jade's costume (view spoiler)

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Nina (lananina) | 555 comments Archer walked to the dressing rooms hoping to find Jade so they could practice one more time, but this time in their stupid costumes. He had a feeling that they had put Jade into something princess like, and honestly he wouldn't really be surprised if they added a tiara to the costume. He walked in and he immediately spotted Jade. He laughed softly and nodded as he took in her costume. They had added the tiara. But he was slightly surprised that she was wearing a jumpsuit instead of a dress. "Jade..." he called out to her as he ran over to her. "Great costumes huh?" he asked sarcastically. "Herman wants us to do a run through of our act in our costumes, you up for it?" he asked in a monotone. He walked beside her as they headed to the practice tent and then he groaned. "I wonder why the hell Herman and Jeffery are pushing this love thing. I mean they do realize that people come to see acts that wow them, not acts that make them want a fantasy, right? I mean come on. I can see if they wanted to put something resembling sex cause the show could use that, but love?" he shrugged. He looked over and as he saw the look on Jade's face he realized that he rarely spoke this much. He shrugged. "Just something." He said. He climbed up without another word. He wondered why he had talked like that. He rarely talked to people, Herman being the exception, and of course the animals. But to another person? That was rare. He didn't even really talk to Jeffery, well, to be honest he never really got along with Jeffery all that much.

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