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((Being the entrance to the Aqua common room, no one understand why the academy's lake would be labeled as "black" in the first place. However, one may enjoy him or herself but strolling along the shore or having fun with friends and participating in water events.))

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Xwft | 388 comments He was meant to be in English but for some reason today he just couldn't be bothered so went out instead. Ian stood at the far side of the Lake, on a rock, waist deep in the his water with top off, eyeing the rock in front of him. Looking up at it, Ian debated whether it would be climbable. He hadn't found a rock at the school that he couldn't climb but this one looked hard, even for him. It was just so smooth and very little holds near the top. It was that bit that looked hard not the Over hang at he start that would sent up upside down, he had done that before easy, there were so many holds it was almost like you couldn't fall. Beside if you did fall he was over a few meter deep water so there really was nothing to worry about. It's when he ran out of hand holds that it got hard. Deciding he had nothing better to do, Ian grabbed the fist few holds and swung himself onto the rock and began his upside down decent up.

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"See you guys tomorrow!" Freea exclaimed happily to a group of friends who were perfect for her next mischievous plan. They had called a meeting in one of the classrooms and now that it wa sober, Freea decided to relax the remainder of the day. And that meant going to the lake! Of course it was her favorite spot from the school. How could it not be when the water was practically calling for her to play. Sprinting in her blue summer dress, Freea clutched her light hat in one hand as she made her way for the lake. Some people may have assumed she was heading for her boyfriend based on her joyous expression. But sadly, it was not. For Freea was going to the one place where she felt most at home. When she got there, she found that it was mostly vacant and that the shorelines weren't occupied with people. Which relieved her in an odd sort of way since while she did adore tormenting students, it was nice to have a break every now and then. Walking along the sandy shore, Freea kicked off her flats and was barefoot the entire way down until she reached the smooth rocks. There, she saw a boy scaling the super slick cliff. And there was only one boy crazy enough to do just that. "Ian! Why on earth are you climbing that rock of all things?" She yelled

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Xwft | 388 comments Being Ian was to absorbed in thinking about the next best place to put his hands he jumped slightly when he herd someone call his name. Due to his surprise his left hand slipped from it's useless hold. Thankfully though his feet and other hand were better positioned so he swung himself back to the rock, making it look like he was meant to let go in the first place. He should have been expecting company, he couldn't go anywhere without being followed, but this time he was caught of guard. But like always he caught himself and composed himself letting one of his usually grins cover his face. He twisted around to see who had found him but there was only a few people who talked to him like that and only a few had the type of voice. "Freea Sweetheart, what a pleasure!" He called down grinning. He twisted fully around so his back was to the rock. He was high. High enough that he he found it hard to make out many of Freeas features, but couldn't care less. Heights were his thing after all. "But if you must know I was bored. This is much more fun then learning about grammar." He answered glancing back up to see how far away the top was. He could probably keep going for ages, there really was no 'end' of a rock for him. "Hold a sec." He said before launching himself off the rock with no hesitation, this wasn't the first tall rock he had leapt from. He composed himself into a perfect dive so when he hit the water he sliced through it with ease the cold barely affecting him even though he had no top on. Floating back to the surface, Ian grinned playfully at Freea. "So what's a lovely lady like you doing out here?" He asked the unseal purr in his tone. The same one he used when talking to most other girls it had just become habit now, sometimes he did it deliberately, others it just happened.

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It always amazed her how he could actually climb any kind of obstacle without using an ability for assistance. And it was something Freea wanted to keep close to her so people wouldn't think she could be easily impressed. When Ian yelled down, saying that he would be coming down shortly, Freea walked right up to the shore and waited patiently. Once he dived into the water, it was hard not to watch him. He was so graceful when he jumped that it would make anyone pay attention to him. More so the girls than the guys, but still. . . Freea had no doubt that Ian could jump off the rock with ease, as was the reason why she didn't call the water to help him down. When he resurfaced, for the fun of it, Freea splashed a playful blob of water on his cheek. "I am doing quite well, thank you. Especially since I came across meeting you," she said with a cheerful giggle. "Oh, stop it. You and I both know that I am far from lovely."

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Xwft | 388 comments "Hey." Ian protested spitting the water form his mouth. "Now I have been greeted many ways but that was a first." He said flicking a few strands of hair from his face. Truth be told Ian had completely forgotten about her powers until then. People had some wired powers it was hard to keep track of them all. Swimming to the shore, Ian stopped in front of her brushing a few stands of her hair from her face. A romantic gesture normally, it wasn't usually playful but in Ian's case it was both. Rules of romantic things and playful things made an acceptation for Ian. A plan started forming in his head on how to get her back. "OK if you're not wanting to be lovely then you're definitely beautiful." He said grinning. While he was talking Ian was also focusing on a long vine wrapped around a tree brunch over head. While keeping his attention on Freea, Ian pulled the Vine down, forcing it to unwrap from around the tree branch. Once it was a long enough length, Ian called it down making it wrap gently back around Freeas ankle. In one sift move he made it pull back pulling Freeas leg from under her in the process. He let her fall a bit before moving to catch her. "And hello to you to." He said look down at her once she was safely caught in his arms. "I can't let you have all the fun now can I." He grinned still not letting her back upright.

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Well, Ian certainly hadn't changed a bit since their last meeting. Always such a flirt and the romantic. No wonder girls begged for his attention. If only boys were like that with her. . . "Now that's better," Freea teased, hands on her hips. "I do so love the sound of amazingly beautiful." From here on out, she had to be watchful with Ian as well. He may have a few cards up his sleeve. And before Freea could form a plan on how to deal with it, she was lifted into the air then was caught swiftly. Not realizing she had her eyes closed the entire time, Freea opened them to find that she was in Ian's arms. Wow. Definitely not something she was expecting at all. "No," she said once she had caught her breath," no I suppose not. If I had all the fun, then that would certainly end rather badly for you, Mister Ian." She wasn't sure whether to slap him for doing something stupid or if she should soak in the moment.

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Xwft | 388 comments "Mister Ian. Hum that's also new. You're just full of surprises aren't ya." Ian said laughing at her reaction. He wasn't one of enjoying others suffering but in the case he didn't really do anything bad. Beside it was just some playful fun, with Ian it always was. "Certainly though you have learnt to expect things like this from me." He said a sly grin covering his face. Before she had time to react he took her hand and pulled her to standing spinning her around a few times as he did so. "Don't close your eyes this time beautiful, you'll miss all the fun." He joked spinning her once more for effect before stopping her. He caught her again his arm around her waist his hand in hers, bodies close. "Well for now on you can be amazingly beautiful. Your wish, after all, is my command." He said flashing her one of his award winning smiles. At this current moment he was out of tricks, he just wanted to see if she would react like the other girls. Freea certainly was different then your average girl but he had a way with the ladies. They always ended up acting them same, always ended up fall head over heels for him within just on touch sometimes. He wanted to see if one of the popular girls would fall for him or if she would take a bit more, convincing which he was more than will to give.

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"Dear, you have no idea," Freea replied smoothly, clicking the roof of her tongue. Ian certainly had a way with words, Freea had to give him some credit, but was it all a show? Of course it was. This was Ian they were talking about and he would do everything in his power to make himself noticed by all around him. Then, she was spinning. When had finally stopped her and tossed her a charming smile that would make any other girl have weak knees, Freea studied him for a few seconds before exclaiming out loud, "Oh Ian! I didn't want to say it in front of everyone now but. . . but I'm in love with you!" She clasped her hands, twirling, and continued, "My love for you covers the seven seas! I would die for you if the time came. And most important of all," she walked right up to him and said with a smirk, "I am absolutely joking with you." It was good fun while it lasted and seeing his thoughts play out would certainly be interesting if he thought she was being serious about it all for even a sevond

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Xwft | 388 comments ((Got to go now :-( dads taking us swimming I don't know if i can be bothered. We should be back within the next hour if you will still be on.))

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((Awww! That's fine! I'm heading off to bed. XD HAVE FUN!))

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Xwft | 388 comments For a start Ian was confused no one ever reacted like that but slowly he understood. She sounded false her words forced thought her acting skills were immaculate. Ian watched her performance waiting for her to be done before butting in. "Oh come one couldn't have let me had my part." He frowned. She had ended it and not let him say his lines, which of corse he would just make up as he went along. Ian grinned down at her another idea coming to mind. "Well Little miss, for ending the performance before my turn. And for messing with me. This is what you get." In one swift move Ian picked her up in the bridal carry. She was light, nothing compared to what he sometimes lifted. He began walking heading for a slight hill above the water. "Now how about it Beautiful, you wanna go swimming?" He asked looking down at her as he held her over the water. He wasn't that mean. He wasn't about to let go unless he knew she was marginally ok with it. He was confident she could swim, she could control water for goodness sake, it was more the case of others didn't like random dips in the water or say it was two cold. he learnt for experience. And he didn't really want to hurt Freea. She was an odd girl but a cute one and he intended to keep her around, even if just for today.

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"What are you-" Freea was suddenly caught off as he took a step closer and carried her all fancy-like. So the rumors were true about Ian. While Freea did actually experience his flirtatious personality once, to be in the moment again was absolutely exhilarating. All she had to remember was that he never was serious about any of it. No matter how sincere he sounded. So as Ian trodded over towards a Hill and held her over it, Freea gave a simple smirk at him and said, "Why not? My speciality is water, and I was thinking of going out for a dip. Especially what with it being suddenly hot." Now with that last statement, she may have been a bit flirty as well. Perhaps it was unnecessary, given the fact that Ian definitely knew just how handsome he looked, but to tease him was certainly a more fun option.

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian grinned cheekily picking up on the flirty/teasing tone in her voice. "Would this sudden hotness be because of my presence? Because I think you are mistaken, it comes for you if anything." He winked at her. She was playing his game and he liked it, it gave him something to go off. Beside he thought he was now close to making Freea, one of the Queens of this school, fall for him. It was decadently an achievement. "Anyway have a nice trip." Then without hesitation he threw her over the side far enough out so she would land in the deeper part of the water. Making sure she made it safely to the bottom, Ian waved to her. "Coming down." He announced. He didn't want to land on her that would end bad for them both. Ian started walking backwards getting himself ready to leap. Once a fair distance for the edge, Ian broke into a sprint then dived off the small cliff forming his body into a tight diving formation. He landed in the water next to Freea with barely a splash to show for it. Without resurfacing, Ian opened his eyes under the clear water and swum beneath Freea. Wrapping his hand around her ankle, Ian pulled down dragging her under the water with him.

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Well, Ian was no stranger to the game, that's for sure. His compliment would've made any girl blush herself silly but Freea wasn't any girl and she could handle a flirtatious comment. When Ian dropped her to the water below, immediately she prompted the water to take care of her, making sure she wouldn't receive any injuries along her descent. And the water obeyed. It caressed her like a child before dropping her into the cold water. Apparently, this water had a mind of it's own. Stupid thing. Freea resurfaced and when she heard his voice, she quickly swam out of the way for him and watched Ian as he made his way down. He was so graceful that it was hard to take her eyes off from him. Was it normal? Was this what every girl Ian encountered went through? The water barely rippled when he came down and it made her wonder if perhaps he was in Aqua. It was a possibility for sure but didn't he have an ability that involved the mind? Well, it certainly didn't seem like he had an ability relating to Aqua now. Especially when he hasn't resurfaced for a while. He'll be back. And shortly afterwards, he'll positively make you swoon and that will be the end of that. Her mind told her as she waited for him to come up. A minute later, something grabbed her ankle and gave a startled yelp as it dragged her down. Once below the surface, she opened her eyes to see that it was Ian who had a hold on her. That little bastard! She was just about to give him a piece of his mind when she remembered that they were underwater. Well, no matter. This would only last a few seconds, right?

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian grinned at Freea and playfully waved up at her. He was well aware of the annoyance clearly written across her face but chose to ignore it, focusing on the softer side of her. That's where people went wrong with her, they only saw the hard catty girl side, not the sweet side he was trying to bring out. Everyone had one no matter who they were, he learnt that and now tired to bring it out in everyone. Moving his hand up to her hand, Ian pulled her down to him placing his other hand around her waist. He lightly kissed her cheek, yes still under water, either to get rid of her annoyed look or make it worse it depended on how she took it. He pulled away, his hand still holding hers, before swimming up pulling her with him. He broke the surface just as his lugs began crying out for air. "Your welcome beautiful." He said shooting her another grin. He knew he was messing with a girl with water powers while in the water but he liked playing it dangerous. Plus he had a feeling he had already made some sort of impact. His words and actions might not make her cave instantly but over time he was determined to get their. "Come beautiful I think I know the prefect place for a beauty like you." He winked before diving back under water pulling her along with him being his hand was still holding hers. He lead the way to and small underwater cave thing near the surface. He went back to the surface once more to get enough breath before swimming through it to a air filled cave on the other side. It was only a short swim and when Ian finally resurfaced he was swimming in a small pool of water in the middle of a cave. He pulled Freea through after him grinning as he let her take in the view.

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Why was he doing this? What could he possibly gain from me? Having a good time? Freeas asked herself. Not that it really matter why. But if Ian would prove to be an enemy in any sort of way, the affection he was showing towards her was something she could use to her advantage. She couldn't say she was remotely surprised about him kissing her cheek, but that didn't mean she did not enjoy it any less. It was actually rather seeet of him. But letting her guard down was definitely not something she could afford to lose. She was just about to send a jet of water to help her resurface when Ian sent them both up, bobbing on the surface. Freea was stricken that even after a few minutes had past, he was still being quite the charmer. She may have even felt her neck grow warm when he calls her beautiful. Freea merely nodded when he told her about a secret place and trusted that he was about to do anything stupid. But he found something she never would'be expected him to find. A secret cave just below the rocks. It was stunning. The water reflected off from the ceiling, making graceful ripples. And the cave seemed to be lit up. "It's lovely," she said after seconds ticked by. Freea looked at Ian and asked, "Why are you showing me this? I thought boys were suppose to have their secret places that no one should know about." She reached over to tap his nose and smirked. "Not even a beautiful girl like myself."

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"Not as lovely as you, or as beautiful." Ian replied a smirk covering his face. He crinkled his nose up when she tapped it, that was his trick and to be fair it had never been done to him. In reply to his question Ian just shrugged. He lay on his back floating on the water still water his gaze still on Freea. He thought about her comment knowing she wanted and answer and would get one. "Tell me Freea am I a normal boy?" He asked giving her a questioning look a cheeky glint in his eyes. Their was an entrance to this cave from land as well so it wasn't exactly a secret place, he was sure many other had found it. In his eyes this was beautiful a place but also a good climbing one, with many many things to climb. The cave walls were amazing to clamber up. "Freea honey theirs an entrance to this cave from land, i'm sure i'm not the only on to find it." He said changing up her nick name in that once sentence just to see how she would react. "Beside even if I did have a secret place I would mind if you knew about. After all to have random visits from you would be welcome." He winked at her before clambering out the water. He had spotted a new rock he wanted to try climb. He walked up to the have wall running his hands along it to find any good holds. "Whats the bet I can do this?" He asked glancing back to Freea. He was both climbing this to show off and for fun. Girls seemed to watch him when he climbed so thought it was a good past time. Besides their voices echoed in the small cave so even if he was up the wall he wouldn't have to yell for her to hear him.

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Was he a normal boy? No, certainly not. For None had ever been this bold with her, not that she would blame them, nor as kind and patient. Which made her wonder all the more why Ian was taking the time to be so. . . friendly with her. "I would say that you are not. You're something different and nothing that I have ever encountered before," she said as he was about to climb the rock. "But I'm sure you already knew that. You just like people to repeat lovely compliments about you." It amazed her how Ian seemed to be so entranced with the possibility of climbing up the rock. It was almost like a boyish delight and it was something she wasn't use to witnessing. "Is there? How wonderful! So if you have any other plans, people will most definitely find us and will probably think the worst. Not that I mind, but I'd prefer that the nasty rumours would be kept in private." When he called her 'honey,' it was one of the most nicest things a boy could ever say to her. She was always called beautiful or extravagant, but honey? Never. "Hmm. I don't know. Perhaps a dare? I'm always up for those," she said, smirking mischievously. Freea never shied away from a challenge for there was nothing she couldn't do. "Yes. A dare would be spiffing!" She then swam to one of the corners of the pool and found a little cranny that served as a seating spot so she could watch Ian as he scaled the climb

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian froze at her comment his hand gripping the first hold. He had never been assumed to be full of himself. That he was fishing for complements. He knew he was a sight for the girls and did love their attention a bit to much. But he never thought of himself as someone to try get complements. He knew he got them he had heard many girls talking about him. As far as he knew he gave more then he received. Spinning on his heel Ian walked towards Freea, crouching down in front of her so they were at eye level. He would get back to his rock later, this was more important. He put his figures under her chin gently lifting it, forcing her to look at him. "So In other words you're saying I fish for complements?" He said the question clear in his dark blue eyes. "Don't worry everyone else is in class. Beside it's not unusual for me to be alone with a girl, especially one as beautiful as you." He said returning to him normal flirtatious nature a charming smile returning to his face. Her comment made him stop a bit but like normal it was in his nature and he couldn't help it. "And you said it yourself "I'm something different, Nothing that you have ever encountered before." He said quoting her line perfectly. He knew he was different that most boys, most didn't have a fan club but he never saw it as a bad thing. He heard her request for a dear and was willing to give her one, there was a rock path he thought would be climbable for her. If she feel he could catch her again anyway he had a habit of doing that. However first he wanted to hear her reply to his accusation. Was he really that full of himself?

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She expected Ian to scale the climb, not march back over here and lift her chin with his calloused fingers. The question he asked her didn't seem all that important since Freea thought that was he lived for. For the wonderful things people would say of him. How handsome he was. How a girl would be lucky to even spend a few hours worth with him. She just didn't think that Ian would be bothered with this. It didn't seem possible that a boy like him would even give the thought a second notice. "Basically, yes," she replied smoothly. "Popular boys, like yourself, adore any sort of compliment that girls, like myself, would give you." She leaned forward so she was close enough to his face and said, "Though I suspect you find this accusation rather stressing, don't you, Ian?" Ah, so was that he was here? He was ditching classes? No matter. It was nice of him to continually mention her as a beauty, even if it was only words. "Well, yes. And I wouldn't deny it to anyone. Though I wouldn't go spreading it around since who knows what kind of a girl would want to go after you." She winked

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian met her silent challenge. He felt her breath on his face but didn't back down, she would take pleasure in him doing that. He knew Freea was no normal girl and she was proving that to him right now. No one ever questioned him like she was. No one had ever tried deliberately to hit his a soft spot like she did. Yet it different factor about her was what made him so interested in her, made him wanting to win her heart. Everyone had their weak spots, she might have found one of his now he need to find hers. He had other soft spots as well, one's he knew about, ones he hid better. This one however he didn't know about until she deiced to mess around with it. "And I suspect you find it a achievement you finally found a comment to hurt me. Don't you, Honey." He said though her kept the other nick name his voice was more bitter this time. "But you can't deny it popular girls, like youself, like the compliments boys, like me, give you." He said twisting her comments back to her. "Mind you who knows what kind of girl wasn't to go after me at this current moment. I mean look at you, sitting right in front of me only inches away. Who knew I could get a girl like yourself, so Snaky yet so beautiful and cute and sweet, close to me with little effort." He said smirking at her keeping his fingers where they were so she couldn't look away.

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This boy was constantly surprising her. Ian wasn't backing immediately away when she leaned forward. Most boys would flinch and want to be as far from her as possible. Freea couldn't decide if it was because he was being brave or if he couldn't care less what she did to him. She wanted to say that it may have been the latter, but Ian was slowly becoming a softie. His bitter voice shooked her for an odd reason she couldn't point her finger on. Like she didn't want to disappoint him in any way. It was peculiar since she could care what people thought of her. "Smooth, real smooth," she replied with a slight frown. "You are a master with words, Ian, I'll give you that." Which only meant Freea had to be more careful with him since he could twist her words at any given moment. Freea regarded his words carefully before saying, "get a girl? More so like you dropped me and shows me this cave is more like it. And close to you?" She then whispered in his ear, "If I am ever close to you, it is by the mere fact that I am curious as to what you have to offer. Nothing disgusting, I assure you. But you have me. . . curious, that I will admit. And no other boy has taken the time to actually spend time with me." Was she softening up too quickly? Or was it normal to say these things? Most important: would it be enough for Ian to stop with the rather harsh expression on his face?

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Xwft | 388 comments "So you complain that I fish for compliments yet you hand them to me without hesitation." He said his posture relaxing a bit at her words. She seemed to be backing down. Well not exactly backing down more like just stopped pocking at his soft spot. Being she stopped he did to, stopped looking for her soft spot, he knew she had. After all he didn't want to hurt her he as just defending himself. "And i'll give you this, You're correct. I tripped you, caught you, made you dizzy before picking you up and dropping you off a cliff, then after a dragged you under water a showed you this place." He laughed slightly at his words realizing how odd it sounded. As she moved to her lips next to his ears, Ian grinned letting her finish her sentence before replying taking advantage of her putting herself in the position to use the same talk method as her. Moving his lips close to her ear he whispered back to her. "I knew I could make you fall for me." With no more that that Ian pulled away. With a simple wink at her Ian headed back to the rock he was planing of climbing up. He eyed the wall again before finding the path he was going to take before he was interrupted. He was silently congratulating himself for making her curious, that was the first step but wasn't going to show her that. "If you want a dare try climb that." He said spinning back around and pointing to a wall with many holes that went into a over hang but that was right at the top so it was a easy climb for new climbers. "Don't worry I'll catch you if you fall." He said going back to flirting again.

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"Only where they are deserved," Freea replied, backing away from him. "Though if you're the prideful type, I'll be much more careful where I let those compliments go." She was mostly joking since she would just hand them out anyway. "It's just what every girl wants. To have seomthing totally unexpected something to then. No matter how. . . adventurous. Though I'm sure you already knew that." Freea was just about to duck her head below the water when Ian copied her and whispered in her ear. It was utterly charming and yet, inside, Freea squirmed. She was normally used to having someone close to her, let alone talk to her at such a close proximity. His words were even more so a surprise. Make her fall for him? Was that the whole reason for every action he made? Well, he'd have to try much harder for her to be won over. Not that she enjoyed playing it hard to get, but how could she find the perfect guy if she didn't? Cocking her head to the side as he gave her an instruction, she let out a sigh and walked over to the rock. With his flirtatious smile, Freea was almost tempted to pinch it like some sort of old grandmother. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed the first hold that she could see and said with sarcastic voice, "Oh, how princely of you, Ian. Catching a poor damsel in distress seems to be your specialty, among other things, of course." She reached for another hold and slipped her foot onto one of the rocks. It all seem so silly for her to be told what to do by a boy. But then again, said styere any harm in trying new things? And maybe this could be of some benefit. Somehow. Unless Ian had a plan of his own. Such as, if the top of rock was quite slippery and she would fall, allowing him to have chance to catch her should she fall. It was perfect and it made Freea bubble with all sorts of theories as to why Ian would want her to try and scale the rock

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"So you're saying I deserve compliments? Your very confusing Freea, you know that right." Ian said standing under her as he watched her start the climb. She was confusing, one second she was accusing him for fishing for complements then she gave him one then says she only gives them to people who deserve them, he was highly confused. And to make it worse one minute she was leaning in close the next her pulled away when he returned the favor. Ian couldn't gave her what she wanted because he didn't know what she wanted, she was very hard to read. And that only made Ian more interested to get under her armor, to see what she would happen if all her sweet side was out. He was sure it had been showing before but she it was gone again replaced with the usual sarcasm. He watched her climb higher and smile to himself. Form what he knew she was a first time climber and for a start she was doing good. "Don't you know it. I seem to be good and playing the role of a hero. However it's genuinely me that makes' them fall in the first place." He laughed. Once she was higher up Ian swung himself up onto the same rock as her. Climbing up behind her. Deliberately he climbed slightly left and down of her so he didn't take her holds. "Look at you go honey your a natural!" He said pulling himself up another few inches as she went up. And yes he kept that nickname. He saw how she reacted to it so decided to keep it. So now she was either called by Honey or Beautiful, what ever one came to mind first. "At the rate your going in going to have to find a harder climb." He grinned actual meaning it. She like challenges and he like having a climbing partner.

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"Perhaps that's what I want to feel. Confused and frustrated that I am not making the least bit of sense," Freea said to him as she extends her hand to another rock to her right. This was more fun than she thought it could be. There were several moments where she nearly lost her grip, making her mind on protection mode and nearly raised the water up one too many times so it could catch her, but overall, it was an enjoyable exercise. She grinned to herself as he spoke of how wonderful she was with the whole thing. It took all of her with not to beam right at him. Was it bad that she was enjoying herself more than she could ever imagine? Was she slowly becoming a soft little girl? "Why thank you, Mister Ian. How much farther would you like me to go?" She asked, feeling that her legs were growing quite tired and she wasn't sure how much longer she could last for

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"Well that's a very annoying way to want to be." Ian said frowning. He had dealt with hard to get girls before. Like normal he won them over but they were much... not so much harder but more annoying. You could do one thing wrong and they would hate you without you knowing why. However he still won them over and he wasn't going to let Freea go so easy. Still following behind her, Ian kept behind her making sure he was ready to catch her. He saw her slip a few time and was more than prepared to catch her if she fell. However even if she slipped he could see the grin on her face. He felt glad he actually got her into climbing. In this little isolated cave he won a popular girl over and got her into climbing. It was a first for him. Yet dealing with her in general was a first. Not that he regretted it, at all. He smirked as he called her Mister Ian again. Then again he made nick names for her so why not let her return the favor. "Your very welcome, Beautiful. As for how high you should go you can go as high as you want. To be fair when it gets to the over hang it gets hard. Lots of hold but hanging upside down while climbing, it's not easy for some." He said glancing down. He didn't realize how high they were or who close to the top they were. They were already climbing slightly on an angle and Ian hadn't even noticed. "Now I know I said this but you are a little climber aren't ya." He grinned. To be fair she was higher then he thought she would get. She might have been tiring now but she had done good.

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"You've got a problem with that?" Freea asked him with a threatened tone. By now, she was just playing with him though she did add a bit something dangerous to the way she was speaking in an attempt to make him nervous. Though she suspected that Ian would think nothing less of it. "As much as I want? Sounds like fun," she said to him, biting her lip as she thought about if she should even continue. While she wasn't one to back down, perhaps it was time for her to stop. Or maybe this was a test to see if she would oblige. Decisions, decisions. "All right. I'll just go up a few more frets then I'll be done. Just be sure to catch me, okay?" She asked with a wink, knowing that it would be nearly impossible for Ian to catch her safely. For now, she would have to rely on her ability to climb, as well as her hydrokinetic part. "Would if be fair to say that when I was little, I would climb like a monkey? Especially in the trees. Those were my favorite." Her fingers unclasped one holding spot and grabbed another, then another. "I must say, I'm having more fun than I ever thought I would."

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"Only a little one." Ian replied. She could be however she wanted it just made his job harder. He did notice her threatening tone but unless she did used it more often he would worry about it. He had a feeling she was testing him, almost like he was testing her. By not replying to her tone and dropping the subject Ian was playing with fire, or should he say water. "I'll catch ya. I'll try anyway." He said teasingly. They were high but he would still try. It would be like saying he would Die trying, because if he mess up he might die. Pushing the grim thought from his head he continued up beside Freea moving up beside her now. He looked over at her. "That would explain a few things wouldn't it." He replied smiling over at her reaching for a new hold. ""Ha I got you addicted." Ian grinned taking pride in that fact. "To be fair though It's nice to have someone to climb with. I haven't found many girls who like climbing or any as good as you for that matter." He smirked as he continued moving his hands up in a rhythmic pattern, He knew this wall quite well being he had climbed it many times before. "Your defiantly a special girl Freea." He said suddenly not looking at her this time. "Very special." He didn't say more as they headed further up the wall. He had put to much truth in those words actual meaning them this time, not just making rubbish up. Not that Freea knew that. It worried him why those few words sounded so sincere to him even though everything else out his mouth was playful. "Well I think we reached your stop. He said once the were up another meter of two. Glancing over at her Ian wondered weather she was going to keep going or would give in and let go. He stopped climbing just hanging next her on the wall. "So beautiful what you going to do. You gonna leave me or keep going?" He asked curiously looking over at her.

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"Right, you can try, doesn't necessarily mean that you will. There's a huge difference with that," Freea told him, allowing the whole confusion subject drop since it really wasn't worth her time. "At least We'll have my water ability if we both fall down. It will be painful, of course, but at least we wouldn't die." She stared at Ian for a moment when he spoke to her and said, "So you have. I probably won't do this every day but it's rather. . . relaxing. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do scale something tomorrow either." Well, well. She was not only surprised with Ian today, but herself as well. Was she actually admitting that she enjoyed being around Ian? Maybe so. His compliments kept growing and growing! Her being both beautiful and special? Ian was a silver tongue, and nothing more. It wasn't like he meant any of those words. . . did he? She frowned when they fairly close to the top. "So we have. I think I'll go down now. Sorry." She gave him a faint smile, trying to be very careful as she went back down. "See you at the bottom?" Then, Freea moved the water with her mind, making it take the form of a hand, and jumped from her clinging position. When she landed on the water hand, her knees stung and tears started to form. But it was nothing she couldn't handle. Standing with wobbly legs, she asked, "You coming?"

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Xwft | 388 comments "I would mind doing this again either." Ian said as he watched as she moved the water. He was surprised she actual wanted to do this again. And he was surprised that he had said yes. She used her powers very similar to what he did with his powers but not with water obviously. "That's impressive honey." He said when the water formed a giant hand. She leapt off the wall exactly like he did but unlike him she didn't fall. She landed quite gracefully on the water. "And if you don't mind i'm going to keep going. The tops to close it's teasing me." He said glancing up. Just the over hang left, nothing more after that. He flashed her a smile before continuing up. He to was tiring but he was last the top wasn't that far off. Once he reached the overhang he glanced down making sure Freea was safely to the bottom. He waved down to her before reaching for the first hold on the over hang. He pulled himself to we was upside down then began to work his way along and up. But of coarse the rock chose that day that place to fail under his weight. Today of all days it chose that day when he was in that part of the climb, that awkwardest bit. Ian had just moved his hand when the rock gave way under it, no warning it just fell under his hand. And to make matters worse his head was positioned right by the falling rock. He felt the rock collide with his head sending a wave of pain and pushing him off the wall. His hand still on the wall tried to hold him but it to failed under the pressure. Next thing Ian knew he was free falling, this time it being completely unintentional.

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As Freea watched Ian climb higher and higher to the tippy top, she sat down on the hand and wondered if perhaps she had seemed too weak in not going up further with him. Was it a bad idea to decline going further? She knew her limits but should she have pushed herself just a little more? Her thoughts were immediately interrupted when rumble was heard from above and Freea stood up to try and see what was the matter. Ian was falling and fast. Instinctively, she thrust her hands forward and two more water hands protruded out of the pool and caught Ian in time. Her heart was pounding madly as she brought him closer to her. Scanning for any sign of major injuries, Freea patted his cheek a few times. "Hello in there. It's time to rise and shine!" She wasn't very worried about his condition, but something snaked it's way up scolding her that she should be abbot more concerned about his current status. "Ian?" She asked more softly this time instead of her harsh tone

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Xwft | 388 comments It was all a painful blur for Ian, one second he was falling the next he was lying on a bunch of water. He was vaguely aware that it was Freeas powers doing this but his mind wasn't that willing to actual think. He was also aware of the warm liquid dripping down his temple but didn't know exactly what to do about it. It hurt to do anything right at that moment, so he didn't.
Groaning Ian opened his eyes. He hadn't realize that he had backed out until he actually looked around and noticed that he was now back on the ground with no memories of getting there. He saw Freea hovering over him with a.... Ian didn't exactly know what look was on her face. It was kind of a mix of everything. Blinking a few times hoping to clear his aching head, Ian grinned up her. "I'm bleeding aren't I." He said feeling the trail of blood rolling down his temple. "That would explain why it hurt." He said pulling himself to sitting. "Thanks for that beautiful. Look now your playing the role of hero." He said. Bleeding or not he was kept up his flirtatious side. Looking up form where he fell, Ian was amazed he was less damaged. For down here it didn't look to far but form up there it looked ages away. Gingerly, Ian reached up to his cut wincing when it just sent another wave of pain through his already throbbing head. He pulled his hand back surprised at how much blood coated it. That was when he noticed the second cut. The one running deeply straight across the palm of his left hand thankfully missing his veins but it was close. "Hope you aren't skittish of blood." He said looking up at Freea lopsided grin on his face. "That rock was sharp." He explained before getting to sanding. He swayed a bit his feet protesting to his standing as all the blood rushed to them. Staggering over to the water, Ian bent down washing the blood off his hand to see how deep it actual was.

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Freea was just about to let out a sigh of relief when she remembered where she was, and who she was with. "Yes, yes you are. And it does look rather deep." Closing her eyes for a moment, she asked the water to make a firm compress for her companion and it obliged. A squishy blob of water was formed from the hand she gently pressed it along his cuts. "I know, right? Maybe you should start taking lessons from me." She winked playfully as she called for another compress and laid it on his forehead. This time sighing when Ian made his way back to his normal self, she said, "At least you're back to being you. I know I speak for all of us when I say that it would be dreadful if you died just from falling." It was idiotic for him to suddenly start walking about and Freea lmaost had the urge to yank him back down as he tried to walk but figured that he might as well learn to take it easy. When he finally sat back down, Freea tried her best to clean out the excess blood that was streaming from his temple to his neck. With the help of her water, of course. It acted like a vacuum and sucked all of the blood while splashing water right back at him. After five minutes had pass, Freea went on her knees and placed two fingers on the side of his neck. "You seem to be about normal. . ." She murmured, leaning forward and studied his face. "Do you feel dizzy?" It was strange to her why she should care so much about him now. Was it simply because he was in trouble and the least she could do was try and make him feel better?

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Xwft | 388 comments Though he moved to the water to actually wash the blood off himself, Ian sat back and let Freea play doctor and do it for him. As he sat letting Freea do her thing, Ian started getting very bored. Freea seemed to be taking care of the blood on his head while he held his hand in the water letting the water clean the blood off but that wasn't entertaining. For Ian sitting was not a fun activity and he soon developed a twitch in his leg as it started taping against the stone floor. "It would dreadful if I died from falling. If I died doing the one thing everyone says i'm good at in the presence of a girl like you, how Ironic would that be." He laughed but it made the pain worse so it quickly turned into a cringe. So he sat there, in silence while Freea washed off the blood, his foot still tapping mindlessly on the stone floor. "Look at you Honey. Your a climber and a doctor what can't you do?" He asked as she placed her fingers on his neck which he assumed was cheeking his pulse. "You know I think i said this but could really use someone like you. You both climb and can help me every time I do something dumb." He grinned knowing that was almost to true. The doctors at the school now knew him very well. "As for how i'm feeling, in the presence of you it's hard to tell." He answered. It was his natural reply he couldn't help it. But he knew it wasn't what she was asking. "Now in all honesty kinda dizzy mostly when I move." He actually answered properly this time. "But i'll be fine, it's nothing." He insisted moving back to standing. However his body didn't comply with his wants and he ended up using the rock to keep himself steady. "Scratch that." He muttered keeping his head bowed, willing the world to stop spinning.

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"Yes, it would be. And you will have the whole school of girls crying for the next two months," Freea told him sternly, playfully slapping him with the compress. It was very amusing to her how restless Ian seemed as she tried to doctor him. He was like a little boy who couldn't wait to get up and go. "Not everything, obviously, but I do pick up a few things here and there." Much to everyone's surprise, Freea would try and find books to better educate herself rather than rely on the teacher's classes. She considered his offer, looking at the rock wall and said, "Let me think about it. I'm sure the nurses have had just about enough from you and it would be nice to help out a fellow student." Freea winked at him with a smirk. "Oh that's a laugh. You being dizzy because of me?" She snorted at such a possibility. When he finally answer her question properly, she said to him, "You may not want to. . . stand up." Then he actually did the exact thing she told him not to do. Idiot. Freea reached over and rubbed his back. Only to try and make him feel a tad bit better, of course. "Awww. Poor Ian! Now will your fans be able to see the most wonderful climber in all of Redthorn?"

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Xwft | 388 comments Now Ian might be that ladies man but he did not want to be carried by them. That was totally out the question. He didn't even flinch when he felt her hand on his back. It would be wired to say he was used to it but he was. Once the world stopped spinning and the throbbing had gone down, Ian looked back up, using the wall to lean against to actually keep his, still not compliant, legs upright. "Well Miss nurse how do you expect me to get out here without standing? Or are you going to be the first lovely lady to carry me?" He asked again twisting her words to benefit him. He didn't want to be carried but he had a feeling she wouldn't take up his offer. Then again Freea was unpredictable and loved challenges. All of which he found out today. As much as he didn't really want to leave his hand had stated bleeding again and he knew he should at least wrap something around it. And in all honesty he wouldn't be surprised if he did needed stitches again. He always seemed to need them every time he cut himself. There was no border line between small and big for him. He rarely cut himself but every time it always had to be on the big side even if he didn't want it to be. "Now because you seem to be the smart one in this situation which way should we go. Land or sea?" It was a simple sentence yet he still added a compliment into it, he couldn't help it.

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His question was neither stupid nor a brilliant one, for Freea was all ready forming a plan in her head. She was plotting that perhaps she could allow the water to rush Ian back to the shoreline. That had to work, right? It was very similiar to her jetting through the lake with the help of her dearest companion. "I am not going to carry you," she told him sternly as she crossed her arms. "That would tire me out far too quickly and I don't want to faint right on the spot because of you." It was mainly because she didn't want to fire herself out, but the latter was part of it too. Meanwhile, Freea had no idea that she was surprising even Ian. So as he spoke, she said, "While I do want to stay here for a little while longer, I'd say that it would be for the best if we got you back to the infirmary as quickly as possible." Freea bit her lip as she tried to calculate in her mind how she should proceed. Should the water grab him by the ankle? Or wrap a protective layer on his cut and carefully wrap itself around him? There were so many ways to look at this and she didn't want to mess it up.

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Xwft | 388 comments "Oh but you sure about that." Ian fake pouted as she crossed her arms. "You could be the lucky first one." He said cheeky grin on his face. He didn't want to be carried he just liked messing about. "Hey i'm not that heavy." He said dramatically holding a hand to his cheat in mock offence when she said carrying him would tire her out. However he knew she was probably correct, he would be tiring to carry. "I see you thinking, stop it." He said after awhile when she started biting her lip. He hadn't noticed she did that until today. The things he found out about others when he actually got to talk to them. He stood moving towards her, thankful the world didn't spin to bad when he did so. "Now honey don't worry to much about it, it's not like I'm going to die right her right now." He said stopping in front of her. She looked so flustered compared to earlier. As cute as it was he wasn't overly a fan of her worrying herself to much about him, it was only a tiny cute anyway. However did said 'to much' because he knew he did good in cutting himself and there was always that annoying thing called blood loss to considers, but he wasn't going to die, not yet anyway. "I can swim if that was your plan. Walking's probably harder then swimming at this moment." He said hoping he as right. Surely swimming would take less strength, plus it would clean his wounds. Either way her strength was water, she had proved that to him. Beside her had gotten out of situations like this himself and alone before, he didn't see how this could be to different.

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"Yes, I'm sure. And while I would be the lucky one to carry you to the infirmary, I would also have a broken back, thanks to you," Freea said, matching his silly pouting. She hadn't realized she was doing it far too much when Ian finally pointed out he could see her thinking. Immediately, Freea stopped and replaced it with a scowl. "Okay, fine, you're not dying. But I'd prefer not to have a student's injuries blamed on me, thank you very much," she said rather hotly, knowing that if people got too curious, they may assume that either she hurt him herself, or that something else went on. . . And Freea couldn't decide which was worse. When Ian was right above her, Freea looked up and glared at him, standing up herself. "If you want to swim, go right ahead. I won't stop you. But if you have a concussion, don't come swimming back to me." It flustered her that she had allowed herself to drop her guard. This wasn't suppose to happen!

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian pondered her words awhile before laughing slightly. "I can agree with most things you said but one, i'm not the heavy gosh dang it. And two. To be fair you saved my life not inured me. So I reckon I could convince everyone you're innocent. You seem to forget what I can do with words." He said grinning playfully at her. He must say he was surprised when she glared up at him not backing down or moving towards him. The latter was the normal response. Then again Ian didn't move away either. Girls like Freea might have been different and freak others out, but they didn't worry him. Ian seemed to be able to get under their skin making them less harsh then normal. "Fine, fine i'll just wait and let you figure it out. You seem to know what you doing after all. Just remember blood loss is a thing." He grinned at her, tapping her noise like she did to him before stepping back. It was cute she was flustered over him. And he knew he could hit that soft point if he wanted to. But he wasn't that mean and would let it go, until it came back up in his playful speech anyway. Sitting back down against the rock, Ian waited, like a good boy, for Freea to come up with an idea that didn't involve caring him. He let his hand trail in the water again watching as it slowly turned red thanks to the blood still flowing out his hand.

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Freea considered his words for a moment before saying, "You may not be all that heavy to some boys your age, but to a girl like me, you are. Trust me. Riiiiight." She rolled her eyes. "When you convince every girl in this school to not like you with your words, then I'd believe that your words are truly masterful." She was careful not to admit anything at all. Even though Ian had proven earlier that he already was brilliant when it came to twisting ither's words. But Freea wouldn't give him the satisfaction that she was impressed. Freea had no intention of moving anywhere so when Ian didn't either, she let out an irritated sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to figure out the best way to sort this out. "Okay. Here is what you're going to do. Get in the pool and just trust me," she said to him sternly as she hopped Into the water and gestured for him to follow. "Or do you need Nurse Hoke to assist you?" She raised an eyebrow

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian nodded smugly finally agree with her state met about his weight. But that look quickly faded she she replied to his last sentence. "Fine, you win the one Honey." He huffed knowing convincing girls not to like him was impossible. Nothing much with words were impossible for Ian. But that defiantly was. " Hang on I thought you didn't want me to swim." He said adding a fake confused tone to his voice. Now in all honesty he trusted her, quite a bit now she saved from him spluttering against the gerund, but he wasn't about to let her know that, not yet anyway. So he settled for twisting her words around again. Form the spot he moved to sit it was close to the water he could just roll in if he wanted to but, of corse he didn't. "It depends do you want to assist me and do it with out injuring me more?" He asked playfully, raising and eyebrow back at her. "Or are you just going to make things worse if I let you touch me?" He asked knowing he was potentially playing with fire here. Mind you he wouldn't mind having her touch him again. He still wanted a kiss form her after all. Sometime before she left him anyway. He was going to see if that one thing would break the final layer of armor around her. Of corse that was when she left him so it could wait, for now.

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"I don't. But you're going to slip into the pool, now," Freea told him, placing her hands on her hips. She was still going with her water jet ability and didn't want any fuss coming from Ian. That was the last thing she needed right now. She rolled her eyes as he spoke. "Believe it or not, I don't want to hurt you any more than you already are. And I'll be as careful as possible if that makes you feel any better." Freea wasn't that cold and heartless. She would still help him out for a bit. . . for now. "Just to ease yourself, i won't be touching you at all. Something else will and if I hear a single complaint, I will let you drown in the lake." She was ultimately serious, but she wanted to make him understand that she didn't want to be toddled with. Without warning, Freea summoned the water in the pool and two thick strands of water slithered their way towards Ian and grabbed his ankles. "See you at the shore," she said to him with a smirk. The water gently pulled him into the pool and zipped it's way out like a water boat. Freea soon followed after him using the same jet-like use of her water. She came up to the shore and grinned madly when she saw him. "Well? How do you feel now? Don't tell me you're now severely injured because I didn't touch you at all, Ian."

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian laughed slightly. It was amazing how a few words for his mouth resulted in a whole speech from Freea. "Ok ok clam down Honey." He said raising his hands in surrender. He watched as Freea made two tentacled thingies and move them towards him. As wired as it was Ian didn't flinch away. In fact he grinned letting the things wrap around his ankles. That in general felt wired. Having thick blobs of water wrapped around you leg. It wasn't normal but for Ian it as kinda cool. "For the record it makes me feel ten times better." He joked before taking a breath and letting the water pull him under. It was the weirdest feeling. Moving through the water faster then normal without you doing anything but lying there. He could get very used to this. Thankfully Ian could holed his breath for quite awhile so when the ride was actually over Ian wasn't even that breathless. Once the water released him, Ian moved slightly more inland then just sat there waiting for Freea. Once she appeared Ina laughed at her comment. "Oh It's worse than severely injured i'm dying now." He said flopping dramatically onto his back. He stayed there awhile liking this whole thing of being able to just stop moving. However he knew he probably should get moving. With a groan he stood back up managing to keep his blanched this time "And another thing for the record that water thing you did, amazing. Now you going to walk me there or do I have to do that myself?" He asked playfully, already heading in that direction.

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Freea scowled at his response and said, "Oh boy. You must be a really weak guy for someone who likes to scale rocks, of all things." When Ian started to move around, Freea was prepared to send some water to help steady him. But as he showed positive signs of him being able to walk without any help, Freea stood up and walked beside him. At his question, Freea merely gave a shrug and stared at him curiously. "Depends on how much you really need me to get you there."

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