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((One of the hallways in Redthorn! And this once leads the way to one of the classes.))

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julia (juliaskim) Natalie Fox was beautiful in all the conventional uses of the word. She was all rosy cheeks and pretty smiles, intentions hidden behind carefully reapplied lipstick in her signature color (Dusty Rose, the kind she'd been buying since she was twelve). She'd deny it to her grave, but she'd taken three hours in the morning to curl her hair, and had spent an extra ten minutes in the bathroom to ensure that every strand was falling exactly where she wanted it to. That was the thing about pretty girls: pretty didn't come naturally. Especially for girls like Natalie Fox. Her challenge, therefore, was making herself look effortlessly pretty, because that's what won the envy of all the others.

She watched the hoard of students bustling through the hallway, completely unconcerned. A few glanced at her, expressions a mix of raptured awe and complete fear. One even broke from the group, inching toward her at the goading of his friends. She threw him a smirk, one she had once practiced in the mirror until it had been perfect, and waved: he went beet red, turned around, and fled.

The bell would ring in two minutes and Natalie would continue standing in the hallway through it all, until she was sure she could leave campus without getting caught. Not that it mattered - she could charm her way out of anything, even if that meant escaping the hell that was Redthorn. But why go through the trouble? So, until then, she waited.

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Today Faron had chosen to wear a beige sweater, black tights, and heeled black boots. She didn't look amazing but she didn't plan on staying at school, so it didn't really matter. Faron sat at her vanity and picked up a clear gloss, carefully applying it to her red lips she tilted her head to the side, she had never been obsessed with perfection, but she had always wondered why everyone strived to be perfect in some form. Delicately placing her hair into a loose ponytail she let a piece of it fall on her face. Shoving on her ray bands she walked to the hallway. Faron didn't hate anyone but there were certain people who valued themselves as better than everyone, those people she didn't quite understand yet since she was still learning how to feel things. For example, the girl who everyone was so afraid of, Faron was going to meet that girl and find out why everyone called her a bitch. She put on a fake smile and strutted over to the devil herself Natalie Fox.

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julia (juliaskim) ((Don't worry about it!! It sounds great.))

From the corner of her eye, Natalie watched as a girl strutting towards her, not a care in the world. She was wearing sunglasses, inside. She was so not a fan. Hypocritical, she supposed, because she did it all the time. Her own pair of Ray-Bans were concealed in her purse and, to stop herself from reaching in and grabbing them (because that would make her a follower and Natalie Fox refused to follow anyone), she busied herself by staring at her nails, unconcerned.

The girl was getting closer. What the hell did she want? She wasn't in the mood to start a fight, but she would if she had to. It's not like she really had anything better to do.

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 62 comments Faron continued walking toward Natalie when she finally reached her the girl, Natalie was looking at her nails. "Are you skipping school?" Faron had been told by many that she sounded weird at times like if someone was recovering from losing their voice. Strangely, Faron was hyper-aware of her strange voice, it always seemed to pop up whenever she felt something she couldn't quite explain.

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julia (juliaskim) Natalie looked up, slowly, taking in the girl in front of her, before turning back to her nails, indifferent. "Who's asking?" She murmured, keeping her voice as neutrally light as possible.

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 62 comments Faron tilted her head, it was a strange habit she had picked up from her mother, "A girl," She didn't want Natalie to hear her name quite yet, as many rumors were circulating about her.

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julia (juliaskim) Natalie scoffed, pushing herself off the wall to give herself a little extra height. Silently, she praised herself for opting to wear heels - she wasn't all that tall without them, but with them, she had a few inches on the girl. "No shit," she said plainly, resting her hand on her hip. "And since you don't seem all that articulate, I'll go ahead and throw out a follow up question: why do you want to know?" Giving the girl a critical look-over, she smirked. "Listen, you're cute and all, but you're not really my type."

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Xwft | 388 comments Xavier dashed through the halls his bag bouncing almost painfully on his back. It wasn’t heavy just weird angles of his books digging into the tender skin on his back. He would have dealt with it already but the didn’t have time, that was why it was painful in the first place. Now it wasn’t that Xavier was late to class, in fact it was lunchtime, it was just that he was in a hurry to meet his friends. He had been on the other side of the school, thanks to his classes. They were spread out everywhere literally! And this lunch he just happened to have some dance thing on with his friends. And for that Xavier was late. He was meant to be there almost ten minutes ago and he had a solo! He wasn’t one to brag but he just had to be there.

Just to clear it up yes Xavier was a dancer. The started from a young age and as forever loved it. Without to0 much bragging but Xavier can do almost every and any type of dance. He just had the right body, though the hates to admit it, and right mindset to pick it up easy. It just came naturally. He even adds random spinns here and there when walking into a room. Or sometimes he just naturally adds unneeded grace to his steep that to some make him look like a weirdo. Truth be told it also made him stand out a bit, as much as that annoyed him. A few people just knew him and the spinning guy, or the wired dancer. He didn’t mind those names though, the just rolled with it. To people that knew him they were used to it and didn’t even know his wired dips and tricks. Now Xavier could teach anyone almost any dance. He also has the heart too as well , the loved teaching others, you just need to ask.

As Xavier ran the the didn’t realize his powers had kicked in. Sometimes they just did that. They just randomly turned one messing with everything. Normally it was when he was feeling something, normally negative, like fear or sadness. And today when the was only slightly panicked it kicked in. So not only was Xavier dashing through the halls the was also invisible. Both him, his clothes and his bag were all unseen by the naked eye. Which of corse made his situation even worse. Now no could move out her way if need be. And like normal Xavier had no idea that the was invisible. He had absolutely no idea, he still looked visible to himself. Rounding a corner with surprising speed and finesse, Xavier spun around the corner letting him momentum drive him only to literally run head first into someone or something. Xavier honestly would be surprised if the somehow ran into a poll of something. Despite his agility he seemed to always run into doors or polls. his friends never let him forget that. Now he blamed his dancing skills for his fast reactions so thankfully he managed to catch his balance before he fell. All in one smooth movement he stuck his hand out taking a swipe at the other person's hand in order to keep them from falling.

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For most of Harlow's life, she had been known to be the weird girl that was homeschooled. Never going out, because she couldn't control her powers, never talking to anyone, because she couldn't control her powers. Since the patriarchy had always been so unreasonably strong in Oliver's life, she never knew really how to act for herself without destroying something. Her emotions were too strong, they acted too much in impulse, and not on thoughts. It was almost the worst thing in her life. Then, she was just suddenly here. For two gears, Harlow hasn't visited home, or gotten a call from anyone that they were even alive.

As she turned the corner she, had a bit of trouble wondering what had just happened in these last few minutes. After feeling as though a ram had just kicked her in the face, Oliver had lost her footing and started to tumble until a hand had gripped her wrist and sure enough, she was looking into the eyes on a glorious and beautiful man. With the longest eyelashes she had ever seen. To put it plainly he was hot. Really hot. What is it with the school and cute people! While she was over here looking like trash! It seriously wasn't fair. Though, after realising that it had been around 30 seconds and she still hadn't said anything she fixed her attention back onto his face.

Her books and her papers had flown all over the place, Oliver's backpack had emptied itself and sure enough, she was idiotic enough to let go of his hand and fell onto the cold tile floor. Say something! SOMETHING! OLIVER! DON'T BE AN IDIOIT SAY SOMETHING. "Beautiful dancer, watch where you're going next time." Her deep, deep, brown hair as framing her face as the curls fell back into her face. Oliver's normally carmel-like skin, in both the color and smooth substance, was now slightly red in reaction to what had just come out of her mouth. She had seen this person before! Her friends fawned over him like he was some God! They dragged her along to watch him practice his own dancing, the one thing that Harlow was enticed by. She then and there had labeled him as 'Dancer, or Beautiful Dancer.' They had seperate classes with the exception for one, Art. They were never partners so she merely watched him from afar. Though it wasn't very often that she took the time to notice him. Only recently had Harlow took the time to notice his chiseled features, how pretty he really was.

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Xwft | 388 comments Xavier just grinned as the girl stared at him. It was cute how people did that but again, he hated it. Why did people like to stare? He never complained though, it seemed rude to tell people to stop staring, the just complained to his friends. And even they didn’t understand. They would do anything to become as noticed as him. But they didn’t understand the life of being how he was, it was more painful than fun. So as the girl stared at him Xavier just let it happen, it felt rude to stop her, and the didn’t mind the watchful eyes. He even took that time to study her as well. He took in her face shape, the way her curly hair fell down to her shoulders in lushes dark waves framing her caramel skin. Now that he looked she was almost attractive in some weird way. She wasn’t as good looking as some other girls. Some the had actually meet and even danced with, but in her own way with her dark hair, rich brown eyes and caramel skin she was strangely attractive. She also looked strangely familiar. Like very familiar, but he couldn’t quite join the dots. He saw a lot of people around the school. Danced with a lot of people. And noticed a lot of people, being it was kinda hard not to notice when someone was staring at you. But then again this was collage, there were many people in all his classes it was hard to recognize them all.

He felt it when she regained her composure. Her gaze shifted once more to his face more intense this time and she seemed to debate what to say. Xavier hated doing this to people. They didn’t need to feel fearful around him. They could literally say everything and anything and he wouldn’t mind. It wasn’t like he was going to zap them with a bolt of lightning and turn them into a pile of ash. He was a regular human for goodness sake! Now Xavier had planned to have a bit of fun and spin her after he found out who exactly he had run into but by this girls expression he thought against it. Some weren’t comfortable with being thrown around by some guy they just ran into. When if the ran into a friend they would already be spinning across the halls. He felt her drop the hand that had once kept her balanced, as she fell to the floor picking up her scattered bits of paper.

Now Xavier wasn’t one to be rude but he couldn't help but let some laughter escape at her first words. He had heard the weirdest things as a more or less attractive person and a dancer but that, that was one of the best. However his laughter quickly diminished as he noticed the red tint in her skin. Blush. She was blushing because of him? The didn’t know whether to feel proud of horrified. “At ease.” He told her moving to help pick up her stuff. “Beside, it’s kinda hard to watch where i’m going on a blind corner though.” He told her with a cheeky grin. Bending down so his shaggy copper hair fell into his soft blue eyes, Xavier picked up her scattered books handing them to her in a neatish pile. The was the one that had run into her it wasn’t fair for him to let her do all the work. He didn’t flinch when there hands touched as he passed her books back. He wasn’t phased by physical contact, he didn’t see why the should. In a way he also didn’t understand how it made others think. Most weren’t a fan of being touched by someone who looked like him.

That’s when it clicked. As he handed her the last of her papers he realized who she was. “Oh you’re Oliver from art aren’t you.” He said grinned at her. “The one that does the cool art that I can’t do.” The said spitting out the praise like it was nothing. “Haven’t I also seen you somewhere else?” He asked. He was sure he had seen her before somewhere else. Somewhere other than art. Then again he saw a lot of people. “So.” He started, crouching down in front of her with a sweet grin on his face. “What’s a girl like you walking through the halls at this hour?” He asked tilting his head in question. Most people scattered from the halls at lunch, they wanted to be out of here as fast as possible. Unless she was going to add to the group that was likely already in the hall wait for him to arrive. He always seemed to have a group that seemed to like watching him. Maybe that was where he had seen her?

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Xwft | 388 comments ((And you say you don't write much. That was heck of a lot in my eyes lol :-) ))

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((Lol thx I'm trying!))

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She was over him as he started talking. The thing was, while Oliver was indeed clumsy, and at times simply embarrassing, she found some sort of confidence in being herself. With her curly hair, and bounce-back personality, it wasn't very hard for her either. Rolling her eyes she thought about it in her head. What type of weirdo didn't stop people from staring. Either someone who liked the attention, or was to shy to stop it; and from the looks of it he didn't look too shy to her! 'At ease' she mimicked in her head. Just who does this boy think he is! I can help myself thank you!'

As Oliver looked at his face once more, she couldn't understand why almost every girl fawned over him. Why? Just 'cuz he was good looking!? Please, she was good looking, and had more options than just the heteronormative ones. Though as his hand brushed passed hers, she couldn't help but giggle inwardly, slightly. Though, the way he talked, Oliver, without any judgement of who he even was, decided he was an attention seeker. An egomaniacal, stupid, attention seeker. Who used he good looks to make girls go weak in the knees. Sometimes she was such an oblivious idiot. As she was handed back her papers she gave a quick nod, and a small 'thanks' before dtuffing them back into her book bag. It wasn't as if her papers were that organized in the first place.

"Yeah, I'm Oliver, though most call me Oli or Harlow. Whats your name?" Yes, even though her dear friends had probably shouted the name into her ears so many times it wasn't even funny, she had learned how to block it out so she wouldn't hesr it in her sleep. Her roomates would talk in their sleep, about boys. Specifically, 'Mr.Attention-Seeker' over here. As he crouched down in front of her, Oli backed up a bit decided he was too close for comfort. "Oh, I go climb the vines out side of the broken window to the roof." Then she realised that to most students there were no vines. "Well, I climb my vines." It mostly wouldn't sound too weird to him, seeing as this school had people with much stranger powers. Speaking of which, "I could've sworn nobody was there..." shaking her head she stood up not offering a hand, figuring Prancer over here was proud of himself for getting close to her.

Here, Oliver was seen as the quiet one. In the entire school, she did her work, got A's, and was hoenstly fine in every catagory. Though, people pushed her around because she didn't ever go homr. People often said she was a ghost. Others believed that she truly was. Someone who didn't talk much, and mysterious. "Listen, I'm happy you think you've done your good deed for the day, but I don't need someone trying to win me over. Again, if you're just here to tease, just hurry up this entire dragging it out thing is annoying." Sighing she fiddled with her straps waiting for him to just hurry up.

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“Nice to meet your acquaintance then Oli. I’m Xavier.” He said with a grin knowing he was being slightly to formal. Oh well, there was nothing wrong with having a bit of harmless fun. Well it was harmless in his eyes anyway. He didn’t even comment as she asked his name. Just because he saw her around and remembered her name, somehow, that didn’t mean that she needed to know his. He didn’t actually mind not being noticed, it felt good in some way. It was better than having a flock of girls around him. Ten times better. Now Xavier didn’t mean anything in this actions. It was just his wired way of being social and sometimes he just forgot people's personal space. But he wasn’t silly. He noticed subtle changes in movements, maybe this dancing was almost blamed on that as well. So Xavier most definitely noticed as Olive moved backwards away from him. Now he won't lie, he was confused, not to be confused with offended. He was very very confused as to why she moved back. Did he do something wrong? Did he say something or do something that annoyed her? Thankfully Xavier had control over his mouth and didn’t comment though he guessed his facile features had said a bit. He would just take this conversation at her pace. He didn’t want to spook her after all.

At her answer to his second question Xavier got very confused. She climbed vines, to the roof? Now he knew this school was special. Not every school had people with powers for goodness sake. This school was most certainly different to what schools he use to go to and in a way he was still adapting. He had been away a few weeks with his parents. In that time he forgot the weirdness of this whole place. So climbing vines to the roof was something he didn’t expect. The problem was he didn’t know if she was just messing with him or if she was being serious. He had meet his fair share of sarcastic people in this school that he honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of them but… She actually sounded sincere. Like she actually climbed up to the roof. “Huh I guess it would be nice up there. I mean not having others around you all the time… It would be, peaceful.” He said with a slight nod. Now he thought about it he honestly under stood where she was coming from. Sometimes silence was nice. Sometimes people got to much. That he could agree on.

When she stood he stood with her not even noticing she didn’t offer her hand. He hadn’t expected her to. He smirked at her comment on not seeing anyone. “Yeah that was my bad.” He admitted reason his hand slightly like he was asking a question. “It’s my invisibility messing with me.” He said sheepishly. His powers were a pain, like really annoying. He was trying to get to one side of the school to the other and he failed. One simple thing and is powers made it impossible. Normally he could control them but well but today they just failed him. Not that that was amazing. Though Xavier cover his annoyance with a casual smile that usually played across her mouth.

However within the next few seconds that casual smile felted, morphing into a look of pained shock. In everyday life Xavier though he came of reasonably nice but with Olives next comment he started questioning that. “No. No, no, no Oli that’s not what I’m wanting at all.” He said quickly holding his hands out reassuringly and even stepping back, for her comfort. “No, if you want to see a player go find a boy called Ian, now he’s a player.” Xavier said calmly despite the fact that her words shook him. Shook him badly. Did he really act that bad? Did he really seem like I guy that would use his looks on others? For his own sick purpose? “I promise, as much as it’s worth, that i’m not just playing with you. I’m not trying to win you over or anything like that. I was just making sure you were ok after I literally ran into you.” He said keeping his eyes soft his voice sincere, pleading desperately in a futile attempt for her to understand. Though he had a feeling she wouldn’t. She already had that idea in her mind and it was hard to forget first impressions. And this wasn’t the best first impression he had made. He hoped for something a little better than coming off as someone to use his charm. In fact, Olive might not know this but he didn’t like the attention, he didn’t like being seen as a god or something to drool over and have posters of. If there was anything, any one thing he could change other than bring his brother back, it would be the amount of girls falling over him. Yes he would rather they fell for him than a boy like Ian who would break there pretty little hearts, but still he would like it better if they didn’t come to him. He just wanted to be normal teenage boy but that hope went out the window once he learnt to dance.

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"Yeah, right. No people is peaceful. I find it quite the opposite. It's more like you're physically alone, but lonliness is still haunting you." As he talked about his powers, she listened with an uninterested look on her face. She was talking to herself, and it wasn't like he was going to want to talk to her again. In fact she'd already forgotten his name. It wasn't that important, she liked to say, they weren't going to talk to her anyway. No one truly went back to her. They just used her, or teased. It was a life she was used to honestly. It wasn't as if she didn't want friends, it was quite the opposite. She just looked and acted so different! It was amazing and at the same time horrifying how much people were afraid of the unknown. It disgusted her often. Defense mechanism or not, it was idiotic how many people put others lives in danger to save their own.

As he began to plead, Oliver knew he was being kind and sincere, but most of her refused to believe that any human being could truly mean it. Only the naïve ones. "Yes, thank you, now I know where to go if I want to get screwed over." Oliver snapped, immediately regretting what she had said. "Sorry, I was being rude. I just don't get why you're being 'nice' to me. I'm not going to do the whole, thing where you say it's the human thing to do, because that a giant peice of bull. Humans are evil, and thats it. Just, be honest." Her hazel eyes were now a deep shade of brown like the earth and she looked irritated. "Why are you nice to people you don't even like?" Her eyes were narrowed and her curly hair looked as it was somewhat floating. Like if the wind was pushing. Why was she so angry?

Some little cracks grew in the school hall, and small vines began to sprout from it was well, curling around her feet like snakes. As she realised whay was going on, Oliver became slightly... embarrassed. "I'm sorry this is none of my buisness. I'm acting so hypocritical right now. Fixing her hair, the small vines simply remained lifeless on the floor and began to sprout buds or flowers themselves. "Just, honestly, think about yourself for a moment. For instance, don't you have somewhere to be? It's been about 15 minutes we've stood here. My friends are probably looking for you, and your's wondering where you even are." Fixing her hair she tied the bundle of curls up into a ponytail and her hazel/greenish eyes had returned to their color. Dusting off her white T-shirt, and short shorts, she fixed her flower crown and looked at him.

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Xwft | 388 comments Xavier physically flinched when she snapped back at him. What was her deal? He was just trying to help and here she was quite literally snapping at him. Even as he said sorry she seemed very interested which in a way quite annoyed Xavier. Has she no decency? However instead of snapping back Xavier just stared at her a bit mentally telling himself she just needed someone with patience. Some people needed to take things slow, he had meet people like that before so Xavier would just need tone his excitement down. He would just take it slow and let their conversation go at her pace. Hopefully. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he resumed his relaxed manner, acting like nothing had happened.

He listened carefully as she both apologized and went on to asking him a question. He thought about his answer to her question completely ignoring her statement about what answer she didn’t want. Humans weren’t evil, she just hasn’t met the right one yet. He pondered her question. Why exactly was he nice to others? Normally it was because he didn’t see the reason to be mean to them. Humans were humans and they all deserved kindness until the abused that right. And only one chromosome was separating male from female so he didn’t see the difference there. The she asked why he was nice to people he didn’t like. He could help a baffled look cross his face. Now where did she get the impression that he didn’t like her. Was there a reason why he should be nice to her? Was he missing something? Xavier quickly cover his baffled look with the usually lazy grin the rested on his face which contoured the look Oliver was currently giving him. Her glare was something he had never seen before. Why did she seemed so annoyed. He had only talked with this girl for a few minutes at she was most definitely a interesting case. She had some weird thoughts in her head.

He was about to comment in reply to her question when little cracks split through the walls and floor. Xaviers eyes widened was little vines forced their way through the walls and floors like long green hands reaching out for the sun. Well, I no know her power He thought watched the vines wrap around her legs with surprising delicacy. Despite the oddness of this all Xavier just stood still. Not moving away and not commenting, just watching. Showing fear of someone's powers was a ‘great’ way to make friends. “Hey don’t worry about it.” He cut in when Oliver apologised once more. By her facial expression she didn’t mean to do that meaning she wasn't the only one with iffy powers. He had met many other with yet to be controlled. He found her habits strange. She would snap at him and say the harshest things sometimes then quickly change her demeanor and apologize. Xavier was very confused if he was being honest. At her apology the vines just flopped and remained motionless. They still looked more teh alive but it almost looked as if they just lost the will to live. Despite their dead look little buds and flowers started blooming in all sorts of colours. It was like a beautiful disaster. A very strange but lovely disaster.

Man did Olive have a habit of saying the weirdest things. Or even just phrasing the simple question the wrong way to it sounded much worse than it was. “Never in my life have a been asked with such a straight face to think about myself.” Xavier jocking guessing only he would find it funny. He had a bad habit of doing that. However as she said about fifteen minutes Xavier realized with high amounts of shock that he was so very very late. But then again he didn’t dash off. That most definitely wasn’t fair to Olive. “Wait why wouldYour friends be looking for Me?” He ask slightly confused. Surely her friends should be looking for her. He thought over her comment while watched her fix her hair. It was strangely fascinating watching her as she tied it up with much more care than he had ever put into his hair. Once she looked back up him, her hazel eyes look much more natural than they had before, he reply to her statement. “Yes I have somewhere to be, I won't deny that. However it would be highly rude if I just left you here so I will extend the offer. Would you like to join me I have the perfect idea of what you can do. That a swear is sitting and watching.” He said with a light grin completely forgetting about her last question of why he cared.

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Oliver watched as she saw Xavier flinch, it wasn't that hard to miss; she often had that effect on people. Quirking her eyebrow she watched him carefully, and analyzed that look of sheer surprise and disgust. That was a genuine reaction. Those were the best ones. Now, she knew how he felt about her, finally soemthing she could use to her advantage. Honestly, it wasn't very often that someone was being real with her. Even if it wasn't on purpose. A small glimmer of hope entered Oliver's eyes, maybe this time she wouldn't have to look too far for a conversation where someone wasn't a sheep in wolves clothing.

It wasn't too long before Oli saw his face revert back to the whole choir boy smile. It was disgusting. Though his eyes still kept a weary look in them, like a gazelle waiting for a sleeping lion to pounce. He looked completely baffled as to why she would interrogate him like this. Though instead of giving him answers, she merely let him think that she was just another rude person at this cursed school. She was looking him dead in the eyes for any sign of anger, ignirance, arrogance, and most importantly selfishness.

As he continued to ask questions she snickered. "You honestly don't know? You're know as one of the hottest guys in Redthorne. My friends are weird as the creatures in the forest. So either you sincerely don't know, or you're an attention seeker." Though as he looked at her with a very much confussed expression, Oliver could see that he truly didn't know. Sometimes innocence was so... adorable. A small grin seemed breached her lips and her flowers on her head looked as if they were currently in bloom, even though they were freshly picked that morning. He continued talking, but what he said came more as a shock than anything else he could've said. "I never thought anyone could ever have this much patience with me." She mumbled before readjusting her satchel strap. "Fine, I'll join you. Though, on one condition. Nothing embarrassing. The entire school already thinks I'm the weird art kid; (they're not entitely wrong either,) but the last thing I need is an angry fan club." She pulled on the sleeves of her jacket, before biting her lip and looking up at him. "Let's go, since you're obviously late."

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Xwft | 388 comments Yup Xavier thought. I should have guess that was why. He chose to ignore the love sick girls. He didn’t want to break their hearts in his denial so hoped against hope that maybe, just maybe, some things weren’t about his looks. Though that was very quickly proving to be false hope. In this case he just forgot about his looks and how many girls swooned over him. He forgot that would be why they were looking for him and not their friend. Some people were really twisted. They would rather look for him than for someone who was supposedly their actual friend. This was exactly why Xavier hated his looks. He shouldn't be everyone's center of attention. “I swear if I was attention seeking there would be better ways for me to go about it than be standing here.” He said honestly. Almost to honest. What he could be implying was a bit too harsh than he wanted. However he just hoped Oliver was smart enough to see his point.

As a grin crossed her lips a grin also lit up Xaviers face. Others being happy genuinely made him happy, as cheesy as that sounded. She looked strangely pretty as the flowers on her head band started almost... Glowing matching the glow of her caramel skin as it hit the light. He wondered if she realized they were glowing or not. Maybe her power stretched further than just vines and she just didn’t know it yet. Many peoples powers were chopping and changing, including his, now that they had the proper teaching. Now Xavier was well aware of her mumbling something but completely missed what it was. Something about patience and people but he couldn’t determine what she meant. However by her reaction it wasn’t anything bad so he didn’t question. She wouldn’t have mumbled it if she wanted him to hear. However her next sentence excited him. She would actually come! He honestly didn’t think she would agree so quickly. He didn’t think she would agree in general. “I can’t promise anything.” He laughed. “But if I get carried away just… Yell at me or something.” He flashed her a grin before grabbing her hand and dragging her away. Most wouldn’t be ok with randomly taking others hands but Xavier saw no problem in it, despite how it might make her think.

Xavier dragged Olive thought the halls at almost full sprint. He never once let her hand go in both fear of leaving her behind and just because, well, that was Xavier. It didn’t take long before he slowed his pace nearing their destination. They had set everything up in the hall for a show they were doing in a few weeks. Now they did the practises in the hall so they got use to it. Not that it was like Xavier had never done shows before. To be fair the hall was much different than the place they usually danced, they didn’t have mirrors here so they couldn’t see what they were doing. Still not letting her go, Xavier dragged her through the large double doors towards the stage area. He dragged her right down the aisle of chairs ignoring the people, other student mostly female, that were sitting on the sidelines. All eyes turned to him as he entered, their eyes following him as he walked. Being he was strangely use to this Xavier ignored them. And to be honest he barely noticed their eyes on him he was so use to it. “Here.” Xavier panted finally releasing her hand and ditching his bag and shoes in a random corner. That when the expected comments from his friends came.
“So you come in late and with a girl.” One asked raising an eyebrow.
A low whistle follow that comment. “Took you longer than I thought.”
“Where did you find that chick huh? I want one like that.” One questioned getting a slap from one of the girls in the dancing group.
“Should I even ask why you were late?” Another added.
“Oh get your head out the gutter.” Xavier laughed waving off their comments. “She not my ‘girl’ in fact I dragged her here. It’s my apology for knocking her over.” That comment from him to many sniggers. Xavier rolled his eyes flashing a look to Olive. “And that’s who i’m friends with.” He whispered to her.

Xavier let their siggering go on while as he ran around doing little thing to prepare,, why other hadn’t already done this he had no idea. He got the right music and tried his best to put Oliver to work. His male friends were more than harmless but they sometimes came off the wrong way and he guessed Olive wasn’t liking it. He just made her work with the girls in the group, they actually knew how to treat people without acting like creeps. Once the prep was done Xavier decided to pull this bunch of dancers together.
“Hey everyone pull your heads together we got some dancing to do.” He called out bring the group together. “Alright this is Olive,” he said lightly gestruning to her, “she’s here to do a bit of dancing so this session will be a bit relaxed. We might even be able to get a few girls from the audience in.” He said flashing them a grin. “How about a bit of ceroc? That’s and easy enough dance, girls follow the guys lead, simple.” He said gesturing for the other girls to join them. “Buddie up and we will go from there.” He announced watching the girls in the audience dart up and group mingle before him finding partners like he instructed. Quickly before anyone else could as him Xavier took Olives hand once again. “Mind being my demo.” He asked her under his breath though he was already pulling her to the front of the crowd. He got many disappointed looks as girls realized he was already taken as a dancing partner. He also gained a few suspicious looks from his friends. He just ignored them pulling Olive to the front of the group. “Just follow my lead and you’ll pick it up.” He added.

Once everyone had partners and had settled down Xavier started teaching them the base moves while teaching them to Olive at the same time. He taught the basic hand hold. The man presenting his hand to the female, the back of his hand facing her. And then the female lightly wrapping her fingertips around his hand, her palm against the back of his hand. He followed that lesson by teaching them the basic footwork. The male applied pressure leading the female back first of her right leg than on her left. The male doing the opposite and and going back left right. He walked them through that a few times before deciding that was enough. “Ok take it away guys. Partners who know what they are doing walk your partner through it later on we change it up a bit.” He announced before putting on so dancing music and returning to Oliver. “You good so far?” He asked pulling her away to a far corner. He would have taught them more but he wanted a bit of time alone to dance with Oliver. Like he said he was making up for running into her. Beside she wanted to dance not teach people so he would give her what she wanted. “Now the question is, to you trust me to lead you?” He asked with a grin.

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As he started talking, it turned into rambling, it was cute. Though his smilr was even cuter, he looked so happy. That she was joining him, maybe he wasn't that bad. She would've continued to grow to like him, except she suddenly was going the same speed as light. Then he started flickering on and off, and she couldn't help but wonder if it was it powers or the fact she was actually flailing around in the air. Some of her papers flew out, and for a moment she was about to yell at him as he suggested, but at that very moment she couldn't.. this was absolutely exhilarating. As she started to be dragged once more she couldn't help but let her laugh ring out into the wind. Though it abruptly stopped when she saw her group of friends glaring at her, then the entire 11th grade. Well, all girls anyway. What was this highschool musical!? Everyone was going for Troy Basketball! Then she was practically thrown through giant double doors and regained her footing, afraid to be dragged on the carpet. She was still wearing shorts, so that wasn't the best idea.

Even when he was done running at the speed of light, he didn't let go of her hand. That was kind of nice, but when she saw everyone in that stadium give her dirty looks, well, some of the guys and all of the girls, when he went to set down his bags, she quickly got rid of his grasp, not used to having alot of people stare at her. In all honesty, she like solitude, or at least thats what she kept trying to tell herself. Sure, being alone was nice sometimes, but it's not something she loved to do all the time. Though, surprisingly, his friends joking around made her feel slightly welcome and at ease. Even with their dirty jokes and suggestive comments. Which earned one of them a strong slap in the arm. They all seemed so nice... and gourgeous. Still, she felt this calm energy radiating from them. As she went go set her stuff in the corner, then rejoined with the girls to go and change. At least into something a bit more comfy that one of the girls lent to her. (view spoiler)

These girls were actuslly nice, and she had a good time with them, they joked around, and they were genuine people. Kind, none of them liked Xavier, they found him like a brother. Maybe she would too?(Hahahahaha nope.) Then some of the guys came over, she had some fun with them too, they showed her a couple tricks with dancing in all sorts of forms. Swing, ceroc, salsa, tap, everything! In fact, one of them danced with her! This was actually really nice, and she couldn't help but put down her defenses. Even when yhey asked her what her intentions were with Xavier. "Nothing, I'm kind of ashamed of this but I snapped at him actually." They all laughed and nodded at each other like if to check something off.

Then she was bring stared at once more, she looked around then to Xavier who was pparently talking now. When did that happen!? Then he did it again, he said her name wrong. "Oliver." Then she stopped listening as he did his show dancer thing. As he suggested some type of dance... erm... Cerro? Or something like that. As he said to buddy up, she was about to ask but girls swarmed him like moths to a flame so she was about to as Henry, the guy she'd danced with earlier. He was about to accept until both of them saw Xavier practically swoop her away once more. She chuckled at his question before replying. "Well, I don't have a choice now, do I?" Though she realised they were dancing in front of the whole class, she didn't dance. She painted. That was very different from dance. Maybe she painted dancers? But never actually danced. Though his movements where like a fairy, that she just went along with it. Like a paintbrush with colors.

Oliver departed from his hand and was about to rejoin the group until she felt herself being dragged around once more. "You know, you've really got to stop pulling and dragging me around, it's not very gentlemanly of you." She playfully scolded him, before listening to what he had to say. "Yeah, I'm great actually! Would you mind if I came back tomorrow? Your friends are really great! I enjoy being around them, and you sometimes. She joked still lightly holding onto his hand. "Would I trust you... well, not particularly since we met a couple hours ago, but... yes. You're a great dancer." She nodded her flower crown wasn't on her head anymore, but there was a sunflower that was still in her loose curls.

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Xwft | 388 comments “You want me to be a gentleman?” he asked raising an eyebrow though his bright blue eyes were laughing. Never before had he been told to be more of a gentleman. His friends scold him many many times for being a bit wilde with his moves and making them dizzy but that was all. Being a gentleman wasn’t exactly on his list of things to do. He grinned at her reply. He was glad she was doing so well. He saw his friends messing around with her before, even a few of them showing off. And she was wearing a set of clothes that he knew belonged to one of the other girls. They clearly all liked her and by her reaction she liked them back. She seemed to be doing well with getting along with them despite her snappy attitude early in the day. To be honest Xavier had mostly forgotten about that. She seemed so bright and happy now that she was on the dance floor. It was nice to see actually. The way a new smile lit up her face replacing the frown that was once there. Dancing always made him feel better it was nice to see someone else share that love. “Let me think about that… Heck yes come back. Everyone here loves you!” He replied with a grin. “And by the look of it a few are eyeing you up.” He joked glancing at the boy behind him. The all had their own partner but many looked over at them. A few grinned when he met their eye. A few rolled their eyes seeing him with Oil again. Though a few girls gave him a glare, or more like gave Oliver a glare. Xavier just returned the look before getting Oil into a position to start the dance.

“Truth, but I was meaning more in the dancing area, you trust me not to drop you.” She questioned with a slightly grin. He knew what he was doing he wouldn't drop her, hopefully. “Now let's test you out.” He waited for the song to loop back around before starting her off. He lead her back before pulling her into a bunch of random moves most of which contained her spinning. That was the exact reason his friends complained, to much spinning. Now knew what moves flowed with what move and how to combine them all but he had no idea of the names. He just did it and noramlly didn’t think to much. However paid high attention to what Oliver was doing as he spun her around. Just making sure she was ok with what he was doing. Before all this she said nothing embarrassing and he hadn’t forgotten, so he was just being cautious.

After a spinning her a few decent times he moved her into a ballroom dance hold. His hand resting on her shoulder blade her’s on his forearm as he gently rocked her back and forth in time to the music. “You still alive? Not to dizzy?” He joked switching the direction they were facing as he talked. He was giving her time get un dizzy and it was a slower part of the song so this little break worked well. He studied her face closely, a light grin playing her face. It wasn’t often he got a girl like Oliver dancing with him. All of them were usually to bust drooling over him. Oliver was something different and… He liked it. He liked it a lot actually. He grinned to himself at that though before the music picked up pulling him from his thought. “Get ready for some more.”

As the music picked up again Xavier moved Oliver from the ballroom dancing hold. He normally did the same moves over and over again but in this second part of the dance he added a few new moves. He even added a few harder ones that were meant for more experienced dancers but Oliver seemed to handle them well. He couldn’t help the grin that lit up his face as seeing Oliver twirl in the beans of light seeping in through the windows. As the song neared the end Xavier pulled her into one of his favorite ending moves. No not a dip like he said he didn’t want to drop her. But something quite like it. He slowed his movements down making sure her feet were in the right places before letting Oliver lean into him. Normally he went to the side leaning the female against his side but for Oliver he did it different. She wasn’t some love sick girl that would brag about him dancing with them. The reason he didn’t to this to other was how close it brought their faces. Xavier He heard the last lines of the song being sung as he let Oilver lean against him, willing let her face get within inches from his. Just for added effect he gently kissed the tip of her nose, a trick he did with all the girls in his dancing group. It was his was of both teasing them and showing some wired version of friendship. Of course he didn’t explain this to Olive before kissing her nose. One of the things Xavier should really learn to do.

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As he started talking about his friends she smiled and laughed. "Yes! I would like you to be a gentleman! It's nerve racking to be flungs though the hallways at the speeed of light with only a hand dragging you!" She joked, something Oliver didn't really do often. A sign of friendship. "You know, your friends are actually pretty great. I would hang out with them in and put of dance. Plus, I'm 70% sure that a couple of them are actually in my classes. I've just never talked to them before, I'm used to hanging around with your stalkers." Oliver chuckled and shook her head, to be honest, they weren't even very good fruends in the first place. Though as Xavier so kindly pointed out that someone was checking her out, she slowly turned around and saw a very attractive man. Attractive as Xavier? Maybe? But he was an unrealistic expectation. A living unrealistic expectation. He saw saw her and gave a small wink and her entire face lit up! Her cheeks became tinted with a different shade of pink then when Oliver and Xavier met before, she was actually smiling too, and and that little sunflower was blooming even in the shade. "Wow, I am soooo coming back!"

Truth be told, Oliver was nervous. Though like she said she put her trust in him so allbshe could hope was that he didn't something remotely idiotic. As he started her out with a simple dance. Like the one they were doing earlier, except much faster, and it was amazing. Sure it was her first time, since she never really danced, but Xavier was so easy to follow that when he started making up things she added in little ballerina spins because, why not? "Yeah! I'm absolutely perfect!" Continuing to dance, for awhile she forgot about everyone around them, the sight of her feet and the thumping of her heat to the beat was so wonderful, she questioned if this was how all dancers felt. Then he started doing even more, that was a little hard to read but ahe got it eventualy. Just following his lead this time and smiling like and idiot. While some would mistake it for being with Xavier, anyone with half a brain could tell her newfound love for dancing.

Then and there, she fell in love. Not with Oliver, but with this moment, the music playing, and hard wooden floor creating small creaking sounds under her feet, and just dancing. Though there was something tbay was beginning to vause a large problem. He was treating her differently, Oliver didn't notice at first, though when he pulled her closer to the front isntead of the side, she knew something was slightly off. Please Xavier, you promised! Nothing embarrassing. She was pleading with her eyes but it was too late. He had kissed her on the nose. Now, almost every girl in the school, and a lot of guys had just painted a target on her.

With tears welling up in her eyes, she leaned up and pushed him away. Before she saw it coming someone had slapped him resounding in a hard smack you would've heard a couple halls down. Not someone particularly, something. A giant dark green vine with thorns growing out of the side, after she had slapped him. That if not for his dancer body would've flung into into the other room not across the floor. "Thanks! I wanted to be hated by everyone my first day back." She wasn't wrong either. Most of the girls had already started after her but were afraid when she moved. The entire room went completely silent and she silently cried walking towards the door and outside. Wherever outside honestly. Just so she wouldn't break something again. The vine dropped dead and once again grew something. This time instead of flowers, they were sharp thorns. But if you waited long enough some gourgeous blue wild flowers sprouted up. Some girls went after Oliver a livid glint in their eye, while some went and swarmed him bombarding him with questions to check if he was okay.

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Xwft | 388 comments Truth be told Xavier was not expecting that reaction. Not at all. He didn’t exactly know what to expect but that was not it. Oliver went from all smiles and jokes to i-will-kill-you, in a matter of seconds. Xavier knew this, he just didn’t think he would push her that far that fast. A genuine look of concern crossed his face as he noticed tears fill her eye. He was about to question, wondering what had brought her in the verge of crying so fast, but he didn’t even have time to open his mouth. He stumbled back as she shoved him with surprising force. Now that got everyone's attention. “Oil I…” He started but didn’t get to finish. Xavier didn’t see it coming, at all. The force of the vine connecting with his jaw crumpled him to the ground with a pained cry. He heard the crack it made, he was sure it could have been heard ten halls down. And that’s what made it so freaking painful. Tears of his own filled his eyes as he fought off the pain that only ever got worse.

Xavier felt something warm and sticky bubble up from his flesh then drip down his cheek and neck. Gently he reached up, touching his cheek with his finger tips only to flinch away. Any touch hurt, any movement hurt. But he needed to know how bad it was. Gritting his teeth, Xavier reached up again cupping his wound with the palm on his hand. He let out a hiss of pain but kept his hand where it was, already feeling the blood seep through his fingers. The pressure of his palm calmed the burning pain but it wasn’t enough. Nothing ever seemed like it would take the blinding pain away.

He heard the unmistakable voice of Oliver scream something at him but he did hear it though the blinding pain. All he knew was whatever she said it was bad. The whole room had gone silent, staring frozen by the sight in front of them. He didn’t need to see the looks on their faces, he knew them already. He already knew what Oilver was facing up against. There would be many looks of concern from his friends. Concern for both him and Oilver. He knew they wouldn’t be just protective of him, they cared for Oilver to despite knowing her for only a few hours. But there would be many girls there with death glares on their face. Glares that said they would gladly kill her. He guessed even a few of his close friends, both male and female, had looks saying they will murder her. Some were that protective. “Oilver i’m sorry.” He choked out though his swollen lips. Despite his effort to talk his voice was a mere whisper even in the deathly quiet room. Even speaking brought him pain. “Oil Please.” He begged forcing his gaze to met hers but she was already fleeing. Running back out the doors he pulled her through moment before.

The spell was broken as soon as Olive left. Everyone swarmed around him. All wanted to help but the frantic voices only made it worse. He groaned feeling a headache start just adding to the pain he already felt. Out the corner of his eye he noticed a few of his girls-friends run after Oliver knowing he already had more than enough people look after him. She was in more danger then him. Her little stunt had many girls after her so she needed the support. Thankfully as his headache got to painful the group of his friends took charge. A few of them shepherding them unhelpful girls away, leaving a frantic party right outside the doors. Within a few moments there were only a few of his friends left. Two knelt beside him tending to his wound. The rest hustled around either calling help or handing things around.
“Xavier, buddy, stay awake.” One told him. He recognized the voice as Henry, the one that was showing off to Oilver before.
A murmur of replies fell thought Xaviers lips as he felt his bloody hand being pride away from his face. Henry and his friends took in the damage on his face. Judging by the look that crossed their face it didn’t look pretty.
“Here wash it out, maybe it just looks worse than it is.” Someone said, sounding like false hope. Another pained cry emanated from Xavier as pain flared though his cheek as water got into the open wound.
“It’s ok Xavier, just let us do this.” Someone said soothingly. Xavier whimpered as the cold cloth was continuously dragged over his face, drawing the blood away.
“Good job Xavier, just a bit longer.” The same soothing voice said. Black spots now danced across his vision as he felt cold hands come in contact with his hot clammy skin. More pained sounds rung from his lips as he felt light hands run over his severely bruise jaw. Then they stopped followed by curses.
“Oh my… I think it’s broken!” He heard someone exclaim. Someone, Xavier could no longer place a voice to a name.
It took awhile for Xavier's mind to process that before the shock hit. His jaw… Broken! Because of Oliver. Xavier struggled to get air into his lungs as a wave of dizziness invaded his mind.
“Xavier? Xavier!”
He fell backwards as his world went black.

His vision was blurry as he opened his eyes once again. He blinked to clear it but the fogginess didn’t go away. There was a dull throbbing in his head as she stared up at the roof. It didn’t take him long to realize where he was and why he was there. Xavier groaned as he sat up blinking rapidly to clear his sight.
“You’re awake.” Someone said to his right.
“Huh?” Was the first thing Xavier said as he looked at to see who spoek
A chuckle filled the room seeming much more relaxed than before, a good sign. Xavier turned to see two of his friends on the chairs next to him, Henry,again, and another one of his friends.
“Whaa?” Xavier asked creaking another round of chuckles.
“You passed out for like a whole hour.” Henry explained. “We brought you to the infirmary and got one of the nurse to patch you up with her healing powers. You got lots of blood everywhere and it looks like you had and accident with blue and puprle paint," he grinned. "You are officially the first guys I know to get his ass kicked by a girl.” He laughed his comment also drawing a laugh from Xavier as well.
“Makes me feel so much better.” He said rolling his eyes. Reaching up he gently ran his hand over his jaw. It was still swollen and painful to the touch but not broken anymore. There were four of five stitches along the wound that went at least four inches long. “Ow.” He said thought that reaction was quite delayed which brought another round of giggles from his friends. At the sound of noise a nurse walked in herding his friends out before running a few tests to make sure Xavier was more or less ok. He followed her finger this way and that. Read some random things out. After she was happy she wrote up a release from for Xavier and let him out with a warning to take it easy. Xavier walked out straight into a group of worried friends. He was swarmed by questions but Xavier made his one clear. The one he needed to know. “Where is Oliver?”

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It had been a full week. And she still missed him. Of course, what was she expecting, broken hesrts wouldn't be able to to actually heal. Though what scared her the most, was that her arms had healed. She still has to be careful and everything but it was fairly okay considering she almost broke it once more after accidentally ripping that door knob off. Everytime she saw one of Xavier's friends they would say hi, or offer to hang out, (most of all Henry) just something. And, Oliver would usually say yes, or propose to do something fun, but she often run into Xavier so much that she almost cried again. A week and a few days ago, Oliver said that she would "I know that you are sorry, but I just need some time to think." Of course, that meant that she didn't trust him anymore. He saw her? In Charlotte? God what was the worst excuse that anyone has ever given to her; and she used to be a serial dater until her last girlfriend had made out with her ex right in front of her, in her dorm, and said it was magic spell ritual. This, this was worse. Though a feeling, shoved deep down told her that maybe, just maybehe wasn't joking around. Yet, at this point she was afraid what he would do. Ever since that day, even in class her vines would act all out of whack, being either really small or tall. Luckily, she had already started repairs on everythinng starting with the doorknob some anything broken after this point was another student's problem. Sometimes, cleaning was quite relaxing when there was nobody around. Sometimes she even brought her own little acrillic paintset and left a small easy drawing on where she patched it up. It was mostly the floors and cafeteria that were a big problem, but still she fixed it, and gave a small paint job as well leaving well sized delicate little flowers. Things like this were her getaway, how she calmed down. Art was a beautiful thing, all shapes and forma of it, painting, dancing, singing, music, scuplting, all of it. It always helped. So why wasn't it working now?

As she got up today she wondered how many people would whisper about her being called to the office. 'Oh, I knew she was trouble.' 'It was probably because of those stupid plants' though the ones that hit hardest were about Xavier and Charlotte. 'Look at the skank, I knew he wouldn't actually want her.' Or 'Charlotte and Xavier are such a cute couple. I bet Oliver was extremely unqualified for the job if you know what I mean.'
It used to hurt, but now it was simply numb. Her enture life felt numb. Faking a smile was always simple around the people who didn't reslly look at her, but to the people that hung out with her, and talked with her, they knew what she was going through. How it made her feel, everything. They knew. Understood how rumors felt like rocks being thrown at your body. Did the entire school have nothing else to talk about? Were they really that bored? Everytime she walked down the halls it felt like walking down the paths of hell. Everyone was like a little demon trying to rip her apart. Like this was some part of a looong, stretched out torture. People made her sick. Today as she climbed up to the roof, she didn't even bring her paints, she just built before walking over to watch the Aqua class practice. It was so mesmerizing to just see the shapes being lifted then frozen, it was like watching the water cycle rapidly fast. As the fourth period bell rung, Oliver climbed down for the last class of the day when she ran into him.

He was right down the hall, and she saw him. Xavier. This time she didn't run the other way, or leave, or try and find a new route. She just saw him, and she missed him so much it felt as though someone was trying to rip her heart out of her heart out of her chest. Her feet started moving on their own, and she felt them pick up in speed. Wait, whats going on, he is going to hate me for this isn't he. I rejected him didn't I? I said no. And this feeling I haven't seen him in so long I want him back. I want to claim him, even if there are so many people here, I want to claim him. He didn't even kiss Charlotte for Charlotte, he said that she looked like me. Nevermind, he's going to hate me anyway, I should just, oh too late. "Xavier!" Turning him around, she dropped her bags before grabbing the collar of his t-shirt and kissed him. He was hers. She didn't know how he'd react, but she literally couldn't care, her face was slightly splattered with paint and so were clothes. Her hair was in an extremely messy bun, but she didn't care. "Listen, I'd understand if you want nothing to do with me, but I-I'm sorry for not trusting you." She was going off a gut deeling, but everything was so suspect that her gut feeling had to be true. Meaning what Xavier said was true. She started crying again but this time they were soft tears. Oliver didnt even care if everyone was staring at them right now, she needed to know how he felt. Giving one last kiss she pulled away softly. "You weren't lying were you?" She murmured as she bit her bottom lip.

In all honesty, Oliver didn't know what had happened between their 'Us' after that week. Maybe he had already moved on, with another girl. Maybe even Charlotte, oh God, she didn't know what she'd do if he told her that she liked Charlotte. Maybe she deserved it, for not even beliving in Xavier for the first time. It just didn't add up. He said that he saw her, actually saw her, but yet all Oliver could do was twist his words. She didn't want him to be right, she wanted to be angry at him, because frankly at that time it was the only emotion that made true sense.

Charlotte (The little b we know and hate.)

She was having an excellent day, everyone was falling into her plans, her teachers loved me of course, and she hadn't seen Oliver in a full week. She was too busy cleaning to even pay attention, Xavier pushed me away, though she though he would grow to like her eventually. After all who didn't? Besides the stupid ones anyway. Until, she really saw that Oliver was a persistent little hussy who didn't know when to stop. As she placed her lips onto Xavier's, the entire hallway stood and gasped at the display they were putting on, she was really pushing Charlotte, as long as they sayed out of each others way, it would be fine. But Oliver seemed to just want to wreck her plans.

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((Also, I just need some happy in their life!))

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Xwft | 388 comments Xavier had no idea idea how many books he read in that week. He wasn’t a fast reader or a committed one, but when you’re all alone what else was there to do. He had a gone over every dance so many times his body hurt now there was nothing else to do but read. No one wanted to talk to him, he was Charlotte's lover after all. And when he said no one he meant no one, even his friends were reluctant to talk to him taking Oliver's side instead of his. They all though he was insane, how could someone in the right mind get Oliver and Charlotte mixed up? No one believed him and he almost didn’t expect them to. He got himself into this mess and deserved ever side effect.

Though the whole week Xavier got much more distant from everyone. He almost stopped eating and sleep became a rare phenomenon for him. He would read late into the night thanks to the fact that he couldn’t sleep, nightmares constantly haunting his dreams. Nightmares about Oliver and Charlotte. Worst thing was always started good, Oliver in his arms them lying next to each other, but it always ended bad, every time, every freaking time. It would always resulting in Xavier waking up tears streaming down his cheeks. So he would read, late into the night until he literally passed out from exhaustion. Then thanks to his late nights he would miss breakfast only getting up in time to sprint to first class normally arriving late. He would suffer though class then sometimes garb something for morning tea and disappear away from other, most of the time heading to his next class before anyone else. He would then sleep though the next to periods to lunch were he would dart to his room and do… something. Weather it was reading, dancing, or sometimes even daydreaming about what things would be if he could alter time. He would do anything to just stop these horrid chain of events from happening. However lunch was only and hour then there was more class. Last period he would try his best before once again disappearing to his room after school was done only to repeat that cycle again day after day skipping dinner every time as well. Dinner equaled too much publicity that he really didn’t need. Plus going would mean seeing Oliver, and he really didn’t want to see her, it hurt to see her.

Of course all of this was bad from him. His teachers constantly commented on the fact that his work was dropping, getting worse and worse as the week went on. He became unnaturally skinny his skin taking on a ghostly white sheen thanks to the lack of sun and food. Dark bags formed under his eyes thanks to his lack of sleep and even they way he carried himself changed, he dragged his feet slouched and walked with his head down as to not attract anyone attention. Even his powers became temperamental. He never thought his powers were based on his emotions but clearly he was wrong, apparently he clearly just had good control over his emotions so they didn’t affect his powers to much. At the start of the week his teachers yelled at him for suddenly disappearing however as the week went on they just let it happen sometimes silently reminding him that he was in fact invisible, or sometimes having to waking him from his in class naps.

Now his constant disappearing to his room wasn’t only because he didn’t want to see Oliver. It would be correct to say he didn’t want to see her, he broke every time he saw her even is she was smiling. He also saw it broke her to see him, the shadow that would cross over her once smiling face. Now it wasn’t just Oliver that was painful to see it was it was to see her with his friends. The ones he used to dance with but was no shunned from dance being he was Charlotte's ‘lover’. They were always together these days, always doing something. It was almost painful to see though he was glad someone was helping her after all the pain he put her through. However Oliver wasn’t the whole reason, the main one was so he could avoid Charlotte who was constantly tailing him, always walking after him, always offering to talk or offering to help him with this or that. She acted so sweet and so truthful it was hard to see how she was the sole reason his life was crumbling. Sometimes she reached for him letting her hand trail down his arm or some small gesture that made him involuntarily shiver which was exactly what she wanted. However as she hid her wicked plans under her flutter of eyelashes Xavier was plotting a plan of his own against her. One that would tear her down so badly she would regret ever tampering with him. However that plan took a lot of effort, a lot that he didn’t have.

Now this one time Xavier happened to walking through the hall to put away books from his last class trying to keep his head down as much as possible. He could see Charlotte standing a few feet away watching him as he shoved random books into his locker in hopes he didn’t need them. He was waiting for Charlotte to come up to him he tensed when someone called him name. With a sigh Xavier swiveled on his heel, despite his bones that looked like they would snap at any second he still held some grace from his dance. He fully expected to see Charlotte come towards him but was shocked to see Oliver running up to him. Turning his back, Xavier, braced himself honestly expecting a slap or something, who knows what lies Charlotte was spreading now. Mind you he deserved it, all of it. However he was not expecting her to grab his shoulder spinning him back around before pressing her lips to his.

Now Xavier's eyes slowly shut not pushing her away but not kissing her back either. He didn’t know what to do. He felt Charlotte's eyes boring into his back as she watched Oliver and him. He also felt everyone else's eyes as they watched this play up, soaking in all the new gossip. However before he made himself a hole like he did last him he pushed back, stepping away from her. He studied her, familiarizing himself with every little detail he forgot over the week. The small paint splatters on her face and clothes. They way her hair was pulled into a scraggly bun looking exactly like his hair was looking right now. But his physical appearance was looking much more worse than hers. He just started at her his face emotionless as he tried to comprehend her words. She forgave him? She actually saw sense in his words he tried so desperately to make her understand a week ago. He could have spoken up but his slow brain was still trying to make sense of it all. And then she kissed him again. This time Xaviers reactions were faster and he pushed her away almost as soon as she started it. He had no idea what came over him but he couldn’t bring himself to kiss her back, after the whole week things had changed, he still wanted her just as bad but knew, knew all to well that he couldn’t have her. He couldn’t have anyone, beside a revenge plan was already forming.

He looked down at Oliver cupping her face in his skeletal hand. Bending down slightly he whispered in his ear so only she could hear.
“Whatever I say, do or act don’t believe it. This time please, trust me.” He whispered knowing full well she would figure out what i means. He might not let himself take Oliver as lover but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be his friend. With that Xavier shoved her slightly to the side, not too rough but enough to attract attention, before striding over to Charlotte. Her looked changed from shocked to delighted as he neared her. Without a second thought he grabbed her pulling her into a kiss. Charlotte completely bought it. Without a second hesitation she wrapped her arms around him kissing him back. Now Xavier might look like he was enjoying this but he was screaming to himself wondering what insane motive he had to deliberately kiss the girl that had ruined everything. And kiss her in front of the girl his heart truly belongs to! Now he understood why people stayed had stayed away from him this whole week. He wouldn’t want to be around himself when he did things like this. He could feel the eye on his back as everyone started in wonder. In their eyes he had just straight up denied Oliver and went to Charlotte instead. Which, strangely enough, was what he wanted them to think.

Now he was kissing her voluntarily but she had such a different way of doing things and he did not like it. He felt it when she took a few steps back exactly like she did when imitating Oliver. And again Xavier went with it, he almost had to if he wanted this to look convincing. So he let it happen, let her walk back into the wall, making him pin her there. He tolerated it until her hands started wandering a bit much. He pulled back if only a few inches taking her hands and guiding them back to his chest. That smug grin on her face almost made him want to punch her but he didn’t, still keeping up the act. Moving his lips to her ear he whispered not caring how many people heard this time.
“I should go deal with Oliver now, i’ll see you in next class ok.” He said pulling away from her.
She didn’t seem to complain only grinned back at him.
“Yeah you probably should, see you in class, my love.” She winked before striding off down the hall a new bounce to her step.
Xavier tensed at that new nickname, she should not be the one giving him the nickname. However he kept his smile up, he would hate it if his performance was ruined. Oh how he would pay if Charlotte ever learnt he was dobble crossing her. Still keeping a half smile on his face Xavier headed back towards Oliver. He stood in front of her while looking down at her.
“Come.” He finally said gesturing for her to follow before walking ahead of her towards the closest unoccupied classroom. Leading her in, Xavier shut the door behind him, shutting out the prying eyes. Now alone Xavier itched to grab her and kiss her exactly like he did with Charlotte but with her it would feel so different. But he restrained himself putting a decent amount of distance between them so he could more easily keep control. Taking a weight off he tired legs he sat down on one of the desk not really care that the school hated them sitting on tables. He crossed his legs speaking up before Oliver could say anything.
“Whatever Charlotte as said I swear I didn’t take her to bed.” He said decided that was currently the most important thing to clear up. “She hasn’t been on my room nor have I been in hers I swear.” He said letting his words sit their before speaking up one again.
“Don’t pay mind to what I just did, we both know we need to get Cassie back , she can’t keep us under her thumb her whole life.” He started watched her closely to see her reaction. Yes he told her not to worry about the fact that he publicly denied her and kissed Charlotte instead but he was just lay the foundation for a plan.
"My thoughts is the only way to destroy her is to tear her down publicly if you got any ideas. I’m willing to play ‘lover’ if I must, hence what I was doing before, that seems like the best way to start.” He said dropping his eyes to hip lap as he fiddled mindlessly with his hands.

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Things weren't the same were they? She knew what had happened that week they'd been apart, both had been questioning what had happenes, each other, and themselves. Both teenagers couldn't do anything without the watchful eye of her highness Charlotte, who just loved to ruin Oliver's life. For some reason unknown, it was like a hobby to her. Everyone knew that Charlotte had been crushing on Xavier since freshman year and he didn't accept anyone. Ever. Day. Girl after girl he turned each and every single one of them down, every time, but yet this abrasive, introverted, gardener artists had just happen to catch that one guy's attention. The entire school talked about this ordeal for weeks on end, how Oliver and Xavier were seen in the infirmary together, how the nurses caught them, and how quick Oliver was to get dumped. His eyes seemed to bear no emotion and he looked as if you could snap him in half. Was this really what one week had done to him? Though as she felt his hot breath on her neck she shivered, not out of excitement but of how much she cushioned herself from the fall that was about to happen. Prentending to be extremely heart broken wasn't too hard seeing as he was clearly very familiar with Charlotte's body as he pressed her against the wall. Of course it made her a little happy to know it was just for show, but still the fact that he did it so well made her feel so... unbearably upset. As Charlotte bounced away, Oliver immediately tried to take off just wanting to die in embarrassment. Fake my ass. Did I really hurt him that much? Or right now am I just being full of myself at this moment. Whatever it was, it made Oli want to run away and hide or simply turn invisible. Though as she was beginning to walk away she saw him gesture and so, reluctantly, she followed him.

As the classroom door shut, she immediately sunk against the wall and covered her face. Wow, that was the actually definition of pure embarrassment. Her ex just made out with her sworn enemy and they did it right and front of her. "my love... oh my god I'm such an idiot..." burying her face into her knees which here now pulled out into her chest, she immediately began to beat herself up and if it was even possibke get smaller by the minute. She just wanted to curl up into a ball amd die. Xavier was talking, but she didn't reslly hesr him until he said something about beds. Right, she had almost about the rumors where they had sex. Those made hee want to just disappear from the earth. Sadly, she didn't have teleportation powers, and for some reason the power of invisibility had gone to the most popular guy in the world instead of her loser of the school. "Pay no mind? I don't think I can just happen to forget the moment where my heart was completely whipped out of my chest." Oh no, she was back to snarky Oliver. "I'm sorry, I know what you were trying to do. I just I'm really, really, broken right now." Standing up she walked over to where Xavier was sitting before resisting the urge to take his hand. "You don't look well. You need to eat." As he finished his sentence she immediately snapoed back into reality. "Yeah, okay. What is someone who can turn invisible, and someone who can use highly flammable plants grow out of the ground going to do against someone who starts forestfires? Not just literally." Though the minute she said that, something popped into her brain.

"What about the security tapes that Charlotte treasures so very much. The ones that prove that you promised your love? That's only Part 2 of what happened. I'm positively sure that Charlotte didn't just 'happen' to find someone who could change her into... me." During this time she had sat right next to Xavier, and leaned in real close while emphasizing her plan. But of course, Xavier's was someone elses now. Even if that was a someone she hated. Clearing her throat, she got down from the desk that she was in. Even if she wanted to kiss him with as much certainty as the sun will rise, Oliver knew better. During that kiss he didn't give in, or give out. He stayed undecided. He didn't know what to think about her did he? In Oliver's mind, she was absolutely nothing to him now, or maybe just not as important anymore. Of course that only made sense, after all he didn't have an obligation to like her did he? Well, if he had moved in, maybe she should too. Whipping out her phone, she knew that one person would make her feel better. He always did. hey henry do u think u could meet me on the roof? Even though he hadn't responded, Oliver was going anyways. It was her getaway from all of the world. "I'll meet you here everyday, and we'll plan when we meet. Okay? So, lets just meet at seven tomorrow. PM obviously." And with that, Oliver was gone. Almost as quick as she came. Being in the same room as someone she still loved, hurt her, especially because that person didn't love her back.

Soon enough, an answer popped up in her phone, sure, i'll be there in five. She wasn't wearing the standard uniform for the school, but she felt more comfortable that way. Of course people were staring a bit more, but it wasn't like she wasn't used to it. Ever since that day, people couldn't help but stare, a few people gave her looks of pity and sadness but still nobody did anything, plus only the freshmen, sophomores, and half the junior's class cared. The other half and all of the seniors didn't have time for that. Except Xavier and Charlotte were just popular. With everyone. So, nevermind earlier, Oliver was practically being watched for entertainment by the whole school, and not a lot of people were standing by her side. As she opened the abandoned classroom door, she swung open the door before climbing the vine to the top of the roof, her place of peace and serenity. The red clay tiles were always so beautiful this time of day. As the sun shined and seemed to make her skin glow as though she were an angel. The blue skies were so clear it felt like there was nothing else but her and mother earth. "Hey." Jerking up from her resting spot, she glanced up at a boy with sandy brown hair and the beautiful chocolate eyes. "So, I heard what happened." Immediately she took her heads and buried them into her arms once more. "Yep. It's not what you think but, I really don't think he likes me anymore. I know, I know, I rejected him but still... I think I still... love him." Henry looked at her with a slightly disappointed look but only comforted her. "oh." After a little while of sentence he began again. "But, why? Didn't he make out with a person who like... wants to kill you? In front of your face, while you cried?" As Henry said this, Oliver visibly flinched in his arms. He did. But, he also seemed way to confused to actually be guilty. Xavier wasn't a very good actor, even if he did put on a brave face everyday. Even if he did know exactly where to move his hands even though Oliver was his first, during those hours she spent isolated with him, she learned about every inch of him. Or at least she got to know him deeper than most. I'm almost positive that tattoo of his isn't within school registrations She thought to herself, leaning into Henry's arm oblivious of the future that lay ahead.

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Xwft | 388 comments Xavier watched his heart shattering once again as Oliver shrunk back on herself as if she wished she didn’t existed. As if he was really that bad that she had to curl into a ball. He almost felt he should leave. He shouldn’t be putting her though this pain, he didn’t want to see her in this amount of pain and because of him! Had he really hurt her that bad, she knew he didn’t mean any of it right. He stilled liked her, heck he still loved her but he just…. He couldn’t. Surely she knew that. Didn’t she? Xavier kicked himself, of course she didn’t. All he had done was screw things up for her, never once did he show he actually loved her, especially after he made out with that little brat right in front of her not even noticing her! All he offered were some pathetic words that meant nothing. After all who believes a liar's words? Especially not words from Charlotte's lover.

He kept his cool so long, acted happy acted in acted love... everything. But as Oliver snapped he did to.
“Gosh damn it Oliver i’m sorry ok! How many time do I have to say that before you realized I truly am, that I truly love you!” He snapped not trying to stop tears slowly filling his eyes. Couldn’t she just understand, was he one to lie about this?! Was he one to ever lie! No one believed him but it was true, he would never lie and he would never love Charlotte, never willingly kiss her without a motive. He had said that so many times and no one realized he was being truthful. Even at her apology he couldn’t making himself stop. No one believed him so why keep trying, why bother.
“You seriously don’t believe your the only one hurt! Dang it Oliver I can’t keep this act up! There is a difference between being ok and acting ok and I just can’t keeping acting!” He yelled watching her come closer.
Xavier bit his lip but as she came closer he pulled back. It was painful to have her close, It was hard to resist to kiss her, to touch her like he had Charlotte. As he pulled back he looked down at himself at his skeletal frame. I can’t keep acting, but I have to. He told himself standing and moving away from her. His hand ran through his hair pulling way to hard that it hurt. What had he done? How had he messed his life up so bad. And how in the world did he think he would be able to defeat Charlotte?

Xavier's mind spun with other things as Oliver spoke but he was to aware of her pulling out her phone and texting someone. Not him, she was asking for someone else’s comfort, not his.
“Yeah.” He said softly. “Yeah I guess we could somehow use the cameras.” He was thinking of a way to use her favorite thing against her.
How badly he wanted to make Charlotte's world crumbled as much as she made his. He was sick of her mind games and he would do anything to get back at her, even if it involved using her same trick on her. She didn’t play fair so why did he need to. In fact he wouldn't play nice. He was also thinking dance. If he sorted things out with Oliver then his friends he could rope Charlotte into a dance, one that had them both as leads. Not that he wanted to drag in friends into the mess with Charlotte but if he got them into the plan maybe it was a possibility. He would just have to talk it through with Oliver tomorrow. He had a bet lots would want to watch both Charlotte and Xavier dance so that would be the best way to publicly humiliate her. Either way Charlotte would get his full revenge, he would shove all his pain onto her, it would just take some time for him to build up her trust before tearing her down.

His mind was spinning with ideas until Oliver spoke once again.
“Yeah ok see you here tomorrow.” He nodded watching as she just disappeared.
He was overcome with the need to follow her, to tell her it was ok and to beg her to forgive him. Heck to just pull her aside hide them with his powers and just kiss her. To grab her take her to his room and just be alone together, without the watchful eye of Queen Bee. But he didn’t, he couldn't Charlotte saw everything even if she wasn’t there at the time she would know what happened. He would have to go about it more secretively if he was going to do anything behind her back. So he let Oliver leave, he waited a bit before walking out the class himself. He had no idea where Oliver had gone but he knew where he needed to be. Charlotte would be waiting for him in last class. It was still a few minutes before last class but he knew Charlotte would still want him. Even if he didn’t want to see her he still needed to to act happy, it was all about the acting. Placing a smile on his face Xavier headed through the halls. He was amazed at how many people smiled at him. Some were Charlotte's friends some where those wanted to be on her good side. Most of them were because of Charlotte, none of them were anyone he knew, any of his friends, or any one he knew.

Of course Charlotte was waiting for him, leaning against the door frame studding her nails.
“Hey Charlotte.” He said giving her a small wave.
“Took you long enough my love.” She said looking up at him smiling. Walking towards him her heels clicking against the floor, Charlotte stood in front of him. “But I bet it was worth that wait. You did deal with that little hussy right?” She asked raising an eyebrow.
Biting back a scream of frustration, Xavier answered her question. “Yes, I doubt she will trouble me to much anymore.” He replied making himself look happy about it.
“Good, good” She said lacing her arms around his neck grinning. Oh how badly Xavier wanted to punch her, how badly he just wanted to teach her for everything. However he couldn’t. He couldn’t or else everything out fail, so he had to go along with it. He felt her place a kiss to his cheek grinning slightly.
“Well, now it’s just us then. I mean we are meant to go to class but, you want to skip it? I don’t really care about math anyway.” She said sweetly.
Xavier bit his lip reluctant to agree, he had no idea what Charlotte was thinking. He didn’t trust her. Nor did her really want to spend time with her. “You sure that’s a smart idea.”
Charlotte started at him while before laughing. “Oh I forgot you were a good boy, I bet you haven't skipped a class yet.” She laughed. “Well i’ll take it upon myself to educate you. Come.” She said trailing her hand down his body to his hand.
Lacing her fingers with his she lead him away though she said come she didn’t give him a choice. She seemed quite content on not letting him have a choice. So Xavier followed. Hopefully math wasn’t overly that helpful today. Maybe he could say he was sick but oh well he would make it up. The school liked him, they would let him away with it surely.

As Charlotte dragged him through the halls he realized many people were waving but just as many were shrinking back trying to hide from her. How can someone live like this He wondered. How could someone live with being feared like Charlotte was. Did she really think this was good? However seeing the amount of people afraid of him made him more persistent to tear her reign over the school down. However at the current moment he was also the one being avoided. He was the one getting all the worried looks, he was the one people avoided, he was the one that people were glaring at and being frightened of. He hated it. He was aware of Charlotte leading him outside, why outside he had no idea, he was just worried of her intentions. To be honest he didn’t want to kiss her again, if they could keep the kissing down to once a week he would be ok, but he had a feeling that would not be ok with Charlotte. Worst of all he really, really didn’t want to run into Olivier again. It was heard enough to keep a straight face around Charlotte let alone keep it up around both Oliver and Charlotte. Not around the thief that stole his heart and the girl he was forced to like. He had limits to his acting skills.

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((What does Charlotte want to show him? It will help me write the next few paragraphs.))

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Xwft | 388 comments Um thats yet to be decided. Wecan do a time skip to the next day whenthey talk again if u want 😉

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((Next day))

The day was not being cooperative like she had hoped. After just finishing her day of assiting the VP, painting the walls and remaking certain parts of the roof, she was exhausted. After all anyone in their right mind would be absolutely bored out of her mind. After all, she would have to catch up on full days of class after this. Though as she climbed down from the roof and back into the abandoned classroom and said goodbye to Henry she couldn't help but hear the words that Xavier had shouted at her yesteday engraved into her mind. Had yesterday been embarrassing? Beyond understanding, but he had told her that he loved her. And she believed that she might love him too. Which to Oliver, was saying a lot. A 'maybe-might love' was more than she thought she had in her. Loving someone else after a past so broken and damaged was unrealisitc, but they were teenagers with superpowers, so clearly it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to them. Still, it felt pretty damn close. As she sat on a desk patiently waiting for Xavier to walk in, she couldn't help but wonder about what she would do when he got here. Obviously she would talk to him about the plan but, what else? To Oliver this was her last chance to finally find out if she had the guts to keep this relationship going. Though as he walked in the door she immediately knew her answer, what she wanted so badly. Yes. She needed- no, wanted Xavier so badly. She loved him with all of her heart and soul and both were severely damaged. But, if he did love her like he said, he would love her all in all.

As the door creaked open she immediately stood to her feet, though it wasn't exactly who she was expecting. "H-Henry? Oh, hey, what are you doing here?" He didn't say anything and merely brought her close to his waist and smiled at her. "Oh come on, are you seriously waiting for him? Just be real for a moment he ditched you for a girl who scares people half to death?" Pushing him back she slapped him across the face, only with a hand this time, her ppwer were too haywire ever since she had split from Xavier, and she esrnestly couldn't use her powers without the fear of genuinely hurting someone and putting them in a cast. "Henry! Xavier is your best friend! I can't believe that you would ever talk about him like that, you just don't understand. I still love Xavier, and as far as I know..." her cheeks became a rosy color even as she glared at him. If she wasn't so pissed it would actually be quite an adorable sight to see. "I love him. You don't understand how much it hurts to see him with another person makes me want to curl up and die a little bit every day. People don't even like her! They are simply all afraid of her because abuses her power! I miss the way his lips felt, and... how warm his body is against mine, his hair being that sort of perfected messy that always looks like it has a hand running through it. That stupid smirk of his whenever I make the worst jokes on earth." God, she loved him. And she wanted him so bad. And by Jove, she was going to get him even if their plan failed.

"So... yeah. You need to leave." As his hands left her waist she grabbed his arm before lightly tugging on it. "Are we still... friends?" As he pulled her in for a hug she flinched, but then complied as she realised it was simply platonic, "Yeah. We're friends, but just know that I'll always be an option Oliver. My eyes were open the first time I saw you, the closed slightly when you slapped ny best friend with a giant vine spike, but still I'm glad that we're friends." Smiling she nudged him a little bit, "See you tomorrow?" "Yeah. Tomorrow." Once again Oli was left waiting on the desk for the one she loved.

As it hit eight PM she guessed that he simply was not goibg to come, so she packed her bag and got ready to leave until she saw him walk in. Him and his perfect self. The pink lips, peircing blue eyes, the adorable and completely dorky personality he had walked in through that door. Looking outside for any possible onlookers, she quickly closed the wooden, french doors shut before grabbing his collar and kissing him. This time, it wasn't a simple peck or a simple kiss, she was being assertive. She wanted Xavier, he was her other half. Her heart. Never in life had she ever thought that she would end up giving her heart so quickly, in high school no less. As she came to a natural pause. "Xavier listen, I express my love in extremely primal ways. And do you know a fraction of how I feel when I see making out with another girl right in front of me? It shakes me to my core. I personally will fight for you, even if that means my ass is going to get kicked. Or burned. I don't know what you and Charlotte do in your free time, or when you are alone, but I am willing to love you. I can't help to do anything but love you. Even when you seem completely crazy." Setting her hands on his shoulders she looked him straight in the eye. "You don't have to respond right now, but Xavier I am in love with you, and I don't even want to fall for anybody else. Are you okay with loving me back?"

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((I trust you, after all it wouldn't be a good rp if it was just my opinon))

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Xwft | 388 comments Day before

Xavier followed Charlotte though the halls wondering where on earth she was taking them. He figured they were going somewhere more of less privet so they didn’t get seen by a teacher plus he had a feeling Charlotte wanted him alone. After walking for what felt like ages, Charlotte lead them to double doors throwing them open and striding out into the waiting sun. Outside, he should have guessed, not many people would be out here and it would be the best place if they wanted to come up with an excuse for being away fro class. There were many reasonable reasons they could be out her. Despite her not holding his hand, Xavier followed her out shielding his eyes and squinting against the brightness of outside. As sad as it sounded he hadn’t been outside in at least a week, his skin glowing ghostly white in it’s strong rays.
“You need to tan more.” Charlotte teased her eyes running up and down his scrawny pale body.
Once again she took his hand leading him away yet again.

It was silent as they walked neither of them having anything to say. Xavier knew it was pointless to ask where they were going, Charlotte wouldn’t tell and he knew that. However he started really wanting to know what was going on as Charlotte started leading him towards the school garden. Of all the places a fire person could go she went to the most flammable place. Seeming to see his confused look Charlotte grinned.
“Hey If i’m going to skip school might as well get something from it.” She said with a shrug not slowing her pace leaving Xavier to wonder what she meant.

It was only minutes later when they were walking through the rows and rows of strange flowers, plants and trees. Rays of light hit the flowers making some glow or sparkle while others wilted or closed up clearly being night flowers. There was even a tree with golden leaves so every time light hit the shiny gold surface it cast a golden glow into the air the light bouncing from leaf to leaf so the whole tree looked aglow. Xavier was amazed he had never spent the time to look at all this properly, the only time he actually looked at it was with the on girl he was meant to hate. There was still silence between them but somehow it seemed more relaxed. Charlotte released his hand gently reaching out and running her hands delicately along the leaves of plants making some recoil at her touch as if they knew the power that rested in her hands. Yet Xavier was amazed at the grace and gentleness she held while picking flowers or plucked little fruits off trees and bushes like she was royalty. How could someone like Charlotte be so careful with something she could so easily destroy?

Xavier watched in fascination awhile longer the silence still hanging between them until Charlotte spoke up.
“I don’t understand why people seem to hate me so much.” She said and Xavier only just managed not to laugh.
What on earth did she mean she didn’t know why, surely she was just messing with him.
“No I mean, ah.” She huffed noticing his confused look. She frowned before trying again. “I mean I have a older sister at home and she’s getting all the fame and… i’m just… There. My older sister she’s the one getting all the land she’s the one getting it all and what am I? Just a girl in the background getting none of it.” Charlotte sighed slipping a sweet smelling bright purple flower behind her ear before continuing on down the dirt path. “I mean it’s nice to be noticed for once but… No one seems to like me, like they seem scared of me.” She said looking at Xavier as if wondering if he noticed, wondering if he knew why.

Xavier took a moment to collect his thoughts before finally speaking up. “I mean you do kinda burn things... And threaten people and genuinely be quite mean so if you want people to like you then you might want to change how to treat them. However you did a very good job of getting people's attention, just not in the good way.” Xavier said knowing that was very blunt and brutal but also true.
Beside despite her ‘confession’ Xavier still didn’t exactly like her, he also didn’t trust her still, who knows what lies she was trying to get him to believe. Charlotte fell silent seeming to walk more glumly now. After a more awkward silence she finally spoke once again.
“But you like me right?” She asked sounding so innocent it wasn’t funny.
“Umm…” Xavier hesitated.
Did like her? Well he didn’t, he shouldn’t, she hurt Oliver and didn’t deserve his care but he felt bad for her. Maybe she wasn’t as mean as she seemed and was just… Mislead. In need of guidance.
“Yeah, yeah I think I could like you.” He said grinning and taking her hand giving it a quick squeeze in reassurance.
Charlotte grinned softly seeming to leave that conversation at that. Changing topics she plucked a handful of little red berries off on the nearby bushes before throwing them all at Xavier.
“You need to eat.” She joked grinning and throwing more berries at him as he stumbled back in shock wondering what all the red bullets were.
Once he regained his bearings a cheeky grin spread across Xavier's face. “Oh no you don’t.” He said taking his own handful of berries and tossing them at her. Charlotte squealed as the berries splattered against her sink staining it with little red spots. That's when the berry fight began.

Present day

Xavier dashed through the halls skidding around the corners flicking his still wet hair from his face as went. He wasn’t trying to be late but Charlotte had kept him longer than he expected. However that was kinda his fault as well. He said he wanted to leave by Seven but they kinda both forgot. They weren’t even doing all that much important but time just disappeared. After school Charlotte had taken him away leading him up to her room and form there they had just, talked. Charlotte had taken some berries and other assortments of fruit from yesterday that they ate for dinner so they didn't need to leave the comfort of her room. Well more like she forced him to eat complaining about him being so bony. He had eaten a bit before feeling sick and telling her to stop, he also got sick of the berry stains getting all over him and everything from all the stuff she threw at him thanks to his relentlessness to comply. While eating fruit they were lying on her bed mostly just talking, a few kisses were traded but not as much as he expected. Ever since yesterday she was so much more nicer, as unbelievable as that was. She wasn’t as nice as to other as she was to him but he figured that it was a start. He might get something from her yet. Truthfully they might have even dozed off for an hour of two. That would explain how so many hours were lost making him rush to get to Oliver by seven. It also didn’t help he needed a shower and change of clothes thanks to the berries, and for course his dorm was like halfway across their school from Charlottes. Now he was almost and hour late!

Finally Xavier made it to the room they organised to met in after running into Henry on the way and having like a ten minute chat with him he ended up flat out sprinting the last few halls. Slowing his breath, straightening his clothes, re positioning his wild tangle of damp hair and genuinely making himself slightly more presentable, Xavier opened the door hoping that Oliver would still be waiting. Upon seeing her Xavier let out a sigh of relief.
“Hey Oli i’m sorry I…” However Xavier didn’t get to finish as Oliver's lips crashed down on his.
Automatically he tensed confused of what was going on before slowly relaxing into it. For that whole week he missed this. Last time she kissed him it was as if she didn’t exactly know what she wanted but now she knew exactly what she was doing. She was demanding. Xavier kissed her back slightly less assertive then she was. He was gasping for breath by the time Oliver released him being he was still half breathless from his dash though the school.

All though her heartfelt speech Xavier was silent debating what to say and what he felt himself. Things were all so complicated with all this Charlotte stuff but he loved Oliver, right? He did still love her, he still got the tingling feeling every time she kissed him. He still wished for her to be with him. That whole week without her tore him apart. He must have not said anything for ages being his breathing had calmed by the time a grin spread across his face.
“I think i’m ok with that.” He teased not waiting a split second more before once again kissing her. ‘Consequences be damned. He would find a way to make this all work. Find a way to be with her and with Charlotte. He had to. He had leapt from the cliff now he just needed to wait for the net.’

He was still much more gentle then her, his lips only lightly pressing against hers. Why? He didn’t know but as long as he was kissing her he was ok. As long as he was the one dragging her close, he was the one threading his hands through her hair. His lips were the ones trailing down her neck after getting bored of her lips. However as he kissed her he couldn’t help but have Charlotte. Her sitting close him, her playful smirk as she tossed little colored bullets at him the golden light of the trees leaves lightening her skin, making it glow more then it already did. Even the thought of her lips on his. His mind was comparing both Charlotte and Oliver without him even wanting it to. Wanting to rid Charlotte from his mind Xavier just kissed Oliver harder lacing his arm tightly around her waist as he dragged her close.

Xavier pulled back not knowing how long it had been but air was a necessary requirement for him as well as the fact he didn’t think kissing in a classroom would be smart despite the time it was.
“Well,” Xavier started resting his forehead on hers. “How about we go to my room and away from prying eyes.” He suggested. “No creepy meaning behind that.” He insisted quickly though he wouldn’t mind a bit of lip locking if he was being fully honest, this was Oliver he was talking about. But at the same they had a job to do. “It’s just my room is ten times nice to sit in and also a much better place to talk about tearing down the Queen Bee.” He explained quickly wondering why he was being such a fool. Letting his hands fall from her waist, Xavier stepped back. He letting his eyes run her over her a few times before a soft smile spread along his lips. He forgot so many things about her, so many things of the things he loved about her he forgot. The flowers that were always there but always in different places always for different types. Even the simplest things like they way her hair felt the colour of her eyes they way stood. Everything little that made Oliver Oliver he forgot.

His hands itched to take hers, to lead her out into the halls without a care in the world but he knew he couldn’t or his whole plain of playing Charlottes lover would crumble. Unless… Taking her hand Xavier laced their fingers together. He didn’t know if this would worked but he was willing to try, surely it would work. It had to. Calling upon his powered Xavier felt the familiar chill blossom out spreading throughout his body and coating him with invisibility. Focusing harder he reached out sending his power down to his hand that was laced with Olivers letting it find and coat her as well. He could already feel the effort of doing that but he would last until he got to his dorm. He had to.
“Let’s go.” He said leading her out the door and into the hall.

((And book quote!!!!! I don’t know if you read Throne of glass but a stole a line I liked form Dorian.))

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