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((While most students see the courtyard as an opportunity to practice their abilities, some come here to relax. But be careful! There may be other students who would want to use their powers on you!))

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Scarlett was excited to finally be free from the grueling school hours. While she did try to appreciate the work and effort the teachers put into giving out a lesson, there was nothing better than being excused to do whatever you pleased. Well, not whatever, but most within reason. And today, Scarlett had decided to test out her abilities, hoping that the lesson she had learned from her Terra class would've improved at least some part in her power. Walking along the stone walls surrounding the huge courtyard, Scarlett began to call out to a few birds, which sounded like noisy chirps to the human ear. Soon, a tiny, blue mountain bird flew above her head and. . . pooped on her. Scarlett rolled her eyes with annoyance. Perfect. Just what she needed. Though, to be fair, she didn't give an exact instruction to the birds, but rather just called on them to come to her. Ah well. She chirped a few more times and a dozen birds flew about. Tweating to each other as Scarlett beamed below them.

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((I love coincidences like these, don't you? XD Also, are the birds HER birds or someone else's?))

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((Okay! Wanted to make sure!))

Right as soon as Scarlett had thought she had control over the lovely birds, one by one, they flew over to a newcomer. This could not get any worse. Well, it could, but one was not suppose to think about every worse case scenario possible when in this situation. Regardless, Scarlett tried to call the birds back but then they swarmed around the boy and one had even dove down to attack him. "Stop it!" She shouted in her human voice, running towards the birds because what else could she do? Scarlett tried grabbing the birds attention again but it didn't work. Then the boy just went through them. He went through the bloody birds! Pinching the bridge of her nose, Scarlett quickly went through what else she could to help the poor boy but came up with nothing. Frustrated, she tweeted madly, commanding the birds to return back to wherever they came from. But they simply did not listen. Did she really have that little control over her power? Well, there wasn't any time to dwell on that now. She then ran right between the birds and the boy and gave the bird who struck him a lethal glare. "Now," she started, switching to a sharp shriek in their tongue, "I would like each and every one of you to go back the way you came and not to harm this boy any longer."
"Why should we?" Asked a sparrow, flying in a back flip circle. "This is too much fun!"
"Yeah! We only want to make friends," chimed in another.
"I doubt that by making friends is to draw blood," Scarlett scoffed. "I would like to ask again."
"Plead, beg, go on your knees. It won't matter. We're through with listening to your worthless chirps. And now that you have no power over us, we may do whatever we please," cawed a crow.
It was crystal clear these birds weren't moving any time and Scarlett still didn't have a plan. How could she make the birds go away when her ability was clearly failing? Then, Scarlett's eyes widened and she actually had an idea. How absolutely wonderful!
"Come on!" Whined a bluebird. "We haven't got all day!"
Scarlett shrieked once more, but it wasn't from anger, she was calling to a bird of prey that would suit her needs just fine to make this lot turn on their wings. Seconds later, a peregrine slammed one of the birds from under it's talons and the birds dispersed. "Run!" She yelled at the boy, following after him to make sure that he would well and dandy. Especially after being hurt by one of the gentlest of creatures. She looked over her shoulder and said a thank you to the peregrine. It gave a slight nod before returning to killing the swarm of birds.

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Scarlett couldn't help but turn back every few seconds to check up and see how the birds were doing, particularly the peregrine who kept snatching the remaining angry birds. This whole event was at a point of dissatisfaction for Scarlett. Mainly because she thought she had an astounding amount of control over animals but this. . . this only proved that she had lots of work set out for her before she ever could tell herself she was amazing. And the boy's scratch made it all the more difficult. As they ran, Scarlett snapped her head up to the boy, who she presumed was speaking to her. Being at quite a distance from him, she sped forward in an attempt to catch up. Once at his side, Scarlett said to him, panting rather loudly for a girl of fifteen, "N-never. . . bet-" She was cut off when the peregrine struck the boy again. "Stop it!" Scarlett cried out, feeling awful that not only was this chap being caught up in the middle of her mess but that today was not her best of days. "Please!" The peregrine shrieked again before diving once more at the boy. Then it flew off when Scarlett had ordered it to leave. "Bloody hell," she muttered, daring to look at the boy, who, no doubt, had to see the nurse. Unless it wasn't serious at all, which Scarlett definitely doubted. "Are you all right, mate?" She asked as a concerned expression took shape

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Scarlett couldn't help but stare at his wounds. Blood was soaking his shirt and his top was ripped. What to do, what to do. Should they head over to the Infirmary and hope for the best? That would seem like the best option considering who knows what else the peregrine attacked with those sharp talons. "W-we need. . . to take you. . . to the Infirmary," she breathed out, stopping for a moment with her back bent and hands on her knees. "And no, t-that. . . was most definitely not." In truth, she liked to add a bit of flare on her first impressions. But such was not the case in this situation. "You have any bandages?" She asked, looking up at him. Considering what happened today, Scarlett was certainly going to purchase plenty of bandages.

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((You too, huh? Goodreads is acting a bit strange today.))

"What-?" Scarlett was about to ask when he straightened out her back and placed her arms on the top of her head. What on earth was he doing? Well, she got her answer when he explained that by slumping, she wasn't doing herself any favors. "Oh. T-thank you," she simply said, feeling that it was a bit easier to breath now than in her previous situation. "I bet I look silly, don't I?" She chuckled slightly. When he started to take off his shirt, Scarlett looked away for a few seconds then was asked to helped him out. "If I must," she said with a sarcastic huff and walked over behind him. Scarlett grabbed the strips and placed one over his other shoulder and kept another in her mouth. The wound on his back didn't look as bad as she thought it would be but that didn't make her feel any better. "Hold the end of it," Scarlett said to him, meaning the make-shift bandage on his shoulder as she wrapped her arms around him using the longer and wider strand to wrap around his body. Once that was tied, Scarlett knotted a connecting strand from his shoulder to the bandaged that was now keeping pressure to the wound on his back. She then moved in front of him and fumbled with the strand on his shoulder and tied that with the bandage he had already made. "There we go," Scarlett said as she made the finishing touches. She looked up at him with curious and worried eyes, mostly concern. "How do you feel now?"

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(Haha! That too! XD)

"You don't where it is?" Scarlett asked him with surprise. "Now that's something you don't hear everyday." Unless he was a new student and she was doing such a splendid job with being the welcoming committee. Or maybe he just never really got himself into any serious injuries in the past. Until now. "Not at all! It's the least I can do after. . . after everything," she told him while cringing a bit. Scarlett then held out her hand and spoke with an unsuccessful attempt at an English accent, "Scarlett Armitage, at your service." She couldn't help but giggle at her silly try at the accent she deemed as sounding intelligent and elegant

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Returning to her normal, plain, American accent, Scarlett rubbed the back of her neck. "True. I have a friend who can do an amazing English accent and can sing pretty well with it too." As Eden bowed, Scarlett let out a rather noisy snort. "Sorry about that. It's a pleasure to meet you, Eden Cipher. Your middle name wouldn't happen to be Dee, would it?" The moment was too good to be true so how could she pass up a simple joke like that? And hopefully he was the type of person to laugh a good natured joke. "Hm. Perhaps you just haven't been looking hard enough?" Scarlett suggested with a smile. "Or maybe because I haven't been causing enough trouble for many people to notice me." She sighed. "Until now."

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"Levine," Scarlett repeated. "That is a rather nice middle name. I, unfortunately, don't have one like most people. Sad, really." She always found that having a middle name was quite useful. Especially when you couldn't use your first name and had to resort to the middle one your parents gave to you. "How wonderful," Scarlett said dryly as she walked on the path that would lead to the Infirmary. "Come on. The attention I will receive in the classes will be astounding!" When Eden asked her the exact term for her ability, she looked at her boots and said, "I've been told it's just called animal communication but I'm sure there must be a Latin term for it as well. I inherited my mother's ability and she told me that was the name she used." She casted a look at Eden and asked, "How about yourself? I saw you going through those birds like they were nothing! Are you a Phaser? You know, the guys who can go through things at will."

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"More than phasing?" Scarlett wondered out loud to herself as she scratched the top of her head. "Gosh. And I thought I had to complicated when it came to my ability. It's strange that there isn't an particular term for a single power or gift. Because there are some minor tweaks to it as well." Sometimes during the teachers' lectures, Scarlett would get so confused that she would miss the entire lesson! And how was she suppose to learn more when the whole thing just blew right over her head? "Anyway," she cleared her throat, "what homeroom do you belong in? I'm guessing Amino, but I could be wrong."

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"I know, right? It's quite strange. . ." Scarlett trailed off for a couple of seconds before answering his question. "Terra, actually. Since, you know, me being able to talk to animals places me in the home room that deals with the earth." While scarlett was grateful for her ability, she wondered what it would be like to have a different ability. As they walked, she suddenly asked, "If youncould have any ability in the world, what would it be?"

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As Scarlett listened to Eden's choice of power, she began to think about how wonderful it would be to have that ability. It was true with what he was saying. There was something magical about the people who could control water. They had to concentrate on even the most simplest of things to make sure they could maintain power the water. When Eden asked her what she would want, Scarlett replied, "Either creating ice-cream out of nowhere or being a Telepath. The first one because I tend to get hit fairly quick and a cold scoop is always refreshing. And the second because then," she suddenly began to massage her forehead for emphasis, "O could read your miiiiinnnndd."

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"You could, but then you would sort of be like Frankenstein. You know, with the metal in your head and that stuff," Scarlett explained to him. She never would've thought to implant metal in your head since it would probably hurt and to go through all that just so someone wouldn't read your mind. . . "Right? That's why I think it would be so cool to have them! You could travel about selling ice-cream, because who doesn't like it? And, you could never get hungry. Of course, you may be sick of it over time but. . ." She gave a side look to Eden and slightly cringed. "I'm sorry. It sounds childish, doesn't it?"

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"True. I wouldn't want just anyone peeking into my head. It would probably be a huge mushy mess, and we wouldn't want them to get stuck in it, now would we?" Scarlett said to him. When he paused for a moment, she had wondered if he had forgotten how to speak but the he continued. "Oh very funny. You should probably go up on stage and be a comedian in the near future. Now at least one of us would have a promising career. Me as an ice-cream maker and you as the joker." She was grateful to him that he did not mock her about her wild dream, though it would seem unlikely to ever happen now. "Thank you. I do hope you mean it." Scarlett checked his bandages and asked, "How are you feeling? Like as though we need to carry you to the infirmary?"

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This whole situation was so bizarre that if you told her that she would be the reason that a boy would need to have stitches, she would've scoffed in your face. But now, it all just seem like one big Mess. And after all of this was over, Scarlett was determined to improve on her commanding skills. The maybe send Eden a box of chocolates as an apology. Did he even like chocolate? "St-stitches?" Scarlett stumbled as she widened her eyes. Swiftly, she grabbed his wrist and started to pick up the pace. "We need to get you there faster. Who knows what kind of infection or a major blood loss you could have if we don't get you there in time!"

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Scarlett's face turned into concern as she said, "Of course I'm worried! Wouldn't you be after your birds just attacked someone? Well, they're not MY birds, but you get the picture." He certainly is quite the tease, isn't he? She thought to herself. Eden did seem to enjoy teasing her at every chance he could get. It was quite adorable, actually. "No frothing. Check! No sign of discomfort? Hmmm. You've been better," Scarlett said, holding onto his wrist a few seconds longer before releasing it. Though it seemed like he wanted to slow it down a bit, Scarlett still maintained a brisk pace, not wanting him to bleed to death even though he had assured her he wouldn't.

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"A. . . a friend?" Scarlett mumbled, wondering if he was being serious or if it was all a huge joke. Why would he want to be her friend, of all people, when she was the reason why he would have to be stitched up? It just simply didn't make any sense to her at all. But what if Eden actually meant it? He would be one of the friends she had and there wasn't anything wrong with having one too many companions. "Well, I wouldn't call Redthorn terrifying." A giggle escaped her. "Just maybe a bit. . . interesting." Good going! You couldn't have thought of a different word? She scolded. "Okay, so maybe the terrifying bit does overweight the whole magical aspect of it, but it is one of the places I call home."

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Scarlett couldn't agree more. Though the academy did have it's charming personality, there were times where it felt a bit intimidating. Probably because that anyone that last by you could have an ability that could wreck your life forever. There weren't many cases like the ones Scarlett had feared but they had to be out there. Unknown to most of the students. "Hence why I don't ever tread through the forest. Alone, at least. Who knows what could be in there." She shuddered. When Eden spoke of Redthorn as his home as well, Scarlett thought nothing of it. Maybe he had a rough childhood and that could be why he thought of the school as such. While she did want to get to know Eden a little better, Scarlett didn't want to pry into anyone's business until she REALLY got to know them. And besides, it would've been quite rude for her go into anyone's affairs, especially if they didn't feel comfortable with speaking about it

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"Someone I trusted. That's definitely rare and I'm not sure there would be anyone I could trust. Maybe I could drag one of the teachers to come with me. Then that would be an amazing field trip in itself," Scarlett said, smiling mischievously like a little imp. "I may just earn school credit for it too." Eden's whole impersonation of acting as though he was telling a ghost story was so silly to watch that Scarlett let out one too many snorts. "It is rather intimidating, if I do say so myself. That's it! So by the end of this schoolyear, I will go into the forest and see what secrets it may hold!" All the whole she was speaking, she couldn't help herself and copied Eden's peculiar action

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"Oooo. That is certainly another profession I could look into. Especially when I do so enjoy to write," Scarlett replied, going along with it even though she absolutely hated having to write anything. Even for fun, it seemed like a bore rather than having fun. "Hmmm. Tempting, but I'd rather be the friendly little ice-cream lady, thank you very much." She giggled as they continued to joke more and more. It honestly made the whole situation a bit more relaxing than it was previously. For Scarlett at least. Eden was probably enjoying every second. "Do you have any interests, Eden? Like if you want to be a doctor or a teacher at the school?" She asked him curious as to what his answer may be. It always fascinated her when fellow prodigies talked about their future interests or what they wanted to be when they grew up

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"You don't? Now that's a real shocker," Scarlett said sarcastically. It wasn't like she had a solid plan for the future either. She didn't have a clue what her interests were and if she should try and make a job for herself. "At least your idea sounds loads better than mine. I like the countryside. Who knows? Maybe I could come and visit you sometime. And then all your kids would come about and mess the whole visit up!" She teased, chuckling madly.

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"Wonderful! I'll be the spinster nanny! I do hope you'll pay me in full when I arrive!" Scarlett exclaimed with joy. Gosh. She hadn't laugh so hard in such a long time. Eden was definitely a cheerful boy and it was almost hard not to laugh at his remarks. "I dunno. But maybe I could send my Charming birds over to straighten your kids out." She widened her eyes when he said his last remarked and groaned. "All right. Well if you must pick my brain, I suppose it's only fair."

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((Are there any music genres you particularly enjoy?))

"Okay. Maybe a firm spanking? No, maybe the bear should do that," Scarlett replied with a smile. Sighing, she nodded for him to proceed. Though it did struck her as funny that he would call her princess. Was it meant to be a good nickname? Or a silly one? "All right. . ." Biting the inside of her cheek nervously, she took a deep breath and said, "I would like to live in the countryside as well with a small town nearby. Then maybe I could grow up to be an artist. That would be a wonderful job since I do enjoy painting with watercolors and other things. . . Does it sound silly?" She asked him suddenly

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((Wow! That sounds wonderful! I'm an amateur with the bass *cough* and I do hope to play synths one day! Oh just curious! Because if I send some songs to you, I wanted to know which would annoy you, and which wouldn't. XD))

"Precisely! my thinking was that I might as well enjoy the wonderful seasons in the country and spend time with my paints." Scarlett thought about his question, seeing as though she tried to experiment with all sorts of art. "Welll, I guess painting backgrounds have always been my favorite. I don't know the exact terminology for it, but that's what I enjoy. Painting simple backgrounds, like forests and lakes."

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((How's that going? Your piano playing, I mean. The only time I sing fairly well is in the shower. XD Ummmm, the ones that are on your status updates? Or on your profile?))

"Yes!" Scarlett exclaimed, grateful that he had found the term she was scrounging for. Ugh. There were so many terms when it came to art that it could rather confusing. Especially to a beginner like Scarlett. "Thank you! That's what I meant! So far, I've been starting out with waterocolouring and it's a blast! While I haven't quite nailed down the whole make it look transparent deal, I watch videos so that helps too."

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((We all gotta start somewhere, right? Ooooh! Okay! I like the ones in your updates! Will you be posting then once a week? Or every couple of days?))

"Have you seen Bob Ross's videos? I know that he made them in the seventies to the eighties but he can show you some pretty cool stuff. It's amazing to watch!" Scarlett exclaimed with excitement at the very thought of Watchjng the old man's videos. They were so wonderful and she never thought to use a certain technique in order to get that certain look. Although Ross did use acrylics, she could always learn from every artist around, right? "Er, no," she responded, blushing at the very thought of anyone purchasing her ridiculous paintings. "They're very amateurish. So before I even dare to sell them, I want to make sure they don't look like a child's work." Truth be told, Scarlett also never considered to sell her paintings until Eden had brought it up.

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((Cool! Oh I get that. It's exactly like writing. When you feel the urge to do it, then you can. When you do, LET ME KNOW!!!))

Scarlett laughed at what he said about Ross's videos being too fast. "True! But then recording the lesson or jotting down notes is also a key to catching up with him." She was surprise to hear that Eden was actually selling his works. And his reason actually made sense. Since what kind of an artist would want to have a mess of their paintings? "Wow. That must be great. And have you sold them since then?"

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((Haha! Yay! 😂))

Scarlett barely noticed that he wanted the attention to be off from him. So she eagerly answered his question and said, "I don't know. Maybe I'll try and set up a stand somewhere in the school and start there? I'm just not sure about the whole thing yet." Her eyes widened and she stared at him with disbelief when he said that he would buy one of her paintings. "You would?" At that moment, she had no idea whether to hug Eden or cry right there on the spot. No one had ever made that kind of offer to her. "Well, if you want, I can show you a few and you can see which one you'd like!"

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"Right. Duh," Scarlett said, smacking her head with the base of her palm. "See? This is why I need more friends. So they can remind me the most obvious of things." While it wasn't the only reason one should have some friends, itvwas definitely a good reason. The infirmary. Right! That's where they were trying to head for in the first place! "I'm so sorry! I guess I got the both of us sidetracked and clearly, that isn't helping your case at all!" She gestured to the soaked bandages. "Let's pick the pace up a bit."

((The infirmary thread is taken. So would you like to time skip and rp somewhere else? Or were you thinking of something else?))

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"I guess. . ." Scarlett mumbled, wondering if there was a quicker way to the infirmary. "In any case, I'm sure the nurses will take excellent care of you. I went in there several times myself and they were all super sweet and helpful." Though Scarlett did only visit the infirmary once every year because of some sort of injury, the nurses didn't think anything of it, saying that there were plenty of other students who visited them more often. "Okay," she said with a firm nod. "Well your battle injuries aren't going to heal themselves."

((Not at all. Did you have a thread in mind?))

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"Er, just around this corner and a hall down," Scarlett told him, following her own instructions and turning sharply around the corner. She was worried that she had made a wrong turn when it seemed to be taking them a while. But nope. It was merely because they were both talking for a while and that seemed to have slowed them down considerably.

((Ah man! *snaps fingers* Lemme see what I can do))

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((Okay! We could go to the Hallway(2)?))

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((Sure thing! To be clear, were we going to time skip?))

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((Haha! True! XD Okay, see you there!))

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