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((Students belonging to Amino are welcomed to the commons! What with having the same layout as the other common rooms, there are multiple seating areas and tables for one to enjoy him or herself. But what makes the common rooms special is that they have their own specialty. For this reason, all sorts of objects levitate high in the air.))

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Xwft | 388 comments After dealing with Cassie Ian walked straight back to his dorm building. His usual fan club found him but he waved them off, not wanting to deal with then at that point in time, for once he wasn't in the mood for love sick girls drooling over him. Even though he want other to leave him alone he still waited outside the building waiting just in case Freea did show, if she was out talking to her boyfriend that was. Looking around but not meeting anyone eyes of looking at one thing long then a few seconds, Ian anxiously wrung his hands foot tapping because of his inpatients as he lent against the building wall. He didn't know if was the way he stood of the look on his face but everyone seemed to avoid him. Only giving him worried or sympathetic looks sometimes waving slightly, but nothing more. And for once he was ok with it. It let him think about what Cassie had said and what it meant. The whole walk over he heard people talking about, talking about Freea and James. How they were so cute together, the whole ordeal. It was exactly like when he and Freea kissed that one day and the words went around, but that had clearly been for the cameras in Freeas sake. And he didn't like it one bit.

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Freea, meanwhile, was heading over to the entrance of the Animo dorms after what happened with Cassie and Ian. It did take her a while to find the entryway, considering that she rarely came out this far from the main campus. As she walked briskly, she kept picking up whispers of her and James. She didn't mind them, truly. It was only to be expected, after all. Who knows? Maybe there were more whispers of her and James rather than her and Ian. Now that would be interesting to know. On her way, Freea actually spotted a familiar figure and rushed after it. Holding down her collared, navy blue dress, Freea tapped on his shoulder and prayed that it was actually Ian. "Hello, hello?" She said sweetly as she tucked her hands behind her back

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Xwft | 388 comments Now Freea might not do a very good job of recognizing him but Ian knew that voice anywhere. Ian turned watching as Freea walking up to some unexpecting boy. Now in any other case Ian would have found this hilarious and teased her mercilessly for it, The way the boy turned around almost jumped out his skin seeing Freea talking to him. But this wasn't just any other case. Though a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth Ian didn't say more, he just wove his way through the others to Freea. "Freea, Luke looks noting like me." Ian said thankful he actually knew the boy Freea had mistaken for him, they got along quite well for that matter. With a wave of his hand he dismissed Luke promising himself he would make up for it later. He walked right up to Freea and with no more words pulled her into kiss. Right there in the middle of the hallway in front of everyone like last time. He savored the feel of her lips before pulling away. "Does that mean nothing?" He asked a bitter sweet tone to his voice. He watched her expressions a bit before sighing and leading her towards his dorm. There was much more he wanted to say without others overhearing, word of mouth got around quick.

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Seeing that the boy in front of her wasn't Ian, Freea scowled furiously. She hated that she was made out to look like a huge fool. She had to make sure the boy would keep his mouth shut before spreading the rumours on how silly Freea was when it came to interpreting who her friends were, and who wasn't. "Well I could see that when he turned to look at me," she said with a pout. "You know, any-" But Freea was cut off when Ian swooped her in for a kiss. Should she expected it? Maybe not, especially when it had been a while since she had tasted his lips. Freea wanted it to last as long as possible so she gave a sigh protest when he backed away. Then came the big question. Well, it certainly was something. Something that she had never experienced with anyone else. But that could be because Freea was a confused little girl, as she was constantly reminded as far as her relatives were concerned. "I. . . no. It definitely means. . . something. But I just don't know what it means," Freea admitted, figuring that she owed him an honest answer for once. Then they were off again. She prayed that Ian would find a more secluded place than the hallway

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian growled hearing her reply as he dragged her away. Did she say that to James as well? Surely if it meant something she would be honest. Was he just her entertainment, a way for her to amuse herself. Just like he heard she did. How she messed with others holding them up before tearing them down. Ian pulled her into the dorm room into the far corner. He would take her back to his dorm but he didn't want to go in there, not yet. Not many people were coming in and out of the dorm being everyone was still in school, so they were mostly alone. Ian put her against the wall making sure she couldn't leave without him knowing. He moved away from her watched her from face away as he let the words fall form his mouth. "You don't know. Wow. Is that because you don't know who's a better kisser or is it because you're just going back to your usual self." He snapped beginning to pace in front of her. He couldn't just stand still, he wasn't able to. especially with some many thoughts swirling in his head. Calming himself slightly knowing he wouldn't get actual answers form her if she didn't know what he was talking about. "Tell me Freea what's this about James? Do you really like him? Am I just a toy, letting me fall for you, kissing me like there was no one watching, then running off with someone else. Is that really all I am." Ian hissed almost dreading her answer. He let some many things fall out his mouth, let himself admit to so many things and he was dreading her reaction but also savoring the fact he might have just called her out on her lies. Wouldn't that bee a good feeling.

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Well, well. What was this she was starting to stir within Ian? Was he mad about something that concerned the both of them? Freea intended to find out by the end of the evening. When they had entered the dorms, her first thought was I'm not suppose to be here. It was a silly girl's thought, and one that would lead to her wondering if she would eventually get caught. Then Ian and pushed her against the wall and that was when Freeea realized that things were getting serious. She hated being trapped into a corner, she was suppose to be the one on the other end, so she squirmed as Ian trapped her from going anywhere. His grave expression pretty much told her nothing. Other than that whatever was preying on his mind had to be a matter of importance. Ian's words came crashing onto her. How was she suppose to respond to any of that? Freea hadn't kissed anyone, other than Ian, in weeks. So his first one barely made a lick of sense. "I am not kissing anyone else," she said to him with a stern voice. "And what do you mean 'back to my usual self?' I've always been me since we met!" Freea had no idea where Ian was going with this but then that big mother load came. James. Shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot! This had Casie written all over it. Now how was she suppose to clean up this mess? "Let's get one thing crystal clear, I DO like James but just not in the sense that you're probably imagining. I'm only hoping to make friends with him because I know just how much it will get on Cassie's nerves." She laughed darkly. "You are more than a toy, Ian But I don't know what this is." She fingered between the both of them as she stared up at his dark eyes. "You need to help me understand what exactly we are. Please." Freea's mind was a complete wreck. While one part told her she was becoming a goodie two shoes if she continued with him, another wanted to know what would happen with her and Ian in the end. She reached out to grab his shirt sleeve. "Please help me understand what is going on," she pleaded softly.

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Xwft | 388 comments "Really or is that what you want me to think?" Ian asked not trying g to soften his tone. "Oh so that's what this is." He snapped spinning to face her. He heard her words but didn't know if she was making stuff up or not, but he had a feeling he would rather trust his cousin then a girl like Freea. When she garbed his sleeve Ian related placing a hand on her shoulder and pushing her back against the wall, harder then he had before but not hard enough to hurt her. "Ok you want to know what's going on. Well so do I." He said ignoring the pleading tone in her voice. Freea wasn't on to plead, there was more to it then the innocent clueless Freea she was acting as. "So James is a toy to get Cassie mad. Am I one too." She said he was more than a toy but does that mean he was a good on. Or was he just being used. Was that all this was. The whole reason she kissed him in front of the cameras even though she said plain and straight forward she didn't mean it. Ian's mind was swirling with so many thoughts but one was clear. Cassie was right Freea was a right stick girl. "Cassie HATES us together so am I just being used by you. If everything i'm doing to you, for you. Is that just to annoy Cassie." He was at the point of yelling now. If he was being used against his cousin for this sick girls entertainment he wasn't going to fall for it any longer.

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"Really?" Freea rolled her eyes. "What I say is up for your to decide whether or not I'm lying. And besides, what good could come from playing with a boy like you? Nothing, that's what. You're fans would come after me the second they knew something was wrong. And all of this would be just a bad memory." It took her a moment to recollect herself and process what was happening. Ian was pinning her to a wall and was clearly not buying anything she was telling him, she was pleading with him to help her understand what was happening, and now. . . Freea was allowing herself to look weak in front of a boy. Her face hardened and she released his sleeve. "No, you're not. I didn't even know that you two were cousins so why on earth would I have wanted to spend time with you at the lake? Even if I did know who you were, it would've been hard to find you when you're surrounding with giggling mayhem." She didn't know if she was going a bit far with that last bit, but she had to try and convince him that she wasn't using him at all. And Freea had to do it fast otherwise, things wouldn't turn out so well for her if she remained in this position. "I'm pretty sure Cassie couldn't care what happens to you, Ian. So even if I did want to use you," she shrugged, "it wouldn't enough to make her mad or frustrated. James is where it's all at." While these were the words that Ian probably didn't want to hear, Freea had to say then otherwise they were going to be here for a looong time. And as much fun as being pinned to a wall was, Freea wanted to get on for the next thing as soon as possible. If there even was a next thing. "Sssh. You don't want to make a large crowd, do you?" She asked softly with a smirk.

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Xwft | 388 comments She had a point. But she also didn't. Then again Ian should except something like that from her, weaving truths into lies so he couldn't figure out. "Nothing good would come but you like a challenge don't you Freea. You like having something to work towards. You alone are more scary then my whole fan club combined. Nothing good would come amazingly that's correct but since when would that stop you." Ian questioned before realizing he might be twisting her words to much. They were coming from to different sides, she said one thing that made her seem innocent and all Ian could see was how it could be a lie. Ian scolded himself for being so blind. He shouldn't be trying to find a fault in all her words, some where true and he shouldn't deny that, he just had to pick at that false ones. Ignoring her statement on her not know they were related. She could just be making that up but he had a feeling that could also be true. Ian focused on the last statement. The one he hated the most. "True." Ian started letting her have a moment of victory. "Cassie might not care less what happens to me but she sure does care about you and she does care about us. You should have seen how she reacted to the video of us kissing. I swear she was ready to kill you." He said using that words us very broadly, it could have meant anything. "Tell me Freea, wouldn't it hurt of your very own cousin started snogging your worst enemy. The one that was trying to steal your crush." He said dropping is voice dangerously low. "Let's flip the roles here for a minuet. If you were in her shoes I bet you would feel the same thing. If you were fighting over one friend, while trying not to let them now then wouldn't it hurt to find out your very own cousin was best buds with the girl you were fighting with. The they were close then just friends, that there was more behind it." Ian said putting extra emphasis on the words was and were, past tense,both of them. Cassie might not care about him but he sure was out for her favor, would rather defend her then others. Ian still didn't release her eve though she had stopped holding him awhile ago. Freea was usually on the other side, usually the one pinning others to the wall. It would be lying to say Ian wasn't enjoying this moment of role reverse.

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"If you decided to come here and lecture me, Ian, it is nothing I haven't heard once before. So honestly? You're wasting your breath on someone like me. A challenge? Goodness. You're certainly think highly of yourself," Freea retorted dryly. What was the use in trying to convince Ian that she wasn't playing around when he seemed to be able to twist her words at every turn? As Ian laid out the whole "pretend to be in Cassie's shoes," she scowled. She wouldn't like it, not one bit, but she would do everything in her power to make sure the girl or boy had the most horrible time in Redthorn in their entire lives. "I think you've got things a tad bit confused. If anything, I am the one who's standing in the middle here, who knows nothing of why you've decided to have a lovely chat with me. About James of all things." Anger bubbled within her. Freea had thought that Ian would be the one to understand these things and not be such a victim to everything his prissy cousin told him. Well, who else would you trust if not your family? "Ian, if you're going to try and scramble for the truth when I've already given it to you, I think it would be best if I left. Clearly this whole thing with James seems to have had a. . . negative effect on you when there isn't anything going on with me and that boy. I never. . . I never thought you would get this mad over it. Which wants me to beg the question of why you would care? Is there something about James you need to know in order to protect Cassie?" It would certainly make a lot of sense if that was the case. For Ian to suddenly care about if anything went on with her and James was peculiar. More than peculiar. It seemed out of place for Ian. "You aren't suppose to care," she said quietly. "Why would you?"

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Xwft | 388 comments "OK." Ian said simply. "If you want to play victim go for, i'll give you that role but just keep in mind your not the only one that doesn't know whats going on." The both had different stories both witch were being proven to be wrong, completely wrong. "IF there really is nothing going on then why did Cassie say there was? Why did she say yo admitted to you and James being a thing?" Ian snapped, not even considering the fact Cassie could be the one lying to him. That's when Ian paused, thinking her words over, thinking over a reply of his own. Was she that clueless?! "Fun fact Cassie can fend for herself. I vouch for her because she family but she would do just as good without me. So no this is nothing about Cassie." Ian confirmed, slowly building a big picture for Freea. "I do wonder why I care about you and James. If not for Cassie then who?" Ian paused letting his words soak in seeing if she would finally figure it out. With hated it. He hda so many girls to pick from and he just had to pick the hardest one. And he said Freea liked a challenge. Slowly anger took over. Why did body decided to screw him over. Make him fall for the hardest target. "Gosh dang it Freea it's because of you!" Ian yelled steeping back. He ran his hand through his hair looking anywhere but her eyes as she continued his words coming in out in a rush. "I'm sorry I care, I didn't seem to get much choice in the matter but I do. All those things I said and did to you slowly became true. The plan was to get you falling for me not the other way around but the seems to be what happened and I can't seem to change it.I would be lying to say I haven't tried." Ian admitted knowing it might sound bad. But if Freea wanted the truth then here it was, probably not in the forma she thought it was going to come. "That's why I hate you and Cassie fighting. That's why I can't stand all these rumors of you and James." Ian stopped panting slightly from all the words he said in rapped fire. "Well go on then, leave. Go fight it out with Cassie. I'm not going to stop you this time." Ian said before turning and walking off towards him dorm. After everything he just said he need time alone. He almost hopped Freea followed but at the same time he didn't and he knew Freea wasn't the type to follow, she wasn't the type to beg. Then again what had she been don't a mere few minuets ago. If she followed he had know idea what would happen. He wasn't in the right state of mind and that could be dangerous. He rarely got mad and he rarely got so words up it went wrong, but this was about something different then him being mad, something much different.

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"I am not trying to play the victim here," Freea told him with a dark look in her eyes. "I am merely stating the facts with what's going on!" Scoffing, she replied, "Because it was called a joke. I told Cassi that so she would eventually get so frustrated that she would lose it. It's what I do, Ian." Didn't he understand that? Didn't he get that this was just who she was and there was nothing either of them could do about it? She hated trying to make Ian see things her way. It made her seem weak and pathetic. And that was the last thing she wanted to do when trying to defend herself. When Ian suddenly confessed why he was, Freea felt a sudden wave of emotions. It was shock, mostly, but hatred for being used in such a manner coursed through her too. Why did she always have to be such an idiot when it came to these sort of things? She could always not get involved with boys like Ian. Then his next part came as a huge surprise. Was he actually admitting that he. . . cared about her? It definitely sounded like it, but it could just Freea scraping for the last bit of hope she had left when it concerned Ian. "I'm not going to fight with, Cassie. Especially when it seems like she's spouting lies about everyone she knows," she gave a scowl. Then Ian started to leave. There were several things she wanted to say to him as he tuned away but it just didn't seem to be worth it. The fire in her had died out and she stood there in the corner, alone. Freea had to sort out her thoughts together and make sense of what was going to happen next for the both of them. Should she try and follow him up the stairs and make sense of everything, or walk away and give him some space? Well, if Freea was known for one thing, it wasn't being considerate. Who cares about Ian's precious little space bubble? Freea wanted to see it pop. Clutching her dress and with a determined nod, Freea walked after Ian

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((Want to post here again and I make Ian's dorm?))

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Xwft | 388 comments ((Sorry was out shopping and stuff with family. We are doing a 11 cores dinner party and doing prep for that so I will be on it will just be one and off and sometimes i might just randomly leave like just then, so sorry about that!

Yup I dorm for him would be nice. Then if someone that is the same homeroom wants a room mate then we edit it :-) ))

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Xwft | 388 comments As Ian walked off he heard all the last remarks that Freea made but didn't pay any attention to them. After everything he just said she had to stick with her snide remarks. Sad thing was that is what made Ian fall for her. She was so different then others and that's what made her stand out. She reacted to him so different, she wasn't just one of those love sick girls she actual saw him as a equal not a idle. But of course it wouldn't work. Scolding himself for being to foolish Ian ran up the stairs taken them two at a time. Thankfully there wasn't many people in the dorm building so no one got in his way. And no one questioned him. He made it right to his room before he heard the expected foot falls of someone behind him. His hand curled around the door handle his knuckles turning white. "What do you want Freea?" He asked surprising even himself with how soft his voice came out. He didn't turn to face her he stayed facing the door his head low eyes closed. "I know what I said and I honestly don't need it rubbed in my face. If you have a problem with it I suggest now isn't the time to talk about it." He said in a tone that suggested he had given up. With all the anger wearing off this is what was left. Not the flirting side or the angry side, the meek side that surprises even himself about how submissive it gets. It annoyed him Freea was here, that she saw him like this. She clearly needed a lesson on personal space. But at the same time he was glad. He was used to her personal space being invaded, and something inside him said he was glad it was Freea. As much as that scared him.

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((Mama. . . That's so many courses! Not a problem! I hope everything works out with the dinner! ^.^
Definitely! Okay. How about when they head inside his dorm, then we post there? Since it looks like they'll be talking outside the hall for a while. ;-))

Freea mustered up everything inside of her that wanted to help and scream at Ian for how unfair he was being. Because he knew what type of a girl she was, right? She wasn't the shy and meak kind. She was. . . Freea. But whatever was building up inside of her faded away. She had a feeling that throwing her usual personality at Ian wasn't going to do anything. It would just create more harm than good. Inhaling a breath, Freea said to him, "I didn't come to pester you, Ian. Nor goggle. I just. . . I need you to know that there really is nothing between me or James. And since it's clear word has gotten 'round with it. I'll be sure to punch the living snot from the person who started it." Ah. There was the old Freea everyone loved and enjoyed. Just to add emphasis, Freea summoned water droplets and gently splashed them across his face. "I don't have a problem. Not with you, at least." With that, she took a step closer and tapped his shoulder. "Could you at least let me see your face?" She asked quietly. It was strange how not seeing his face for even a few minutes drove her crazy. Freea wanted to see the emotions that were probably dancing clear on his face

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Ok deal. Now i will reply very soon just have that last little bits to do on a new charterer i'm doing and it will drive me insane if i don't finished so give me a minuet but I am online and will be awhile.))

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((Haha! XD

Okay! I'll probably be online for three more hours before I head off to snoozeland. XD))

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Ian took a deep breath slowly exhaling as she explained repeating the words she already told him. He found it ironic that she said she didn't want to pester him yet here she was saying the same liens she had said as lest two time's already. He so badly wanted to reply. Tell her not to punch his cousin but he had already said that and he honestly couldn't care right then. Cassie could fend for herself. He was amazed that she still kept up her feisty attitude, it almost made him laugh. It was annoying but cute how she just couldn't let her old personality go. "Word get's around fast doesn't it." He muttered barely flinching when he felt water droplets fall across his face. But he did flinch when she touched his shoulder. Her voice was so close now it was of putting. Pinching the bridge of his noise Ian sighed before turning to face Freea again. She studied her face it was almost torturer not being able to know what anything one her face said. He so badly wanted to know but Freea was very good and not giving stuff away. "Now it's my turn to ask why. He felt like it was the same scenario but this time with him asking why. This time it was her in that spot light. Freea wasn't meant to care. Freea wasn't the type to care. Unless she had some confession to make as well. But he found that highly unlikely.

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"Your turn to ask why?" Freea repeated, her brow furrowing with what Ian could be meaning. It frustrated her so much that she didn't have a clue what he could possibly be referring to. "Ask away, question man. It's not like I have anything to hide." Oh, she had plenty of things to hide, but she also had a choice of whether or not she would share those things with Ian. Fighting the urge to just turn him around, Freea stood there in the hall. Finally, Ian spun around and it didn't faze her. At least, she tried not to let it show. He was like a storm cloud with a calm sea. His eyes were clearly frustrated or annoyed while the rest of his face was trying to be his usual soft self. Freea didn't know what was worse. That Ian had to put some kind of barricade with her or not. As she waited for an answer, Freea searched his face for any clues as to what his reply would be

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian shook his head laughing slightly. She might be harsh but she also had an innocent side. He seriously doubted that she had nothing to hide. This was Freea he was talking about. She was bound to have some secrets. Now as much as he wanted to know he had a feeling she wouldn't tell him. "OK then." Ian said slowly at her innovation to ask away. "When I asked why I meant why. Why did you follow me? Why did you want me to turn around?" He asked but that was only a start. He had something he wanted to ask and didn't have the time. Until now. "Now I don't know if you remember but I do. Back before you knew me and Cassie were related, back in the gardens. When I touched her I saw one thing cross your face. The only thing I understood. it was jealousy. And my question is. Why did you seem to care so much when I touched Cassie. Was it solely because you didn't like me helping her nemesis or was it something more?" He asked watching her closely though he had a feeling she wouldn't show anything. She was standing close and Ian wanted to back off but he didn't. Something in him didn't let him. Plus he knew it was almost like her challenge and he wasn't about let her win. Unless she competently messed up her answer he wasn't going to leave. Not just yet.

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Ian asking her these questions was. . . unsettling for she feared that if she gave a wrong answer, that he would be even more angry with her. And there it was again! Why should she be caring what he thought of her anyway? Freea hated that she didn't have a clear answer, even for herself. Sighing as she ran a hand through her auburn hair, Freea couldn't meet his eyes and looked off towards the wall. "I guess it's because you're one of the first to actually have a decent enough conversation with me in the beginning." Gosh, every word felt like it was going to rip her from the inside out! Were her words suppose to do this to her? Was it normal? "Which I know may sound stupid, especially coming from me but. . . I dunno. It doesn't seem like we could be friends, maybe good ones, but not enemies either. So having you on a neutral level is, scary for me because I don't know what to do with," she said softly. If anyone else was in the hall, Freea would be sure to silence them. For she didn't want anyone, aside from Ian, to hear this. And if Ian so much as whispered a word to any of this to his next girl, she was going to make his life miserable. "This is all so new to me and I just don't know what to with it. Are you my friend? Should I even care? My head is a mess. A tidy mess, but a mess, all the same." After she was done, Freea dared to glance at Ian. "Sufficient answer? Or would you like me to cry my heart out and tell you things I can't even explain?"

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Xwft | 388 comments Ian just waited out her reply. Her expression was enough for him. It was finally one he could read. He couldn't explain it but he knew what it was. He didn't even comment as she looked away, seeming to refuse to met his gaze. Ian laughed as she finished her explanation and went back to her snappy self. It was cute how she did that. They were both in the same situation. Both seeing each other as someone who saw them differently or that they could actually have a actual conversation with. He relaxed slightly. He wasn't sure what Cassie has told him. And he didn't know if it was true but right now it was him and Freea, not anyone else, and definitely not Cassie. "You're not the only confused one trust me on that." Ian started whipping a bit of hair from her face. "Don't be so harsh on your self Freea. Is It just having me on a neutral level or is it everyone else?" Ian asked. He wanted more then being just on a neutral level but he wasn't going to say that. "But that answer is almost sufficient. There is something I still want to know." He said gently cupping her face with his hands. "The question is are you my friend or are you something more?" He asked grinning slightly. He wasn't as good as keeping his normal nature as Freea but it was slowly coming back. Gently Ian brought his lips to hers like he already did twice before. But this time he put more into it then the other times. Pulling away only moments are contact Ian looked questioningly to her wondering what her next move would be.

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Freea scowled when he flicked her hair away. It was still one of the things about Ian that she didn't know what to do. Should she say his hand out of the way, Or let it fly, just this once? "The only people who are neutral to me, are the ones I'm unsure about whether or not I should care for them," Freea explained to him with a steady gaze. "And so far, you're the only one." Then Ian cupped her face and it was like they were surrounded by the swarm of girls again. Freea lost all sense of the world and only focused on Ian, hanging onto every word he said. She leaned into his hands for a few seconds before offering up a soft smile and said, "I do believe that at this point, I am something more. But I'm just not sure if this is Love or not." Should she have uttered one of her greatest fears just like that? Without any worry or concern that he could use this against her? Was this a part of her that showed to herself that she trusted Ian? So many questions, and not enough answers. And it was at that moment that Ian had kissed her. Again! For the second time. Freea enjoyed every second and stifled a moan that nearly escaped her a few times. She hooked her hands behind his neck. When he finally pulled away, Freea cocked her head to the side and asked, "Why did you stop? And gosh, where is that bloody Dorm of yours?" Then she carried on and kissed him tenderly.

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They were back in that place again. Not knowing what to think of each other but still hating it every time their lips left each others. Ian didn't know what to call it. It was more than friends but was it exactly love? Everything was such a mess. A beautiful mess but still a mess. Ian didn't even to get time to reply to her questions when she put her lips back on his. And Ian obeyed. He was confused about Freea but if there was one thing he now knew was lips. She hated when he pulled away and he wasn't about to disappoint. Ian knew she was being gentle but he was sure she didn't want it like that. Sliding his hands down to her hips Ian pushed her back against the wall moving his lips against her's in rough patterns. Savoring the feeling of her lips on his. Gently he slid his hands to her thighs and picked her up resting her on his hips and using the wall to keep her balanced. Completely forgetting there was such thing as security cameras. Just to annoy her Ian pulled back slightly. "Why?" He asked hovering his lips inches from hers. "Why do you want to know where my dorm is?" He teased wondering what he wanted form him. He teasingly kissed her again before quickly pulling back again just to annoy her. He knew it was because she didn't want to kiss him in public again. The videos of this would go virile. And honestly he didn't need his whole love life online.

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And there they went again. Freea didn't mind being pushed up against a wall since now she knew that they were both on fairly good grounds as it where. When Ian rested his hands on her thighs, she smirked as she kissed him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Freea pulled herself as close to him as was possible, not wanting to be any farther than this. Well, he certainly was annoying her every time he moved away from her mouth. She pouted when he did it but tried to listen for what he had to say. His dorm? Well, there were many reasons why she wanted to go over there. Freea played with Ian's blonde hair as she tried to figure out what to say next. "Oh I don't know, maybe so we could have a bit more privacy," she replied, nuzzling her face into his neck. "Because I know how much the both of us would love it if these cameras were to go out for the public." Freea kissed his neck lightly as she glared at the camera closest to her. "May we go to your dorm, sweet Ian?"

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