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There are four classes: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. People of a given class have the affinity to control the element for which the class is named. An individual's affinity shows no later than the fifth birthday.

If they do have the an affinity, they are sent to train with the Regime upon their fifteenth birthday. People with the affinity and belonging to any given class may, upon their graduation at age twenty-five, either return to society with proper control of their affinity or remain with the Regime to assist in training new students. Should a graduating student be deemed a danger to society for their treatment of their abilities by the Protector and Council, they may be made to disappear.

Those without the affinity are considered classless.

The affinity is a genetic trait, and is passed down a family line. It is a recessive trait, and thus may not present in every member of a family. Someone may not have the affinity toward more than one element.

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The Regime was established in order to maintain peace and to protect the classless. The purpose of the Regime is to regulate and train those with the affinity, so that they do not use it to terrorize the classless.

Governing the Regime are the Protector of the Regime, the Council, and other officials, among which trainers are included.

The Protector of the Regime is appointed through the Trials, and serves their term until the death of a Council member. When that time comes, the Protector will step down from their position and occupy the vacant seat on the Council. The only case in which a Protector may be impeached is upon a unanimous vote from the Council. The most recent Protector was Councilman Park, and a new Protector has not yet been chosen through the Trials.

The Council is composed of eight members, all of whom were previously Protectors of the Regime. Service on the Council is for life. When a Council member dies, the current Protector abdicates their position and joins the Council. Though constitutionally each member holds little governmental power, they can be more or less influential depending on the public’s opinion of them. As a whole, the Council is equal to the Protector in power, often providing experience and insight to contrast the Protector’s innovation.

Other officials are those who choose to stay with the Regime upon graduation. This includes secretaries, assistants, trainers, and more. Note that secretaries may be classless, but assistants and trainers must have the affinity (in the case of assistants, usually the same or opposite of the individual they assist).

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The Trials are a competition held to determine the new Protector of the Regime. There are four participants — one from each class.

All participants are willing. They are first recommended by their trainers. Once the trainers have selected a number of potential candidates, they demonstrate their skill before the Council members of their class. Only those who actually want to become Protector make it to this point. Those Council members, with the advice of the trainers, select one individual to represent their class.

The Trials are a televised competition between the four participants. In practice, the Trials are a fight to the death. Theoretically, no lives are required to be taken, and participants may surrender and drop out of the competition. This is rare, given the ambition of the participants and their skill level. While there have been cases where one or two participants surrendered, the only Trials in which all three competitors forfeited (resulting in a deathless match) to date is the Trials of Councilwoman Warden.

The Trials may continue for an indefinite amount of time. It may be as short as less than a day (such as in the Trials of Councilwoman Thakur), or months, depending on the skill level and resilience of those participating.

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