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message 1: by Johnnie (new)

Johnnie | 10 comments My story features Lisa, a recent college grad who never learned to cope with people. Orphaned by her father and estranged from her mother, she grew up believing her greatest defenses, and the only way to protect her secrets was in keeping to herself. Now, as she embraces motherhood, Lisa is inspired by a new goal in life: to do more for her son than her mother ever did for her. The will to balance a career and a healthy home life for her son catalyze her to move forward.

But she realizes her life is no longer her own, and her goals must give way to present realities. As she struggles to balance her two worlds, she discovers that one is destined to fall into shambles. Troubled by the possibility of losing everything, and with knowing where else to turn, she’s forced to look inward, (realizing that the only way to overcome her hardships is by confronting her past pains).

Please let me know if you're interested in reading my story. I want to start off by sending the first half of the novel (approximately 40k words) and go from there.

message 2: by Luvtoread (new)

Luvtoread | 16 comments Would love to help you out :) Sounds interesting!

message 3: by Johnnie (new)

Johnnie | 10 comments Hello,

I wondering if you're still interested in beta reading my manuscript. I'd be happy to share it if so.

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