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Archive > Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Ella!

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message 1: by ella ☆, Head Co-Moderator & Message Broadcaster + Blogger (new)

ella ☆ any pronouns (bianchibooks) | 22 comments Mod
I just wanted to give you guys an early Merry Christmas as I don't believe I will be on here at all tomorrow, or much today as my brother and I are going to binge watch Christmas movies the whole day until 9pm, and probably after that, too. We're also making cookies, which takes some time. I hope your holidays are merry & bright! If you don't celebrate Christmas, than just Happy *insert whatever holiday you celebrate here*!

message 2: by jazmyn, Creator/Founder and Blogger (new)

jazmyn haiayiele (haiayiele) | 36 comments Mod
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from me as well <3

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