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message 1: by Celia (new)

Celia  (celiaisreading) | 60 comments Mod
Favourite ship?

I just think their relationship went through s much, it´s adorable :3

But close behind would be Hinny, Remadora...

message 2: by sally (new)

sally (carswellthornegf) ACK NO ONES ASKED ME THIS IN FOREVER

It used to be Romione, but I think now it's probably



Scorbus, cause Scorpious and Albus are both SUPER cute. But also Scorpious and Rose are amazing

(does that even count?)

message 3: by Celia (new)

Celia  (celiaisreading) | 60 comments Mod
I actually dont ship Scorbus haha. Since Deathly Hallows I've shipped Scorose and I love the idea of them together, so when I read Cursed Child I was constanly waiting for some Scorose moments, for me Albus and Scorpius are just the best of friends 😅

message 4: by Baya (new)

Baya (baya_ohana) | 34 comments Canon:
Hinny is my favourite. I think they’re so cute and compliment each other. I don’t actually really like Romione, haha.

Scorbus/sometimes Wolfstar/Luna and Ginny (I know, I ship her with Harry, I’m confused)/Dean and Seamus/rare occasion are reserved for Dramione and Drarry (again, confused) but I don’t like shipping Draco with any characters I like. Upthehill art has just confused me.

message 5: by Celia (new)

Celia  (celiaisreading) | 60 comments Mod
Linny and Deamus is so cute 😍.
The only one I ship Draco with is Astoria haha. He was such a bully for Harry and Hermione I dont know how people actually ship them. But I understand your point because upthehillart's drawings are so beautiful.

message 6: by Baya (new)

Baya (baya_ohana) | 34 comments Completely agree!
Like people are such hardcore fans, that it makes me want to be a hardcore fan but then I remember everything he did to Hermione (also reduced her to tears) and Harry (archenemy vibes) and it would never work out.

I think people became Dramione fans because J.K. Rowling said Draco had a crush on Hermione.

And people became Drarry fans because Harry literally said that he was becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy. Which I don’t think should be viewed as a romantic thing.

But again, I’ll ship them only for upthehillart’s drawings but not for the books/movies

message 7: by Celia (new)

Celia  (celiaisreading) | 60 comments Mod
Like, Draco was literally a bully. Harry didn´t even care about him, it was only Draco that went looking for them to made fun of them.
I understand people shipping Drarry because they were enemies, so there was tension between them and people would like to think there was sexual tension or something like that.
But Hermione? He called her a mudblood several times, made fun of her looks, her parents...I really don´t get it.
Dramione is only cute in AVPM :))

But again, fangirls are crazy because it´s not the first time I see Hermione x Snape fanart...

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