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Kaylin Collie The Cabin
Okay, so I'm really conflicted about this book. It was a mess, but there are some positives too.
The only positives for me were that the drama got kicked off quickly, so I wasn't bored in the beginning and wanting to know who the killer was kept me reading until the end. I also would like there to be a better written sequel so I can know what happens after the cliff hanger.
However, for a published book there were so many mistakes and typos that it distracted me every time I found one. Also, I didn't connect with any of the characters and the romance between Blake and Mackenzie felt out of place with the premise of the book......
Still though, is there going to be a second book? I hated the way this ended and I need to know what happens.

Veronica I just finished reading and the end bugged me too. I'd love there to be another book or a novella at least.

Samantha I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed the typos! The first book I read from this author was The Cellar and that was pretty good, like really good, and this was disappointing. So much potential :(

Megan Joiner I noticed the typos too. However, I read this book in four hours because I just couldn't get enough of it. The ending REALLY made me flustered though. I really hope there is another book just to finish off the ending in some way. I need closer!

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Shelby Yeah the typos were a bit much, but oh my gosh this book was so freaking good. The ending was kinda crappy and Megan for some reason couldn't admit being bisexual but other then that, this was a stellar book!

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