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Kim | 2 comments I am looking for a book that involves a woman who grew up in a small town and is no married to a rich, influential man that keeps her heavily watched. She went out to a bar with two ladies where she encountered a man from her past. He is very attractive and the women she is with is quite interested. She of course tries to get away from fear that her companions find out they know each other. Later she takes her limo home to her gated home and her husband comes in and tells her how he knew all that happened that night. He is a mean man and abusive as well. She has a son but it is not the husband son..in this book the husband is getting on to the son about being the best in everything and is harping on him about tennis. She tries to speak up for the son and the husband snaps her wrist. The ex boyfriend from the bar is coming around and inquiring about the son, and wondering if it is his and of course is trying to make the woman remember their history and their chemistry from when she little old nobody from hick town. Please help me find this book!

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Kim, around what year did you read this book?

Can you tell us more about the main characters - husband's job, husband from rich family?, ex-boyfriend's job, son's age, etc.?

Location - country, region, big city/small town?

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Kim | 2 comments I only read the first few chapters of the book. It was a preview and I meant to put it on my wish list and get it from the library or my overdrive app once I found it. I read this sample this year but the book might have been a book from 90s and beyond. For some reason I was thinking it was a Sandra Brown book but I have searched her entire book list and cannot find a synopsis fitting this type of book. But I only read books similar to Sandra Brown, suspenseful romances. So Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts and the like. The husband was from a rich family and had his mother that lived with him. She was aware of the abuse but never said anything to her son.I think the abusive husband was in politics in some shape or form. he was influential and well known. No one knew of his subtle abuse for he always made sure the marks didn't show. The main character female was from some small Podunk town who fell in love with the town bad boy. The scene I remember most is her son coming into her room after she came home from the bar with her cousin and a friend. The ex just walked into the bar and was engaging her in conversation. The two ladies she was with was her cousin and a friend and they had eyes for the ex. Unknown to them , they had no idea that the man from the bar and the main character female had history and the main character hurried up and left before the ladies got suspicious. She dropped the two ladies in her limo and she was driven into her gate. She walked into her bedroom and her husband came spewing hate and telling her how he knew about her seeing her ex boyfriend in the bar and called her a whore.His driver clearly tells him every move she makes at all times. Her son is her life and she does anything to shield him from the ugliness. The following morning the son expresses his disdain for tennis but the father is making him practice repeatedly and being ugly and is adamant that his son be the best in everything. When she steps in to defend her son, he sends the son off and then proceed to grab her by the wrist and twists it. I think the son that she has is probably not the husband and this is why he punishes her so and makes so many derogatory remarks regarding her and her ex. One day the ex shows up and she's frightened to see him at the door and when he mentions seeing/meeting her son she's really trying to get rid of him quickly. The son is approx. 10-13 years old.
So the woman is approx. in her late 20s, early 30s who was from a small town and according to the husband quite promiscuous, now she's married to an influential rich man, from a rich family. The people currently in her life don't know her as the woman she used to be. She's known as shy and timid and epitome of poise and grace. She has a son who is 10-13 years old who is pitted against his mother and sides with the father to avoid his wrath and also because he is given info from the father that maligns the mother. So he doesn't know what to believe
There is an ex who wants her back but more so wants to know if her son is his. I hope this helps!

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Kim, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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