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Alistair praises feminine talents in his dolls, and so he has converted one of the larger rooms of his mansion into a music room. He has purchased many grand instruments over the years. Dolls who know how to play will often instruct those who do not in the musical arts. When a doll reaches a certain level of musical competency, Alistair will gift them with their own instruments, which they may keep in their suite if they choose.
Although this room is mostly for newer dolls to learn music, some of the more experienced dolls will sometimes come here to practise as well, because of the excellent acoustics.

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Everything had originally been silent as Adam made it through the hallways, heading towards the music room, knowing that his sister was going to join him in about a half an hour and he wanted to warm up before she got here. Though, as he was just turning into the room, there was a deafening noise that rang through the air. He cringed visibly, one eye shutting as his teeth ground against one another. "Uh..." he trailed off, opening his eye again and looking towards the person who had hit the keys.... it was a boy... He tilted his head slightly to the side, his black curls shifting to the side.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

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Adam watched the boy stand up and stammer to him. He tilted his head a little to the side, then breathed out, "It's alright, you don't need to be afraid of me," he said, noting the accent that the boy possessed. He had never heard the voice before. Though, he had heard that he had gained another brother by his papa... However, he had never met him. Maybe this was him. "Are you alright?" he asked, staying towards the door, not wanting to scare the boy worse than he had seemed that he had. "Are you new here?"

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Adam watched the boy, seeing how much he shook and jittered. He was so afraid. He didn't make a move, staying where he was. He studied the boy up and down, watching him put the music away on one of the shelves. "A month?" he asked, "And... why are you not alright... well, sort of," he asked, tilting his hand back and forth in a so-so manor. "Is there anything I could possibly help you with? You are... one of Papa's sons, right?"

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He nodded his head to him, thinking about what he could do. Though, when he said that he was hungry, he smiled softly and kindly, "What would you like to eat? Anything at all... simple or extravagant. I'll have it made up for you so you can eat it wherever you wish," he said. He wanted to help out his new brother, clearly seeing that he was very upset and frightened. "It is alright to be uneasy here," he said. "Many are when they first arrive..." he said, "If you need anything, have any questions, or anything, just look for me and I will help you out."

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"Of course," he said. "And I'm sure there would be a way to get you.... What... is a Big Mac?" he asked, tilting his head to the side. He hadn't heard of that before, it was foreign to him. "But yes, I can have someone get you that in no time," he explained.
He nodded his head when he said he had two questions and Adam started to beam a little bit, wanting to make his brother's life easier, knowing that he was having a hard time right now. "My name is Adam," he said, "Yours is... Greyson, right?" he asked, wanting to make sure that he wasn't going to call him by something wrong. Especially if it was his name on the outside. That would be horrifying. "And... we do not have those here," he said. "We don't have computers either... or phones," he said, shrugging awkwardly. "Apologies for that."

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He nodded to him, "Grey... I'm sure that maybe he will be alright with a nickname. Our sister has a nickname as well. Her full name is Annabelle, but she just goes by Belle," he explained. He didn't know if that was the case, but he was going to be sure to be careful with it around their father. He needed to ask what he thought of it, just to make sure. He didn't wish to upset his father in any capacity. Though, right now, there was no harm in calling him by what he wished, so long as it wasn't his past name.
"My twin and I sing with one another, our other sister plays the piano, she also sews... We just have quite a few hobbies that we busy ourselves with," he said, not knowing what was so magical about this television. Everyone talked about it, but he never quite understood it. Though, he had never been sat in front of one before. "We also have books," he said. "we can write, paint, run around..." he trailed off, trying to think of all the things that they could all do with one another, or by one's self. Though... Then the mood changed, as it started to settle in that this boy would not be soothed by what they could do, but more of what they weren't allowed to do. "No... We... don't leave," he said, looking at the boy. "I've never left the house before... And... We will never be allowed to leave," he said, "This is no joke."

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Adam blinked as the boy started to get more and more agetated and loud. He didn't really waver, however, he just tried to keep himself calm. "Grey... I'm sorry, but that can't happen," he said, "once you're here... You're here," he explained. "I know many people here don't like that, but... We all have to accept this." He looked out the hallway, his voice turning slightly darker, "Don't let Papa catch you speaking like this either. If you do... Bad things will happen. Very... Very bad things."

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He kept looking at him, and he knew where this boy was headed, "You'll end up broken if you keep talking like this," Adam said. "I'm not saying this as a threat. I don't like threatening people... But as a promise. Papa does not put up with people who go against his wishes and he has taken knives to people's faces... That's how you can tell someone is a broken doll," he said. "So please.... Please don't continue down this path," he said. "I don't wish to see you as a broken doll as well."

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Adam outstretched his arm, right as a girl squeaked out behind him. He turned and looked... Only to see his sister there. She was looking up at him in shock, then looked forward.

"What's going on in here?" she asked softly, looking between her twin and the new arrival.

"He... He's acting like a broken doll, and I'm trying to talk some sense into him," Adam said.

Belle sighed, "Papa wouldn't turn him into a broken doll yet... I don't think."

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Belle looked up at her twin, then at Greyson again, "Well... Typically they're done to his mistresses... But it's not strange for him to do such things to daughters and sons as well... We are all dolls, after all. He only brings perfect people here," she explained. "And if they aren't perfect, he gets upset, so he... Puts scars on their faces to mark them as such. So we all know. If not, he isn't afraid to strike someone," she said. "But... He's very kind if you do not cross him. Adam and I have lived here since we were three years old and he's never hit us, not even once."

"He loves all of us," Adam added in. "He saved us from our broken life and gave us everything we could ever hope for."

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The two glanced at one another, "You're cute," Belle said, "That's all that matters at first. He will make you his ideal son," she said, "I know it's not ideal... But we all do have our own personalities... Adam has a better one than me, so he is on floor ten, while I'm on floor nine... I tend to upset him more, so I'm not as highly ranked." It did sting to say that, but it was the truth.

"You will join us soon," her brother said softly, placing his hand on her shoulder. Then, he looked at him, his tone now serious, "We do have a family. She is my sister, Rei is my baby sister, Alistair is my father. And YOU are my brother."

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"He is not married yet. He will be getting married soon, however. He fell in love with someone and they are to be wed soon," Belle explained. "she wasn't of age until recently."

Adam looked at his sister and he nodded, looking back at Grey, worried for the boy's well being. He knew he would not be heading in the right direction. "You shoul-"

"Adam, it's alright. He's scared. This isn't a life for everyone... We just have to help him make the most of it," she said. "So please... Let's be patient."

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Belle nodded, "I'm very sorry..." She said, holding her hands together in front of herself. "I hope you do find a way to be happy somehow," she said and touched her brother's arm.

Adam breathed out and took a step to the side so the boy would be able to leave, realizing he had been trapping him in the room. "I do hope so as well..."

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