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message 1: by Francisco (new)

Francisco Ponce palmero | 102 comments I remember read about it on Will Errickson's Too much horror fiction, but I have forgotten where, this is the fragment

"Summer. There is nothing much to remember about last summer. Nights at clubs like Darklands, Sleepless, Cloud Zero, The End. Waking up at noon and watching MTV. A white Lamborghini parked in front of Tower Records. A prostitute with a broken arm, waving me over on Santa Monica and asking me if I'd like to have a good time. Lunch with my mother at the Beverly Wilshire. Jane's abortion. Hearing the Legendary Pink Dots on AM radio. And, oh yeah, the thing with the zombies."

Do you know the book?

message 2: by David (last edited Dec 23, 2017 05:06AM) (new)

David Brian (davidbrian) | 1612 comments I used to own a copy of the anthology this story was in. The anthology is called Book of The Dead. I can't remember the author of the story you reference, but it may have been something like Less Than a Zombie.
Hope this helps, Francisco.

ETA: I think John Skipp put the book together, so may be worth checking his bibliography.

message 3: by Francisco (new)

Francisco Ponce palmero | 102 comments Thanks a lot, it is from Book of the dead and just the story you say by Douglas E Winter

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