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message 1: by Bernardo (new)

Bernardo Soares | 2 comments Hey guys , just would like to start a talk about Wit ( I hope there isn’t a thread about him already) . I find him such an interesting and intriguing character ! So mysterious ! What’s your thoughts on him :) ?

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace Bailey His name his actually Hoid right? Or am I thinking someone else...?

message 3: by Bernardo (new)

Bernardo Soares | 2 comments Yeah it is

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace Bailey Before we really knew he was an awesome cosmere roaming dude, I loved his ridiculously sarcasm I fell out of my chair laughing in Barnes and noble and got some weird looks :)

message 5: by Slick (new)

Slick | 74 comments I feel you GRB. It’s nice I have that in common with somebody. Haha

message 6: by Claudio (new)

Claudio (flamewing23) | 5 comments hopefully we will see a trilogy about him, but we'll have to wait till the entire end of the stormlight archive (so 2030 or later?). It's interesting how "ancient" he is.
he was alive when Adonalsium shattered. another interesting thing is that he's "collecting" power from the different worlds, he is an awakener,lightweaver, allomancer and feruchemists (and worldhopper of course)

message 7: by Grace (new)

Grace Bailey Oh I haven't read Oathbringer yet but I got it the day it came out!! So there's definitely more explanations about Hoid? That's exciting!!

message 8: by Claudio (new)

Claudio (flamewing23) | 5 comments yes i think that they tell us something we never known before (at least i didn't, the only cosmere books i miss are mistborn 5-6) and i think he's more in this books than the others

message 9: by Slick (new)

Slick | 74 comments Spoilerish about Hoid:
(view spoiler)

There is a site that has THOUSANDS of tidbits about Hoid and the Cosmere. Stuff that isnt in the books, it's:

Becareful of spoilers if your not completely caught up with all the Cosmere books though!

message 10: by Grace (new)

Grace Bailey Oh thanks! I'll definitely check that out. Bro. I'm going to be old and decrepit when all the books come out. Dont get me wrong- I don't want him to retire any time soon but the suspense is killer.

Anyway Hoid definitely will be a future star that deserves the spotlight in that trilogy mentioned

message 11: by Grace (new)

Grace Bailey The * trilogy* mentioned. Haha my phone is possessed and likes to type things for me

message 12: by Claudio (new)

Claudio (flamewing23) | 5 comments yes you have to be super careful on coppermind, but it's so useful to find stuff you didn't notice or only said by interviews, to have a "recap" of the situation or something like that but they update all the pages when something new come out.

message 13: by Amelia (new)

Amelia B | 4 comments First of all: if you ever want information on something, look through the Coppermind Wiki, and if you can't find it there, search through here:
There's a ton of info about the Wheel of Time series, but also a /ton/ about the rest of Sanderson's books. I'd say there's less spoilers than Coppermind though, because it has stuff that Sanderson has said in interviews and isn't necessarily in the books.

Okay so I have a theory about Wit/Hoid but there's a lot of spoilers in it, not necessarily for any specific book, but small things that have been revealed that paint a picture of stuff that has happened. So read on if you're okay knowing that stuff, but not if you want to try and figure it out for yourself. Also this isn't Stormlight Archive/ Wit focused, but Hoid and the cosmere in general, although a lot of the evidence comes from SA.

So many spoilers:

It's known that Hoid was alive before the Shattering of Adonalsium, and he is not a Shard himself. However, he is pals with at least a couple of them- evidenced by the letters he sends them in the Way of Kings and the responses he gets in Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. Also evidenced by those letters is the fact that he was given the chance at being a Shard- "your skills are admirable, but you are merely a man. You had your chance to be more, and refused it... You turned your back on divinity." -from the first letter in Oathbringer.
And the final thing we know: "Sixteen people, together, killed Adonalsium, ripping it apart and dividing its essence between them, becoming the first who Ascended." -from Secret History.
So here's my (probably unoriginal) theory: Hoid was one of the people who killed Adonalsium, and for some reason, he chose not to become a Shard- or he did, then soon gave his power up. As for which Shard, I'm not sure- only 10 of them are currently known, held by only 6 or 7 Shardbearers.
Also just to tack on another theory here about Mistborn because I was reminded of it and why not- spoilers for every single mistborn book: I'm pretty sure Trell is just Kelsier. Like it's such a Kelsier thing to do, plus he said liked that religion in first book and now they're both back and stirring up trouble.

End spoilers!

Also I'm super new to Goodreads, how do I hide spoilers in stuff I write? Like Slick did up above?

message 14: by Mason (new)

Mason (mason_gatti) Welcome Amelia :)

You can put comments behind a spoiler tag using -
(view spoiler)

Just put whatever you want hidden between the two inward arrows.

In regards to your Hoid comment, I had the same thought after reading Secret History. It makes sense for him since we don’t know all the shards. As much as I like the mystery behind him as a character, I would really like a background on him.

message 15: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (kingsleyshacklebolt77) | 98 comments Sorry about the spoiler, my phone doesn’t let me do it for some reason. If you haven’t read all six Mistborn this may give minor spoilers.

If you read Mistborn: The Final Empire, Sazed actually mentions Trell in one of his attempts at converting the crew. This would mean that it runs farther back than Kelsier.

message 16: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Geary (kennethhayes) | 118 comments Caleb wrote: "Sorry about the spoiler, my phone doesn’t let me do it for some reason. If you haven’t read all six Mistborn this may give minor spoilers.

If you read Mistborn: The Final Empire, Sazed actually me..."

That assumes that someone hasn't just taken up the name for convenience of an in-world reference. Particularly if we can assume the knowledge of Sazed's Copperminds was disseminated to the public

message 17: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (kingsleyshacklebolt77) | 98 comments And it is possible that Ruin at the time could have tampered with Sazeds’ metal mind.
We do know that he could in his prison as the rubbing that Sazed and Tindwil were working on was changed several times.

message 18: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Geary (kennethhayes) | 118 comments He was not able to change an established metal mind, but yes there is the potential if Sazed wrote it down and then put the written version back in the metal mind.

I don't think that is the case, as it really had no benefit for Ruin. Ati was his own shard and had no reason to introduce an additional deity into the system.

The most popular theory is that Trell is actually Autonomy

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