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message 1: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikhenryvick) | 7 comments Hi, I have updated covers on my book Errant Gods, and have noticed that the Amazon link to the paperback is broken. I'd like to have both issues addressed, please.

Errant Gods

Errant Gods

The ebook image is at this link:

The paperback image is here:

The correct amazon page for the paperback version is:

Thank you in advance, please contact me if there are any questions or issues.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23183 comments Added an Alternative Cover Edition for the kindle edition.

Fixed the paperback edition. The member who added it called it a kindle and truncated the isbn 13 into isbn field. No wonder it was broken.

message 3: by Erik (last edited Dec 23, 2017 07:03AM) (new)

Erik (erikhenryvick) | 7 comments Thanks, Sandra.

The paperback has also been recovered, can you do the same bit of magic for it, too?

Oops! I see you already have! The thumbnail was what threw me ;)

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