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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Post plot, please⤵⤵

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Billie | 287 comments A Stranger Comes to Town

Lilington; A small agricultural town with more farm animals than people. This is the type of town where you only live if you were born here, and most families have lived here for generations. In this type of town, anything out of the ordinary would be quickly noticed. However, secrets and shameful events are quickly covered up.

Muse A has lived here most of her life, moving in when her parents died. Everyone around town knows muse A, but many of the dark things that happened to her have been buried. Muse A has accepted this is where she will stay despite having lots of talent and being very smart.

Muse B is unknown to the people of this town and therefore is assumed to be dangerous. He is more withdrawn and not open to discussing his past or where he came from. He does however, bring his toddler brother with him when he moved here.

The grandparents of Muse A have warned her repeatedly not to get involved with Muse B, but when Muse B starts working at the local hardware store, the two see each other often. They seem to feel a pull towards one another, but the community is determined to keep them apart.

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Billie | 287 comments Except, Muse A is female in this one, I copied the wrong copy.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Ohh okay. That's fine. So you want to be the mystery person? •

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Billie | 287 comments No, I was saying that Muse A was the female.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake Evelyn Martin

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Blake can be rebellious and defiant at times, but she tries to keep those things at bay. She is also very easily intimidated and has difficulty talking with people she doesn't know.


Blake stands only 5 feet tall and weighs only 90 pounds. Her skin is pale and has many freckles. Her eyes are a deep green and her hair is naturally red.

Family History:
Blake's grandparents Nancy & Danny had their hearts broken when their daughter, Evelyn, ran away at the age of 15. She did not have an easy life; she resorted to prostitution and then became addicted to meth. By the time she was 17, she had given birth to two children and given them up for adoption. When she got pregnant for the third time, she was not sure what to do. Thinking she could give the baby a better life even though she was still in prostitution and could only be clean for 7 months of pregnancy, she made the decision to keep the baby. She would be in & out recovery for the rest of her life. While Evelyn was high, she got into a car crash that ended her life and injured Blake.

Personal History:
Blake had a rough upbringing; Evelyn was never reliable and Blake knew from a young age what it was that her mother did to make money. About the time Blake was 7, Evelyn began to also sell Blake. Blake faced abuse like this until she was 12 years old and her mother crashed the car with her in it. After getting out of the hospital, Blake came to live with her grandparents. Thinking that she was safe, Blake began to relax.

Unfortunately, the preacher of the main church recognized Blake from when he would buy her for the night. In order to keep her quiet, he brutally beat her when she was just 13, and she has been an outsider ever since.

Medical Information:
Blake is short in stature due to the malnutrition she had as a child. In the car wreck, her pelvis was fractured and the added blunt force trauma to her chest caused an additional pulmonary contusion to the damage she already had. She currently has a limp from the pelvis fracture and has trouble catching her breath when she exerts herself.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments

Axel Quaintance • [18] • December 1 • Sagittarius • 6'2

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Eli Quaintance
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People take one look at him, and quickly assume that he is a bad guy. That he is just a trouble make maker. But the truth is Axel hates drama, he rather be quite and just live life quietly for the rest of his life.

When Axel was born his life was a living hell. He was always told he was a mistake abd he wasn't worth anything. And he soon started to believe it, he started getting hit on his second birthday. It started with belts, then his mother just started beating with whatever she could find around. His father didn't care, he just watched. If she wasn't beating her son, she was getting banged by her husband or his friends in front of Axel. And afterwards, she would have her little friends use the little boy as a punishing bag.


When Axel had overdosed on his nothers pills six times before he even hit 12, but everytime he did. He always woke up the next day. He didn't understand why he wanted died. But it didn't stop him from keep trying his has cut marks on his wrists. From him finding a no way. But when he turned 16 his mother gave born to a boy. She died given birth, so Axel named him Eli. Axel didn't cry, when she dead but his father did. It was the first time he saw that man show any emotion.

A few days later he put his hands on Eli, and Axel wasn't gonna to allow that. Eli was going to get a better life, his father was killed the next day and the two sons disappeared. The two been living in off the grid for three years. But Eli needed to start living normal and Axel knew that so he moved a town. A small town, he thought it would be a fresh start.


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Billie | 287 comments Awesome, how should we start?

Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • i guess when he starts working at the hardware shop •

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Billie | 287 comments Danny had left a note on the fridge for Blake; "Ms. Blake, pick up wood nails & fasteners from the hardware store before class. Blake sighed as she read it; it was four in the morning and she had at least an hour of farm work to do before she left. After completing her duties, Blake slung her bag over her shoulders and took off on her rickety bike to the shop. It was nearly 2 hours away, but it was the route she took every day.

Her red hair was pulled into a bun to keep it secure on her ride. She wore a long sleeve shirt that covered some of the scars on her arms and leggings with a skirt that covered other scars. Blake arrived at the store a few minutes before opening, not breaking a sweat. She pulled her hair out of the bun and let it flow down, covering the brand on the cape of her neck.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments The day befor Axel got a job at the only hardware store in the small town. The man gave him some keys and told him the time to be there.

So the next morning Axel and Eli dressed and they both headed to the store. Eli held onto his brothers, red plaid shirt as he walked. Axel noticed a red headed already at the store when be arrives. He unlocks the door, handle it open for Eli and then he motioned for the girl to head in as well.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake came in, not knowing who the new person was. She did notice the cute boy when he came in, and was happy to have a new child to potentially babysit. Quickly she walked to get the nails and slipped them into her backpack. Her face flushed as she felt the tightness in her chest.

Leaning forward, Blake coughed and felt the world spinning around her. She tried to do as she was supposed to and take small, slow breathes, but it was hard to do.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Axel closed the door and walked over to the counter. "Come here Teddy." He said to his brother, it was his nickname since it was the boys first word. Eli followed Axel behind the counter. He picked Eli up and placed him on thr counter, he took his boys bookbag off him and took some of his toys out. "You wanna play or color?" Axel asked, he glanced up and saw the girl putting the nails in her bag. He frowned softly but didn't say anything. He went back looking at Eli. He pointed to his coloring book before he spoke. "Color.." He said, Axel nodded and took his crayons out for him. He looked up at thr girl seemed to be in pain now. He ruffled Eli's hair before he run over to her, he placed his hand softly on her back. "Are you okay?" He asked.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake nodded her head, slipping down to the floor to sit. She knew she wouldn't be able to completely catch her breath for a few minutes, but drew in a slow breath so she could at least talk. Grabbing her wallet from her back pocket, she removed the cash for the nails and held it out towards him, "I'm alright I just... Need to catch my breath... I'm getting a pack of the wood nails." Blake hated that she was nearly passing out in the hardware store in front of a complete stranger and she hated that she had probably scared the kid as well. So much for babysitting now.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Axel found it hard to believe that she was fine. "No keep it." He said, he would pay for them for her. He sighed softly before he picked her up without even asking knowing she was gonna act like she didn't need no help, at least thats what he seemed like. He took her to a bench that had soft sits, he placed her down slow and softly. Eli watched his brother instead of coloring like he was supposed to, the boy was never scared of anything. Only time he ever cry is when Axel is not around. So has long as he seen see or at least knows that his brother is around, the two year old is perfectly fine.

"Just lay right here until you feel better." He said before he walking to the back of the store. He glanced over at Eli giving him a smile before disappearing in the back. Eli whined a little but Axel came back. He raised a eyebrow at his brother. "I didn't leave, i just went the back room." He said, as he showed a bottle of water in his hands. Eli nodded and started coloring finally. Axel walked over to the girl and gave her the water. "Here, drinking some." He said.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments 🔘

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Billie | 287 comments Blake slowly gained her breath back, and was no longer feeling dizzy. Sipping the water, she rubbed her face, "Sorry, I just have some problems with my lungs sometimes." Standing with one hand on the bench, Blake looked over at the little kid and waved softly, " Hey kid-o" No one in the town accepted or liked her, but the kids were usually more accepting. Babysitting was one of the ways she payed for food and clothes, as the farm was not making much profit this year.

She strode over to the checkout and placed the box of nails on the counter before pulling out her wallet again. She had planned to pay for the box, but it was too bulky to carry. Placing the exact change on the counter, Blake smiled lightly, "Here you go, and my name is Blake, by the way."

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Axel nodded to her words. It would explain what just happened. He walked with her to the counter, Eli waved nervously back to the red head. He then pointed to her "B-Blake..." He repeated her name. He then smiled softly and pointed to himself. "E-E-Eli" He said, he was still working on saying words right. Axel always told him to make sure he knew rhw words he wanted to say if he didn't. To ask him, the eighteen year old wanted so much for his little brother. Axel ruffled his brothers hair, Eli giggled he pointed to Axel next, putting his finger onto his chest. "Brother." He said, Axel nodded with a smile. "Always will be." Axel said.

"My name is Axel." He said glancing up at the girl. "You dont have to worry about paying. Really." He said, he gave her her money back and replaced it with his own money. He put it in the register.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake smiled at Eli, chuckling slightly, "Nice to meet you little man." When Axel insisted that he be the one to pay, Blake sighed and bit at her lip a little, "Okay, well I do babysitting, so if you need some anytime, I'll do it free of charge to make it equal." Holding her hand out for a handshake, she smiled, "Nice to meet you Axel, welcome to our town, you planning on staying?"

Blake had heard whispers about the man who had moved to their little town, but most had said he had a son. It wasn't until they were talking that Blake realized the young boy was actually Axel's baby brother, not his son. Of course people had already spread a ton of rumors about the newcomer, not that Blake trusted things that were rumored in their town.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments "Stay... Stay.. Stay." Eli said with a bright smile, Axel rubbed the back of his neck after he shook Blake's hand. "Umm.. That depends on how things go. I want to find the perfect place fot this little guy to grow up at." He said as he leaned on the counter, Eli didn't understand alot pf words but he knew how to read facial expressions. Eli sighed and turned away from Axel, he started coloring. Axel sighed knowing his brother was tired of moving from place to place, even though he never said it. Axel could tell.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake nodded before hearing a group walk into the store. It was two women, each with their own babies on their hips. Blake instantly recognized the women as the wife and daughter of Preacher Roberts, the man who had paid to abuse Blake when she was a child. Caroline, the wife of the preacher had been birthing children since the two had married, having a current total of 12 children. Daralynn, the eldest daughter had a baby the same month as her mother.

Blake caught the glare that was thrown her way by the two whispering women. Preacher Roberts had all but excommunicated Blake from the town when he beat her to keep her silent about the abuse. Her face turning pale, Blake frowned and looked to the ground, "I'll see you around."

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments Axel noticed the girls that walk in, he glanced at them but he was never a person to say good morning he never got a nice wave when he was younger so he just wasn't use to it. He went back to looking at Blake, her whole attitude changed so quick. "Umm... Sure, i guess." He said, Eli glanced at Blake with a smile, he waved as spoke. "Bye.. Bye." Eli was a happy little boy, even when he was mad at his brother. He could still bring out a smile from some where.

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Billie | 287 comments Blake smiled lightly at the little boy, "Goodbye Eli, I'll see you around too!" Swinging her bag over her shoulder, Blake slowly made her way out of the store, feeling the glare from the women, but not wanting to go too quickly and be sick again. The ride to school was fairly short from where she was, so she just walked next to her bike.

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments The rest of the day was normal, Axel didn't have no problems. Well people did whisper as they walked in. But nothing that he couldn't handle, it was lunch time. With the help from his brother, Eli was able to jump off the counter. Axel didn't know anything about this place, so getting something to eat was going to be a little challenge.

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Billie | 287 comments (( Wanna skip to when they see each other again? Also, I've got to head to bed soon ))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • Sure, that works for me •

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Billie | 287 comments (( When should they bump into each other?))

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Ezziee ♡♡™ | 479 comments • honestly that is up to you •

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