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John Arkady | 3 comments I read this novel in the mid/late nineties. It was about a man who was a government agent/witness in hiding. He was also a martial arts expert and proficient in weaponry.
The novel opens in the middle of an armed robbery where the protagonist is having a drink. He defeats the robbers but as a result he is outed, his cover blown. He'd also recently won the lottery, so between these two events the government decides to relocate him to Moscow, Russia in order to keep him safe in some kind of intergovernmental witness protection program.
He was originally an immigrant from there, so he remembers the language and customs and easily fits in. The Russian government provides him a furnished apartment. His liason there is a Russian man that wears a cowboy hat and so is called "the cowboy."
He also hires a cabdriver to drive him around. The cabbie is from either Kazhakstan or Turkmenistan and always thinks of the protagonist as "the rich boss."
After inspecting his new apartment, he bids the cabbie to take him to a restaurant where he encounters a rude waitress and has to buy a drink each time he wants to speak with her. He orders some kind of fish dish, but twenty minutes later the waitress returns with some kind of meatloaf cooked in lard and he has to keep buying drinks in order to stomach the meal. When he leaves he pays an exact amount, refusing to tip the rude waitress.
He is soon drawn into conflict with the local Russian Mafia, and the rest of the novel is him fighting them. Along the way he falls in love with a Russian single mom and the novel ends when he flies back to America with her and her son. He purchases a nightclub in Moscow and appoints the cabbie to manage it.
There is some intrigue-I remember the bad guys hire an old lady to spy on him, and when they think he is there they burn down the building, killing the old lady but he escapes.
This book was an easy read-just a couple of hundred pages long. Does anybody have any idea what the title of this novel is? It really connected me to a specific time in my life in my late twenties and I would love to read it again! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Kris | 34340 comments Mod
Honor Among Thieves by Warren Murphy?

A Google Books search of book snippets turns up a reference to "lottery winnings".

Google Books: Advanced Search > All words: undercover moscow mafia | Books | English | Subject: fiction | 1960-2005

John Arkady | 3 comments OMG! I think that’s it! Thanks thanks thanks!

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Kris | 34340 comments Mod
You're welcome! Glad you found your book, John.

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