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message 1: by Arya (new)

Arya Morgan | 21 comments Hi! Looking for two readers for a finished novel that will be coming out in a few days!

disappeared 14 years before. When she was little, her mother had hummed the same song over and over to her before bed. Nothing other than a lyric in that song would suggest Kate to travel to London….
On her ultimate quest to locate her mother, Kate found herself in the midst of a world she didn’t know existed, and in a city a thousand miles from home. Coming across a handsome, bewitching yet egomaniacal man, Sebastian, she immediately felt her life change. Surrounded by new people she was hesitant to trust, Kate discovered the truth about her mother -- more truth than she was searching for.
What began as journey for Kate to find her mother quickly turned into Kate finding herself, love, and a sense of belonging. Dark forces and forces unseen act against Kate and her new friends. Betrayal and secrets unfold––forcing Kate into a harsh reality.

Will she survive?

message me if interested!

message 2: by J.N. (new)

J.N. McGhee | 19 comments Hey, Arya. It's good to hear from you. I haven't heard from you since I beta read your manuscript. I'm interested. If you still need someone.

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 3 comments It’s been awhile since you posted but if you still need a reader, PM me.

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