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This is a perfect place to relax. The walls and ceiling are made of glass, giving a lovely view of the Flower Garden and the sky. The floor is made of white marble. There are several cream camel backed sofas with gilded backs, arms and legs, glass coffee tables, and cream throne-like chairs with gilded backs, arms and legs. There is also a glass door leading out into the garden.

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Hearing the door open, Angeline glanced up from the bridal magazine through which she was browsing. Her eyes rested upon the dark beauty for a moment, watching as she crossed the sunlit room and lowered herself into one of the many plush chairs. She set the magazine down as she was addressed, crossing her legs delicately at the ankles beneath the fabric of her floor length gown.
"Good afternoon, Celestia," Angeline murmured softly, taking a small sip of her own rose tea. The diamond on her finger forefinger glinted as it caught the light that streamed through the glass walls. Angeline did not even notice. "You look lovely."

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Angeline knew no envy. She had never had a cause to be envious, as her role in Alistair's life had always been very clear to her. She had known, even at the young age of ten, that she was to be his bride one day. On the very day of her arrival, he had shown her the portrait of his late sister, and then gifted her his sister's most precious doll, which happened to look exactly like her. He had explained, on that day, that he had been searching for someone just like her for many years, and so from the moment she stepped into the dollhouse, she was marked as the chosen one. Still, she was always careful to treat others with respect. Or, rather, those that Alistair deemed worthy of it. Tia was one such person. Alistair adored Celestia, and Angeline was well aware of this. Celestia was one of his favourite mistresses, held in his highest esteem, and it was for that reason that she was held in Angeline's also. Still, the girl could easily see herself admiring Celestia even without Alistair's influence. Angeline did not see Celestia's dark skin as a flaw, but rather an asset. It glowed richly, providing a brilliant contrast against the many porcelain faces in her betrothed's menagerie.
"Merci, Tia," the young girl smiled, addressing her elder in her native gongue. Angeline was a native English speaker, but she had learned French at the mansion, as well as several other languages. "Yes, it is a new dress! The maids finished making it for me only yesterday. Alina says they're making a few outfits for you, too."

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Angeline's gold-flecked eyes lit up with enthusiasm as the older girl smiled. Celestia's compliment was like sweet music to her ears. After all, the girl had such a magnificent sense of style, so if she thought a dress was lovely, it really must be.
As conversation steered towards the wedding, her heart gave a giddy little jump. "It's going to be in the Spring, on the fifteenth of April. My dress is being made as we speak, you can come to the fitting if you like! Some of the other girls are coming to watch too. I have actually been meaning to ask you, would you perhaps consider being one of my bridesmaids?"
She looked hopefully at the other girl, her eyes widening slightly. She was not certain whether Celestria would think this an honour or an insult. In truth, Angeline meant it as neither. She would actually consider herself honoured if her elder agreed to the position.

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Angeline sensed Celestia's hesitation to accept her invite, wondering briefly why it might be. But of course, the girl probably had a million other things to do. She could hardly blame her for being too busy to attend the fitting. So she simply smiled, nodding her head in understanding. She noticed the immediate change in Tia's expression, however, when her second offer was made. For a second, she feared that the girl might not accept, but to her immense relief, Tia gave her answer at once. She breathed an internal sigh of relief as the elder accepted. Now she had her maid of honour, and two bridesmaids. She was planning on asking others, of course, but she had yet to run into anyone else on her list.
Encouraged by the girl's enthusiastic exclamations, Angeline clasped her delicate hands together with a look of delight. "Oh, well, I was thinking every bridesmaid could be identified by the white lace collar on their dress. Each dress will be a different colour, but the colours will all blend well together. Would you would prefer sky blue, lilac or dusky pink?" she questioned curiously. "Or is there another colour you might like better?"

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