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The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)
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Vanessa Ross | 14 comments Hi, everyone. Has anyone ever been to the Underworld or Tartarus? I'm a daughter of Hades, by the way. My name is Avery Ross and I'm fourteen years old.

elenaj450 (thealmightytatertot) | 9 comments Hey! I'm Elena and I'm 13.

Lydia | 7 comments Nice to meet you, Elena!! Are you a demigod or mortal?

paulína (bqooks) hi can i join this group? (i just did but i wanna ask 😅)
i’m paulína.

Lydia | 7 comments Of course you can join this group. And I once had a friend named Paulina in a dance recital I was in at age 4.

Lydia | 7 comments Are you a demigod or mortal? If you are a demigod, who is your godly parent?

Lydia | 7 comments I am fifteen now, by the way.

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