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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay)
[ Alt 1 | Alt 2 | Alt 3 | Alt 4 ]

Troy Jameson AKA: TJ
[ 22 years old | asexual, C5 on this chart ]
[ 5' 10" | 160 lbs | bit of muscle ]
Tattoos: TBD
[ jeans | 3/4 sleeve | puffy vests | hooded sweater vests | steel toed boots ]

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments description

Sean Michael Morgan
[ 22 years old | bisexual ]
[ 6' | 195 lbs | fit ]
Tattoos: A small tattoo on his right wrist. (view spoiler)
Apparel: jeans | solid colored t-shirts | tennis shoes

Likes: his job, kids, chocolate, his friends, laughing, movies, cooking, loyalty, reading, running, mind-blowing sex, rough sex with a guy only
Dislikes: bullies, being accused of something he didn't do
Strengths: good listener, calm, patient, caring, quick on his feet
Weaknesses: quick to anger, self depreciation
Under stress: calm
Happiness: relaxed, grins, chuckles and even snorts at times
Sad: wants solitude, get angry easy
Angry: a calm but tangible anger
Active: always
Neat/Messy: neat-ish
Yearly Wage: about $70'000
Color: red and green
Animal: big dogs (he isn't a big fan of small yappy dogs)
Food: anything, he likes to try different foods
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Season: winter
Entertainment: movies, reading, people watching, drawing

[ Mental : 5/10 | Physical : 9/10
Allergies: N/A
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes, but is careful
Drugs: Only medicinal when needed
Overall: Sean's father had been an alcoholic so he is careful to never over drink. He does not want to become his father. He is always working out and eats healthy for the most part. He has the potential to become a bit manic at times.

[ nurse | obeys the rules (for the most part) ]
Sean loves his job, he likes to make the kids to smile. He does his job well and obeys all the rules. He has been known to have a hot temper with the parents who ignore or abuse their kids. He has been called Bipolar because he can go from being sweet and kind to angry in a second. He doesn't know how sweet, kind and hot he is. He views himself as a young boy who's father beat on him and who's mother didn't care enough to stop him.

Single: Yes
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Virgin: No
Children: No

((I went to one of your other RPs and copied your character bio outline. I hope you don't mind.))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((Not at all, though it surprised me at first xD just curious, which rp did you hunt down? o: ))

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments ((Levi and Ruth))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Mine's done!))

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments ((Cool! Can you start us off?))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Today was a disgusting day. It was drenching rain and slippery, making traffic worse than usual at rush hour. Normally Troy was behind the wheel but his partner had been begging all month and Troy just wanted him to shut up at this point. The way the guy drove though, he was regretting it.
They got to the scene of a car accident on a slippery bridge. That made Troy feel better though he knew better than to show it. Calmly dealt with all the drama and needed things with the patient, got them in the back of the ambulance and off they went.
At the hospital, Troy’s partner went with the doctors to do the explaining. Troy didn’t mind, doing the paperwork meant he didn’t have to talk to people. Except the ginger nurse behind the desk always seemed to make it her life’s mission to get him to speak even when he stared at her vacantly.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments The day was really dreary. It was raining hard and as he left his apartment he almost slipped on the wet, slick ground. He groaned softly as he caught himself on his railing. He walked to the hospital, he had a car but he hated to drive in this weather. His parents had died in a car crash, he had since then had a somewhat fear of driving. He knew that it was irrational, and he also knew that he had to drive at times, it was unavoidable.
At the hospital, Sean had to change into his scrubs and he then was placed behind the desk at the ER. He didn't mind being behind the desk at the ER, he liked watching the people in the waiting rooms. It was interesting to him, to see the variety of people there, those worried about their family members, those who were eagerly awaiting a labor to be finished, and then the EMTs that walked in with critical patients. Two EMTs came in with a patient and then the cuter one, a dirty blond guy came over to him to fill out the paperwork. "Hi." He said and then turned back to his computer.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Hey," Troy responded without looking up. Knew out of the corner of his eye he was being spoken to because no one else was really around. That the guy turned back to his computer was somewhat a relief; Troy had been worried for a moment that this guy might turn into another desk lady. Thankfully she wasn't here today, or at least not at the moment. It felt wonderful being in the hospital, listening to the hustle and bustle but without needing to participate. Troy could spend hours sitting somewhere just observing the humans.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments As Sean worked on various paperwork and appointments on the computer he kept his eye on the EMT. He had seen him before, but had never had the chance to talk with him. But he wasn't exactly sure if the guy even wanted to be talked to. Whenever he saw him around he wasn't chatting with the other EMTs or the hot nurses, he was just by himself most of the time.
A little while later and Emily, a ginger nurse came back to the desk. Sean didn't particularly like Emily, due to the fact that she was always talking and flirting with him. Sean didn't mind talking but she talked incessantly and it was annoying to him.
"Hiya Sean." She said as she grazed his left shoulder with her hand. He flinched slightly as she did so. He had no idea why she continued to try with him. He knew he wasn't the best looking guy in the hospital. Heck the EMT filling out the paperwork was hotter than him. He nodded and tried to ignore her.
Emily rolled her eyes at Sean and then saw Troy. She grinned and waved to him. "Troy! How are you? What did you bring us today?" She asked with a flirty voice.
Sean glanced over. See? Even the resident slut of the hospital knows you're worthless. A voice said to him.

message 11: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) While Emily's back was turned, before she spoke to Troy, Sean caught a very sour look on Troy's face. Then his eyes met Sean's and he realized someone had seen the face he'd made. He looked mortified for just a moment, then quickly went back to the paperwork, ducking his head just as Emily turned to him. Her voice in his head reminded him of nails on a chalkboard. It really did make him want to cut his own ears off. Not that the voice itself was annoying, but her as a person was impossible to stand.
He'd learned very quickly though that if he didn't say anything, Emily only got worse. She would talk until someone else did, incessantly. Troy had tuned her out for 20 minutes one time while waiting on a particularly bad drop off. So he knew what she was capable of. It seemed better to answer at least a little bit, to make her feel acknowledged without inviting more conversation. "Car accident," he told her without looking up, though Sean would notice his pen wasn't moving. Couldn't concentrate with her nattering.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean had caught a very sour look on Troy's face but he didn't remark on it. He went back to his computer focusing on his job. He tried to tune out Emily's chatter but it was hard to do, since she was always talking and she had a somewhat of an annoying voice. When he first came to the hospital he liked her voice, it was sweet and had a hint of a southern twang to it. But then after time, when she wouldn't shut her trap, her voice became something to be feared and annoyed. He sighed softly and then noticed that the sound of pen to paper stopped. He glanced over at Troy and realized he stopped writing. He frowned and then looked over at Emily, she was still trying to talk to Troy, even though it was evident he wanted to be left alone. He bit his lip and sighed. "Troy, why don't you come on over here and let me take a look at what you got filled out? It would be easier for me to fill it out into the computer." As he interuppted Emily, she shut up for a short while and glared at Sean. He looked over to Emily and glared back. "Shouldn't you be working and not blabbing your mouth?" He snapped at her. He didn't like being glared at, especially when he was not in the wrong. Emily flinched and sat down in her seat, turning to her computer without another word. He sighed and closed his eyes. Damn temper. He took a calming breath and then looked over at Troy.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy stared in shock when Sean barked at her like that. Well, okay, not exactly a bark. But he put her in her place, certainly. Troy was seriously tempted to give the guy a high five. The look on Emily’s face! He would have paid money to see that.
He didn’t think Sean really needed to see the paperwork, since it was for the ambulance not the hospital, but he moved over anyways. If he kept busy maybe Emily would leave them both alone for a couple minutes. He got writing again and did so for a few minutes in a messy scrawl suitable for a doctor, before he belatedly realized this man had done something nice for him and nice acts required manners. “Thanks,” he said. Hoping it didn’t sound as late to Sean’s ears as it did to his own.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean saw the look on Troy's face and blushed as he looked down at the computer once again. "Shit." He mumbled. He shook his head and then heard Troy's thanks. He grinned and nodded. "No problem. She's not exactly the easiest person to be around." He said quietly. He might not like the woman but that didn't mean he wanted to hurt her feeling exactly. Although, he thought that it was a little ironic, since he did just a few seconds snap at her and practically bite her head off. He didn't know what else to say to Troy now. He wasn't exactly great at social things. Just one more reason why you're a waste of space. He sighed softly. He knew that he had the signs of depression or maybe the signs of becoming depressed, he was a nurse after all. But he just pushed the thoughts deep down and didn't mention it to anyone.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((I'm alive! Kind of. School and lack of rp motivation.... xl ))

Sean caught a tiny smile on Troy's face, looked like relief. He wasn't a total weirdo, it would seem, and that was always reassuring. Troy didn't want to feel human emotions, they freaked him out and seemed too cumbersome and complicated. But he wanted to be able to emulate them properly so he didn't attract unwanted attention. He dealt with police on the job often, so it was something very important for him to master. People tended to snoop when they got weird vibes, and snooping never amounted to anything good for anyone involved.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments ((Yay! Though, I'm not really sure how to proceed with what you just posted...))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((Yeah, sorry, Troy really isn’t all that talkative. He needs to be talked at or he won’t really carry on a conversation))

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean looked up from his computer at Troy and he noticed that the man was very good looking and he knew that most of the female nurses had crushes on him. And if he was being totally honest with himself, he had a small crush on him as well. Though he would never admit that to anyone. He wanted to know who Troy was, but he wasn't talkative. Sean wasn't exactly sure how to move their conversation forward but he knew that he wanted to try. "So... uh," he blushed slightly and looked away from Troy so he wouldn't be able to see his blush. "When did you know you wanted to be an EMT?" he asked. He wanted to know a little bit more about Troy but didn't want to appear like he was being a nosy-body like Emily was.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy stiffened just a tiny bit, mostly noticeable in the hand holding the pen. Don't talk to me. Please don't talk to me, it's too much work. Not the he hated Sean or anything, he didn't even know the guy. But when he was talked at, he had to respond, had to carefully monitor his words to make sure they worked, make sure they sounded like they were coming out of a normal human mouth.
This question was perfect. It was a simple, innocuous question. Unless, of course, you were Troy. His truthful answer was I like seeing the gore, so when I realized EMTs see crazy stuff on a daily basis,but that kind of answer would get him fired, no doubt blacklisted socially. So he had to think for a second. What would someone asked that question usually say? "Uh... I don't know exactly. It wasn't ever a sudden decision. I'd been waffling over something medical and this involved the least amount of schooling."

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean nodded. "Ah, nice. I did it for the blood and gore." He teased with a grin. He blushed and looked down. "Nah, I wanted to go into pediatrics, something with kids. But.." he shrugged. No one would want their kid around a psycho like you. Someone who tried to take their life. The voice said and he shuddered a little. He didn't like thinking like that, but it was like he had this whole other side of him, a darker side to him. Like your father. He bit his lip and then looked to Troy. "You know, I don't seem to recall ever seeing you at the bar when all of us, including some of the EMTs go out together. Do you not like alcohol or is it you don't like to be around people?" he asked.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy’s head snapped up and he stared like a deer in headlights. Hey! That’s my answer! People can’t read minds! Then he saw the grin and realized the guy was joking, quickly looked back down at his paper, which now had a big slash across the box he was filling in from his pen whipping across the page when he’d looked up. His heart was hammering in his chest; he hadn’t heard that even as a joke before. What did it mean? Anything? Troy had no idea, and he could hardly ask.
“No, alcohol is fine,” he murmured once he could hear his voice over the pulse in his ears. “I’m just... not very social, to be honest. I don’t hate people, they’re just... really complicated, and...” he glanced at Emily, “... I don’t really like all the drama they come with.” He looked up at Sean through his eyelashes, head ducked slightly like he was waiting to be reprimanded. Most people didn’t like to hear that, especially in such a socially and empathetically driven job. But that comment, joke or not, had set Troy off kilter and he was still recovering, letting things sleep he would probably regret later.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean bit his lip and chuckled slightly as he saw the slash across the paper. He grabbed another form and handed it to Troy. "Sorry about that. I have a dark sense of humor I guess." He said shrugging. But he did find himself being drawn towards the gore and blood. He had told someone else that as a joke and he got scolded for it. He didn't know what made him say that again. At least Troy didn't reprimand him for it like the one doctor had done.
He nodded. He understood that being with people came all or at least most of their drama as well. "Ah... now I get it." He glanced over at Emily. "Other people's drama sucks." He said in a whisper. "Especially when they make their drama your drama, like some people we know." He said talking about Emily.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “Yes. I don’t want to be dragged in. Then I’m supposed to feel obligated to fix it, and I don’t. I don’t want to feel that way either, but apparently that makes me a freak.” He busied himself with copying over what he’d already filled out onto the new paper. Not daring to look at Sean as he spoke and terrified that admitting this would destroy everything. It just came out, all on its own, Troy unable to stop it. Something about the vibes this man was giving off made him feel like it was okay to say these things to him.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean nodded. He felt the same way. However, when he did try to fix the problem it blew up in his face and everyone would get upset at him. Yeah, cause everyone then see's who you really are.... A phony ass son of a bitch. He took a steadying breath and then shrugged. "I feel the same way. I don't think it makes you a freak, Troy. It just means that we have a sense of generosity that sometimes," Always. "Blows up in our faces." He bit his lip and he wondered how it was that Troy felt the same as he did on a lot of things.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “What sense of generosity?” He scoffed, then caught himself and glanced over at Emily before looking back at Sean. Finishing off his paperwork and tearing up the screwed up one to throw it in the recycle under the desk. “Was there a particular reason you asked about why I don’t go to the bar?” People didn’t just ask that kind of thing, right? Troy felt like they didn’t. Not unless they wanted to change it.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean frowned slightly and then shrugged. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe Troy didn't truly feel like he had to fix it, but he felt like he was being forced to fix it and he would do it just because, not because of a sense of generosity. He bit his lip again, he did that a lot when he was thinking very hard about something. He then shook himself out it when Troy asked him something. He looked up and shrugged. "I just wanted to know, I guess. Sometimes I go to the bar with a few of our coworkers but I had never seen you there." He explained. He had a feeling that Troy thought he was going to want to coerce him into coming out with him and their coworkers but he wasn't. If the guy didn't want to hang out after work that was his decision to make. Sean wasn't going to force the guy to do something he obviously didn't want to do.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy looked at him for a while. He didn't like people as a rule, but this guy had him curious. Even if he'd been joking about the blood, everything else he said about people... "I could go next time, maybe. If you're going." He hoped that didn't sound like he was asking him out, because he wasn't. But he did want to talk more, and finally caving from peer pressure to go to the bar sounded like a normal thing to do for a regular person, especially with the tenacity most of them had; they were like Emily in that way.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean bit his lip and looked away. He wondered if Troy thought he was a freak now. You are a freak. A fu**ing bastard and a freak. He ran a hand over his tattoo on his wrist. He had gotten the tattoo to remind him that he was human, that he was not a freak. But he always heard the voice of his father telling him all his flaws. And pointing out that he was a freak. He then heard Troy and lifted his head with a smile. "I was planning on joining them to the restaurant tonight. They like to be in the bar but I prefer the quieter place." He explained shrugging. He wondered if that would make Troy change his mind now. "I don't really drink alcohol. I might just have one cup but other than that... nothing."

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Restaurant. That didn't sound quite as bad. You went for food and socializing, not drinking and dancing. Troy wasn't big on the socializing part, but if he could have most of his time occupied by Sean, it didn't seem as revolting as it usually did to him. "I like the sound of that better too. I'll go on one condition." He waited until Sean looked him in the eyes. "You sit beside me so I can talk to you and ignore everyone else without them thinking I'm rude."

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean grinned and nodded. "I think I can do that. I normally just sit at the table alone by the end of the night anyways." He told Troy. Everyone liked being at the bar better than in a booth in the restaurant. But they all agreed to join Sean in the restaurant for a while before heading to where they really wanted to be. "So... I'll see you tonight?" he asked with a grin.

(Should we skip to to restaurant?))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) ((Sure. Is it more of a casual place or a bit fancy? Troy would ask for the address and name before he leaves so he can do some searching on it about their menu and that kind of thing))

message 32: by Nina (new)

Nina (lananina) | 428 comments ((Just a casual place I think would be a bit better.))

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) After some hesitation, Troy ended up exchanging phone numbers with Sean. Then he left the hospital when his partner finally came back and finished out the rest of his shift, only a few more trips back to the hospital but of course Sean was a nurse so he wasn't at the desk all the time and Troy didn't see him again on his other trips.
He headed home that night and did a little reading about the kind of restaurant, then got into some black jeans and a blue denim button up shirt. It looked nice but it didn't scream 'fancy'. This felt oddly like a date to Troy, because it was the only time he cared about what he wore somewhere. He didn't like that thought when it occurred to him and shoved it away with irritation. Then finished getting ready and getting his things in order to be ready for the next day, always did his prep the night before so he could sleep in, then headed out. He'd exchanged numbers with Sean to be able to text him when he got to the place, so they could go in at the same time or Sean could tell him if they were already seated by the time Troy arrived.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments After Sean and Troy exchanged numbers, he was called from the desk to the pediatric floor. His favorite little girl, Paula, was there asking for him. Sean was his favorite nurse and she gave every other nurse a hard time while they tried to work on her, but with him she let him do whatever. She even proposed to him at one point which he gladly accepted. He smiled down at Paula, he was in a surprisingly happy mood since Troy agreed to come out with the group tonight. "You're happy." Paula remarked and Sean grinned and nodded. "I am." He said and then proceeded to check her in.
That night he went home and made sure to dress especially nice, he always made it a point to dress nicely but this was even more. The restaurant wasn't entirely all that fancy but it wasn't just a shabby bar either. When he arrived at the bar/restaurant he pulled out his phone and sent a text to Troy. I'm here. I'll wait outside for you. He sent that text and then bit his lip as he pocketed his phone once more.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy felt the buzz in his pocket, but he was driving so it had to wait. Once he was parked in the lot, he pulled his phone out and felt some tension he hadn’t even been aware of seep from his body. For some reason he’d been prepared for this to be a joke of some kind. He didn’t know any of the hospital staff well enough to say whether or not they would pull pranks like that, but it seemed unlikely from Sean at least. The man had seemed as intrigued with Troy as Troy had been with him.
Since he was already here, he didn’t bother texting back since it would keep Sean waiting unnecessarily. He hopped out of his car and headed over to the doors, smiling automatically when he saw Sean since that was what you did when you saw someone you knew and liked. “Hey. Thanks for waiting. Anyone else here yet?”

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean was looking down at his shoes, mentally chastising himself for picking the most plainest of his shoes. He had just put back on his nurses shoes, which were a plain white tennis shoe. He felt that they stood out with what he was wearing. He had chosen black jeans, a dark blue shirt paired with his favorite black leather jacket. He frowned down at his shoes thinking that his black ECCO Kallum sneakers would have been better paired with his choice of outfit. Incompetent little twat. He heard and sighed softly. He then looked up when he hear Troy. He smiled. "No problem. I'm glad you came out with me... I mean, us. Uh, I don't think anyone is here just yet. Normally I'm the first one here and I have to then buy everyone's first drink." He said with a shrug. "You ready to go in?" he asked.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) “Is that a rule or something? Whoever shows up first buys drinks? You’ve never waited in your car a few extra minutes until someone else has shown up?” Not that Troy needed to worry about money. He made enough, and he didn’t have a habit of buying unnecessary things. But it was the principle he was talking about. Couldn’t the others be nice and pay for themselves for once? Drinks weren’t cheap. Especially if they got alcoholic ones.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean shrugged as he waved to Ryanna, the waitress that always served them. "I'm not exactly sure. I've never really bothered to ask, I guess." Ryanna came up to them with a smile. "Hey, Sean! Normal table, I'm guessing?" Sean nodded. "Yes, please." He said and followed her to the normal table. The normal table was a corner booth that had a view of the bar, that way when every other person left for t he bar they could look over at the table and make sure that Sean was still doing alright. He slid into the booth. "Thanks, Ryanna." Ryanna grinned and nodded. She bit her lip as she looked at Sean and then she looked at Troy with a small smile and nod. "So, you're new. I know what Sean is gonna get, but what can I get you?"

message 39: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy felt the desire to demand everyone buy their own drinks when they showed up, but he shoved it down. He was new to this and probably not entirely welcome if the lukewarm reception he got at the hospital meant anything. If he came in and started changing things right away, they'd be even more upset with him. He had to just let things be for now. "I've actually never been here before, so I'll need a bit to decide. Um... unless you have Mike's hard limeade by chance?" He didn't often go for alcohol, but he felt like he might need a little to keep himself behaving tonight. Unlike most people, alcohol loosening him up made him act more normal rather than like a clown.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Ryanna nodded and grinned. "Of course. So a Mike's hard limeade for you and a cherry coke float for Sean." She grinned at him and winked. "Is everyone else coming? Should I get their drinks out soon?" She asked Sean. She thought it was strange that Sean paid for the first round of drinks for everyone each time he came. But she just chalked it up to the fact that he was such a good kind guy. Sean nodded. "Uh yeah everyone's coming, I'm not exactly sure what time each of them are coming but yeah." He bit his lip. "And buffalo bites please today, Ryanna." She nodded and left. She knew that when he ordered buffalo bites he was nervous and she always made sure to make the others pay for their own separate drinks. "Sure. Coming right up." She said and he then turned to look at Troy. "Can I ask you why you agreed to come out tonight?"

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Because I told you I would and I'm not a liar?" He sounded confused, like he didn't know why Sean was asking the question. "And I told you I would go if you did, and you did, so here I am." For now, he sat across from Sean. It made it less weird for people observing and Troy did better when he could see someone's face. When people started coming, he would move to sit beside Sean so he could hear him better. He didn't want to be yelling across the table to be heard, especially with the things they might end up talking about.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean bit his lip and shrugged. "I just..." he sighed softly and shook his head. "Sorry, I just..." he groaned inwardly. "It was a stupid question." Just like you are stupid. The voice in his head told him with a malicious tone. He flinched slightly but then he waved to nurse Emily, nurse Wendy, Doctor James, and Doctor Sara. They all came over and grinned then Emily gasped. "Troy! You came out tonight! This is a miracle!" She cried.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Oh god. She comes to these things. He’d forgotten that. He could barely stand her for the 5 minutes he was in the hospital, how was he going to put up with her for a whole dinner? But he smiled and shrugged like a regular human would. “Yeah, I did. Sean can be very persuasive when he wants I guess.” He got up and moved, making excuses about giving room for people who wanted to sit together. Sat beside Sean and pulled his drink closer. “I didn’t realize she’d be coming,” he mentioned so quietly only Sean would hear. Doubting he would have to say who he was talking about.

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean bit his lip to keep from shaking his head at Troy's reaction. He then snickered as he heard Troy. Emily turned her faze on them. "And just what was so funny over there you two?" she asked. Sean shook his head. "Nothing. Just... nothing." He said giving Troy a slight smirk. He waved to Ryanna and she nodded seeing all the people.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy was quiet for now, observing all the people who came, where they sat, who they were the most friendly with. He was feeling a little overwhelmed from the sheer number of people, actually glad he’d moved now. As odd as it was to feel this, Troy felt safe at Sean’s side. He was the most similar person he’d ever found to himself and that was almost like a security blanket. Once everyone was seated and chatting, Troy spoke to Sean again. “You like everyone who comes to these things?”

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean felt more comfortable with Troy here than when he came to these things alone. He always somehow felt that he was only invited because he was willling to pay for their first drinks and whatnot. Of course, that's why they invite you. You have a shotty personality and are a fucking ugly person as a whole. The voice in his head said. He bit his lip and shook his head slightly both at his own demons and Troy's question. "Not everyone." He said quietly. "I could do without some people." He said with a small shrug.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Troy looked around the table as he sipped at his drink. He knew the names of about half the people here, which he considered a big feat for him since he socialized so little. And he recognized all the faces, though a fair number of them were just repeated glances in the hallways. He didn't know them all personally; hadn't talked to them all. "Which some people? Emily aside."

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Nina (lananina) | 428 comments Sean bit his lip as he looked at the people who were at the bar ordering their drinks. "Well..." his gaze stopped on two people the longest. "Doctor Lang and Doctor Tank, especially." He said softly. He normally wasn't one of those people who complained about others. But those two doctors got on his nerves the most because they felt they were superior to everyone else because they were surgeons and got to cut people open. But in all reality they were simply bullies and looked down on the nurses. He didn't appreciate that. He cleared his throat and didn't even realize that his hands were fisted at his sides.

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