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Sophie Washington The Snitch by Tonya Duncan Ellis Tonya Duncan Ellis

Title: Sophie Washington: The Snitch
Author: Tonya Duncan Ellis
Genre: Children's/Middle Grade
Formats Available: Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 3 to 4 Weeks


That’s what 10-year-old Sophie Washington thinks until she runs into Lanie Mitchell, a new girl at school. Lanie pushes Sophie and her friends around at their lockers, and even takes their lunch money. If they tell, they are scared the other kids in their class will call them snitches, and won’t be their friends. And when you’re in the fifth grade, nothing seems worse than that. Excitement at home keeps Sophie’s mind off the trouble with Lanie. She takes a fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico with her parents and little brother, Cole, and discovers a mysterious creature in the attic above her room. For a while, Sophie is able to keep her parents from knowing what is going on at school. But Lanie’s bullying goes too far, and a classmate gets seriously hurt. Sophie needs to make a decision. Should she stand up to the bully, or become a snitch?

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sent in your request Tony

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Teddy O'Malley | 14 comments I'd like to read an epub of this, please.

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Teddy wrote: "I'd like to read an epub of this, please."

Hi Teddy, we need your email address for the author to be able to send you a copy

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Teddy O'Malley | 14 comments Oops, I forgot. Sorry. It's

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sent in your request Teddy

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Tonya Ellis | 8 comments Teddy wrote: "Oops, I forgot. Sorry. It's"Thanks for the request. I just sent your epub copy!

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Teddy O'Malley | 14 comments Thank you!

ella ☆ any pronouns (bianchibooks) | 25 comments Ella Bianchi
PDF, please! :)

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Tonya Ellis | 8 comments Thanks for the request Ella. I emailed you a pdf copy of the book!

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