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Hey everybody! How are you today? Tell us about your routine and interests! This is where you can come whenever you want to tell us about your day. Please join! Let's see... Today I've been baking Gingerbread cookies with my Mom and birdwatching. It's just started snowing and we're supposed to have a lot on Christmas! The air is quite nippy... But sitting by the fire does the trick with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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Michelle | 47 comments Okay! My day is nice so far. Even though it's winter, the sun is shining, and it glistens on the snow. There's rabbit tracks outside my window, and also(possibly) squirrel tracks. The snow under the tree is literally torn up by animal tracks!

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That is wonderful! I love when the snow has that sheen over it. That's wonderful! My Dad thought he saw a snowshoe hare the other night, I love them and hope they're around! I put my Amtrack trail cam out the other day and I got a squirrel that was mad at the crow for stealing his food. It was funny to watch. Glad you're day has been good! :)

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