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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Person A and Person B have been friends for a long time, practically ever since they were born. They were practically the same person, the only difference was that Person A was willing to talk to other people while Person B stayed as far away from them as possible. Person A was the only one that Person B needed in their life, so that was their only friend. Once Middle school hit, the two of them fell hard for one another, but didn't actually voice it until High School. These two were like the missing part for each other, the other half. However, one night at a party well into their High school years, Person A is unable to go because of family issues, but they still want Person B to go with one of their few friends. Even though Person B hates parties, they decided to go. However, someone slipped something in their drink and they end up sleeping with someone due to intoxication. It's the talk of the school the new day, though Person A doesn't believe a word of it until someone shows them a picture and they are completely heartbroken. They rush to Person A's house, who is still trying to recover from what they don't remember, and break up with them. For the first time that they can ever remember, they are split up. But can one truly live without a part of themselves?

After the break up, Person B is destroyed. They can't believe that they could ever do this to someone they cared for so much, someone that they had been friends with for years. They start to spiral downwards, turning to drugs and alcohol to help sooth their pain, tortured by what they had done to Person A. Person A is also going through some issues, their family is in the worst place that they've ever been before and they fall into a heap of depression and anxiety. The person that they always turned to to help them is no longer there anymore and it's one of the worst things to comprehend. However, when he gets some wind that Person B is hanging with the wrong crowd, they try to help them with it. Because even though they broke their heart, Person A still loves them more than anything and does not want them to be hurt. But will Person B even accept the help, or are they too far gone, lost in the web that they got themselves stuck in? And with all the drama going on with the family, how long will Person A really be able to help when other stuff is taking hold of their mind?

I do have some requirements, I do need 7+ sentences minimum per post (no one liners!) and someone with decent grammar, I'm not a grammar Nazi I promise lol And for this particular RP, I would like it to be a MxM one and I would like to play Person B. This is one of my favorite plots to do and it's very involved and interesting (:

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Alright! Shall we make our characters?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Yup! I have a character for this already made, he's pretty detailed, but you don't need to be that detailed. Also, throughout his history, the name" Quinton" will pop up. That's his boyfriend, pretty much the equivalent of your character. Of course don't name your character that, I'm not trying to make your character lol I just wanted to give you a bit of an idea where his boyfriend stood with his life, ya know?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments

Name: Andrew Elise Moore-Grannett

Nick name(s): Annie by his boyfriend and adoptive parents

Age: 17

Date of Birth: December 05
Time of Birth: 3:37 AM
Location of Birth: Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina

Relationship Status: In a relationship {Quinton}

Crush: "Who do you think?"

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual
Virgin? "Hah! You're funny..."
Position? Versatile, but does crave the submissive side of things quite often...

 photo cute-emo-boy-smart-black-and-white_zps0a0etcrm.jpg
//Hair Color// Black
//Eye Color// Hazel, mostly blue though
//Height// 6'6
//Weight// 160 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale
//Skin Texture// Smooth
//Distinctive Markings// A few scars on his body from fights or accidents

//Adoptive Mother// Brynn Marie Moore - alive/well
//Adoptive Father// Peter Glenn Moore -alive/well
//Father// Adam Juluis Grannett - deceased/drowned
//Mother// Tabitha Grace Grannett - deceased/drowned

Birth-Making Friends (0-6 Years Old)
Andrew did not grow up with parents, both of them being killed in a car accident when he was barley 8 months old. They swerved off the road to avoid hitting a deer and landed in a pond, them drowning. Andrew was luckily home with a babysitter when this happened so he did not share the same fate as them. After the incident, he was taken to an adoption center. While in the adoption center, he was a silent child, but would cry loudly and throw huge fits whenever someone tried to hold or touch him. He stayed there until he was 3 when he was adopted by Brynn and Peter Moore. The change was strange to him and he very much still hated to be touched and threw tantrums. He was very distant from his new parents and quite. Peter and Brynn didn't seem to mind though, they figured out he was this way rather quickly and just decided to be patient with him. They didn't push him to try and open up, figuring that would not work well. They just cared for him.

When Andrew got to Elementary school, he met Ashlee Meyer, who quickly became his best friend, and soon she brought over another person who fit well into their group, his name being Quinton. Ashlee was more social in the group while Andrew and Quinton were a little more shut in. So they spent a lot of time together, playing with one another every day, having playdates. Andrew and Ashlee were still close of course and the three of them did a lot together. Andrew was still just very wary, but Ashlee's outgoing attitude helped him to try and be friends with these new people. Friend were something he never had before after all, being so distant.

Elementary School-Middle School (6-13)
Elementary school wasn't too exciting for Andrew, he just stayed with his two friends and learned his intelligence in math. He enjoyed it very much, it was fun to do in his opinion. He did also learn how clingy he could be however. Once he made friends with Ashlee and Qunton, he stayed far away from everyone else. He only wanted their company, especially Ashlee's cause he was grateful to her. When they started middle school, they all remained close, though Ashlee did start to drift. She drifted off to hang out with other groups, more popular people than Andrew and his friends. That left Andrew very upset and to make matters worse, he started to get bullied by the same people Ashlee was hanging out with.

Andrew was scared that Ashlee was not going to want to be his friend if she figured out what was happening to Andrew, so the boy kept it to himself. He dealt with all of the pain and the bullying just to keep his friend by his side. He didn't even let his Quinton know, just putting it off as him being clumsy. It was also around this time that Andrew figured out he was gay. It didn't really bother or affect him in a negative way like it did some people. He just accepted it as who he was. The trouble came when Ashlee caught him kissing someone he liked at the time in the locker room after gym. Andrew and this guy had just been changing and the guy turned around and grabbed him into a kiss. Of course, Andrew liked him so he kissed him back. But then Ashlee came in. His friend got a large glare in her eyes, shouted some curse words and stormed out of the locker room. The guy never tried anything more with Andrew and Ashlee never spoke to Andrew again...

Summer-Beginning of High School (13-14)
After that happened with Ashlee, Andrew fell into a deep depression. The person he had been with through everything had gone away from him over this thing that Andrew didn't find as a big deal. Sometimes he would catch Ashlee looking at him, but he always would hurry in the other direction to avoid getting beat up or something. He had developed a strong case of abandonment issues after what happened to his parents and having one of his only two friends leave his life over something so minor...It stung so bad and killed him inside. But there was someone there with him. Quinton. They took Andrew's side after this all happened and spent the entire summer with him to make him feel better. They had sleepovers, went to Disneyland, went skiing a state over and stayed there for a week. It was all just so wonderful and just what Andrew needed. Quinton became the only thing that he needed in his life now, them having fixed his heartbreak. And once school started again, he was feeling completely ready to face everything and anyone.

High School-Present (14-17)
Once high school started, Andrew continued to just stay around Quinton. His depression went away almost completely, though his abandonment issues were still there. He was also convinced that his deceased parents hated him, so in return he hated them back. His logic with this was that they killed themselves on purpose so they didn't have to take care of him and deal with him. So he hated them back in return. Quinton knew this and tried to tell him hey didn't think that was the case at all, but Andrew wasn't hearing any of it. Most of the time, it was in the back of his mind though since he was happy being with his adoptive parents now, especially his adoptive mother. She was very nice to him.

The bullying mostly stopped for Andrew as well, him gaining a few more friends, bigger friends that scared them off. He still saw Ashlee in school and caught the girl staring at him, but she never said a single other word to him besides when Andrew dropped his pencil in the hallway. Ashlee picked it up for him and looked like she wanted to say something, but Andrew retreated before he could hear it. He was done with that part of his life, he was making friends that accepted him for who he was and not shame and get mad at him because he was gay. And speaking of which, he and Quinton began dating pretty soon into their freshman year. After the boy had helped him so much during the summer, he realized just how much he cared for him, what he felt for him. It was love. And Quinton admitted that he had liked Andrew since middle school. He became a little popular in school, got on okay levels with a lot of people, mostly because of Quinton, Mr. I'm-So-Popular-Boyfriend. Everything is going well for him now, especially since he had Quinton.

*Choosy of people he talks to
*Blunt when he needs to be, he doesn't piss around a conversation
*Fearful (of certain things)
*VERY playful
*Closed in
*Can be a bit hot headed and over emotional when certain things are involved
*Likes to think before he acts, but when it involves his boyfriend, that goes out the window sometimes
*Friendly to a point, he doesn't like talking to people, but he will hold a conversation with you if you talk to him first

☺Watching bad movies Quinton
☺Listening to music alone in his room
☺Taking walks, jogging, and running, he's actually on the cross country team
☺Playing with Quinton's hair
☺Math (he's in advanced math classes)
☺Taking pictures of people, especially of Quinton during their....intimate moments
☺Freckles, cause he thinks they're cute
☺Pretty much all fruits

☻Dancing, cause he sucks at it
☻Sweets, especially chocolate (:P)
☻Being away from Quinton
☻Parties, but he will go if Quinton does
☻Too much alcohol
☻People besides Quinton and his adoptive parents touching him, especially his hair
☻Pretty much all sports, he's not the best at gym


 photo tattoo-quotes-36_zpsdfa81ed7.jpg
//Andrew got this tattoo on him because of the depression he went through after Ashlee stopped being his friend. It reminds him to just keep on fighting, to never give into those horrible dark people that want to ruin him. He got it the summer before high school and it is on the left side of it upper back near his shoulder//

 photo A-quote-from-Fight-Club-by-Chuck-Palahniuk-Its-only-after-weve-lost-everything-that-we-are-free-to-do-anything_zps5b4be8cd.jpg
//Andrew got this tattoo near the end of his freshman year and it is because of his parents, who died in a car accident. It is on the left side of his torso next to his chest area//

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I will post my character later , and I happen to like the name Quinton, so I'll keep the first name and all :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

full birth name: Quinton Primose Richardson
nicknames: Quin, Quinny, Quint, Quinty, Queen, Prim, Primmie, Rose, Rosie, Richard, Dick, Rich, Richie, Ricky, Rick, Promise, Mr-I'm-So-Popular by his boyfriend, always called Rose or Rosie by boyfriend and grandparents, called Queen by his brothers, called Quinton by his parents and teachers.

birthday: December 5th
age: 17
time of birth: 3:25 am, but there had been complications and he didn't take his first breath until 3:37 am
gender: Male but identifies as Genderfluid
zodiac: Sagittarius

sexuality: homosexual
crush: Andrew
relationship status: In A Relationship
virgin: "you're kidding...right?"
position: a bit versatile, leans more towards submissive but can be dominant if needed or wants to



hair: half brunette, half blonde, very long, styled upwards most days, curls when dry, straightens when wet
eyes: very light blue
height: 6' 2" ( he and his boyfriend are probably the tallest couple to exist.... )
weight: 172 lbs
skin tone: it's between fair and tan
skin texture: Smooth
markings: small markings from childhood incidents ( the usual trip ups, branches, falls, etc ), one from his brother ( its right on his back, his brother threw a piece of ice at him and it cut him through his jacket and shirts ), one from being an idiot ( and hitting his head on the concrete ).


early childhood — birth to six years
Beckett and Roland Richardson weren't considered dead, but if you asked their children about them, their children would claim that they haven't seen their parents in years and that they were probably dead by now. Frankie and Alex Richardson were the eldest children of the two government officials, and they were rather happy when the news of a younger sibling had been told. Frankie and Alex had always wanted an younger sibling, they were currently fourteen and so the age different would be rather high, but they didn't care, they would love the child nonetheless and teach them everything. December 5, Frankie and Alex were had been at home playing video games when they were given the news that their baby brother had been born into the world, but then they were told that he wasn't breathing and there was some complications. Thankfully, Quinton Primose Richardson took his first breath at 3:37 am; both Beckett and Roland were happy but had to give their son to Beckett's parents who were more then happy to raise another.

Because of his lack of parents, Quinton grew up believing that his parents didn't exist and that they were considered assholes for abandoning their children. Their abandonment caused Quinton to not make friends so easily, believing that his parents hated him and didn't want anything to do with him, which caused him to believe that everyone else would abandon him too. He believed this until
he met Ashlee and Andrew, Ashlee and Andrew were his safe havens from the nasty part of his life. He became close with both of them but spent more time with Andrew because he wasn't as talkative as Ashlee was, and because of this he grew a bond with Andrew.

elementary to middle school — six years to thirteen years
Elementary school was easy for Quinton to get through, with amazing friends like Ashlee and Andrew, and amazing brothers willing to beat up those who hurt him, he and no quarrels with anyone.

He stuck with Ashlee and Andrew throughout elementary school and even went on to stick with them in middle school, they stayed together then but then Ashlee started to drift off and hang out with more popular people. Quinton was popular in the school thanks to his brother's who left quite a mark on the poor middle school, people treated him like a prince, but he didn't know half the things that was going on in the entire school because Andrew regretted to tell him that he was being bullied by Ashlee's friends. Quinton learned that be was rather a very clingy person, and mainly stayed by Andrew's side most of the days unless they had separate classes.

Ashlee had come to him and told him that she caught Andrew kissing some guy in the locker rooms, when she expected him to be on her side about the issue, he blew her off and told her to go fuck herself for acting the way she was about the issue. Ashlee never talked to him or Andrew ever after that, he didn't quite care if he was honest, she had become a bitch since middle school had started anyways.

summer to beginning of high school — thirteen years to fourteen years
Summer was hectic for Quinton, his parents decided to come back every summer and if only put a damper on his life because they continually asked him questions about his life as if they cared. He would scream, shout, and yell them until they left the house to escape the insults and profanity. It would take hours to calm him down and the only one who could manage to do so was Andrew, and so Quinton spent all his time with Andrew as much as he could to avoid his parents. His grandparents were rather rich, given that his grandmother ceo of some company or another and his grandfather was an actor of sorts. He always did his best to take his Friend out to certain places, wanted him to have a good summer and forget about Ashlee and what she did to them both.

high school to present day — fourteen years to present age
Quinton's brothers had made an impact on his high school as well, since they were fourteen years older then he was, it was quite surprising the impact they had left still was held there. They were well known for being the good guys, the nerds, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the queers, the superheroes, the perfectionists, they were known for being everything. According to the eldest teacher there, they were good kids who did their best to help everyone, they talked almost a third of the student body out of suicide and even helped the younger ones with their tests and everything. People learned a lot, and everyone expected Quinton to be the same, they didn't care that he identified as Genderfluid or Homosexual and supported him for whatever he chose to do and be. He became rather popular in the school, and when he started dating his best friend, they even accepted Andrew into whatever group Quinton was in at the time, it changed frequently due to Quinton growing to be very social. He became popular, and Andrew teased him for it constantly. He was aquatinted with Ashlee, but tended to ignore her half the time as did Quinton and Andrew's friends.

He was getting good grades, and he was overly a great person to be with some people say.

beckett richardson - mother
roland richardson - father
frankie richardson - elder brother, alex's twin
alex richardson - elder brother, frankie's twin
lionel richardson - grandfather, mother's side
kayla richardson - grandmother, mother's side


▸ friendly - except with people who hurt him, his boyfriend, or his friends.
▸ quiet - depends who he's talking to or hanging out with.
▸ loving, caring, and kind - he was raised by his grandmother and his brothers to love people, to care for them and to be kind to everyone
▸ gentle - he's a gentle person, and overall a gentle lover
▸ smart and intelligent - his family has a reputation for being the smartest family in the city...not really, they're just big gigantic nerds
▸ blunt - he will not hesitate to straight up say something, like his boyfriend he won't piss around a conversation
▸ stubborn - he hardly listens to people, and disregards directions and sometimes just does things on impulse

▹ seafood
▹ bad movies
▹ fruits
▹ watching his boyfriend walk, jog, or run. prefers watching his boyfriend run track
▹ playing with Andrew's hair, their intimate moments, his picture being taken
▹ listening to music, writing stories, playing guitar and piano
▹ hanging out with his brothers

✖︎ Ashlee
✖︎ Bullies and Fighting
✖︎ he has horrid memories having chocolate involved
✖︎ parties, alcohol, drugs, etc
✖︎ he hates sports, minus cheerleading ( fite him, he's head cheerleader )
✖︎ he hates singing, completely horrible at it
✖︎ caramel popcorn, regular popcorn is fine
✖︎ being touched by anyone who isn't his brothers, Andrew or Andrews adoptive parents


Andrew - teddy bear
bees - bee one , bee two
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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Oh, he's a cutie pie, I love him~~ And I still love the same birthday, he takes his breath when Annie does, thing <3 it's so sweet. He's gonna be a good match for my Andrew ^^

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) ^_^ I absolutely love Quinnie myself and the whole first breath thing makes the relationship even better because what if neither of them knew about it until Quinton's grandmother, or grandfather, or brothers told them and would be so adorable to see their reactions to that. He fits perfectly with Annie, I tried to make sure that he did because it makes the whole thing sweeter and the pain more obvious when the two of them break up.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Yeah I think their reactions will be golden lol and yes, for sure.

Do you wanna start of with some good times before that party is and Annie cheats or go where Quinton figures out that he cheats? :o

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) let's start out with some good times before that party and Annie cheats, we need some cutesy stuff to happen before the bad stuff does, that's what makes the break ups worse then they seem.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Alright kewl. Um, we can go to a few places, we can go to after school when Annie is doing his practice and Quinton is there watching him, we can go to the two of them over Annie's house chilling, maybe doing some homework or something, we could go to...maybe Quinton planning them a little date. There are somethings we can do with them now lol

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) we can even do all three of those examples if I'm being honest! XD

but how about we do just the one where Annie is practicing and Quinn is watching him?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Sure, that sounds great to me! I do have to get ready for work now, if you want to start it, I can reply in a few hours when I'm on my break? :3

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Alright! I'll start us off soon! Busy at the moment!

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
It's been three years since Quinton told Andrew that he liked him, it's been three years since they went on their first date, it's been three years since he first kissed Andrew under that cheery tree in his backyard, its been three years since he began dating his boyfriend. It was honestly a susprise to him when Andrew agreed to go out with him, he would have thought that Andrew would have said no. It's been two years since they first did it was awkward at first but then got better as life went on for them, he loved Andrew, he just absolutely adored the other boy.

Quinton was currently planning their 1,100th date, he was going to ask his grandparents if he could drive the family car out to town for this weekend. Andrew's favourite celebrity was visiting Miami and Quinton managed to land some tickets to a talk show, front row, Andrew would have a grand time. Then he wanted to take Andrew out to dinner at their favourite diner, the diner where they had many of their dates. He then planned to make love with Andrew at the end, just to show his love in a more intimate way, he was planning this all in the head while he and his cheerleaders sat on the benches and watched the track team run the track in practice. Quinton had a thing for guys in tank tops and shorts, just watching Andrew run track was driving him wild; and now he would need help with the little problem he was having under his cheer skirt.

"Hey, might want to cover that up man," said a guy as he handed Quinton a sweatshirt, Quinton blushed and grabbed the sweatshirt, he draped it over his legs, he made sure his little problem was covered well.

"Thanks G," Quinton muttered towards the football player.

G nods in response before they all turned back to watch the track runners.

{{ sorry this is late, was busy }}

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments "Come on boys, I know that you can do better than that! Pump those legs, move those arms! We have a meet coming up in 11 days and I need you all prepared for it!" the coach yelled, pointing to a sheet that had a number written on it for the 100 meter run they were currently working on,"12.5 seconds, now that's Andrew's time, better time than any of you. So I want you to try and beat that time and I'll be a proud coach." Andrew stood there closest to the football field, which the track went around. He got a small nudge from one of the other guys when his name and time was mentioned and he looked at the guy who was smiling a bit at him. He did offer him one back, but it felt weird to be put into the light like that. It should be expected though honestly, he was their fastest runner and was the 3rd best when it came to the marathon runs or the cross country part of it. He had been doing it for a long time after all.

Putting his hands on his hips, he looked over to where his boyfriend was and he smiled at him, giving him a thumbs up from where he stood. He did look back when the coach started talking some more, telling them to get into their position. He did so, shaking out his arms and legs a little bit just to get them warmed up and he pushed his hair out of his face. It was getting long again...Once the whistle blew, the members took off down the track, Andrew pretty easily getting ahead of them all, though he wasn't trying to outshine everyone. He was trying to get better, just like everyone else. Being the first to cross the line, he put his hands over his head and took some breaths while he waited for the rest and for the coach to yell out his time.

"12.3 seconds Moore!" the coach yelled and Andrew smiled a bit, giving him a thumbs up. That had been better than his last time, so he beat it. A few of the guys gave him a small pat on the arm and he went over to the bench where Quinton was, sitting down next to him and grabbing his water."Enjoying the show?" He tilted his head cutely to the side when saying this, 3 marks that his boyfriend had put on him just the other night being visible there, though they were slowly fading.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Quinton would have stood up and congratulated his boyfriend on his new time, but with the little issue he was having under his skirt, he didn't think anyone around would like that little show. So he stayed put and smiled when his boyfriend sat beside him, he leaned over and kissed Andrew's cheek, he gently drew his fingers over the marks, his marks had already faded by now and seeing Annie's just made him want some on his own neck. "Congratulations on beating your time! .2 seconds faster then before!" Quinton said in excitement.

His cheerleader group and G began congratulating Andrew too, "That's the fastest I've ever seen someone run that fast! If I tried I would end up falling over my own two feet," G said with a snort, he then patted Quinton on the knees. "I think our little friend here enjoyed the show a little too much...hence why my sweatshirt is covering his legs and the little issue under his skirt," G added with a smirk, only to get smacked by almost every single cheerleader and Quinton who was blushing in embarrassment now.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew smiled at the kiss that he got, knowing that Quinton was going over the marks that were there and that made him smile a little bit wider. He knew that his boyfriend liked them and he loved them as well. He wanted them to be darker and with Quinton coming over for dinner tonight, he was sure they probably would become much darker. He looked over at G when he started talking, smiling a bit and about to make some joke about how football players are basically awkward trolls compared to runners when he mentioned a small probably his boyfriend had. He looked over at his now blushing face, then looked down at the sweater, smirked and leaned in closer to Quinton.

"Well, we'll be able to take care of that little problem of yours as soon as I'm done with practice. Brynn and Peter won't be home for a little while when you come over, so we'll have some alone time," he whispered in his ear so no one else could hear him. He grinned a bit and moved a bit more down to his neck, giving it a small bite and a lick before moving back. He was a tease, he liked teasing and torturing his boyfriend.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
He was now an even more blushing mess after Andrew whispered that into his ear, it only made his little problem worse and stood this point he was so hard it hurt. He felt Andrew against his neck, and moans slightly when Andrew bit his neck and licked it. He whines when Andrew pulls away, "You're a damn tease, you know that Ann?" Quinton said as he shifted in his seat, trying his hardest to take care of his little problem before he would have to get up.

"Damn...never seen anyone with a neck that sensitive before," G teased, ducking when Quinton's foot came at his head, he smirked and stuck his tongue out.

"Would you care to let me tell everyone where you're sensitive?" Quinton asked, and that immediately shut him up, everyone was staring at G wondering what he was talking about, even his girlfriend was unsure of what Quinton was talking about.

"Hey, you promised to never tell!" G said.

Quinton moved so that he was sitting between his boyfriend's legs, that was always his favourite spot to sit in. "Never promised anything actually, just said I probably wouldn't tell someone about it," Quinton replied with a smirk, resting his head back against his boyfriend's chest.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew smirked when he heard Quinton's reaction to what he was doing to him, those reactions being exactly what he liked about teasing him. It was just so cute with the noises he made and the way his body moved when he was being teased.
"Yeah I know, but you love it," he replied with a wink, looking over at G when he started talking. He just let them talk for that moment, not really the talkative type of person, though he didn't think G was a bad guy. He was just, you know, antisocial. Smiling when Quinton sat between his legs, he opened them a bit wider so he fit and wrapped his arms around him, kissing his head and smoothing his hair back a bit when it fell into his face slightly.

"That technically isn't a promise, Rosie could still tell someone what it is. I'm even kinda curious what it is now," he said with a small chuckle, thinking for a moment before looking over at G,"I'm gonna guess it's either your lower back or your belly." He will say, he kinda liked messing with this guy too cause it was just so easy. He put himself into a lot of the situations completely by himself.

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He had to stop himself from laughing as Andrew tried guessing where G was sensitive, it was not the guy's back or his stomach, it was something else entirely that would make anyone double over in laughter. It might be a very usual place for someone to be sensitive but no one would ever be as sensitive as G was. He shook his head, "It isn't either of those places, but you are rather close," Quinton said, the cheerleaders began calling out random places on the body, but one football player immediately called out, "Is it his ass?" and Quinton couldn't help but laugh as G's face went pink.

"Frankie, you're correct! It is his ass, I mean I'm sensitive in my ass because you know who wouldn't be, but you could honestly just brush against his ass and he'd moan," Quinton said. G chuckled softly, he didn't get offended easily and he could honestly care less if everyone now knew, because he knew that if he got shit for it, Quinton could beat their asses.

"You're kidding!" Frankie said with a laugh, he looked at G who smirked in his direction and then busted out laughing, the entirety of the football team and cheerleaders followed after.

Quinton chuckled and looked up at Andrew, "Kiss the Queen, my lovely King," he said to his boyfriend, smiling up at Andrew with a dimpled smile.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew chuckled a bit as everyone started guessing, wondering what in the world he just started. When it was revealed though, he just sorta raised his eyebrows and nodded. Yeah, he could see that, for sure. He himself liked it when his butt was touched, obviously, he was gay. Of course he liked it. Plus whenever his Rosie decided to give him some love back there it got more sensitive than normal, or even when he went without getting stuff back there. It was a place of wonder. He smiled a bit as he listened to everyone chatting, looking at Quinton when he spoke.

"Of course milady," he laughed softly, leaning down and kissing his lips gently. He didn't make it too passionate cause he didn't wanna go back to running and have a problem of his own to deal with. He made it sweet and kept it short, pulling away after a few seconds to smile at him and kiss his forehead."You're such a cutie pie, my adorable man." Sure, Quinton might be tall, still not taller than him of course, but he was down right adorable with everything; the way he dressed, his smile and his freckles, it was all just so cute!

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Quinton grinned into the small kiss and whined when Andrew pulled away, "I'm not cute!" Quinton replied, "I'm big and I'm strong and I'm hot! But I'm not cute!" Quinton added, although his voice was small and quiet due to him being embarrassed by his rather loud voice. His friends snickered, Frankie move to sit in front of Quinton and Andrew, "Hey Quinn, I'm having a party at my place this weekend, it's to celebrate our recent wins this year, and since you've always cheered us on the loudest and hardest, why don't you bring your boyfriend and have some fun this weekend?" Frankie asked, putting a hand on Quinton's knee.

Quinton reached forward to remove Frankie's hand, but G leaned over and gently pushed Frankie's hand off of Quinton's knee, "Hey, keep your hands to yourself Frankie, in case you didn't notice, Quinn's boyfriend is literally sitting right behind Quinn, and I'm not afraid to deck your ass if you keep touching Quinton," G said in warning.

Frankie put his hands up in surrender, "So...coming?" Frankie asked Quinton.

"I don't know, I might," Quinton said.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments "Mhhh, I'm pretty sure you're cute," Andrew replied with a smile, kissing his cheek again before he just sat up straight, looking at Frankie when he came over to talk to him. He was always pretty silent when his boyfriend spoke to his friends, cause even though they had his back to, that had been made very clear when G beat the snot out of this freshman for calling Annie a f*ggot in the hallway, he just wasn't as close to him. Quinton was mostly popular for what his siblings did in the school, whereas Andrew was popular because of, well, Quinton. He didn't have any siblings that went here, obviously, he had been an only child. So it was weird for the limelight to be on him so strong from him literally doing nothing.

He raised his eyebrows a bit when G snapped at Frankie for touching Quinton, sometimes wondering if people were a little bit too protective of him and his boyfriend. Since it was just a touch after all, it didn't seem like Frankie had some weird intention by doing it. He looked up when the coach called his name and he sighed, scooting back so he could go talk to him.
"Back to practice," he said, giving Quinton a small peck on the lips before jogging over to where the other guys were, crossing his arms over his chest as he listened to what the coach had to say. They were practicing the hurdles, which was Andrew's worst one since he was just too damn tall. His legs always got caught when he didn't mean for them to...

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G and most other people were always so protective of Quinton and Andrew's relationship because it was probably the only pure relationship in the world that didn't have any issues nor have the two ever fought, they were always so seeet to one another and did whatever the other asked without question, they even risked their lives for one another. People felt the need to protect their relationship from toxic people, especially people like Frankie who were well known for being homewreckers. Frankie had a crush on Quinton for years, he always attempted to get at Quinton whenever Andrew wasn't around, but it always failed due to the amount of student at school who would do anything to protect their precious ship.

G was very protective of not only the relationship ship, but of both Quinton and Andrew because he cared about them and loved them to death, they were his friends and he would be damned if he let anything hurt them or come between them. G knew that Quinton absolutely hated to be touched by anyone who he didn't already allow to touch him. G knew that those people were only Andrew, himself and Quinton's brothers, and people normally didn't understand why Quinton didn't want to be touched and so G would always have to step in and push the people back.

He let out a whine when Andrew had to go back to practice, he allowed the male to stand up, he tilted his head back again and kissed Andrew back when he received a kiss on the lips. He hummed to himself as he watched Andrew head back over to the coach, he couldn't help but snigger when he noticed the hurdles, the dreaded hurdles that both his boyfriend and him sucked at together because they were too tall and their legs always got caught when they didn't mean for them to. "Awe, poor Annie, he's got to suffer through hurdles," Quinton murmured, half to himself and half to G.

It was getting rather late, the other cheerleaders and some of the football players had gone on home to dinner, while the others remained behind with G and Frankie. Quinton was leaning back now on his elbows, the cold silver bleachers pressing hard against his back, his legs were closed and the sweatshirt was still covering his legs. Frankie sat beside him, way too close for comfort, Quinton moved as closely as he could to G who was sat at his other side, the male didn't mind Quinton's close proximity. "Dude, Frankie, give it up, he doesn't want to be touched by you," G snapped, not once looking over at the other guy, who was all but glaring at G.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew stood in his starting lane as the coach was speaking about who had been doing the best at the hurdles, and who needed to improve, which would be Andrew. He was just too damn tall, it was really hard for him to get his legs over them. He squinted a bit as he looked at the coach, thankful that this was the last thing they needed to to. Then he would get to home home with Quinton, enjoy some quality time before his adoptive parents came home and then eat dinner with him. Perfect night if you asked him.

He got down into position when the coach said they would be starting, him trying to take deep breaths and remember everything he had been told to do this the best that he could. He needed to jump at the right time and be a little flexible to get his legs up high enough. Once the coach counted down to one, everyone went off, Andrew going at a pretty decent speed. The first hurdle was fine, second one was fine, third one it got a little rocky. His foot caught on it as he was clearing it, it falling down. And the fourth one he completely fucked up. While he was trying to get over it, he jumped too late and his front leg went right into it. He stumbled, taking a little roll over it and landing on the ground under him. He got up right away after all, learning that that's what you need to do and he hissed from the pain he felt in his elbow.

"Dammit," he cursed under his breath, looking down at his left elbow, which he managed to scrap up a bit. Nothing bad, just needed some alcohol and a band-aid. It would certainly scab though. Pouting a bit, he put his hand over it as he watched the rest of the guys finish up the hurdles, the coach announcing who had the best time.

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G was watching Andrew rather intently, that normally happened when Quinton was texting his brothers or his grandparents, and currently Quinton was dealing with something he didn't want to deal with. His brothers just told him in the group chat that they overheard Grandpapa and Grandmama talking about their parents visiting this year for Quinton and Andrew's birthdays. It was only October at this point, and so there was at least one month before Quinton's parents would come around. He didn't entirely like the idea of his parents coming around during his and Andrew's birthday, and he definitely knew for sure that Peter and Brynn hated his parents as well and wouldn't really enjoy them coming over. He normally spent his birthdays with the Moore family, seeing as his family was always busy during the December Months, and his brothers were the only ones who came around.

He looked up when G nudged him, he noticed that his boyfriend's elbow was bleeding from falling, "Hurdles shouldn't exist, I'm going to have to take care of his elbow once we get home," Quinton said as he slipped his phone into G's pocket because he didn't trust leaving it in his bag with Frankie around. He stood up since his little problem was gone now, he jumped off the bleachers and stood on the ground deciding to stand while he waited for his boyfriend to be finished with practice so they could just go home.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Once everyone else was finished, the coach went over to Andrew to ask if he was alright. He showed him the damage, the couch quickly just putting a wrap around it because Andrew said they had everything they needed back at his place, which was only about a 10 minute walk from the school. Some of the other guys who saw him fall asked if he was alright and he nodded his head yes, not liking so much sudden attention on himself just because he fell. It was nothing to be too worried about. He just walked back over to the bleachers when the coach announced practice was over, smiling at Quinton as he came over.

"I fell," he said simply as he came closer to him, chuckling a little bit as he did so. He just thought it was hilarious, he was the fastest runner on the team and here he was tripping and falling over some damn poles.

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Quinton couldn't help but laugh at his boyfriend who informed him that he had fallen, "Well no shit, Sherlock," Quinton said as he leaned forward and pressed a chaste kiss to his boyfriend's lips, "You're 6'6", you're bound to trip over hurdles that small....hell, even I trip over the hurdles when they make me run in Gym," Quinton said as he ruffled Andrew's hair. He gently lifted Andrew's elbow and kissed it, "Lets get you home and get you all fixed up, we don't want that getting infected or worse," Quinton said as he bounced up the steps to his spot by G.

G handed Quinton's phone back, when Quinton turned it on, he screeched at the sight of the messages that he received from his parents. "No! No! I don't want them to come here, I hate it when they come here! They ruin everything! They always ask me stupid questions!" Quinton said to himself as he unlocked his phone and began to wildly text his parents back, begging them not to come to town. He grabbed his and Andrew's stuff and bounced back down to where his boyfriend was, he was texting his parents still when he stood beside Andrew again.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew smiled brightly at his words, kissing him back and then listening to his words. He nodded a bit, that was true. Out of the two of them, Quinton was more athletic then him, but that was because Andrew was just a stick. He was stronger in the legs, yes, but that's because he ran and walked a lot. As for his arms, they were basically noodles. He wasn't strong at all. Quinton had a better chance of picking him up then he did of picking him up. He nodded when he spoke, staying where he was as his ball of energy went up to get his things. Frowning a bit when he heard his words, he walked closer to the bleachers, taking his bag and his water bottle from Quinton as well as putting a towel around his neck.

"Your parents are coming down for our birthday I'm assuming?" he asked him with a raise of his eyebrow. He knew that the two of them were born only minutes apart, Quinton not taking his first breath, however, until Andrew was born. He thought it was amazing, how people like that found one another by pure chance.

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Normally one would find it hard to type as fast, but for Quinton he was a natural pro at it, thanks to his parents being complete and utter assholes. He was typing at record high speed, his fingers zoomed across the keyboard, and he barely glanced up at his boyfriend as he texted his parents. They kept dismissing his pleas, and acted as if they cared how Andrew was, "Yes..." he said to his boyfriend when he realised that the question was directed at him. "Last time they came here they asked me where I was going to get a girlfriend............when you were literally in the next room speaking to my brothers about how our relationship was going," Quinton mentions.

"I don't want to deal with them, I hate dealing with them when they're here, it always ends up a one sided screaming match because they just don't care about what they're doing," Quinton said with a shake of his head, "They have no regards for other people's emotions, they are not compassionate, and honestly they're dickheads," He continued. "They had the audacity to call my brother, Frankie, ...a faggot, I punched my father right in the face after it left his damn mouth," Quinton muttered.

"Peter and Brynn are not going to be happy about this either, I'm assuming, they didn't enjoy it last year or the years before that," Quinton said with a snort.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew listened to his boyfriends rants as he put a hand on his lower back, beginning to lead him where they needed to go so they could get his Andrew's house. As mentioned earlier, it was no more than a 10 minute walk from the school. He was good at listening and walking, he was a teenage boy after all. Walking with people while listening to their problems was part of what came with high school. Nodding a few times as he explained, he chuckled a bit at his last remark.

"Oh yeah, Brynn was about ready to pour water over your mom's head when she mentioned how I need to find a nice lady to settle down with or else I'll end up adopting some random kid like Brynn and Peter did," he whistled a bit afterwards, shaking his head,"The curse words that came out of her mouth after they left were the most I have ever heard her curse." He rubbed his back a bit as they walked, kissing his cheek."Don't worry too much about it, they don't come for too long. Just do your best to ignore what they say."

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Quinton snorted, he remebered the day that happened, he was about let out a string of curse words too that day. "You should hear my grandfather when they come around and say things like that, he literally threatens them that if they don't leave their premises that they would have to call the police, regardless of them being "family"," Quinton said as he moved to walk closer to his boyfriend.

"It's kinda hard to ignore them, Annie," He said with a shake of his head, "I once was sitting in my room playing Call of Duty with G over the summer when they came around, they literally walked in and asked if G was my boyfriend.....G just sat there confused as I looked at my parents, and then they went and said this.... 'All faggots look the same, sorry'........... SORRY? SORRY?! They literally called me a faggot right to my face! G was so pissed that he punched my father in the face. I was so upset! My grandfather tried to get my parents to leave, and they wouldn't, not until I started cursing them out, then they hurriedly left," Quinton mumbled.

"I hate them, Annie, they do so much to hurt everyone around me," he said softly as he ignored the texts from his parents, "I don't know what they are, but whatever they believe in make them assholes, and I want to know what they believe in so I could go to who ever is teaching them to be this way and punch them in the face," Quinton muttered. "I want to sue my would work tremendously because my Uncle is a Lawyer, and he's always been on my side, you remember my Uncle Robert? The one who invited us to Miami for Christmas?" Quinton said.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments "Yeah babe, I remember him," Andrew replied to his words with a nod, not liking that his boyfriend needed to go through all this drama with his parents. Andrew's adoptive parents had always been very supportive of him and the decisions he made. Brynn was completely fine when she figured out that he was gay. The only thing she had been concerned with and tried to get him not to do was to have sex with Quinton and that was only because she was worried they were far too young. And while he appreciated her concerns, he had just told her that they would be very careful, but the two of them would probably be sexually active while they're still in high school. That had upset her a little bit, but it was only because she was protective of him, and now she asks about it sometimes, sometimes even when Quinton is in the room. But she's never mean about it. Just a concerned mother.

"I think that they're doing is trying to control your life. They weren't around for so much of it so now that you're acting a way that they don't like, they're trying to interfere. And it's not right, they weren't the ones who raised you," he said with a shake of his head, kissing Quinton's forehead,"Just stay at my house when they come over, Brynn and Peter warned them last time that they don't want that talk in their house. Plus you'll be turning 18 when they come so they won't exactly have a hold over you anymore."

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Quinton shook his head, "They're not trying to control my life, if they really wanted to control my life they would have actually brought me back to Washington D.C. with them when they attempted to do so a couple years back," Quinton said with a shake of his head again. "Beckett and Roland are just very stupid and conservative people, they think that whatever they say is superior to the other people around them. They have no regards for anyone around them," he muttered.

Quinton closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, he heard the familiar of Alex's ringtone, he answered it. "Hey Lex, what's wrong?" Quinton asked as he walked just a little slower.

'Hey Queen....uh....Roland is here at Grandpa and Grandma's, Roland just punched Grandpa in the face, his nose is bleeding, Grandpa's,' Alex replied.

Quinton gripped his phone tightly, "I'll be there in five minutes, tell Grandpa to put his head back, his nose will bleed if he keeps it upright!" Quinton said. He moved the mouth piece away from his mouth, "Roland is at my house, he just punched Pap in the face," Quinton explained to his boyfriend. "We're going to have to make a detour to my place so I can get rid of Roland, then after I deal with this shit we can go back to your place, fix you up and do whatever we planned to do," Quinton said as he returns to his phone to talk to his brother.

'Put ice on Grandpa's nose, it's titled back. Roland still here, in the living room cursing himself out, keeps saying how angry you're going to be' Alex said, saying the last part with a snort, 'Grandma isn't home, I came to wish Grandpa a Happy Birthday since his Birthday is today and Roland just followed me into the house,' Alex explained.

Quinton closed his eyes, "That's it! I'm calling Uncle Robert, I am filing a restraining order against Roland and Beckett, then I'm getting a security system for the damn house," Quinton said, he was pissed beyond belief.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew listened to him as he spoke, sighing softly. He did nod a little bit, knowing how much he hated his parents. They weren't exactly nice people after all, that was very clear from all the crap that they said and that they did. He raised his eyebrows when his phone rang, keeping his hand on Quinton's back, but he allowed him to walk a bit slower than normal. He furrowed his eyebrows when he heard that apparently his dad punched his grandfather in the face, cursing under his breath. He was an ass....

"Babe, listen. Why don't you go to your grandpa's and take care of him, don't worry about me, alright? I'll go back to my place and get this cleaned up. If you can make it for dinner, that would be awesome, but if you can't, it's no big deal. Just go and make sure your grandpa is okay, alright? I'll be fine," he said to him with a small smile, not honestly wanting to go with him. Andrew hated violence, he hated seeing it and he hated people yelling. He wasn't sure why, but he just never liked it. Plus if he went with them he was sure his boyfriend was just going to get more crap from his parents about how he brought a "f*ggot" into the house.

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He stopped walking for a moment and turned to Andrew, he leaned up and kissed him lightly but passionately, he absolutely loved Andrew so much and he knew how much Andrew hated coming around when Beckett and Roland were in town. He brushed Andrew's hair back and kissed him again, he then pulled away and rested his forehead on Andrew's shoulder, "I'm going to end up going to jail for murder at one point, today might be that day......" Quinton mumbled, Alex had ended the call moments ago. His Grandpa was a pretty strong dude, and could probably hold his own if he tried, but Quinton forbade his Grandparents to physically fight someone due to him not waning them to break a hip or something like that.

He closed his eyes, "I'm sure I can make it dinner, but if I don't and your parents get a call from the Police Station, then you know I've been arrested for murder," Quinton said, it was in a joking manor but he was sure that if Beckett and Roland didn't stop coming around that one day it would become true.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew looked at him when he stopped walking and he kissed him back, putting one of his hands on his hips. He was such a sweet boy, his boyfriend. He loved him a lot. And he hated that he needed to go through to much shit. Once the kisses ended, he looked at him and nodded a bit, chuckling however at his last words.

"Just be careful, alright? I don't want you to get hurt, so just try to make taking care of your grandpa your main concern. Don't hit your dad unless he starts it, alright?" he said to him, leaning forward and pecking his lips quickly. Was he a bit disappointed he wasn't gonna get to spend some alone time with him, yeah. But there would have been nothing to enjoy about it if Quinton was just pissed off at his parents and worried about his grandpa. They could save it for a day where there wasn't so much stress.

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Quinton sighed and hugged his boyfriend, "I can't promise I won't punch him th moment I walk through that damn door, no one punches Pap and gets away with it," He mumbled. He then let's go when his phone played Alex's familiar ringtone, "I best get going, I'll see you in a bit, I promise I'll try to make it to dinner," Quinton said, he leaned up and kissed Andrew deeply.

"I'll probably even stay the night, honestly," Quinton said as he pulled away, he answered his phone and looked at Andrew, "Be careful on the way home, if anything happens call G right away," Quinton said as he pecked Andrew's cheek and hurried off, deciding to run the rest of the way home.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Andrew didn't want his boyfriend to get violent, he didn't want him to get hurt or upset his father more. Cause if he upset him more, it was just gonna cause more trouble. But he also couldn't control Quinton, he couldn't make his decisions for him. So he just hugged him back and kissed him, offering a small smile at him.

"I will Rosie. Be careful," he replied to him, watching as he started walking away. He turned afterwards and unlocked his phone, going to his phone. G was his 3rd emergency contact so if anything happened to him and he wasn't able to talk, the guy would still be able to know what happened, since he would just press and hold it. It was something G and Quinton had wanted him to do whenever he walked alone and he respected what they wanted as weird as it was.

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He knew how much Andrew hated it when he fought physically with his parents, he either ended up with a blood dripping from somewhere on his face or he ended up being put into a hospital because his parents were fucking assholes who beat up their own son. He was talking to Alex as he ran down the street he probably looked weird with his skirt and all, but he didn't really care about that and continued to run until he reached his house. When he ended the call, he stood outside his house and the first thought that came to his mind was his darling little Annie. He chewed on his bottom lip in worry now, he really didn't want to get put into the hospital and so he decided not to antagonise his father at all, he took a few moments to do some breathing exercises, and he took these few moments to walk around the yard and calm down.

Tell me you Love me....please, I need to calm down before I go in and confront him
— QR

Ever since he started watching BBC Sherlock, he began to put his initials at the end of every text. Even after he finished watching the show he still did it, and yet no one seemed to question it. He paced the front yard awaiting Andrew's response.,

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