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Hello everybody! Welcome to Mourning Dove's Cabin. The fact is, you most likely do not understand the name of this group... But I think it's quite cozy and makes the place feel like a little log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Also, Mourning Dove is a big 'group' bird. Did you know that they are one of the birds you never see by itself? They always have a friend! What is this group for... Friendship and talking! We will always stick together here at Mourning Dove's Cabin. Please consider introducing yourself. God bless!

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Michelle | 47 comments Hi! My name is Michelle, and I'm twelve years old. I enjoy reading, writing, and singing. Also ballet and hiking. Oh, and kayaking! Nice to meet everyone!

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Hello Michelle! I really appreciate you joining, you seem like a lot of fun. Oh cool, I always wanted to go kayaking! Seems like a lot of fun! If you stay on the kayak... Lol. Good to have you! :)

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Michelle | 47 comments Well, I've only tipped off a kayak once, and that was when I was young. My parents were there so it was fine! Ever since then, I always kept my balance, especially in the really deep lakes.

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Aha, yeah, I see. Glad you were okay though! Like the saying goes, you fall off your horse, you get back up, pull the reigns and you run! :D

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Michelle | 47 comments Yep, but that time my parents were kayaking, too. Honestly, they've never really been a kayaking fan. I just realized, you never introduced yourself on here, except for on your profile!

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Hm, I see. Maybe one day I will get to kayak. Oops, I guess not! Well here's a little bio. I don't like to talk abou tmyself much... But hey.

My name is Kaitlyn and I am a country girl in the state of Maine. I take the challenges that God gives me and I never give up. I love reading, writing, birding, photography, mechanics, biking, swimming, hiking and most of all... Farming. I have a lot of interests but I especially love to talk and meet new people. I cannot leave the house and come back until I've met someone. I think the world has gone mad and that people can't just leave it and that I try the best I can to make a difference. :D

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Michelle | 47 comments Oh, hi Kaitlyn! Fancy meeting you here in this group!

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Ha ha! Nice to meet ya here as well! XD

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Emelia  | 4 comments Was invited by Kevin to this group, thank you Kevin !

I love Mourning Doves btw and Kaitlyn I have a question about them. I read in the description that they are never alone.
Is it typical to have 17-20 of them show up at the same time?
I have several bird feeders and have Mourning Doves show up in large groups.

Now the introduction lol
I love books of all types, except romance, not a big fan of romance lol
I live in Ohio atm, but have been all over the world.
I raise sheep, raise organic veggies and herbs, am a photographer, avid bird person, love anything outdoors, train border collies, am an artist and aspiring writer. I love people and love talking to them. I love to hear their life stories. I think all people are beautiful in their own way...we just have to see all people through our hearts eye. If you judge people without finding out who they are, you miss out on so much. I often write stories about people I have met and photograph them as well.
I believe we are put on this earth to help each other and take care of the planet and all the animals on it. There is no planet B !
I also am a blacksmith believe it or not and make swords and such. I also make bows and am teaching myself to fletch arrows.
Yes, I am a huge geek lol.

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Hello Emelia! It is a pleasure to meet you and goodness, we have so much in common! What branch are you in with photography? (Nature, people, etc). I am no pro... But I love nature/scenery photography. As far as your question goes with Mourning Doves, the most they'd be seen could be anywhere from five to sixty! They are most definitely a group bird, you never see one alone unless something is wrong. Very special birds in my mind! And another thing about them is that I think of them as alarms. Normally, when you hear a flock of them flutter off you know something is around them. So it is a good alarm for predator sake.

Wow! What a selection of careers and hobbies! You sound like one awesome person! Do you by any chance have a photo of one of the swords you made? (I'm big on knives and weapons, so I am a bit excited! Lol).

I am really happy that you joined the group, looking forward to speaking with you more! :)

(And Kevin, not sure if you'll see this, but thank you for inviting her, I appreciate it greatly!)

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Emelia  | 4 comments Kaitlyn wrote: "Hello Emelia! It is a pleasure to meet you and goodness, we have so much in common! What branch are you in with photography? (Nature, people, etc). I am no pro... But I love nature/scenery photogra..."

Good to know Kaitlyn !
Was not sure if it was "normal" to see so many together!
And Mourning Doves are fearless ! They chase off the Crows from the feeder lol.

I have a few pics of my swords, some are amusing lol...just need to figure out how to post them here. Same as in status updates?

I photograph Nature mostly...Spiders are a favorite of mine. Yes, most people dislike spiders but they are really extraordinary creatures. I even "discovered" a spider that was unknown in the spider world. (Baby Mystic Lady id photo title)
Not very exciting I know, but I was well pleased lol.
Here is a link to my deviantart gallery page...hope it's ok to post here....if you care to look at my photos. I won an award for "Ninja Spider" photo oddly lol. Kind of nervous to have you look at them being a photographer yourself. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on how to make my shots better !

So happy to be here and look forward to meeting more people and chatting with you Kaitlyn ! Thank you for the warm welcome !

message 13: by Emelia (new)

Emelia  | 4 comments This is one of my favorite pictures of the female Mourning Dove.
Her name is Gracie and her mate is George. (Yes I love old George Burns and Gracie Allen movies)

thoughts by WEYAH

message 14: by Emelia (new)

Emelia  | 4 comments Gracie at rest by WEYAH

message 15: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 47 comments Mourning doves are adorable!

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