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January (Countdown #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult, fictional, people eighteen and older vanishing. [s]

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Rebekah | 2 comments I am not looking for the left behind or gone series. This is a 1-7 book maybe more. Everyone who turns eighteen or is over eighteen vanishes. They just disappear leaving their clothes where they were. It follows a bunch of kid's traveling to California i think. I only remember one persons name and its the bad guy called Jezebel. There is a couple a white kid and a black girl who become a couple and she gets pregnant. I would love to read the series again. Just cant remember the name or the author

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Ayshe | 4129 comments The Countdown series by Daniel Parker?
The first book is January.

Rebekah | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "The Countdown series by Daniel Parker?
The first book is January."

I love you! Yes!!!!!

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