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Third Book!

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Nicole | 27 comments Mod
I'm a little early in announcing the third book, but I figured that some people might want a good book to look forward to after the craziness (and fun) of the holidays. For the next two months, starting in January, we will be reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Set in 1946, the main character Juliet is looking for a new topic to write about in the aftermath of the war. Through a complete accident, she ends up corresponding and making friends with the most wonderful people in the most surprising place, the isle of Guernsey. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which is formed as an alibi to protect friends from German soldiers, provides Juliet inspiration for her book and her life.

As always, feel free to comment anything about your progress or thoughts on the book, and you can continue to post about any of the other books as well! We hope you enjoy our selection and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Brianna (Vandenbord) Estel | 3 comments I’ve never really read a book with any of the book clubs I’ve joined on here or posted anything but I just requested this at the Aliquippa library! I’ve heard so many good things about this book so I can’t wait to read this with you.

Janice Treat snow | 16 comments I just read this a few weeks ago! REALLY enjoyed it. The format was different, I liked that. Also, I like history and this was history I'd never learned.

Nicole | 27 comments Mod
Brianna, we're glad you're joining us! I must admit I've read it before, but it was so good I'm reading it again. I had never even heard of the Isle of Guernsey until I stumbled across this book. You definitely chose a good one to jump in with!

Janice, also glad you really liked it! It actually led me to read another book that Annie Barrows wrote, The Truth According to Us. Much longer, but the characters are very interesting. It's not exactly the same as this book, but her aunt didn't help write it either. I wish Mary Ann Shaffer had begun writing earlier so she would have published more books. She was a fantastic writer! I'm a history buff too, so I love finding good books (and authors) like these.

Brianna (Vandenbord) Estel | 3 comments I’m only on page 40 and I’m already so happy you introduced me to this book!

Brianna (Vandenbord) Estel | 3 comments I loved this book so much I sent to title out to other readers in the family. It was so easy to fall in love with the characters! My sister in law and I have decided we need to add Guernsey to our bucket list.

Nicole | 27 comments Mod
I'm so glad you liked it! Guernsey is on my bucket list too, now that I know it exists. (SPOILER ALERT!!) My only qualm with the book, which isn't even really a qualm, just something I want to rant about, is the fact that Elizabeth died. I know that for many reasons her death makes sense to tie in all of the other characters together, and it helps show her spirit and courage while also highlighting other horrors endured during the war, but you just felt so hopeful for her right along with the rest of Guernsey, and you kept hoping she would reappear. It had the same feeling of a really sad moment in a Disney movie. The rest of the movie makes you feel so happy, and then there's this unbelievably sad moment that just kills your mood. Sometimes you just want something to be completely joyful without any obstacles to overcome. But I agree that this was an excellent book!

Nicole | 27 comments Mod
I just saw online that this book was actually made into a movie that will be coming out on April 20th! I know movies are never as good as the books, but it's nice when they at least pick the good ones to make movies out of!

Janice Treat snow | 16 comments It was sad, but yes, it makes sense. I too had that moment of disbelief but knew it was probably coming.

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Eric Geist | 20 comments Janice wrote: "It was sad, but yes, it makes sense. I too had that moment of disbelief but knew it was probably coming."

I am having a little trouble with the format but keep trying. I think there is something borderline delightful here if i stick with it. It reminds me somewhat of actual letters written during the war by C.S. Lewis and friends. Must research Guernsey and Channel Islands.

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Eric Geist | 20 comments Still making my way through the book. Quite funny in places and an interesting way to tell a story. I am envious of all the pen pals.

Janice Treat snow | 16 comments I thought I'd hate the format but ended up loving it. A nice change.

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Eric Geist | 20 comments Liking the book. Have about 100 pages left.

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Eric Geist | 20 comments Nice romantic ending to a good story. I liked it.

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