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message 1: by Francisco (new)

Francisco Ponce palmero | 2 comments hi, I'm Francisco from Spain, first of all I hope you excuse my poor English, well, althought I have read some novels by Laymon and Ketchum, I'm thinking about reading more of this horror subgenre, I'm to read this novels:

Survivor by J F Gonzalez

Castaways by Brian Keene

Island by Richard Laymon

Have you read these novels? Are them interesting enough to start with?

Greetings from Spain

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Ridge | 1 comments These are all good books to start with. There is also Edward Lee...wrath James white are a couple more. You can also join the splatter club on Facebook. You'll get a lot of information there as well

message 3: by Rurnur (new)

Rurnur | 5 comments Castaways was a fun read, I couldn't get into Island the first time but I have enjoyed numerous books by Richard Laymon since then. I'm also planning on reading Survivor, it's coming in the mail right now! Good luck on your reading.

message 4: by Wade (new)

Wade Garrett | 4 comments Here's a list of extreme-horror writers.

Tim Miller, Matt Shaw, Michael Bray, Sam West, Jeff Strand, Wrath James White, Shane McKenzie, Ryan Harding, Brian Keene, David Moody, Mark Tufo, Jim Goforth, Becky Narron, James H Longmore and Iain Rob Wright.

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