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The Newcomers' Suite consists of a sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. When a girl first arrives, she is brought here to be interviewed by Alistair, then transformed into a doll under Alistair's careful instruction by the servants. Only when she has a new name, her role has been decided, and she looks as if she belongs here, can she be assigned a floor and conducted to her new room or suite.

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"Well, what do you think of her?"

Ellowyn gestured to the girl who stood in the centre of the dressing room. Three servants stood behind her, admiring their master's latest acquisition in awe. Very few were already in possession of the look Alistair wished them to have upon arrival, but this girl was. He had instructed them to change nothing, merely to enhance the beauty she already possessed. And so, what few blackheads she had were carefully removed and nails were applied to her fingers (as she apparently had a habit of biting her real ones). She had soaked for an hour in a tub of lavender scented water, her auburn hair thoroughly washed and brushed out until it shone before it was twined into a style seemingly plucked from one of the girl's own fantasy novels. A necklace of real gold, with the texture of rope, was hung from her neck, and oval shaped gold earrings with Celtic style markings inserted into the two new pictures in her ears. The gown she now wore was of emerald green silk, with a rope of gold sewn into the basque waist and decorative gold corsetting on the bodice.

"I like her," Alistair's lips curved upwards into a broad beam of approval as he stepped towards her, gently lifting her hand and placing a tender kiss upon it. "Now, have you thought about what you might like to be called?"
The unnamed girl looked up at the blurred face of the man she was now to call Papa, a tentative smile creeping across her own lips. "May I take the name...Seraphina?"
"Seraphina," he repeated, nodding thoughtfully. "Yes, I believe it suits you perfectly. Very well then, Seraphina it shall be," he turned then to Ellowyn. "Show her to her suite will you? Sera dear, you will be on the tenth floor. Room fifteen."
Ellowyn gave a nod, gently taking Seraphina by the arm. Stepping out of the suite, Seraphina now found herself in a long, brightly lit corridor. She also found that an as yet indistinguishable figure was making its way towards them.

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Adam had just finished drying his hair after his younger sister had braided it about a hundred times until his hair stuck up in all directions while his twin laughed. Then, it was his twin's turn, and yet she was made to look beautiful while Rei just wanted to make him look silly. Of course, there was no harm done, it was nothing a simple shower couldn't fix. Plus, he wanted to wash it out anyways since he had been wrestling with some of the younger boys earlier in the garden and he slightly got himself dirty.

He ruffled his newly fluffed hair and started to walk through the hallway as well, glancing down at a watch he wore on his wrist, upside down, which was peculiar, but still decently in style. "Oh Belle," he whispered, gazing into the red rose engraved on the inside of it. Then, he looked up again, just in time to see Ellowyn and another young girl coming down the hallway. Shock covered his face, and he moved to the side so this young lady's first walk down the tenth floor hall would be one with no disruptions due to moving around another person.

"Evening ladies," he said, nodding his head to the two of them.

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As the figure drew closer, Seraphina saw that it was that of a young man. Though his facial features were indistinguishable, she could see that his curly hair was a luscious brown, and his skin was as pale as the moon. From what she could see of him, he seemed to be incredibly handsome. Her new Papa had explained that she would have siblings here, but it was still a shock to actually see them. Never in her life had she seen a man dressed as he was, unless they were actors in a play, a movie, or one of her favourite television series.

She began to fear that they might collide, but at the very last moment, the young man moved aside. He called a greeting to them, and her feet immediately froze. She turned to face him, as did Ellowyn.

"Good evening, Adam," it was Ellowyn who addressed him first, offering a bright smile.

Adam. So that was his name. Sera repeated it over and over in her mind, not wanting to forget it.

"This is your new sister, Seraphina."

Upon hearing the older woman's words, Seraphina dipped instinctively into a curtsy, just as Ellowyn had taught her earlier. She remained in this position for several moments, then righted herself again with surprising grace.
"I am honoured to make your acquaintance," she said, remembering to keep her voice at the appropriate volume as Ellowyn had previously advised. She spoke loudly enough to be heard, yet not so loud as to come off as unfeminine.
Ellowyn turned to Adam, her eyes aglow with excitement. "This one learns fast," she explained.

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Adam watched the two of them, seeing how the young woman was behaving. "She's a natural," he said, bowing down to her for a second then he offered his hand to her. "It is a pleasure to meet you Seraphina," he said. "I'm excited to have you as my new sister," he said. His voice was formal, as he tried to do when he was first meeting someone. The young woman was beautiful, just what he would expect, though. His father only took the best looking women, after all. And by seeing how she was acting, he could already tell that he would probably want to take her as a mistress in no time.

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Seraphina's eyes lit up with excitement as Adam bowed to her, just like a prince in a fairytale. This whole house seemed to have plucked straight out of one of her stories. She had always dreamed of living in a place like this, though she had never believed that dream would ever become a reality. She had never imagined such a place as this could truly exist.

He agreed with Ellowyn, calling her a natural. She could not conceal her happiness at this, her smile broadening into a grin. revealing a set of straight, white teeth that glistened like pearls. She outstretched her hand slowly upon seeing that he had done so, gently closing her fingers around his.

"Just as I am excited to have you as a brother," she murmured softly. Ellowyn smiled at the two, pleased to see that they were getting along.

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Adam nodded his head to her, "why, should I let you two continue through? I don't want to keep you both," he said, looking between the two of them. I'm sure that she would like to experience her room, right?" he asked. "They're quite beautiful, and always made to suit the person," he explained.

He pushed some of his hair from his face, it slightly falling into his face as he had been looking at the two women, since he was quite a bit taller of the two of them.

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"Must you leave?" Seraphina questioned mournfully, looking from Adam to Ellowyn, who smiled gently and placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Well," the older woman looked to him with a dazzling smile, shaking her head a little. "It seems your new sister has taken to you, Adam. I don't suppose you would mind giving her the rest of the tour? I have so much to do today. You should find her suite easily enough, there's a plaque with her name on it on the door. But I'm sure she'd like to see the rest of the house as well. I would have shown her but I didn't have time, but if you do, well..."

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Adam smiled, nodding his head without hesitation, "Oh, of course," he said, looking at Ellowyn, "Thank you for taking her this far for me," he said, nodding his head to her one more time, giving her a bright smile. He offered his arm to the young woman, "If this is alright for you... to come with me," he said. "If not, I can go and collect one of my sisters."

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"It's been a pleasure to take care of her," Ellowyn assured him, gently running a newly manicured hand down the young girl's cheek. "I'll come and visit you later, Seraphina. You can tell me all about the tour and what you think of the house. If you need me for anything, just send a message through one of the servants, okay?"
The older woman smiled softly at the younger, then turned once again to Adam. She tried to think of a way to best communicate Seraphina's circumstances to him as briefly as possible, but realized that the girl's situation was probably quite clear. "This one is very fragile," she remarked, before disappearing down the corridor.
Seraphina did not see Adam's smile, but she did see the arm he offered her, and slowly outstretched her own arm in response, threading it through his.
"Oh, no, I would be honoured to accompany you," she assured him. He was the most intriguing man she had ever met, and not in a bad way. "Are all my new brothers like you?" she questioned curiously. "You're very different to the men on the a good way. I like it much better here already. The people are nicer."

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Adam looked at her, and he nodded to her, not quite sure what that meant, but he would be sure to keep a special eye on her. He smiled softly as she took his arm, "Well, that's good," he said, smiling softly. He turned and he started to lead her down the hallway towards her room. "Yes, I am... And thank you," he said, looking forward through the hallway. "There are quite a few siblings here that you will be able to meet... If you would like me to introduce you to any of them later today, or anytime, just let me know..." he said.

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Seraphina hung on his every word, eager to learn all that she could about his new home. By the fact that Ellowyn had been so willing to leave her in his care, she guessed that he had been here a while, and so probably knew all there was to know. "Oh, I would love an introduction!" she confirmed. "I want to get settled in as soon as possible, but from what I understand there are lots of people here. Do you know all their names?"

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He looked over at her,smiling softly to see how excited she was to be here. She was much different than the others that had arrived recently. "We are having a sudden surge of people joining us at the manor... but I do know everyone's names, yes... Even the broken dolls," he explained, looking forward again. "As some of them my sister used to be friends with.... Then my other sister loves to try and be nice to everyone, even the dolls," he explained. "However... she tends to still keep to those that are not broken, since some of the broken are not kind to her in return."

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Seraphina shuddered involuntarily at the mention of the broken dolls, causing her whole body to shake. She had learned of them soon after her arrival. Alistair had assured her, with great confidence, that he was certain she would not become one. She had not known what his comment had meant, and so he had summoned one of them to the chamber for her inspection. The girl had stood very still while she circled her, taking in every feature in fascination and terror. She had been forced to go very close to her face in order to take in its horrific details in full, and in appreciation of his captive audience, Alistair had encouraged her to feel the girl's face, so that she might get a better insight into the injuries that had been inflicted. She had obeyed without question, whether out of fear or a macabre sense of wonder she still did not know. Perhaps it was a mixture of both.
Alistair had then given a more detailed explanation about how a person becomes, and does not become, a broken doll. Fearing this fate, she had questioned him for at least an hour on the fates of various broken dolls, and how they managed to fall from grace. She couldn't understand why they would wish to rebel, knowing what might happen if they did. Why would anyone want to surrender their chance at a life of luxury?

"I saw one of them," she murmured quietly. "She frightened me. I mean, she did nothing, but the prospect frightens me, though Papa says he is willing to bet his entire classics collection that I shall never become one. Please, tell me, what do you know of them? I will admit, I have rather a macabre fascination...I don't see why they would rebel against Papa if they knew what would happen to them when they did. Papa also didn't really tell me what purpose they serve here now. Do they simply...exist?"

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He looked over at her, "I am sure you will not become one, as well. You are on the tenth floor, after all. That's how Papa shows who is the most close and dear to his heart. I am here on this floor, as is one of my sisters... well, one that I am the closest to... my twin, however, is on the ninth floor," he sighed, "but... a broken doll sometimes serves us. They must help out around the house, at least some of them do. They are told to keep to themselves, however, only to talk with other broken dolls. They are also here as a warning for any of us."

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"Oh, I see," Seraphina listened to all that he had to say, utterly fascinated by his words. "Well, I'll try my best to please Papa then. He's done so much for me already. Who's the sister you're close with? And what's it like to have a twin? Can you really read each other's minds?" she asked, unable to help herself from asking. She had always wondered whether twin telepathy was real. "The ninth floor is only one below this one," she said, hoping to cheer him up, since he seemed a little down about his twin's lower status. "I can't imagine it's very different from this floor, is it? I'm sorry, I'm asking a thousand questions, I know. I just want to know everything about this place. It's...everything I've ever dreamed of."

She came to a stop beside an enormous glass case. Contained within were some of the most beautiful porcelain dolls she had ever seen. She moved closer to inspect them, her eyes lingering on a particularly beautiful doll with hair as black as the raven's wing, skin of alabaster and lips as red as the rose. She wore a gown of snowy silk, with a circlet of opals and moonstones, and white opals dangling at her throat. "Those dolls are beautiful," she breathed in awe. "There were some in the Newcomers' Suite too...your father must have a large collection."

She turned from the case to face Adam, her brow furrowing slightly. "Are they allowed to speak to us when they serve us?" she asked. "I can't see very well, so I'll need them to say 'yes' and 'no' at the very least, to show they understand my orders. If they're the only ones around at a certain time to make me a cup of tea, I want to know I'm actually going to get said cup of tea."

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He didn't mind her asking as many questions as she did, "You are new, it's only natural to wonder about everything that is going on. It's like being transported to a new world, at least... that's how I hear people describe it." He thought about her other questions, smiling softly, "My twin is Belle, and my other sister I'm close to is Rei. She's younger than me and she is our Papa's little gumdrop. I swear, if there was an eleventh floor, she'd be on it, and it might only be her," he chuckled. "Not coming out of spite or anything. She just has a very special connection with Papa.... and to answer your other question, no, it is not much different. Plus, she tends to spend all of her time on the tenth floor anyways because that's where Rei and I are."

"Yes, there are dolls everywhere around the house," he explained. "There are even a few male dolls that he has scattered around. Though, male dolls tend to be more rare and harder to get your hands on, while female dolls are decently easy to find because of mass production of them... Though, there is nothing mass produced about these ones," he said. "Papa only accepts the best, after all."

He looked over at her, "They are able to speak, yes, so if you have that need, they will provide it if they know their place. If not, please do not hesitate to find me or Papa. I will make sure that it gets through to them, and if I cannot solve the issue, I will let Papa know... I only ask for you to ask me instead due to Papa's vast schedule. He's very busy, and if he does not need to bother with something, it's more stress off his shoulders." He smiled at her, just purely wishing to help his papa out, he didn't want him to ever overstress himself, after all.

(( Should I just bring Ro here? Would he be a son or a servant? Ro is a perfect little bean, as you know. Also, did you go through the members of this group, too?))

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Stepping into another world...yes, he was right. It did feel like stepping into another world. It was a world she was vaguely familiar with, since her own room had been filled with beautiful treasures, but nowhere near as beautiful as these. Furthermore, though she had dressed in a similar fashion to Alistair's dolls before arrival, it was strange to see everyone around her dressed in such a way, and to see so many variations of the same style.

"Belle...oh, like Beauty and the Beast?" she asked before she could stop herself. "I love that movie! I love lots of Disney movies. But even if that's not where he got the name, it's beautiful anyway! And Rei is such a lovely name. Is it Chinese? It sort of reminds me of a little ray of sunshine," she laughed a little, again wondering if she was talking too much, but unable to prevent herself from doing so. Excitement definitely brought out her curious side. She listened intentily as he explained Rei's relationship with their Papa, unsure what to make of it. She knew, of course, that he would probably have a favourite. Angeline was definitely his favourite overall due to her status as his betrothed, but she had suspected that he might have a favourite child too. Now, however, it was definitely confirmed. She was still on the tenth floor though. That made her one of his favourites, one of the elite, the chodren few. She was one of those closest to his heart, so did it really matter that Rei was the closest of all? Not really.
"She must be a very extraordinary person to have captured his heart above all others," she spoke carefully but truthfully. "What is she like? Rei, I mean? Though I'm curious to hear about Belle too, if you'd like to tell me!"

She nodded in response to his statement, her eyebrow raised in curiosity. "Oh, are we allowed to visit other floors then? Besides the ground floor and the grounds? I was told that the second and third floor were off limits, but nothing was mentioned about the other floors."

"I can see that he does," Sera murmured in awe, stepping towards the case once again. Spotting a male doll, she gestured to it happily. "Look, there's one!" His hair was a mass of golden curls, and had he been a man of flesh his attire would have been the envy of any Victorian gentleman. "I have never seen such a wonderful collection."

A bright smile immediately broke across her face, like the first rays of morning light. "You are very kind, thank you so much. I don't need much communication from them. If they aren't permitted to speak, yes and no will do. I just can't understand nodding and hand gestures. I can't see very well," she explained. "I'll come and find you if I have any problems. Papa must be so blessed to have such a thoughtful and dilligent son. I wish I could say that there were more men like you in the outside world."

(ROOOO! <3 He would probably be a servant. And actually I was going to ask you if you wanted Alina as Rei's personal servant haha. Fabian is coming as soon as my head clears but since we know he's coming I'll probably start roleplaying him soon anyway. Elian is also coming and Ellowyn is here so we have the entire gang because we be awesome.)

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(If you mod me I can take care of it. Then you can unmod me if you want when I'm finished. I'll also put the group on private for a bit, too.)

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(( Oh, took care of it btw. Sorry I keep forgetting to respond to this one.))

He blinked a few times, thinking of his sister's name. He wasn't able to help himself from slightly cringing at the idea. "Oh I would hope not, as my name is Adam and Belle and Adam... They got married," he said, but laughed afterwards. "Though, we are close either way..." He trails off, then nods, "Yes, Rei is our little ray of sunshine. She always brings smiles to anyone she passes. Even those that are the most depressed and sick," he explains. "You are going to love her." He chuckled, "I can tell you anything everything about my sister's. Rei is incredibly special, our father raised her from infancy, after all. So he's had her the longest, since she was only a few months when she got here. Though, it also helps that she was naturally just the sweetest thing... Then Belle, though she is very loved by our father, she does sometimes step in the way when he is punishing. She has a strong sense of Justice that sometimes doesn't line up with father's... But she only has the purist attentions. Never anything personally against him. She just hates seeing people in pain. Especially by his hand."

"Yes, of course! We are able to anywhere we wish besides those floors. This is our house as well, after all. Father loves us and wants us to feel safe and at home."

He smiles and wanders to the collection, putting his hands in his hair, "Yes... This would be my doll if it had darker hair. Though, there is another with my complexion, hair, and even the way I dressed... To be honest, I'd never seen that one before... Until I was sixteen years old. I think father had it commissioned for me."

He chuckled softly and nodded, "Why thank you. I do try to keep my siblings and family safe and happy. I don't want anything to happen to this house or to the people inside of it... I'm not sure about the outside world, but I will take your word for it."

(( he wouldn't want that beautiful unique man as a son? Aweee. Oh well. And Alina can totally be Rei's servant.))

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Seraphina could not help but beam at him, despite the slightly weird turn that the conversation had taken. She let out a light, lilting laugh, her head inclining in a graceful nod. "I'm impressed!" she gushed, a broad grin blossoming like a spring bloom upon her lips. "Not many people know that the Beast's name is Adam. That's some quite obscure knowledge. But yes, you're right, Belle does marry Adam! Some parents do name siblings after married Disney couples, I have seen it done, so it is rather possible that your names are inspired by Belle and Adam from Beauty and the Beast, but it could simply be a coincidence."

Her smile softened to a subtly pleasing curl of the lips as he spoke again, her effervescence dimming slightly. She listened attentively as he explained how close he and his sister were, and spoke of the other, Rei.
"Well, I certainly don't think I could ever be depressed in a place like this, but I am sick," she confided. "So perhaps your sister will be kind enough to beam her sunshine down upon me. Though I'm more of a moonlight girl myself, I'm sure I'll adore her just the same!" she replied, being sure to keep her voice quiet. She had gotten rather excited while talking about Disney earlier, so she had to be careful now not to talk too quickly or loudly, lest it bring on a headache.

She found herself drawn in to his world as he spoke of his sisters. Already she admired these two women that she had never met, and with every syllable he uttered, her yearning to meet them increased. She also could not help but notice how soft his voice was, how tender his words. She found herself wondering if, one day, he might find her worthy of such high praise.
"They sound wonderful," she breathed in awe. "It all sounds wonderful..."

A broad grin spread across her face as she registered this new information. This meant that she had a whole house to explore: an enormous mansion, seemingly plucked straight from her wildest imaginings, with countless rooms and hidden treasures. She had even heard mention of secret passageways. "He is so generous...this is all so much...I hardly know how to react," she confessed. "I always dreamed of leading a life like this but never imagined that anything would actually come of it."

She turned to face him as he approached the exquisite glass cabinet, her gaze now fixed on him rather than the delicate porcelain figures. Though they were certainly glorious, they were nothing compared to the splendour that was Adam. Of course, this was undoubtedly Papa's intention. Of course they would be the most precious jewels in his collection.
"I hope you will forgive me for saying so but I believe I prefer the real you. I do not believe that even the most skilled dollmaker could do you justice."

A soft blush crept across her porcelain cheeks as his words reached her ears. It meant a lot to her to know that he was willing to take her word. Of course, she had been telling the truth, but for him to accept it so readily meant a lot to her. "I assure you, I will never lie to you. I don't lie," she said solemnly, placing her hand over her heart. "I find your dedication to your family very admirable. You really are special...there aren't many people like you around."

(Ro as a son? Absolutely!)

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He laughs a little bit, nodding his head, "my sisters love Disney, so it's hard to not know about it. Rei, when she found it out, got so excited and pointed at me and said that I was going to be her Beast..." he rolled his eyes, "she changed her mind over the years..." he looked back at her, nodding his head, "I'm sure she will. As soon as she hears that we have a newcomer, she's going to be hunting you down to shower you with love and glitter."

He looked over at her, laughing lightly, "why thank you," he said. "No one would ever be able to get the unruliness of my curls anyways," he says, putting his fingers into his hair. He closed his eyes and breathes out gently. "I'm sure you'll love it here."

"Thank you, I do hope that I continue to do great things here," he says.

(( Or should he be Fabian's person servant...? Idk. I don't think I'd put him as the head of the house (yet). He'd work to get there, but he'd probably be a lot more happier here than in Brides, so he'd be more willing to joke around. ))

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