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This is the most opulent of the gardens. There are many statues in varying sizes and materials, from tiny stone fairies to a gold statue of Alistair himself. There are hanging flower baskets and wind chimes, ornate benches, and in the centre of the garden a beautiful marble fountain.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments Iris walked slowly down the path, looking at the sun glistening. the rays hitting the pool. She wringed her arms as she looked for any way she could escape this gilded prison. Everyone here as in love with Alistair or too scared to say anything out of line. Iris scowled,pulling a loose curl under her ear. She felt like a peacock, swathed in violet silk. The air was tinged with the scent of vanilla and cinnamon and that somehow cooled her down, though she was still raging.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments Iris continued walking until she came across a bench, and most unusually a boy sitting on there. She decided to sit on the end, and turned to face him before leaping up with shock. His eyes were like hers... He was strumming a ukulele, and she sighed. as he imprisoned here too like her? hat kind of sick game as Alistair playing at? She pulled a hand out delicately and raised it towards him, "The names Iris. Yours?" She muttered, a smile curving on her lips.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments Iris blushed when he kissed her hand, and stared thoughtfully at the blue sky. "Grey it is..." She sighed, and took off the sandals she was wearing, letting the breeze tickle her toes. "Alistair insists a lot of things doesn't he?" She muttered, before realizing she said it out loud. She stared wearily at Grey, hoping he wasn't some Alistair fanatic. If he was, she hoped he didn't say anything to him. She heard a lot of rumours about the girls who disobeyed him and their shattered faces.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments "Yes I'm new. I decided to explore, I couldn't keep holed up in that room no matter how beautiful it is." Iris muttered, before smiling softly. "So hat are you? I don't really understand this system." She stroked her arm whilst she thought about this place. "There are more people here?" She didn't realise that. Was this some sort of cult? What as she - a new recruit of some kind. God. She felt her heart beat a little faster, and she stroked the silver medallion around her neck. At this moment of time, she missed Leila more than ever. It would of been more so much more bearable if she was with her.

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sara (hazysunsets) | 12 comments “Oh okay... so this isn’t some sort of cult like I expected...” She grinned teasingly. “How long have you been here?” Iris stared thoughtfully at the sky, turning into soft shades of violet. “Guess it’s much better to survey the situation… Have you seen anything out of the ordinary here?”. She made sure she said that quietly, lest any of Alistair's minions could hear and report back to him. She needed to be aware of her surroundings if she wanted to stay alive here. One toe out of line would mean punishment and that would be nothing good. She clenched and unclenched her first. Grey seems nice, she thought, it seems i’m not the only one who hates Alistair …

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