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This enormous garden is filled with all sorts of delicate blooms. An archway of flowers separates it from the main garden, and another from the herb garden. This is the favoured spot for picnics.

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Sat on a quite large quilt next to a great deal of vibrantly colored cosmos, drawing pad in hand and a small assortment of art supplies to her left side was Jolie. Dressed in a yellow sundress, white knee-high socks, simple black flats, and her hair was pulled into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She'd chosen this spot in the flower garden merely due to the fact Jolie hadn't drawn cosmos yet. Though she'd invited, Alistair or as he was to be called, Papa, to join her if he had the time she would understand if he didn't. Their Papa was a busy man, always making sure he spent time with his children, speaking of the others Jolie wondered if any siblings were coming if he did. Keeping busy she worked on the sketch of the cosmos, it would be a joy to finish a watercolor of them with their bright and bold colors.

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(Sorry I'm late guys, I was ill!)

So, his dear Jolie had invited him to come to the Flower Gardens. Of course, he had accepted. He thought it an excellent opportunity, in fact, for her to become acquainted with her newest brother, Grayson, and with her newest sister, Seraphina. Though the mansion was enormous, Alistair placed great importance on good relations between all of the dolls. That is to say, all of those who were not broken.

And so there was one doll in his company as he strode through the grounds in the direction of the Flower Garden, but two. The first, the newest, was his latest acquisition, Seraphina. She was to be introduced to both Grayson and Jolie. She wore a gown of light cream muslin, with matching shoes and a bonnet to shield her face from the sun. The second was familiar to Jolie, but not to Grayson. He had been informed of her existence, but had never actually met her. Angeline, his betrothed, wore a sleeveless dress of lilac silk, and a golden collar encrusted with amethysts. Gold and amethyst bracelets circled her wrists, and tierdrop gold and amethyst earrings dangled from her dainty ears. A gold and amethyst diadem was pirched atop her shimmering locks, and gilded sandals completed her look.

Leading each girl by the arm, Alistair stepped into the Flower Garden. Noticing that Grayson and Jolie were both present, he led the two towards them. "I see you're both already here," he smiled softly at his daughter, then at his new son. "I apologize for my late arrival. I decided at rather the last minute to bring some guests. I hope you do not mind," he looked more to Jolie than to Grayson for approval, for he was her guest, after all. "Jolie, I thought it best that you meet a few people, dearest," he explained, then turned to Grayson. "And I wanted to introduce a few people to you too, Grayson. I understand you have been rather isolated, is that right?" he enquired, furrowing his brows in concern.

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 ѕolanιne | 19 comments Looking up from her drawing when Jolie heard others in the garden others make their presence known, closing her sketchbook and setting it next to her the ginger looked at her father to see who he'd brought. Jolie stood, smoothing out the sundress she'd been in and toeing her flats, of which had been kicked off, back on and straightening up to get rid of the slouch she often had. Alistair had brought his betrothed, the wonderful Angeline, someone who Jolie looked up to greatly, as well two siblings, a shorter girl looking a few years older than herself and a boy just an inch taller than herself. Giving them a bright, though still timid smile Jolie said in a voice loud enough to be heard, "It's okay, Papa," she addressed her father before looking to Angeline to who she said sweetly, "Lovely to see you again, Angeline."

Though when she looked to meet the two newest dolls eyes she felt her nerves kick up a bit, new people in the mansion took a while to get used to. Jolie gave a bit of a wave, "It's alright, I don't mind a bit," she said truthfully even if she was quiet about it. Her papa knew that sometimes connecting with others was a bit of a challenge so when introduced to anyone new Jolie tired to seem more confident than she was. While the servants who tended to the eighth floor were great company sometimes she did feel out of touch with other dolls, that's why Jo' preferred to write letters rather than talk to face to face.

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Alistair beamed at his beloved Jolie as she rose to her feet in greeting. She stood tall, smiling bravely despite her nerves. Introductions were never easy for the poor thing, but she always managed them well in his opinion. According to Angeline, the other girl had endeared herself to her upon their first meeting, so that surely must be a positive.
"I knew you wouldn't mind; you're such a sweet girl," he gave her shoulder an affectionate pat, smiling down at her.

Angeline smiled softly upon being addressed by Jolie, inclining her head in a gentle nod. "The pleasure is mine!" she trilled, her silvery voice putting the birdsong to shame. "You look delightful, dearest. That colour becomes you so well."

The attention then turned to Grayson as he addressed Alistair. The older man and his two companions peered at him with concern as he announced his illness, Angeline turning to Seraphina and murmuring "Oh, the poor thing..."
"You were very considerate to confine yourself," Alistair said softly. "Please, take as much time in solitude as you need. I won't ask you to come outside again until you inform someone that you have recovered. The servants can bring everything you need to your room, you need not leave it unless you wish to. I do hope you will remain with us as long as you're able to today though?" he questioned hopefully. It was clearly a request, and not a command. He wasn't going to force someone who wasn't feeling well to stay outside. He suspected that Grayson's illness might be more emotional than physical, that the shock of his new surroundings might have unbalanced his health, but rest was, in his experience, the best antidote to shock.

Angeline sank into a deep curtsy as Grayson turned his eyes on her, a soft smile tugging at the corners of her rosebud lips. "Why, thank you. It is a pleasure to finally meet you too."
Her voice was a sweet soprano, but it did not possess the whiny quality of some soprano voices. It was clear as crystal, yet not loud at all. And though it was not shrill, it possessed all the youthful innocence of a young child.

Seraphina too dipped into a low curtsy when she was addressed, though she angled her body so that the gesture was directed towards both Grayson and Jolie. "My name is Seraphina; it is a pleasure to make both your acquaintance."
Her voice was different to Angeline. It was no less ethereal, but Angeline's voice might easily have belonged to an enchanted glass figurine, while Seraphina's seemed fit for a siren. It was neither high nor low, but pitched in the very centre of the vocal spectrum.
"Seraphina here was a brilliant find," Alistair explained, more to Jolie than to Alistair. "Emilie and Angeline have agreed to look out for her. Isn't that sweet?"

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