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The lake is almost unnaturally clear, and filled with all sorts of wildlife. Alistair has a beautiful gilded boat in the shape of a swan, the favourite of many of the dolls. To get to ride in this boat is a privilege, for it belongs to Alistair, so it can only be taken out on the lake if the doll is accompanied by, or has the permission of, Alistair. Of course, many of the dolls have their own boats, but the gilded swan is the most magnificent.

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Lots of people were jealous of Emilie today. Not cruelly jealous, more the sort of jealous you might be when they don't have that pair of shoes you really want in your size, but they do have them in your sister's, and she buys them instead. As she made her way down the tenth floor corridor, she was treated to pleasant send off of "keep your hat on, you don't want to tan!" and "have a good time, £mmy!"

She smiled at her friends, waving enthusiastically as she descended the spiral staircase. She had dressed today for a day out on the lake, and the faux-pout from Angeline was due to the fact that she had received permission to take the most coveted boat of all -- the gilded swan. Of course, she knew Angeline wasn't really jealous, as she had taken the swan out yesterday. She was only playing.

Emilie had dressed for the occasion in a gown of sea foam with a matching hat pinned to her head. Her mahogany tresses were tied in an intricate braid, and of course, she was wearing sun cream all over her body.

Three servants awaited her beside the shimmering golden swan, one of them carrying a picnic basket filled with delicious treats that the chefs below had prepared. Emilie thanked the young girl profusely, then looked around in confusion.
"Alistair said that another would be joining us," she explained. "I wonder who it is..."

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments Ali Brianna Graceling was glad that Papa didn't make her wear a dress. He had let her know that he wanted her to be presentable because there was someone that he wanted her to meet. I wonder who that will be? She thought because she hadn't met much of anyone because she needed to be medicated.

She looked in the mirror at herself her curls were perfect as always relaxing about 3 inches below her shoulders. She saw a girl with sparkling angel blue eyes and bow-shaped lips. She only wore a little bit of makeup because she did remember what happened the last time she overdid it. She wore her favorite eggshell tank top with black skinny jeans. Something is missing. She thought as she sifted through her closet. That's when she found her beautiful black denim jacket. Perfect! She thought as she put it on and looked at herself once more.

She was ready to go now and made her way to the lake. She was wearing her new black combat boots and her curiosity got her to look around and that's when she saw Emilie. She must be important. she thought. "Are you waiting for Papa to arrive?" She asked not sure if this was the person he wanted her to meet.

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Emilie turned at the sound of a female voice. A young lady stood before her, her attire quite different from most of the dolls in Alistair's collection. Still, she could see why he might have chosen to style her this way. Such attire suited some of the girls, though dresses were a good fit for most. She had the feeling, however, that this blonde beauty would look very strange in a dress somehow.

"Yes," she replied in answer to the girl's question, taking a dainty step towards her. She hadn't seen this one before. Could she perhaps be a new acquisition? "Are you new here? I don't believe I've seen you before."
Extending a dainty hand, Emilie offered a bright smile, her teeth shining like a set of exquisite pearls. "My name is Emilie. I'm one of your Papa's mistresses. What's your name?"

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments Ali looked at Emilie and shook her head. "I don't get out of the house much unless Papa arranges something or says I'm allowed to come out." She explained a little bit. "It's nice to meet you my name is Ali." She added realizing that she didn't really introduce herself right away. She looks like she tries her best to be in his good graces. She thought to herself as she looked the girl over. Why is she so darn important? Her thoughts were running around but she thanked goodness that she knew how to hold her tongue.

"I'm sure that Papa will be pleased that we're here early because from what I know he doesn't like it when people are late." She smiled a little and then turned her head when she heard a twig snap beneath someone's foot. Must be papa. She thought knowingly because she could smell his cologne.

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"Oh, I see," Emilie gave a small nod, her smile remaining in place though her brows furrowed slightly. As far as she knew, the dolls were free to roam the grounds at their leisure, with the exception of those that were broken. There must be a good reason why he had forbidden the girl to do so, but she knew not what it could be. Had this girl perhaps attempted an escape? She did not seem like the type. She spoke of Alistair with respect, referred to him by his proper title, and seemed perfectly happy to be here. Then again, whatever punishment she may be receiving for her disobedience could be working. Her submission could be a new thing, in which case she may find that she soon received the same priveliges as the other dolls. Or perhaps she needed to be carefully observed by the servants? Perhaps she had some ailment invisible to the eye for which she needed constant care? "Well, it's lovely out here today, so he's chosen a perfect day for it," she remarked.

As the girl offered her name, Emilie's smile broadened slightly. She wondered briefly if Ali was short for something. It seemed so unlike a name that Alistair would choose, but perhaps the girl had selected her own name. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ali," she said softly. "And yes, undoubtedly he will. He loathes lateness," she gave a light laugh, then turned as she too heard the twig snap.

A tall man strode towards them, grinning broadly as his eyes swept over the two young women before him. "Well, look at this, two of my favourite people!" he declared, gently pulling Emilie towards him and kissing her soft lips before outstretching his arms to Ali for a hug. "Ali, how are you?" he asked. "That's a pretty outfit, did you choose it yourself? That top looks lovely on you."

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments Ali walked up to her papa and returned his hug and couldn't help to smile glad that he seemed to like the outfit that she chose. "Yes papa I picked it out because I remembered that you told me I needed to be presentable." She said sweetly because she knew better not to talk out of tune. She looked at Emilie. So she's one of his favorites. She thought to herself she shook her head for a moment and sweetly giggled, "Thank you, Papa."

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Alistair smiled approvingly at his daughter, nodding at her dulcet tone. Clearly, her medication was working. He embraced her momentarily, then gently released her, placing one hand on her shoulder and wrapping his other arm around Emilie's slender waist. "Yes, darling, and I had a good reason. I wanted you to meet my Emilie. I thought the two of you might get along," he turned then to his mistress, waiting silently for her to speak.
"She's charming!" Emilie gushed. "Exquisite fashion sense."

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments Ali remained quiet until spoken to at this point because she knew that speaking out of turn would be rude.I wonder if he's going to have her be the replacement for Wesley. She thought to herself remembering the guy who used to take care of her. She remembered the last time Papa punished her very well and realized that her attitude wasn't necessarily her fault. She shook her head out of the memories and brought her attention back to them. She smiled when she heard Emilie's words.

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Noticing the strange expression that had come over Ali's face, Emilie turned to her, her eyebrows furrowing together in concern. "Ali, are you alright?" she questioned quietly, tentatively reaching over to place a gentle hand on her shoulder. She did not know the girl well, but knew that she could easily withdraw her hand if her touch elicited a negative reaction. "It is rather sunny...are your eyes sensitive to light? I imagine they would be if you aren't particularly used to it. I brought some sunglasses, would you like them?"

Mimi Angel of Love | 25 comments Ali listened to Emilie's words and nodded when asked if she was alright. When she felt the girl's touch she slightly jumped not used to being touched in a gentle matter. "My eyes do hurt a little bit." She admitted honestly.

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Feeling Ali flinch away from her touch, Emilie slowly withdrew her hand. She dared not do so hastily out of fear that any fast movements would unnerve the girl, as she knew they did some people. Rather than being offended, she put this behaviour down to lack of human contact, and offered the girl a reassuring smile. Nodding at her response, she reached into her handbag and withdrew a pair of vintage sunglasses, offering them in such a way that Ali would not have to touch her hand in order to take them. "Here you are. I have plenty more just like them, so you can keep them if you like."
Alistair smiled broadly at Emilie, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. She was such a thoughtful girl. That was one of the things he loved most about her. She was always thinking of others. "Isn't she sweet, Ali?" he asked. "I thought perhaps you might like to get to know her. She could be your friend if you wanted."

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