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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. A modern romance read in the 90's. Cover has a girl eating either cherries or a truffle with a dark haired guy with his face in her cleavage. [s]

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message 1: by Nina (last edited Dec 21, 2017 02:46PM) (new)

Nina Marie | 21 comments I read this book in the 90's. All I remember was she was a chef, possibly on tv. She had a very happy & bubbly personality but loved her food. She thought she was too "curvy" for the guy who was interested in her. He loved her just as she was. That's really all I remember about the story. The cover was a close up of him with his face in her cleavage while she gad her head thrown back with her holding cherries or a truffle over her lips.

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 39249 comments Mod
Was the cover a drawing/illustration, or a photo?

message 3: by Nina (last edited Dec 21, 2017 05:28PM) (new)

Nina Marie | 21 comments A drawing. In color. He had dark hair & hers was brownish/red. I want to say she had on a deep purple corset type top. Maybe even kind of like the old 80's/early 90's prom dress tops. The story may have even had to do with a cooking show. I just remember she was really insecure about her weight.

message 4: by Nina (last edited Dec 21, 2017 05:47PM) (new)

Nina Marie | 21 comments I am currently reading an online book I just found this afternoon (I have been searching since this post) titled Guilty Pleasures by Cathy Yardley. The cover has a man with a cherry to his lips (I found very ironic! Ha ha) but I am unable to figure out if this may be an updated cover of what I had read in the 90's. The storyline is very generic (she is a cook, he is a cook) so I will continue reading until either something clicks or I give up. Lol. I'm looking to see if she worries about her curves.

message 5: by Nina (new)

Nina Marie | 21 comments I'm thinking the preview I read was not the book. The copyright was 2002....way newer than the one I am looking for. But now I want to read that whole book as well! Ha ha

message 7: by Nina (last edited Dec 22, 2017 04:04PM) (new)

Nina Marie | 21 comments Ayshe, you are amazing!

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