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Anna Anderson (why I hope she wasn't Anastasia)
Abby Rose Abby Dec 21, 2017 01:32PM
When I was a little girl, I fell in love with the Don Bluth Anastasia film. I was actually a 90s kid so I remember all the toys and stuff that came out to promote it; I still have my toy music box with spinning Anastasia in her "once upon a december" dress; its on the dresser of the house I'm currently staying in.

Anywho, I can't remember just when I learned Anastasia Romanov was a real person, but it had to have been well before I was 9 or ten. What I do recall is asking my mom dozens of questions about her until she finally bought me a Royal Diaries book on the subject (two months before my tenth birthday).

I loved the book to death (I still have that, too), but it couldn't answer the question I asked the most. Namely, did she die in that shooting or not? My mom told me it was unknown, but that there was a famous woman who said she was Anastasia until she died at a very old age. Back then, I wanted to believe that that woman, whoever she was, told the truth.

Then I learned about Anna Anderson. Sigh. It's not that she's not interesting, in fact she's maybe a little TOO interesting with all the trouble she got in. But seeing her in interviews as a demanding, even mean old woman... Well, if you admired someone since you were a child, would you want to believe she grew up to be THAT? Also it doesn't sit right with me that she never spoke Russian, or that she seemed willing to at the very least not deny she was Tatiana until someone pointed out she was too short.

Which is why when it was said sometime back that they found the missing bodies after all, and Anna Anderson was proven to be a Polish woman, it was sad but also a relief. Would I have loved it discovered she lived? Yes. But at least now it seems we know she didnt grow up to be shunned by extended family and go bat crap crazy as a bitter old woman.

Recently though, I've been hearing weird rumors on the web that Anna's test was faked, and that her ears allegedly match Anastasia's too well for them not to be the same person. There is even a whole facebook account on the subject. Supposedly there is "new evidence" but no matter what I type in the search engine I can't find what this new evidence even IS. Is this just a ploy to sell books? Does anyone know anything about this?

Personally, I don't think Anna could have been Anastasia. Maybe some other person who claimed to be her told the truth, but with the found bodies that's extremely doubtful.

Thoughts? Did you ever wish Anderson was who she said?

If Anastasia had survived, she would have spent the rest of her life with the horrific PTSD of having witnessed the massacre of her entire family. To me, that is arguably a fate worse than death.

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