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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA novel, girl blackmails her sister's ex-stalker

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Julia | 6 comments I remember that this book took place in wintertime/at christmas break. The protagonist, a teenage girl, has an ex boyfriend that she still goes to visit sometimes. She bought him a lava lamp when they were dating. She has a thing where if he shows her a song, she'll like it regardless of what it is. I'm pretty sure she never refers to the ex by name, which I found interesting. When they were dating, she was house sitting for some neighbors (maybe neighbors of her ex BF) and she and her BF started making out in the hot tub. Someone took pictures of it and sent them to her/maybe sent them around the school? Anyways, it turned out the guy that took those pics was the guy that her older sister had a restraining order against from his odd/stalker behavior in HS. The restraining order applies to the whole family. Her sister is currently engaged, to a guy who has rich parents. The protagonist is jealous of her sister (maybe named Tiffany?), who got a car in high school and was very popular. Currently, the protagonist's family is having money problems, is going to sell the house, etc which is very upsetting to her. There are some scuffles with her parents and with the realtor surrounding this. The protagonist decides she/her family really need money so she blackmails her sister's former stalker by getting him to meet her at a cafe then anonymously blackmailing him. She gets the money, but the police get notified too. It turns out in the end that her sister's fiancee was mean and that the ex stalker was protecting her from him.

Thanks so much in advance--I've been looking for this book for a while!

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Julia, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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