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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Here we are :) Not at all required btw, I just like to be sure from the start so I can make an appropriate character, do you write PM scenes or nah?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) The mature/bedroom stuff. It can’t be written in threads so I tend to just call it PM since we’d have to switch there while writing that stuff, if you do write it.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Fair enough :) did you have any ideas or character types in mind?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) How long is 'over the years'? I generally don't like using characters over 24/25. Maybe they were friends before high school? Then in grade 11 or so mine had to move away because their family was moving, and now they're moving back? They would have tried to keep in contact with texting and social media and stuff but maybe life got in the way and/or your character was a bit bitter about the move even though it wasn't my character's fault, so they just communicated less and less until they didn't anymore?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) What kind of personality were you thinking for your character? Kind of normal, more of a goody two shoes, or maybe a bit of a troublemaker?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Sweet :) Maybe the two of them got into a bit of trouble together and my character's parents weren't really a fan of your character? It wouldn't be the sole reason why they moved, but it would have been a contributing factor when mine refused to stop hanging out with yours. That could also add to your's bitterness maybe.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Sure! I was going to make mine 23 I think. And just to double check for certain, you said in the requests you would prefer to play the male role?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Cool. Would you be able to maybe post your guy first? x: Just so I know kind of what he likes and doesn't like, what he'd do for fun, etc, then I can give my character some things in common with yours?

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay)
Kaylee Sanchez
AKA: Lee
21 years old

Occupation 1: Earls waitress
Occupation 2: traditional media/drawing/sketch artist, sells on Etsy
Desired occupation: comic book artist

⋆ chill, laid back, open minded, accepting
⋆ adventurous, explores, tries most things at least once
⋆ a bit alternative; likes dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, grunge/emo/punk clothing and music
⋆ a bit pliable; alters self slightly depending on who she's around. She's never been a good girl, always interested in fun and excitement, but hanging out with Terry brought out more of the bad behaviors

✓ Terry, doing things with him
✓ horror movies and novels/comics
✓ being active, playing soccer, swimming, hiking
✓ socializing
✓ being in a relationship
✓ dancing, clubbing, going out

✗ people who are rude to her or mean or try to hurt her
✗ people who treat her like she's dumb because she's blonde
✗ being treated weird because she doesn't behave like women 'should'
✗ being judged before someone gets to know her, being brushed off based on superficial things
✗ being alone

**She is blonde, but she's kind of always been alternative at heart. Her parents never let her get piercings or tattoos or anything, so the moment she moved out she dyed her hair, got piercings, and got some tattoos. So this would be part of the reason maybe why Terry wouldn't recognize her at first.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Thanks x3 do we have enough to start? I almost made her a bartender since that seemed more her style but then it would be a lot of late nights and might be harder for them to hang out

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Either that or one is and the other shows up. Or they just get to the bar for drinks/refills at the same time

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Cool, who first? Doesn’t matter for me

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Kaylee had been hoping for more of a dance friendly place than this, but her friends wanted to socialize more than be active apparently. She left the table to get herself another drink at the bar, her Australian accent carrying down to Terry. Kaylee had been born in Australia and lived there until she was 11, then her family moved because of a job opportunity and that was how she’d met Terry. They’d grown close fast, and for five years been inseparable. Then her parents told her she had to ditch him, he was getting her into too much trouble. She told them to screw off. They moved, with her, back to Australia.
Finally old enough and with enough money to move back on her own, she’d done so. Australia was nice but she liked it here better. Trying to track down Terry was next to impossible and she doubted Terry wanted to see her anyways, but here she was, renting an apartment in the city he lived in. Not that he’d recognize her with the growth spurt she’d gone through and all the other physical changes, but she thought she might recognize him if she ever did run into him again.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) She looked over at him, eyes lingering. He seemed familiar, but not so much that she instantly knew it was Terry. Small reminders, but not enough to make her realize. "Not that great, actually. Well, relatively speaking I guess. I was under the impression that hanging out with my girlfriends meant we'd actually have some fun dancing and that, and then they took me to this place. Nothing wrong with a pub, but it's not exactly what I was hoping to do tonight, you know? Can't deny the beer here is amazing, though, I'll give 'em that."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) She looked at him a little funny, surprised he admitted so shamelessly to picking up girls, but even more so that he admitted to failing. It endeared her to him more than she expected it to, given that he was a complete stranger. "Yeah, just a couple weeks, really. I mean, I've been here about a month but I needed to get a place and a job and furniture and all that, so I didn't really start going out and having a life until about a week ago. I used to live here, actually, a few years ago. But I had to move because of my family. I missed it so I decided to come back before my parents drove me crazy."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) A chill passed over her whole body. It showed in the sudden palor of her face and the way she went from standing against the bar to sitting in a chair. This couldn’t be him, the odds... even though he looked kind of the same... “R-really? Your name’s Terry? This ah, might seem a bit of an odd question, but did you happen to know a girl name Kaylee? Few years ago?” Only after she asked did she realize she maybe shouldn’t have. How he reacted to her moving, how he eventually stopped talking to her... what if he hated her now? Maybe... maybe she could get something out of him before admitting who she was. Just in case.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Really? That was it? He didn’t ask why or how she knew? It put her off enough she didn’t know how to respond at first. “That’s it? She just left? It sounded to me like you guys were pretty close. She was awful broken up over you when you stopped messaging her back. I mean, not that it’s my business, it just seemed kind of... I don’t know, weird to me. Long distance can be hard I guess, but the impression she made of you was a lot more dedicated than that.”

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “I’ll tell you if you tell me what you mean by ‘things change’. If I asked you how you feel about her now, what would you say? Would you hate her?” She clutched the beer glass in both hands, knuckles white. Felt faint and wished she hadn’t drank any of it yet, though she’d had a couple already at the table with the girls so it probably wouldn’t make a difference.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) "They didn't have to end at all, you know. I tried. But you disappeared." She looked at him with fear in her eyes, then looked away and dug in her wallet. Pulled out her ID card and set it on the bar in front of him. Having changed addresses, her picture looked like she did now, just in black and white. It wasn't the picture she'd had when she lived here last. But her name and birthdate were the same as the Kaylee Terry used to know.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “Yeah.” She looked at him evenly for a minute before putting her ID away. Suddenly a bit quiet, which was very unusual for her. “I did change a lot about myself after moving out of my parent’s place, so I’m not surprised. I wasn’t entirely sure it was you either, honestly, until you said your name.” She met his eyes again. “Can I ask now why you gave up?”

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “What?” She was floored. In all their time together, he’d always been so careful about that kind of stuff. “What—what for? When did you get out?” Surely he would have tried to contact her once he was out? What had stopped him? She’d gotten a new phone number but she still had their social media, all those unread messages she’d sent him over the first few months he didn’t answer.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) "Terry..." she wanted to call him an idiot but held back. Getting kicked out and having no experience to get a job, needing a place to stay... if she'd been in his position, it was possible she might have done the exact same thing. "What have you been doing for 7 months then?"

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “But where have you been staying? Why didn’t you contact me again?” It explained a hell of a lot, certainly. Now she felt guilty for being so mad when he stopped talking to her, embarrassed for the way it had broken her.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) "You know it wasn't my choice right? I stressed that. My parents didn't want me--us--to..." she flailed a hand, unable to talk about them without feeling an extraordinary amount of anger. "Whatever, it doesn't matter now. You're going to come stay with me."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) "You're going to come stay with me. I have the room, and I need a rent buddy eventually. I'm good for now, so don't act like I'm letting you stay because I need the money. I don't. But I can't let you stay in some guy's basement, friend or not."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “Parties don’t make good friends, Terry. Does he look after you when you’re hungover the morning after? Or when you’re puking in the bathroom? Or do anything outside of that with you? Come on. I’m serious. I want you to come stay with me. I’ve got a free second bedroom and everything.”

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) "I'd never see you like that and you know it." She reached out and grabbed his hand, harder than she ever would have dared before. "Please, Terry. I want you to come stay with me."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) She glared at him for that. Why was he so opposed? Weren’t they friends? Shouldn’t he have been happy to have her back in her life? But he wanted her to be quiet so she stayed quiet. Paid for her drink and walked out of the bar with him. “Did you drive?”

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) She stopped by the driver's door, preventing him from closing it. "What kind of answer is that? You're in your car right now. You obviously drove here. Are you good to drive? Sober enough? You can follow me to my place."

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) She wasn’t sure she believed him but she didn’t challenge him on it. “Follow me to my place, okay? We can worry about getting your stuff later.” She headed over to her car then, getting in and backing out of the parking space, pulling out onto the road and glancing back to make sure he was following.

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) Once she was sure Terry was following her, she headed out. Every so often she’d check in the rearview to be sure he was still there. Not that she didn’t trust him, but he wasn’t acting like he used to; he wasn’t the same person as before. Jail did that to a guy, but still, she couldn’t read him anymore and that upset her.
Once they got to her building, she directed Terry into the guest parking space and headed up to the second floor and her quaint little apartment. When the door opened, Terry was met with varied levels of mess and unpacking depending on which room he was in, but boxes were everywhere. Kaylee paused in the doorway as if she didn’t know where the mess had come from. “Uh, sorry for the mess. I haven’t quite... finished moving in yet. But the guest room’s all set up and the bathroom and kitchen are good to go.”

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alexander shay (alexauthorshay) “Not exactly. Didn’t you listen to what I said earlier? I’ve been here a few months. But I’ve been busy trying to get money and stuff so the packing has kind of just fallen by the wayside.”

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